2/2 SMK Stats: Saved By The Bells

And we’re back for the second installment of stats for SBTBells.  Read on for pics of that lovely reunion scene I promised as well as a couple of bloopers (including a Lee hair blooper Surprised smile) and a map showing where Lee lives!!

It just dawned on me that this is the second episode where Amanda does not go to the Agency.  Just like Morley pointed out in TACMKid Amanda Bites post.  I wonder if that has any meaning in general or in particular for this episode.  What do you think?  Please share!  And please share any bloopers I’ve made – Lord knows they’re there somehwere!

Enjoy!  And thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts –




Poor Lee…he gets roughed up quite a bit at the beginning of this episode.  And by a nun!

 lee hitlee hit 2

Umph!  Lee gets thrown against the wall – twice!  That’s one strong nun!

lee hit 3lee hit 4

lee hit 5

Three punches to the gut…poor Lee…that’s gotta hurt.

lee hit 6

lee hit 7

He can even see this next punch to his face coming – it came so fast he forgot to duck!

lee hit 8lee hit 9

lee hit 10

And finally, a second punch to the face before Lee turns the tables and takes the nun, I mean Rostov, out.  Love how Rostov’s head cover neatly got back on his head after he punched Lee in the face the first time.  And look at these three just watching!  Do you think they realize the nun isn’t a nun?  I hope so!  Surprised smile

Lee is spared more physical punishment until the end of the episode. lee hit 11

He is shot at 4 times while covering Amanda so she can run to the phone and call Mr. Melrose – you know, the one with tweed sofas in his office.  Winking smile    Look, kgmohror, it’s Moustache Man from License to Steele!   All you RS fans, check it out! 

lee hit 12

And one last punch for good measure.  See?  Torturing the “real” Scarecrow is pointless!


We are treated to two Amandarambles this episode!  I guess they’re treats depending upon how you look at them.


A:  I haven’t said everything that I want to say.  Would you, would you listen to me for a minute?  I now that you’re your own man and that you like to handle things your own way by yourself.  And I really respect that.  You’re in a lot of trouble here and I think it’s time that you admit that you need somebody else.   Good for you, Amanda!  Lee does need help!  Don’t let him tell you otherwise!

Then a little later while they’re trying to find the house where Amanda was held.

aramble 2

A:  Listen, I’m sorry!  I’m trying, alright?  I’m doing the best that I can.  I should be at home helping Jamie arrange his birthday party.  He wants Pretzel the Clown there and Pretzel the Clown has chicken pox.  Can you imagine a man

that old and he hasn’t had the chicken pox? 

L:  Amaaanda!  Would you –


A:  Oaramble 3h look, I was tied up and in a crate.  I have to go by sounds, like the birds singing and the children playing…bells.

Oooh, I feel badly for both of them here.  Lee is really pushing and Amanda is really trying, but they are both stressed and irritated and it shows!!! 




Oh goody!!!  The part we’ve all been waiting for!!  And it only took about 24 minutes to get to it.  Love all the emotion KJ and BB put into their voices, faces and body language here.  Well done you two! High five


A:  They were gonna kill me.  They thought I was you.

touch 2

A:  I told them that I wasn’t but they wouldn’t listen to me.

touch 3

A:  They stuffed me in a crate.

touch 4

L:  I know, I know.  A:  I don’t know how anyone could mistake me for you. 

touch 5

A:  You’re so much taller.

touch 6

L:  Hey…I’m sorry.

touch 7

L:  Take it easy.

touch 8

L:  Take it easy.

touch 9

L:  It’s all over.  A:  I was…I was scared.

touch 10

L:  I know.  So was I.

touch 16

touch 11

L:  It’s all over.

Well, I can’t ruin the beauty of that scene, even with touch commentary.  So let’s just say there was a lot of touching going on.  You can see the total number I assign at the very bottom if you’re interested.  **Sigh**  I could watch that scene over and over again.

touch 12

We’ve got a hand hold as Lee tries to get out of that house with Amanda.  I love the baddie in the background!  Zinoviev the Cool Baddie!

touch 13

L:  It’s okay.

And another arm grab as Lee tries to comfort Amanda. 

touch 14

We’ve got a shoulder touch here.

touch 15

And because Amanda doesn’t have any change on her to call Billly, we get one last touch!  ROFL!!!


