2/2 Tie Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

Welcome back to part 2 of the inaugural JWWM Tie Patrol report!


On with the show…

Lee looking extra smooth (tie-wise)

What can I say?  I could fill up a whole post for you guys with pictures of Lee looking smooth (right?), so I’ll restrict this to just a few—or more clip_image001—of the best (?) tie moments…  (with apologies to ZZ Top)  …  ‘cos every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man…

Hey there, handsome!  (I know, you guys will be disgusted with me for not using Scarecrow-on-the-staircase, but this is one of our first glimpses of him, and…  well…  he doesn’t look so flipping smug in this pic.  wink)  TFT:


Oops!  My bad!  No tie!  (This one’s just to make it up to you gals for not including Scarecrow-on-the-staircase. clip_image001)  TGTN:


Here’s a tie!  woot  ITCK:


Ah, who am I kidding?  There’s no tie here, either, but there’s just something about Lee skulking in the shrubbery…  and with a genuine smile on his face…  clip_image004  MB:


OK—here’s another tie!  Well, a bolo tie…  TACMK:


Back on track, now; Smooth Lee (in a tie).  cool  ALAGHITM:


Asdkfjgasuyfweqwhig!  faint2  Sorry…  distracted by Lee in the shrubbery again! drool (Tie Patrol has made an executive decision and is now recognising Smooth Lee sans tie too—especially if surrounded by green stuff, err…  shrubbery!)  SAAB:



Well, that didn’t quite work out how I’d planned; maybe next post I’ll get things back on track…  (Feel free to give feedback regarding what you want to see more of, or less of, in future Tie Patrol reports…  keeping in mind that there’s not much I can do regarding “less of” Lee’s clothing.  angel/clip_image016)

Lee looking not quite so smooth (tie-wise)

So did our super spy look less than smooth at all? 

Well, he trashed his tux in The First Time (but still managed to look pretty much the hunky super spy) clip_image001[4]:


And here’s Lee, in the same episode (TFT), not looking quite so suave in the shrubbery smiley-laughing004 (I lightened the image slightly, since it was so dark):


Bwah hah hah—such a happy-looking Lee…  he so loves being at the mercy of the medical profession!  smiley-sick005  ITCK:


He loosens his tie when on stakeout in TACMK (while eating Fritos and bean dip with the nameless agent in the blue van) and again when sitting in the Agency listening van in SAAB (while munching on a sandwich and dropping lettuce on “Jack”)…  I guess it’s tough being super spy smooth guy all the time—Lee needs his downtime when on stakeout, etc.  clip_image012:



He unties his bowtie when being debriefed by Billy after the Quickie Chickie gala in SAAB (just before ineffectively trying to imagine Amanda as “exotic and mysterious”  shakehead):


Then, later on in SAAB, Lee goes for the labcoat look (I love this jacket in close-ups, e.g., in the blooper pic near the end of this post, but in the wide angle views—not so much!  twitch):


Finally, Lee’s Unabomber look in Saved By The Bells is really not smooth  clip_image015  (I know that this one’s not a tie, but the towel is wrapped around his neck…  oversized bandana, maybe?  lol):


Special guest ties…

No—not ties on special guests (though some of them might be), but ties that I really like that I wish we saw more of (we see them briefly on bit characters)…

Baddie Glaser—red tie with gold leaves—ITCK:


Prince Khan—purple tie with embroidered pattern—ALAGHITM (I looove this tie!  smiley-love008):


And no, it’s not the same purple tie that the baddie Glaser wore in “The Damn Duck” episode (ITCK; LOL BJo)… that one had a paisley pattern:


Where’s Lee’s tie?

Time for some more fun; this is like Where’s Wally (Where’s Waldo for the North Americans), but in the case of SMK it’s a hunt for Lee’s ties randomly strewn amongst his apartment mess…  woot  See if you can find the three random ties in these two clips (ITCK and SBTB):



Just as an aside, I actually think the props department might’ve had a lot of fun with Lee’s messy apartment…clip_image011[4]Check out what the monkey (?) statue’s wearing in these following two pics (ITCK and TACMK):



Closer view of the monkey in TACMK (I think he looks better in shades!  matrix-smiley-014):


Billy looking ruffled

I think we all love Billy in those early episodes, where he’s looking ruffled…  or—at the very least—relaxed, with his top button undone, tie loosened and/or askew…  kind of like he wanted to join the “kids” on stakeout eating Fritos and bean dip, but had to stay in the office and behave himself instead.  clip_image001[6]  It seems that as time goes by in SMKland Billy looks less casual/ruffled, and more polished/boss-like—maybe indirectly due to Amanda’s positive influence/example at the Agency, helping to keep the rest of the “kids” (i.e., mainly Lee and Francine) in line?

