1/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

I’ve been looking forward to this episode!! This is one of the only episodes I have memories of from watching as a little girl.. swooning over Lee – which pretty much explains why Lee turns me into a young girl all the time!

Getting into the episode we open with some geek hearing painful cries from the next room.. errrrr

imageWant to kill someone and not everyone is in on it? well.. check and make sure no one is working back first! There goes smk and it’s dumb Baddies –this is pretty careless given they are on the verge of a huge deal… Ahh.. Delano is a reluctant baddie huh? judging by his reaction 1to Hollander’s backhander on this agent (Codename: Gardener!)  Well. he is a baddie none the less.. Delano makes my skin crawl.. don’t ask me why..

2So Hollander starts drawing up the evil drug Muscarine.. which he says will make him talk , and kill him within 45 minutes to an hour and a half.. ok SMK, this obedient viewer will store this info away for a rainy day..

Sooo they didn’t know the geek was there, tried to reassure him it was nothing, then closed the door and continued?? eh??? wouldn’t you wait till the guy had left?! dumb dumb baddies..

Phew.. Muscarine has an antidote.. we might need to know that..

Amanda limps into the kitchen.. seems she has been demonstrating that hook slide which had her in a cast last week again and shock! Injured her ankle.. Um…. does this show think we are stupid????!!!!!image This is kinda insulting to those who know and love this show.. like we wouldn’t 3notice Amanda saying the same thing two weeks in a row? why say it twice? weird!!! I wonder if these two episodes ( always look a gift horse and this one) were suppose to be separated? Hmm that idea is still in the background of my thinking – I will take a good look at the order of these season 1 eps.. I have some theories.. and things like this make me wonder.. but for now I will just focus on this fabulous ep… – 2 injuries from demonstrating the hook slide Amanda? Ok… 3 strikes and your out!!!

The boys are down in the dumps..

Love this little exchange:

Jamie: Mom, we didn’t get “beaten”. We got liquidated.
5Phillip: Totally. And they even had two girls on their team.
4Dotty: Well, that explains it. image


Dotty to Amanda: why don’t we get a babysitter and go see that new movie where Richard Gere takes off his clothes? – LOL!!!! ( Dotty says she is just kidding.. but I don’t believe her Winking smile )

Lee calls Amanda…
Lee: Hi. What are you doing tonight?
Amanda: Tonight? Well, I can’t, I have plans tonight.
Lee: Oh, no problem. You should be able to break them by nine o’clock.

6Now Lee.. what happened to your little manners lesson from ACM kid??.. say who you are.. ask how are you?!7He is too cute when he says Hi! ( and funny to think that this is an exact repeat of ACM kid – when they stole this moment of Amanda on the phone to Lee and used it for that very conversation.. – again- do they think we are so dumb that we wouldn’t 12(- from ACM Kid!!) notice?! At least it is  a slightly different angle they ended up using! Ugh.. I guess they figured with a week or two break we wouldn’t remember and they didn’t think about people recording the show and watching it again – much less be able to watch the show on our computers and take screen grabs!

Lee is super cheeky when he assumes she can break her plans.. ‘Priority situation’?? … If it isn’t I hope Amanda gives him a piece of her mind! We do get to see a lot of Lee getting dressed or half dressed in these early episodes don’t we- ( I knew there was a good reason I loved season 1 image ) Amanda’s lie to Dotty about meeting Chuck doesn’t make any sense… poor Amanda.. Lee didn’t give her much of a chance..


Amanda meets Lee at the reflecting pool.. I’ve been there! I’ve been there!! whooo hooo… If only there had been a gorgeous hunk waiting around for me in a tux of all things.. image

Lee seems quite distracted when Amanda arrives.. because he is worried about the time?

I don’t think Amanda is fishing for compliments when she asks Lee if she looks alright – I think she is worried because she didn’t know how to dress.. I don’t think Lee is really seeing the beautiful woman in front of him at all in this scene..

Lee seems to be constantly checking his watch and wanting to be off.. but he meets Amanda and doesn’t say let’s go.. he is silent for a moment, still distracted.. then when he is still just standing there she has to ask where they are going.. and then he tells her very calmly like they have all the time in the world.. then when she says her boys love the quicky chicky snack shack he starts looking at his watch again- at length.. well Lee.. if you are in such a hurry.. why didn’t you just leave as soon as she got there and explain on the way! hmm! (oh I know.. had to give Amanda time to say her lines in front of the great location! hehehee)

13Amanda: Ohh. What’s my assignment?



14Lee: To have a good time.

15Amanda: Well, why didn’t you just go alone?

16Lee: On a Friday night at a party?




Do you know how depressing that is? image

Well what can we say about this little comment?? Mr I go out to nightclubs all the time doesn’t want to go to a party on his own on a friday night? I would have guessed Lee the womaniser would have preferred to go it alone.. (he is after all the ‘loner’) .. especially if he met someone and wanted to take her back to his place for his nosey doorman to meet! But.. that is not what happens.. 