Lee in plaid


This was a tough episode for Lee…not a whole lot of happiness going on.  He was wearing this plaid shirt for most of it though so I’ve snagged a few screen caps for ya.  I wasn’t sure which ONE to choose, so I’ve got a diverse selection for you to see.  Feel free to let me know which one you like best!

sad lee

Sad Lee – I guess he’s feeling like they’re never going to find that house and he’ll be tried for treason.  I think this is the saddest I’ve ever seen him look in S1.


Gosh, he even gives the baddie a handsome look.  I guess he just can’t help it!

plaid 2

Now he’s looking back at Amanda.  I think he’s almost enjoying watching her be “the Scarecrow”.  Is that a lazy eye I see?

plaid 4

L:  The place is surrounded??? 

Guess that’s NOT something the real Scarecrow would have said Winking smileLaughing out loud

plaid 7

L:  C’mon, you don’t really think that the Scarecrow would allow herself to be taken alive, do ya?

Ahhhh, this is perhaps my favorite plaid look of the episode. 

plaid 6

Z:  I tip my hat to you, Scarecrow.  Until we meet again.  You should learn from her, my boy.  She’s the best!  L:  Yeah.

ROFL!!!  Rolling on the floor laughing

Cheeky Lee

Lee’s masseter gets a bit of a workout this episode…I managed to catch a couple of them.


B:  Lee, we’re not supposed to take this personally.  It’s our objectivity which makes us effective.  L:  Amanda is dying in my place.  That’s as personal as it gets!

masseter 2

Lee gets caught trying to be a tough guy and take on all the baddies at the warehouse while Amanda calls Billy.

Bloopers and miscellaneous

blooper 3

It’s kind of hard to tell, but Zinoviev pulls out the 4th book on the shelf which happens to be green, to activate the secret spinning entry thingy.


But here Amanda pulls out the 5th book which is blue!  Actually the color order of the books in both photos isn’t the same either.  Whoops!

We also have a Lee hair blooper this episode too…

touch 13

Did you notice how messed up Lee’s hair is in this picture above?  He had just run his hands through it in frustration.  But look…

plaid 7

In the very next part of this scene his hair is gorgeous again!  Voila!  Lee has magic hair!  Or hair that behaves very well….

And for those of you who are inclined to think Lee has some great looking hands…well, these are for you! 

hands 3

Oooooh!  So Lee lives in SE DC!  Between Capitol Hill and the Navy Yard near the Southeast Freeway it looks like.  The metal point of the compass has to be his apartment, right?  So if the Agency is in Georgetown (NW quadrant of DC) and Amanda lives across the Potomac in Arlington, VA…Lee does a lot of driving!!!

hands 4

And yes, Jenbo, these really are Lee’s hands!  Winking smile


Well, that wraps it up for now!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the stats for this more serious and dramatic episode.  Less dimples and such but that swoony reunion scene more than makes up for it!

I just realized The Long Christmas Eve is next!  What a coincidence!!  I’ll have to get it done for the upcoming holiday!

Here is the link to iwsod’s first SBTB post on the blog.

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 1, guess I won’t count the baddie’s

Lee saves Amanda – 1

Amanda saves Lee – 3

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1 – that’s all it took this time.

Amaaanda! – 1

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 12

Amanda “Boo boos” – 6

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 2

Touches – I count 19

Lee in Plaid – Yup

Who Left their keys this week? – 0

Jack Sightings – 1

Jill Sightings – 1

13 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: Saved By The Bells

  1. So 19 touches? I think I could benefit from an itemized list complete with pictures. I love that scene too, it is very significant. It is all right there, all the care and affection, their connection with each other. Even the words that Lee says, “I am sorry”, “I was scared too.” Wow!

    I love “Cheeky Lee.” Perfect


    • Welcome back, Morley! Glad you liked Cheeky Lee… 😉 Yup, 19 touches – they’re all there in the pictures, hands touching while untying the ropes, during the hug there’s an arm, shoulder and head aspect – that’s three – every time she touches him somewhere different with her hand, it’s another one…. I wasn’t quite sure how to do the touching while untying the ropes – so I think I just counted that as one touch all together while he was untying. Let’s just say there’s a lot!