The First Time (Billy looking relaxed in his comfy chunky cardy and no tie):


There Goes the Neighborhood (Rocking a different cardy, then a cardy vest):



Magic Bus (Ooh, the brown cardy again and then the comfy chunky cardy):



The ACM Kid (What?!?  No cardy!?!  Billy—you disappoint me!):


Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

I think this one is my favourite; Billy is so distracted in this scene, almost ignoring Francine while focusing on what’s really important—looking for his coffee mug! clip_image014It almost looks like someone grabbed him by the tie before he walked into his office (and he’s wearing a real vest, not a cardy—way to go, Billy!):


Tee hee hee—mug found:


Saved By The Bells (No cardies!  But—lol—Billy’s second outfit is the same as in ALAGHITM):



Oops! Lee’s tie gets retied…

Mini continuity gaffes, where Lee’s tie suddenly appears retied…  clip_image021

Service Above And Beyond

When we first see Lee—and the stripey heather-coloured tie (“Heather” blue-grin)—in the Agency listening van in SAAB, he’s got the tie loosened:


He straightens it (off camera) before heading in to confront Amanda in the bathroom:


Then, after Amanda ditches the listening device, Lee catches up with her at Victoria Greenwich’s house… and his tie has been retied—check out the placement of the stripes (OK—so maybe he got frustrated at finding out he was duped and not in the kitchen clip_image042 and took the tie off in his disgust then retied it when he was back at Victoria Greenwich’s house, but I choose not to believe that):


Oopsie!  Blooper reel!

Bloopers—gotta love ‘em!!!   

There Goes The Neighborhood

Lee’s grey tie is very busy at the start of this episode, and I think that it’s actually two distinct ties.  woot  My evidence?  It appears to sit differently (like two different fabrics) and the pattern is somewhat similar but not identical.  See what you think…

When we first see Billy and Lee the tie is knotted smoothly and flows fluidly down toward his lapels:


Then, when Billy and Lee are talking outside the Bullpen (right after Billy mentions Lee’s department!), suddenly it’s knotted with a big dimple and appears to be of stiffer fabric, sitting concavely (yes, the suit’s the same—the lighting is different):


And then, in Billy’s office and when Lee meets Amanda in the lobby, it’s back to the smooth knot and more flexible fabric (fluidity more easily seen in this shot) smiley-confused009:


And when Lee rescues Amanda from Mr. You-would-look-delicious-in-blue Davenport at Honeycutt Typewriters, the tie-dimple is back:


Finally, when Lee and Amanda are talking on the street—in the wind clip_image031there’s a smaller tie-dimple off to the side…  is anyone else’s head spinning now spin, or have I just been down the rabbit hole too long? clip_image032:


Regarding the “not identical” pattern, compare these cropped images of the “dimple” close-up shot a couple of images up with the original tie as seen in Magic Bus (just ‘cos that’s the closest shot I could find of the tie; ignore the red/brown discolouration induced by the lighting inside The Vigilant in the second crop):


This is definitely two different ties, right? clip_image037  (Hey—is one of these Stunt Tie?)

Service Above And Beyond

In SAAB, we see a different sort of blooper—the inverted image…  (Yes, it’s a tie-related blooper…   there’s a tie in the camera shot!!!  blue-grin)

This is how we see Lee in this suit and tie (and pocket hanky—note the pocket hanky) for most of the episode:


But when Lee meets Amanda to tell her that “… we want you to (pause) continue your relationship with James Delano…” the frame has been inverted (transposed).  weee  Oops!  