Maybe Lee does this because I think maybe for Lee this is business – and Lee likes to keep business and personal separate.. so he doesn’t take a date, he takes Amanda – that way he doesn’t need to involve a date, but doesn’t have to worry about running into anyone he knows at the party and being alone.. At least Lee is certainly not unhappy in Amanda’s company, nor is he embarrassed to be seen out with her .. he chose to ask her – I will be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!

19So we arrive at the reception for Quickie Chickie..


I thought Amanda looked fine! Seems they fixed her hair on the way over Winking smile weird!

Err.. I can’t help but think here.. when I am not distracted by that tux.. that… umm.. (and don’t hate me for saying this!!) .. well.. it looks like Lee and Amanda are wearing practically the same make up!

22Boy I wish they would quit giving Lee makeup.. focus on the tux Iwsod.. focus!!!! egeutheglahghihghwihtgw…….

Unfocus Iwsod unfocus!Couldn’t you just die when Lee smiles at Amanda and says “keep having a good time! ” when she panics that he needs to go meet his contact.. ahhh…

23Geeky weirdo approaches Amanda “bonsoir cherié!”..


Ok. James Delano gets up on stage and announces things are looking up for quickie chickie Chicken Shack.. hurray! Well err that is 24great.. but what about Quickie Chickie Snack shack??!! Hope they’re doing ok.. Amanda’s kids just love it!!

Lee has his meeting with the geek – Mr Singer ( get it.. he is informing on Delano! LOL..)

Delano makes his move on Amanda.. what a contrast with how Lee treats her.. he is attentive!

27Amanda: Well, I’m only temporarily abandoned. With someone.

26Delano: If I were that someone, I wouldn’t leave you alone for a moment.

Oh my!!!! when Lee comes back into the ballroom his facial expressions just tell the whole story don’t they!

He enters all happy.. he’s got the info… he’s onto something!

Now.. where’s Amanda! maybe we can have a dance.. (I didn’t enjoy the last time we danced that much.. oh .. alright alright! .. it was not bad! )

Uh oh.. Amanda is dancing with Delano.. and… it looks like she is enjoying his company!!!

Oh my.. She is dancing with the baddie.. and could blow the whole case.. what is she saying to him??
(nah.. I just don’t like her dancing with him! she is suppose to wait for me to dance!! just keep repeating to yourself old buddy: frumpy housewife frumpy housewife frumpy housewife!)

Lee is quite short with her in the car.. “what name did you give him? ” I don’t understand his anxiety here..what if she did use her real name? so what.. he uses his real name all over the place.. it is more important what she told him about her life isn’t it.. so she tells him the name 36and he is all shocked “What???” – well so what it’s Victoria Grenwich? would you have preferred Mrs Keen? Winking smile  why are you picking on her choice of name Lee? I think it is because he is miffed… and upset that he is miffed… but again.. these are just my thoughts- I am looking forward to hearing other’s views!!

37Back to IFF.. which isn’t IFF.. which isn’t anything that I can tell… yet! Seems it is still casual friday for Billy.. only today he has his glasses on a string around his neck a bit like an old librarian.. oh dear.. Love how Billy immediately stands up for Amanda and sees it for what it is- an opportunity.. “I’m impressed!” Billy says.. whoo hoo.. take that Lee.. you are just looking for things to pick onimage.. Hey, Victoria Greenwich is nothing compared to the alias “Ricky-Joe Jackson”.. so take a chill pill..

Lee is still dismissive..when he explains she made up a number.. well Lee- what would you have rathered she had done? I think Lee is just annoyed that she was having the conversation with Delano in the first place and it didn’t matter what she did he wouldn’t have liked it!

38image Lee: “Latin Billy? I’m impressed!”


39Billy: “At 1 o’clock in the morning you should be.”

Wait.. Billy just said “you did say Delano was attracted to her. He took the number she gave him.” – Lee said that did he Billy?? hmmm.. very interesting!!!
40Love Lee’s quiet little “yesimage” with head bowed in response to this observation of Billy’s…

Billy . . . James Delano is a man with money, contacts, women on every continent. Beautiful, exotic, 42mysterious women. You really think he’s going to be fascinated by a wholesome mom with a mortgage and a station wagon?

-Lee you said it yourself, Delano WAS attracted to her.. and she isn’t that person to James Delano.. I think Lee is echoing some of his own thoughts here that he keeps on repeating to himself about Amanda!!

Love Billy’s challenge to Lee to think about it ( Amanda being hot!)


44Lee: Amanda.. 



47(and doing dishes!)

Do you notice.. Lee doesn’t shut his eyes and try and think of Amanda being beautiful???!!!! hehehee.. Love how it straight away cuts to Amanda doing the dishes…. good on you Amanda!

Back at IFF and Victoria errr  I mean Amanda is being grilled by Billy and Lee about James Delano’s phone call.. her dialogue here is really funny! I love that she doesn’t immediately give Lee the info he wants..

Amanda: I told him I didn’t know.
Lee: didn’t know what?
49Love Amanda’s little sideways glance when she says: whether or not I could go out for dinner with him tonight.
Lee’s shocked expression is priceless.. he can’t believe it..
50Lee: he invited you to dinner?

but Billy says “It doesn’t surprise me!” Smile
Such a funny take that Lee moment!! and I am distracted!! What is with little Billy in the big chair? and with the big desk??? He reminds me of Alice in wonderland! no no!!! He reminds me of Edith Ann! Remember her? Not very powerful looking for section chief Billy! You need to get a smaller chair! As Edith Ann would say: ‘and that’s the truth!’ 1Emoticon cheekywink

Back to smk.. focus!! Love the look Lee has when Amanda starts her 53ramble about the bombers and their game against the silver springs swordfish!!! He looks like my confused emoticon!!! confused emoticon1

Billy proclaims it’s time for a sweep and a scenario! Would you look how closely these two stand next to each other??!!
54Love how the classical music kicks in as Lee says ‘ the life story of Victoria Greenwich’ – nice touch! If I’m not mistaken Lee looks to me like he thinks this is going to be fun Smile

That’s it for now… this episode just has soooo much Lee and Amanda goodness in it doesn’t it?!!! Thanks for reading!! will be back with more soon… Please share your thoughts if you like Smile 

48 responses to “1/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

  1. Vasugi Vasugi

    #rewatch2020. I really find this episode fascinating🥰One of my favourite of S1 coz i’ve always felt this is when Lee unknowingly,begins to develope feelings for Amanda…feelings that he had never experienced before,feelings that he was not sure how to react to..feelings that he was afraid of. He knew he would be safe behind those iron walls which he had built…but he knew he was begining to care for Amanda. As long as she didn’t know that,he was safe😍😍😍


  2. #2019rewatch
    Whether Lee wanted to be “fashionably” late or was just waiting for his makeup to dry, it was a crying shame because they could be dancing! It’s probably too romantic, so early in their relationship, to dance at the Reflecting Pool.

    PSST, iwsod: Time to change our current #2019rewatch to Service Above & Beyond. Thanks!


  3. I thought Amanda looked fine! Seems they fixed her hair on the way over Winking smile weird!

    The nighttime Lincoln Memorial scene was actually filmed in Washington, D.C. earlier in the season. Most likely, it’s the higher humidity there that took its toll on Amanda’s hair versus the low humidity indoor scenes filmed later at Warner Brothers Stages 20 & 24 in Los Angeles. This D.C. nighttime scene also took place before Kate injured her right ankle. I researched this about a year ago because we all saw Amanda limping that morning at home. Then hours later, it was a shock to see her rushing, without impediment, towards Lee in heels that same night! Then, when it switched to the indoor scene dancing with Delano, they were barely moving because of her injury. Owning the DVD is great because you can stop, go back and realize that you weren’t imagining things!

    Everyone’s comments were so fabulously thorough! My only addition is that I count this episode’s breakfast scene, with Phillip and Jamie utterly disconcerted and despondent as they described their own fractured fairy tale, to be their best performance.

    PS: They are always adorable!

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  4. When I watched this fabulous episode today, I saw something for the first time I had not noticed before. When Delano is up front rambling on about chicken shacks and noticing Amanda, there’s a lady right in front of him wearing a gold hat on her head that made me laugh out loud – it looked like a giant Rolo! (Hope you all are familiar with that wonderful candy. It’s chocolate caramel wrapped in gold foil. Francine probably had one once upon a freezer.)

    Not sure I will do this right…This was the closest I could get to a screencap from your post, Iwsod, to show it, and you can’t see it super well, but it really stood out to me so much watching the DVD.


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  7. Iwsod has placed this episode as number 8 for season 1. That means it is time for me to publish the Scotch Thought and Window Reflections stories for this episode.
    Scotch Thought is here
    Window Reflections is here
    And, as always, any comments or discussion are very welcomed at Ned’s here


  8. Just googled and muscarine is a deadly alkaloid that’s derives from mushrooms


  9. I think Lee always recognized that Amanda was beautiful. It was obvious all those times he was jealous when other men noticed. It was that hers was a simple understated beauty unlike the flashy worldly beauty of the women he was interested in at the time. I find it very insulting that he thinks a rich sophisticated man could really only go for the kind of woman he did. Like he is so sophisticated and worldly that he knows what kind of woman that kind of man goes for. Didn’t understand how that kind of man could appreciate Amanda’s kind of beauty because lee just didn’t think of her as exciting enough at the time. Guess even the baddies have better taste some times. But even when Lee is insulting you still go a little swooney.