BTW, the building in the distance behind Lee and Amanda is the Smithsonian Institution Building in Washington DC (in reverse)—here’s a correctly-aligned image of it courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (© Túrelio via Wikimedia-Commons):


Saved By The Bells

In SBTB, there’s a tie hanging over Lee’s telescope (gotta love those ‘80s blunt-cut ties!) which magically moves (as does the telescope)…

When Scarecrow leaves his apartment (note more tie fabric hanging towards the viewer side of the telescope):


Just a couple of minutes later (more tie fabric hanging on the far side of the tilted-less-than-before telescope):


Maybe Amanda tilted-the-telescope-and-disturbed-the-tie-when-she-slightly-pulled-closed-the-right-hand-curtain-after-opening-the-nets-when-opening-the-window-(so-the-baddies-could-see-her)-that’s-now-magically-closed-again…?!?!?…  clip_image005  Nah!  Blooper!!!  woot 

 Well, that’s it for the inaugural Tie Patrol report.  I hope you guys enjoyed it—I had a blast patrolling!  smile  I’ll just leave you with a few statistics…

Some tie statistics for these first 8 episodes


Officer KC signing out—thanks for riding along on this first Tie Patrol report!

34 responses to “2/2 Tie Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

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  2. Oh the ties of the 80s. . . solid color, stripes, plaids, polka dots, geometric, Cubism, paisley, knit, jacquard prints, bowties, cravats, bolo, leather, etc.
    Then we had the tie bars, tie tacks, tie pins, collar bars, collar pins, collar bars and chains, etc.
    Not to mention how we tie the tie – Full Windsor, double Windsor, half-Windsor, Pratt, Four in hand, Prince Albert, Kelvin. Did you know that there are over 100 ways to tie a men’s necktie?

    Then to dimple or not to dimple? that is the question.
    I always like Lee with a dimple, don’t you?

    If anyone is interested about the history of neckties, a brief summary:


  3. ISWOD, “Scarecrow the show pony.” That’s a good one, and yes, he was one in that scene.

    KC, I, too, prefer the S3/4 Lee, as he looks more casual. Lee looks good in a tux and suit, but the more casual he looks the better.

    I do have a fondness for that really big smile, complete with dimples, though. The other Lee that gets my heart race up is the “shy, embarrassed” one – you know the one that shows up outside the casino in SOS, and we’ll see again in BO and WOTSTW when we get there.

    I have to admit, I’m not one to notice the surroundings, because I do tend to focus on the actors – how they say their lines, their movements and facial expressions. It’s only after I’ve seen something several times that I notice their surroundings. I’m glad we have folks that can draw our attention to that stuff. Otherwise, I’d miss something fun. Crazy Props Patrol sounds interesting.


  4. Thank you all for being so supportive! 🙂 I know Tie Patrol wasn’t full of dimples or intelligence or wittiness, but hopefully it was mildly amusing to read while Iwsod catches her breath before posting DOA.
    Morley/Jenbo/BJo/LASinLA—I have my ways (of keeping things straight)… [raising eyebrow and chuckling quietly…]
    Jenbo—I don’t know why they transposed it, but it’s definitely not the only scene in SMK that’s transposed! (Maybe, as Morley said, they wanted to keep L&A on the same sides, or maybe they wanted the Smithsonian to not look like quite the Smithsonian, or maybe it was just time for the intern in the editing room? 😀 )
    Jule—thanks for the tie link! It’s awesome, and I might have to utilize it for the next round of Tie Patrol!!!
    BJo—I’m glad I could make someone other than myself laugh! 😀 Yes—Billy is quite the Teddy Bear/father figure.
    Iwsod—yes, that pic is Lee being Lee –> not smug. (And yes, you can copy it… it’s your blog! 😀 ) I know you gals love S1/S2 Lee but I much prefer S3/S4 Lee… much better looking IMHO… something to do with less attitude, and he’s a little older, and I don’t know, just something. 😀 I’ll take S1/S2 hands though—in fact his hands from any of the seasons… Anyway… Yeah—the labcoat look is *not* good, but it’s pretty d*mn nice in the closeups. 🙂 Yes—you did dub the towel look the Unabomber… or someone on your blog did. I certainly wasn’t clever enough to come up with it. That second pic of the grey tie…???… doesn’t do anything for me… it goes back to my comment before about S1/S2/smug Scarecrow. (Of all the pics on the page, probably Lee-in-the-yellow-sweater-in-the-shrubbery is my favourite, or maybe even Lee-in-the-trashed-tux???) The tie-pin on the grey tie was ‘cos that clip is from Magic Bus… I did wonder about karate belt vs. tie, but to my knowledge the belts don’t get skinnier in the middle like this does, and like a tie does… they’re uniform width, and quite chunky material (and I don’t believe would have a label on the back (just under the telescope). Not that I spent much time at all thinking about it before I included it… 😀


    • I like S3 Lee but S4 has lost the edge thanks to the mullet. It is a bit of a turn off 😉


      • Nah–I think S4 is best… that little bit more age and… openness…???… sits well on Lee. 😀


      • Hmmm, I think you and KC are both right! Maybe by the time we’re walking through S4 our photoshop skills will be good enough so that we can give Lee a proper haircut. LOL.