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  13. Lee, Lee, Lee……Amanda is not a flunkie to be picked up and dropped. Such arrogance to assume that she can and will break her plans for you. Am slightly annoyed that Amanda did but then we wouldn’t have an episode would we 😉
    Amanda looks gorgeous in that black dress, I think it’s far nicer than the white one in Ship of Spies and yet Lee doesn’t notice her. He’s too busy worrying about his ego of having no date on a Friday night 😦 Bad Lee.

    Whilst I can see that Lee is jealous of Amanda dancing with Delano but could there also be a hint of concern that out of all of the people she’s dancing with it happens to be a bad guy who’s doing a deal with the East Germans.

    Think Lee is a bit dense when he’s talking to Billy about Amanda. Delano doesn’t know that Amanda is a wholesome mom with a station wagon and a mortgage. He saw a sexy woman in a black dress. I am feeling shades of Pride and Prejudice here. Lee is Mr Darcy, blinded by snobbery and prejudice who can’t see past Amanda and her circumstances in life.


    • Great analogy with Pride and Prejudice, one of my all time favorite books! Sigh, Lee/Mr. Darcy, works for me! Lee is especially blinded by his own preconceived ideas and uncomfortable with his push/pull attraction to Amanda. Can I say, not to be mean, but men are often so unaware of their own and others emotional content till they are hit over their proverbial heads w it! Just sayin’…..😊


  14. Episode order comment…I watched this one after Gift Horse and I think Lee knew Amanda had a nice dress. He saw her in it during the party for Princess Penelope and I think he wanted to see her in it again. That is how I like to think it happened (even if Lee won’t really admit it to himself).


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  17. Lee seems to think that there’s no way in hell that a housewife with a mortgage, a station wagon and two kids could possibly be sexy, fun, have an imagination, and be appealing to other men.

    At first he can’t see past the word housewife just like Francine thinks: Amanda=frumpy, rollers!

    I love it how delighted Billy is with Amanda when he learns about the Story she told Delano.

    By the way, this is one of my favorite episodes! I have just started watching again from episode one and I’m going to watch all four seasons. I promised myself not to skip my least favorite episodes!



  18. Why does Amanda have two sinks full of soapy, sudsy water when she is washing her dishes after the party?


    • I never noticed that before. Wow, doubling washing her dishes. I bet Martha Stewart doesn’t even do that!


      • Don’t know that I’d want to eat off those dishes, though. Soap residue. Ew.


      • I guess her dishwasher is on the fritz again. 🙂


      • Think about this…you get home, tired from a lovely party, and you walk into the kitchen and it’s a mess. How irritated are you? Why didn’t Dotty and the boys do the dishes? They dirtied the dishes, didn’t they? They’re old enough for dishwashing!


      • You’re right. Those ingrates!


      • Paula, lol. Sometimes Amanda is just TOOOOOO nice.


      • I somehow think she doesn’t mind doing the dishes as much anymore now that a handsome spy shows up at her window every now and again. Unfortunately, my kitchen window over the sink doesn’t open and we are in a raised bungalow, I get really cranky when I am doing our dishes.


        • Hi everyone!! Ahhh I miss SMK!!! I miss you guys!!
          Seems Amanda’s doing the dishes has struck a chord! 🙂 tee hee..
          I hadn’t noticed the two sinks were full of suds – I agree! Yuck eating off those unrinsed plates!! 🙂

          I haven’t got access to the episode at the moment, but if my memory is correct I thought it was the next day ( so probably breakfast dishes) and she was day dreaming about the night before with Delano – Amanda had her head in the clouds here and thought it was just one night of a different life.. away from the dishes.. – at least this is my impression of that moment..

          I also thought it was a bit of a joke – well I liked it 😉 – that Lee was closing his (pretty pretty) eyes – and trying to conjure up the image of Amanda as exotic, mysterious.. and then CUT! It cuts immediately to Amanda up to her elbows in suds and dishes (not so exotic and mysterious).. the early episodes loved to play up that idea didn’t they! The whole American housewife thing.. I’ve noticed they do this sort of thing much less often now we are into season 2 episodes.. a shame I think.. because she is still a mum ( ok Amercians MOM!)..

          Well I must go.. I hope you are all well!

          Melissa Vivens, I saw Remington steele is starting again on tv?!! Someone should do a blog of those episodes.. I’d totally read it and follow it.. and then I would finally get to watch that show again – its been a lot of years and I barely remember it.. Lee Stetson has totally overtaken my memories of that time of TV! 🙂

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      • Iwsod! Have you been reading my mind?!?! I was absolutely thinking of copying you with a Remington Steele blog. Since I don’t know much of the tech stuff, I was still just thinking if it was really worth it. I was going to email you after you got back from vacation/spring break/work-related trip to pester you about it.