        Actually, I find it very hard to separate Lee’s looks from who he is on the inside. So, mullet aside I think I may have to go with S4 Lee best too – although there is one shot of him that makes me cringe every time I see it.


        • Woot! I’m pulling people over to the Dark Side (admiring S4 Lee)… the age, the openness, the not perfectly smooth showpony…
          Now–how to convince them that he needs chest hair…???… (ooh… Photoshop + less mullet = chest hair…???…)


          • Nah, not pulling me over to the dark side. I’m firmly entrenched there. I am one of the few people who would say S4 is their favorite season of SMK.

            And sorry, but there’s no convincing me of the chest hair thing 😉 Not even Tom Selleck can do that. Or PB. Wait, does Robert Redford have chest hair? Maybe that could make me reconsider.


            • Oh, yes, Tom Selleck can do chest hair!!! (And facial hair!!!) Rawr! (I’m not talking Austin Powers animal pelt… just… well… like TS’ chest. Or Sean Connery’s. Or James Garner’s. Shall I go on…???… Actually, they all do good facial hair too…)
              [stops to fan herself]
              And yes–RR does have chest hair. Neener! 😉


  5. Wow, KC. Great posts! I’m another amazed reader who wonders how you keep track of all that neckwear. I watched an episode last evening for the first time in a while — and couldn’t stop looking at the ties! 🙂


  6. KC, you know I actually prefer that pic you’ve started with to Lee on the staircase- why?
    Because in this pic is the moment Lee first saw Amanda – and it is Lee being Lee..
    On the staircase? That is Scarecrow being show pony and playing the game, trying to charm Amanda because she has the parcel (so he thinks). so while it is very swoony.. I prefer moments where Lee is being Lee! 🙂 Can I make a copy of that pic? I love it!! I don’t really like the quality of the pics I have of their meeting..

    Well getting back to your post here..
    ROFL!!! i’m loving Lee in the shrubbery!!!! Goooo KC! 😉

    Love the superman transformation emoticon! Haaa KC it looks like you had lots of fun putting this together! It’s contagious you know – I’m having lots of fun reading it!

    As i scroll down.. I have no idea what you’ll come up with next haa!!

    Lee in the shrubber.. in a tux!!! Quite the combo!!! 🙂 Looks great now you lightened the image..

    I really don’t like the white double breasted jacket.. not even on Lee! though he still looks dreamy!

    LOL.. did I say in my post he was doing the unabomber? I can’t remember.. but I was thinking it of that moment too! 🙂 Great pic!!
    It is a tied towel.. so isn’t it technically a tie? 😉

    Wow yeah that purple tie with the embroidered pattern is lovely!!! Maybe we’ll see it again.. you never know on smk – KC has taught me that!! 😉

    My favourite tie to date ( up to OOADP) is the brown embossed tie in Brunettes are In.. I have no idea why .. but I took such a liking to it!

    Haaa love Lee’s apartment.. and the prop antics!!!! Sooo funny!!! love the shades! did they keep doing that with Lee’s apartment in season two? I kind of hope they did!!! Keep patrolling KC this is fabulous!

    Oh yes Billy morphs from warm Mr Rogers to slick professional – he even washes those greys away! [Plus he got rid of all those toys he had in his office.. rofl at the car collection- so random!]

    cardy patrol now too KC?! you may as well call this fashion patrol – why limit yourself? 🙂 Go on!!! So looks like Billy started colouring his hair around gift horse huh..
    Heather!!! got it!!!! 🙂

    KC that second pic of the grey tie blooper is asking too much! You can’t give us a pic of Lee lookin that good and actually expect us to compare ties!!!! aghaoabaibuapobja!

    Does Lee’s hair look much shorter also?
    and then it’s longer again when he meets Amanda??
    Yeah the tie does look different! I think it’s a completely different day: after BB had a haircut

    LOL yes maybe a little too long in the rabbit hold KC.. surely the crease on a tie can move slightly throughtout the day?? no?? or maybe not..

    Oh bless you KC! it is much easier to focus on the ties when you’ve cut out Lee’s face! 😉 err yeah they are different.. and one has a tie pin and one not!

    Oh yeah! great catch on the inversion!!! Have I mentioned I don’t like that white Jacket?! 😉

    Could the tie on the telescope be a Karate belt? 😉

    Thanks KC!!! Chock full of smk fun!!!!!


  7. ROFL, KC!!! I am loving this Tie Patrol post! I think I actually did laugh out loud at least 4 times while reading it. And yes, my head is spinning! I don’t know how you can keep track of all these ties and suit and lighting and bloopers and oh my! I’m feeling dizzy again. I love all the Lee pics and Billy pics. He is quite the lovable teddy bear isn’t he?

    Where’s Lee’s tie? one on the couch in the first pic and then one on the monkey? statue and the other on the telescope. I think you’re right about the prop department – there must have been too much down time on the set.

    I am happy with however you choose to show pics of Lee. With a tie, without a tie, smooth or ruffled, clothed or half-naked (I wish!) ok, chestal. I don’t think I will ever complain because there are too many Lee pictures. I don’t know that there is an upper limit on that.

    Unabomber Lee??? ROFL!!! That is EXACTLY what he looks like! Do you think Ted K. was a fan? Maybe he learned how to disguise himself from SMK.

    Thank you for sharing your time and tie-detail-obsession with us!


    • hiya wow.. it’s very quiet around here! I guess it usually is on weekends.. and I hear it is a long weekend in the US?
      LOL the one I hear you aren’t suppose to wear white shoes after 😉

      LOL Morley I agree, the tie pin was like a way to hold in the real Lee from the world! I thought it has psychological significance too! I was very glad to see they were no more! [I think Car Wars was the last time we saw them]

      KC I love that you are doing what you enjoy doing while enjoying our fave show! Yeah that monkey was a great find! 🙂

      Good question Jenbo- why reverse it? I’m with Morley.. keep Lee on the left and Amanda on the right – why? I have nooo idea! but.. they do it all the way through the show, it’s very rare to see them otherwise! very bizarre! [I guess we’d never have to debate what side of the bed they slept on once they made a home together huh! 😉 ]

      Studying menswear? LOL!!! Good one Jule!!!
      The article that you shared Jule: Pom pom ties?? glitter ties? tee heee! I can’t picture Lee in those!
      KC will be able to confirm this.. but I think someone in smk has that simple navy blue with thin equally spaced red stripes tie the article described!
      I thought of you as soon as I saw that run down on the messages of the tie colours Morley! Your post is next in line for publishing! 🙂
      Did you guys see the link the article suggested? Tiepedia haa!
      There is a whole world out there I know nothing about..

      Chocolate?? Mmmm! Didn’t Amanda have a ramble about chocolate cake? (man that smk cake post has plenty of material!)
      byeee all!


      • Pssssttt… Iwsod, it’s Columbus Day today, not Labor Day. 😀 (And some of us had to work!)
        Yes, I also agree with Morley’s idea that the atrocious gold tie-pin-that-looks-like-a-giant-safety-pin has psychological connotations… part of the convoluted suit of armour that Lee hid behind…


        • ohhh so labour I mean Labor day 😉 is the no white shoes cut off?!! you had to work? booooo!!!

          safety pin?? rofl.. like a nappy pin?! [diaper pin for Americans!]

          You know what these early props antics make me think of?? the article I just read where KJ was complaining that on some shows she’s worked on – people aren’t doing their jobs properly.. LOL! 😉


          • Yes–Labour Day is the “white” cutoff… not that I ever hold myself to stuff like that. :p Fashion? What’s fashion?
            Yes–I was thinking of nappies too!!!!!!! (I just thought I was crazy for thinking it.)
            I don’t think this was the props department not doing their job properly–I think it was them having some fun with their job, and possibly… though probably not… thinking that it might be appreciated by the audience?