        I fairly excited about Remington Steele coming back. I have the DVDs, but it’s fun to see it on the television. It’s 30th year anniversary is this year. I feel like it really can’t be that long ago. sigh.

        I hope your having fun on your trip! Don’t get kidnapped by any baddies.


        • Hi Melissa! 😀 Email me about it and I will be happy to help you.
          If you go with a wordpress blog I’ll be able to help, but if you go with another option I probably won’t know anything!!!
          Seriously, I am not tech savvy at all.. so if I can do it – anyone can!! but I am happy to share what I’ve learned from my experiences.
          If you email me I’ll get back to you about it when I get home 🙂 Bye all!!

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  19. Melissa Robertson

    So I wonder what Lee did for dates to a thing like this before Amanda came along? Just like him to trick her into going by saying that it was priority situation. Serves him right to have another man be interested in her.


    • Yep Good Ole’ Amanda, always there when he needs her (I’m paraphrasing her ). I am assuming he would either have to go solo, or take another female agent with him. It would be too dangerous to bring someone along who didn’t know what he did for a living. His cover could easily been blown.


    • I wondered this too Melissa R! Hi!! Ahh I can’t revisit this episode too many times.. so full of goodness!

      I agree.. suffer Lee! I think he wanted to dance with Amanda once his work was done.. but uh oh.. too late! suffer!

      I always thought he should not have said it was a priority situation.. or there should have been mention of this later.. hasn’t Lee ever heard the story of the boy who cries wolf?!


    • Lee had plain lady friends that I guess he couldn’t take to these events but on The Wizard episode we see he also had Agent Lady friends he also got to date. I guess he resorted to these ones for these ocasions.


  20. Hi again,

    wheeeewww, I had too much work last week. I was thrilled to find your comments when I opened this site to finish my commentary on this part of SAAB.

    RedGold, you totally intrigued me with your idea of the even more potent fantasy behind the fairy tale: the story of the brave, true-hearted, but emotionally muffled man who finally finds one woman who can „break the spell“, as you put it. Wow, that is dead on! And beautifully put.

    RedGold, I understand you are German as well? Sometimes I wish I could express my thoughts as precisely as in my native language. I like playing with the subtext and the nuances of a language, but I feel I lack precision in English. I partly take SMK as an occasion to improve my skills. And it is really very encouraging to know some people enjoy reading my comments none the less.

    Iwsod I am absolutely with you: I think Amanda is admiringly rooted to the soil when it comes to Lee. She keeps her head on straight. She is neither blind for Lee’s flaws not blinded by his good looks. Maybe she could teach some of us woman a lesson as well… If you get my drift.

    Well, I think I should finally go back to the episode. Why does Lee react so incredulously to Amanda’s cover name Victoria Greenwich? Well, my theory is that he thinks the name sounds like it was taken from a cheap dime novel. And he guessed correctly, as far as I can tell. I think he is shocked because it shows that Amanda reads this stuff. It is one of those details that seem to tell him he could never be with such a woman. None the less, he is miffed because of what happened before… and this detail makes him even more upset that he is miffed. I think he does not want to be affected at all. Not even the slightest bit. Did you realize the ironic way he tells Billy about the whole Victoria Greenwich business? He tries to make fun out of Amanda. Well, if you are a rather intellectual person and you want to distance yourself from something that bothers or troubles you, irony and sarcasm are just the tools you would use. The little housewife does affect him – and Lee doesn’t like it!

    Billy stands up for Amanda: I like how he slightly knocks his desk with his knuckles when he does! It is such a nice gesture. Oh no, Lee looks too swoonworthy again with his collar open. I wonder why I love him most when he seems to be slightly depressed? When he states that Saito „was a good man“ and looks sideways… or rather down to the floor… Geeeeee, would I want to come to his rescue too or something?? LOL

    Did you hear that? Billy just talked about Pershing missile sites in Europe! RedGold, I don’t know what age you are, but do you remember the massive demonstrations against the politics of Ronald Reagan and his plans to station persile missiles in South Germany? Man, those were the 80ies!

    Wow Iwsod, Lee’s „Yes“ to Billies statement that Delano was quite attracted to Amanda sounds really very uncomfortable! He doesn’t like it and he doesn’t know what to do about it! I say, the man is stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is not so much Billy he needs to remind that Amanda is not an exotic and mysterious woman… He needs to tell this to himself. That’s why he tries to make her look like a dull person. Which she isn’t, although it cuts right away to Amanda doing the dishes. You can do dull things and still be an interesting person, Lee… Life is full of boring everyday routines. One day, you will understand.

    Dotty enters the kitchen: She wants to know what the party was like. Awwwwwwwww, look at Amanda’s reaction! She obviously had a great time. Look at the happy expression on her face… Now who is responsible for that? Delano? Or Lee Stetson? What do you think? I tend to think it is Lee, but of course I can’t be sure…

    Bwahaaa, look at Lee’s face when he understands Delano invited Amanda for Dinner. Could he possibly look more shocked and annoyed? And jealous, too. Although he tries to disguise it. I tell you he is a goner. I must say I am a little surprised how his mood completely changes when he and Billy start talking about making up a scenario. Lee suddenly seems to like the whole Victoria Greenwich story that he sneered at before. Kinda crazy. Well, maybe he likes the idea of dealing with Victoria Greenwich in the IFF style or something. I think Lee really loves to be a pro.

    That’s all for the moment, folks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I think the fairy tale connotations might get really interesting.
    Byeeeeeee! Karen


    • What a thought-provoking post, Karen! I had to take some time to mull over it while I shoveled the snow off of our sidewalks. I must admit right away, though, that I am American rather than German. As soon as I found out that DVDs of Agentin Mit Herz, (SMK) with both spoken German and subtitles were available, I ordered them so I could hear native German speakers talk about something that was already familiar to me. It’s a fun way to study a language—much more fun than Rosetta Stone, language CDs. or textbooks by themselves, for example, and it gives me unusual vocabulary words! Believe me, your English is exquisite. I know I’ll never be fluent in German, but I enjoy studying it anyway.

      I think your comments about Lee trying to distance himself from Amanda by making fun of her are very interesting. He is a snob about her and about “Victoria Greenwich,” but I think he’s a cultural snob rather than an intellectual one, per se. He has a job that involves protecting “little” people indirectly, but he looks down on them, partly due to unfamiliarity with them, and partly due to a snooty Agency sub-culture of which Francine is the most prominent member. Many times in Season One, he starts to relax and appreciate Amanda, but when he returns to the Agency and Francine’s company, he snaps back to his previous attitude. Could the snobbery also be due to a bit of wistfulness about not being “normal”? I get a sense of that at times.

      I have to say that IMO, Amanda’s pleasure about the party relates to Delano rather than Lee. Lee was inattentive or grouchy the whole time, while Delano was all smiles. And this leads to my final, off-the-wall observation—I think that the other pertinent fairy tale where SMK is concerned is Beauty and the Beast, with Lee as the Beast. I know—Lee is amazingly handsome instead of hideously ugly, but he snarls, growls, and locks himself away, just like the Beast, until courageous, loving Amanda sees behind his façade to the true man underneath. Honestly, I think that Lee uses his looks to keep people at arm’s length emotionally, just like the Beast does, and that from one perspective, his handsomeness is a handicap that has made it difficult for him to develop good social skills. What do you think? Too weird?

      By the way, I love the knowing look that Billy gives Lee over his shoulder after he says that Amanda can use her charm to wrangle an invitation to the party. He’s trying to wind Lee up, but at the same time, he’s making a serious point about Lee’s obtuseness where Amanda is concerned. (I love Billy!)

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  21. Thanks for your great additional comments, iwsod–I love this episode even more now, too, though I would hardly have thought that was possible! Your reference to Lee and Amanda’s conversation after she returns from dinner with Delano made me notice something: Lee casts Amanda as the downtrodden, vulnerable Cinderella, but Amanda casts herself as powerful, double-identity Super(wo)man. Hurray, Amanda! She’s clearly attracted to Lee, but she doesn’t let him control her or their relationship. Yet somehow, none of these fairy tale/ superhero themes seem forced to me. Lee, Amanda, and their relationship develop naturally because L and A complement in each other in ways that even they don’t recognize or understand. As you say, it’s so fun to watch them grow and learn. (And Lee has more to learn than Amanda, despite the fact that she’s new to the spy biz.)

    My husband has actually seen quite a few episodes now; he often wanders in to join me, especially if I’m playing a European episode or have the German soundtrack on. He has some very interesting insights into Lee’s character. One doesn’t get a male perspective on SMK too often, in my experience.

    Karen, I hope you’re not going to leave us hanging mid-way through this stand-out episode in your commentary!

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  22. I agree with you completely about this episode having fairy tale elements, Karen. In addition to showing a damsel in distress being rescued by the handsome huntsman, it touches on an even more potent fantasy–the story of the brave, true-hearted, but emotionally-muffled man who finally finds the one woman who can “break the spell” and lead him to experience love. Now that’s a fantasy! In this episode, Lee saves Amanda from the sleeping potion, but in the long run, she gradually saves him from a life of isolation and loneliness. I think it’s the strong emotions he obviously feels for her in this episode that partly (maybe largely) account for its huge popularity among SMK fans.