            • If this show was in the days before recorders then it would have been the prop department having fun, maybe even with the cast. Didn’t KJ say something about enjoying everybody who did the show, that they all had a lot of fun. It makes me think of the notes on the chalkboard in Amanda’s kitchen and the pictures that are on the fridge.


              • HI KC and Morley.. Oh I agree I don’t think it means they weren’t doing their job! sorry.. it just reminded me of that interview as it’s fresh in my mind.. I don’t even know that KJ would have been referring to things like that – I agree I do remember hearing of all the fun they had 🙂 Sorry I threw that out there and didn’t explain it was a random thought that came to mind.. don’t mind me! 😉

                I love all these little touches! I swear.. Psyche and the pineapple stole the ideas off smk 😉 smk thought of everything fabulous right?!

                Ohhh Freud would have a field day with those tie pins!!! We’ll be discussing Freud lots in DOA don’t you worry! 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                • Emoticons! We need lots of emoticons in our replies! (To better help us understand each other. ROFL!)
                  Yes–Psyche and the pineapple… And yeah–SMK was the be-all and end-all of fabulous… 😉 😉 😉


  8. Really KC? You notice a tie dimple when. Lee is smiling with those 1000 watt dimples showing???? Seriously, you are a dedicated woman; my proverbial hat is doffed to your self control. Keep it coming coz those pictures are amazing and then I can just tell my hubbie that I am studying menswear. Oh and never noticed the tie monkey, but love it! Here’s an article I found on tie psychology: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705364198/What-does-your-tie-say-about-you.html?pg=all


    • I like that article, Jule. I especially noted that a brown tie means “down to earth” Lee is wearing a brown tie when he talks to Amanda about fantasies in SAAB, isn’t he?


      • Oh you are right, I just checked (What a hardship right, forced to watch SAAB and intense swoony Lee. It’s a tough job but…!) and the tie is a rich chocolately brown. Wow, hmmmm, chocolate sounds good. Must run back down that rabbit hole with some of Jestress’ Black Magic Cake and hope the kids don’t make me share. (No, nothing in these hands. On my face, chocolate icing?! Naw, just been playing in the dirt. Crumbs, what crumbs?! Oh these….No, my piece!! Come back here…..!! Arrrgh!!!)


  9. Why would they transpose the scene in SAAB? Any ideas? I know b*gger all about film making etc so these little things amuse me.

    As for tie patrol…..my brain is fried. How on earth do you keep track of them all?!!! I am afraid I am rubbish as spotting all the things you have KC, I take my hat off to you. Well done on tie patrol 🙂


    • I wonder if the reversed the scene to keep Lee on the left and Amanda on the right. It is funny isn’t it?


    • Actually I wonder if they filmed the conversation part of that scene with Lee on the left, but when they went to add the scene that places them in front of the Smithsonian they realized they had filmed that one with Lee on the right so they reversed it (they could have blocked the conversation scene so that they moved around, but oh well). I think when they did the pilot they must have filmed a few scenes in front of national iconic sites for upcoming episodes. Actually the two that I am thinking of are for SAAB. The scene in front of the Lincoln Memorial where she meets him and he tells her she looks “fine” and this one in front of the museum must have been filmed at the same time as the pilot, so they must have had that one already figured out. Are there other scenes with landmarks like that in other episodes?


  10. How did you do that! Wow. Do you spend a lot of time with ties or something? I never knew so much about ties as I do now, the flow of tie fabric, knots. alignment of stripes due to retying. I thought that I noticed details, but I think I may have to spend much more time watching the episodes so that I can keep up with your level of detail. It will be a time commitment, but oh well 😉 By the way I loved the find the tie and the monkey!


    • Do I spend a lot of time with ties? Do you mean at work? No!!! There are days my job would qualify for the show Dirty Jobs. ‘Nuff said.
      So, why ties? They’re something tangible that can be tracked. That appeals to my nature.
      Yes, my level of attention to detail borders on obsessive. 😀
      Glad you enjoyed “Where’s Lee’s tie?” and what the monkey was wearing–I had fun with them–unfortunately we don’t really see this much of Lee’s apartment after this… especially not trashed like this. 😦


      • I was thinking, if the prop people had that much fun with Lee’s apartment, they must have had fun on other sets as well. I wonder if we could find things sunglasses on the monkey elsewhere. Billy’s office, Amanda’s house?


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