    When my husband became curious about my sudden intense fascination with SMK and asked to see an episode, this is the one I showed him first. His response was, “I can see why you love this show so much.” (He knows me very well.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Redgold, thought I would let you know I responded to your comments in my response to Karen’s comments for this episode – not sure if you would see that and didn’t want you to miss out on seeing I thought your comments were wonderful 🙂


  23. Whohooooooo, „Service above and beyond!“
    The episode where the producers played with female fantasies… and managed to turn us all into little Snowwhites, ROFL. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, check this out:

    Hahaaaaaaa! Aren’t we all waiting for a prince on a white horse. Though I come to think of it: We already had a white horse in the last episode. But that was quite a fiasco, wasn’t it?

    O.k. Karen, let’s be a little serious again. I think this ep is a modern fairy tale, perfect to dream away with. I can tell it has not much to do with real life, but as long as it is soooooo romantic, I don’t care. Gosh, what an embarrassing groupie I am. And the chemistry between BB and KJ is just amazing, isn’t it? It is their fault, not mine! They seduced me!

    Alright, let’s get started. Gee, look at that computer! Isn’t it unbelievable what the computers looked like those days? Wait a minute: Isn’t that Ronny Kwan? The agent that get’s beaten up by Hollander and his gang? Or am I mistaken? I am not sure… Are you?

    Iwsod, I think Hollander makes my skin crawl more than Mr Delano… Although I despise him as well… But at least he has some scruples about killing the gardener, errrrr, I mean the agent. I have no idea what muscarine might be. Does this drug really exist?

    Let’s hop over to Amanda’s. Awwwwwh, the boys are so disheartened because they got „liquidated“ by another team… and to make things worse, there were girls on the other team… Dotty says that this explains everything. ROFL! One of the great Dotty lines! Love how the boys jump from their chairs and are off before Amanda can even finish her sentence. Haha!

    Dotty would like to got to the movies and watch a film where Richard Gere takes off his clothes. Then she corrects herself by stating she’d prefer Carry Grant… with his clothes on. Well, I assume we’d prefer Lee Steson… either way. Oh, and what lucky coincidence our super spy calls Amanda just a few seconds later? Gosh, the way he says „Hi“ and twiddles with his cufflinks is just so… so… drop dead attractive… What was that talk about that guy Richard Gere again? Who is he? What’s his profession? I think I forgot… Amanda’s reactions on the phone are very funny. You can really tell what hard it is for her to conceal whom she speaks to… I think KJ is hilarious when she says that line about the nice dress, turns around to see Dotty’s puzzled face and than puts on that exagerated smile and shouts an overemphasized „See ya!“ And the whole story she makes up about her old friend Chuck and the party… She cracks me up.

    Well, if you think Lee was inconsiderate and way too self-assured on the phone then what would you say about his behaviour when he meets up with Amanda at the reflecting pool? The first thing we see of him is how he glances at his watch impatiently. Oh no, it’s Lee in business mode again! I understand he is a little nervous and tries to focus on the job. But boy, does he behave like an insensitive clod! He doesn’t even say hello to Amanda. I think this is the least he could do. The first thing he says to her is something like „Huh?“ This is the answer to her question if she looked alright! Okay okay Lee, we get the idea: You don’t give a damn about the little housewife. Couldn’t care less weather she lives or dies? If only you wouldn’t overdo your show so much… It reveals more than you want to hide. 😉

    What?? He is so tensed and fidgety because of a reception at… What??? Quicky Chicky Snack Shack??? ROFL, spy work is really odd, isn’t it? He tells Amanda he didn’t want to go alone on a party on a Friday night… Which is quite impolite again, because he makes it sound like he did not care who was his company as long as he had any… If I were Amanda, I’d feel pretty ill-used. Then he adds this line about going on a party alone was so depressive. Although he gives this away in a rather gruff way, I think it reveals he’s beginning to be sick of the loner’s life. He begins to feel he’s had enough of it… whether he knows it or not.

    Bwahaha, did you see the waitress in that ridiculous chicken costume? Wohoooo, but Lee and Amanda make a great couple as they stand there at the bar. How he smiles at her when he goes to meet his contact and tells her to keep having a good time…

    As usual men try to chat Amanda up as soon as Lee’s gone. Delano spots her in the crowd and uh oh… here we go…

    Ohhh Iwsod, your perfect screen captures about Lee’s facial expressions when he comes back from the gent’s room tell it all! First he just stops… he can’t quite believe his eyes… then you can tell he doesn’t like what he sees at all… the jealousy! The disappointment! I feel sorry for you, Lee, but you were asking for it. I guess you’ll have to learn a lesson or two.
    Can’t continue for now. Hope I can catch finish this another day.

    Byeeee! Karen


    • Hi Karen!
      You are sooooo right Karen! This episode is very much a fairytale! Embarassing groupie? never!! you just have good taste!

      You know when Amanda comes home from her dinner date with Delano – when she is handing over her jewellery and Lee is silently watching her waiting for her to finish- Lee announces his presence to her by actually saying: it’s way after midnight Cinderella. (!!!)

      I had connected the episode theme to fantasies and reality, childhood and adulthood.. but I think you are totally on to something here as well! You are right, a woman’s fantasy is to be a heroine of a fairytale (at any age).. meet her tall, handsome prince (nice clip!! now I have the song in my head! doh!) and have him prove his worth to her by rescuing her from danger.. I swoon at the thought of it!! I love it!!

      At the same time though, as Redgold has mentioned – this is a modern day fairytale.. because the princess also saves the prince! whooo hooooo!!! so very very true – and beautifully put Red Gold! He certainly does need saving doesn’t he..

      Maybe that relates to this line of dialogue from Amanda where Lee is pressing her to tell him what happened on her date with Delano :
      Amanda: Well, there’s nothing to tell. I did what your computer wanted me to do, and now it’s time for me to slip into a phone booth and turn back into Amanda King.

      So the fairytale of Amanda being rescued and finding her true love is a major part of this episode – Amanda uses the language of a Super Hero!! Amanda being like superman!! I love it..

      A theory for all this could be that Amanda wants true love, swoons at her prince rescuing her ( he carried me..) – but she also is a hero in this story – She does well for her country, and.. she is a hero IMO for doing her children’s dishes and helping Jamie with his homework! To top it all off – she is my hero because IMO Lee is very swoonworthy, but Amanda is managing to by the end of the episode keep her head screwed on when it comes to him – (and not get carried away – get it?!) he is not yet ready to be the man she can be with.. and I love to watch him grow and learn!

      I will keep this idea of the fairytale and the prince in mind as we continue on.. ( Saved by the bells continues this in a way – as in that episode, they both end up saving each other! sweeeet!)

      I loved your comments as always Karen! Richard Gere is an american actor. Count me in the ‘I’d rather have Lee Stetson’ club!

      Glad you liked the screen captures of Lee finding Amanda in Delano’s arms.. I had good material to work with 😉

      Redgold you totally have me pegged- this was the ep that had me hooked on Lee Stetson! 🙂
      Hey that was wonderful of your husband to watch an episode with you!!
      Sleeping potion? Oh yeah!!!

      Thanks guys! you made me think more deeply about this fabulous idea! I love to discuss and learn!! 🙂
      I think I love this episode even more now!!!


  24. Hi, IWSMK, This is one of my favorite episodes from Seasons One and Two. I haven’t seen Seasons Three and Four yet, but I can’t imagine that “Service Above and Beyond” will ever be anything but a top choice for re-watching. Such jolts of emotion, all present on Lee’s face–jealousy, protectiveness, fury, tenderness. He’s not as cool a customer as he would like people, including Amanda, to think. This is the episode that hooked me firmly on SMK when I started watching the DVDs about a year ago.

    Anyway, I think that Lee does notice and admire Amanda’s appearance when they meet before the party. He looks her up and down as she hurries toward him, glances away, and then only answers, “Hunh?” when she asks if she looks okay. She looks radiant, and he knows it, but he’s trying not to let on. Amanda also gives Lee a quick up-and-down glance and apparently, she thinks he looks “fine” as well. (And who wouldn’t?)

    I love your screen caps of Lee’s expressions when he sees Amanda dancing with Delano, and I think those expressions reflect personal rather than professional concerns. (With Lee, it’s easy to remember that hazel is a shade of green.)

    By the way, what’s a show pony? Is that the same as show off? I suspect there may be a shade of meaning that I’m missing there.


    • Hi Redgold! ahhh I knew I had read you asking about my use of the phrase ‘show pony’ – I answered you on the yuku forum today about it.. I hope it makes sense.. 🙂 at least, it does for me 🙂

      Ahh ok we disagree a little about Lee admiring Amanda’s appearance at the beginning of the episode. I wondered.. but concluded he is completely distracted and not paying attention to her at all – which contrasts with the end of the episode when he deliberately makes a point of telling her she looks beautiful – and which stuns Amanda.. ( hmm I think that is in the final post for this ep so you will need to wait a day or two to read that one! – hey I have to spread them out a little! 🙂 ) Only a small thing we disagree on Redgold.. 🙂 I love to hear different ideas! It makes me question why I am thinking what I am thinking – as sometimes there is no explanation at all tee heeee.. ( other than I just saw Lee in a tux and my concentration was shot to pieces! haaaa)

      So sorry I don’t get to respond to comments as quickly as I would like, I have been focusing on trying to catch up on the blog posts – but I love love love to read people’s comments so thanks alot for sharing with us 🙂 and hey – it is allowed, even encouraged that you guys can respond to each other’s comments.. The centre of this blog is a love of SMK – so feel free to respond to each other if you like 😀


  25. BB mentioned in several interviews that the Porsche was broken “most of the time” and could hardly make it through a long driving scene. I think the scene at the Reflecting Pool is an indicator of one such instance – the Porsche is a prop, you notice that neither makes a move to get in. lol


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