  2. Valerie – you and me both! Over and over and over and over and over…. 😀

    Hooo haaa!!!! I see there’s a lot to discuss around the location of Lee’s apartment! LOL! When I wrote the post it was actually a bit tongue in cheek! I didn’t really think that’s where Lee lived, I was just having a little fun. But I’m glad to see all the detective work going on…. Great catch on the different map shots, KC! I think I missed that one because I couldn’t get an in focus hand close-up picture 😉 Thank you for showing us that. Not sure I’m catching the power plant/Tuskegee U bit though – isn’t Tusk. U in Alabama? And I looked at my map again, didn’t see a power plant in SE DC on the map? Like you and LASinLA I always thought that Lee’s apartment was in or close to Georgetown in the NW quadrant. In TFT doesn’t Amanda say in her ramble something about the Georgetown area? If not, maybe I’m just assuming it because of the look of the buildings – looks like that part of DC and decidedly not the SE part.

    LOL, Jule! All you see are Lee’s gorgeous hands and no map, huh?? Maybe one day we’ll have to do a closer inspection on Lee’s hands in a post – that we know are his – versus those that are only seen in a close-up so could be a hand model…. Glad you love the stats!

    Kgmohror, what did happen to Switchblade? I don’t recognize him – do you think he’s in any of the SMK episodes? Mustache man is a bit obvious because of that rather large ‘stache he’s got going on. Thanks for stopping by to comment – I know you must be busy with your blog – I haven’t had a chance to get over there to comment in a while sorry… 😦

    Shoe phone, Melissa Robertson?? Too funny! I know I watched that show some as a kid, but the only thing I can remember is the closing credits. Isn’t that the show that had all the closing doors and doesn’t Maxwell get caught in one? Or his nose anyway? Maybe I’ll have to check to see if it’s on YouTube.

    Hi iwsod! Hope your holiday is going great! Yes, there definitely is something special there in that reunion. I just checked your SBTB episode posts to see your pictures (I don’t look before writing mine) and noticed we captured a lot of the same screen caps! It is a lovely scene!

    Have I mentioned on the blog that I worked in DC before? I can’t remember. Actually it was only 7 weeks while I was a junior in college. I ‘worked’ for the Agency for International Development in Arlington – yep lived in NW near George Washington U/State Department/Watergate and took the metro everyday and absolutely loved it! DC is my favorite overall city in the U.S. and I think I’ve been in all the biggies except Miami. I say ‘worked’ because I didn’t actually get paid – it was part of my education. As soon as my kids are both old enough to appreciate DC, we’ll be going on a road trip!

    Yippee!!! Just saw the first BOut post is up! Ruffled Lee here we come!
    Thanks everyone for stopping by!


  3. I could watch the golf cart scene over and over and over and…


  4. Oh, poor Lee. The nun really did work him over, didn’t (s)he? 😀 BTW–I love his highwater pants in the last of those pics (with the three onlookers)–Scarecrow not looking quite so smooth… LOL!

    Ha ha! I still love the Zinoviev-behind-the-bookcase shot… Lee looks like he’s seven feet tall, and the lady in red looks about four feet tall. (She = Mini-Me for Zinoviev? 😀 )

    Regarding bloopers–there’s two more. One I’ll save for my Vehicle Patrol report, but the other has to do with the map. If you look at the first view, where Lee has the compass, and compare it to the last map shot (not shown) where Lee has drawn the three intersecting circles, you’ll see that IT’S NOT THE SAME AREA OF THE MAP! 😀 The intersecting circles are drawn in the NE quadrant of the map (near the suburb of Mount Rainier), whereas Lee is using the compass in the southern half, closer to the SW quadrant.

    Additionally, if the compass point really is where Lee’s apartment is located, then I think it’s in the U.S. Power Plant (or possibly Tuskegee University). 😀 For some reason, I thought he lived pretty close to Georgetown. Don’t know why I think that, though…

    Oh–and, lastly, I love the comforting hug on the golf cart. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Ack! WordPress ate my image again! Here’s the larger shot of the map, that includes the NE quadrant where the circles are ultimately shown.

      Thank you.


      • Oops–this one, too.

        Here’s the zoom of the circle intersections… in the NE quad.


        • Hand hands hands! What map?!?!? Hee hee!
          Field trip to Lee’s apartment?!?!?! Yep, I am ready to go and knock on his door. Hope he doesn’t live inside the power plant though, could be uncomfortable 🙂
          Love the stats Bjo! Profound thanks for the lovely pix! *swoon thud*


    • I think Lee’s apt. is closer to and north of the National Mall in center DC (at least the real building is). The map and compass have his building south of the Mall. Also, there are no rivers to be crossed between downtown DC and the Mt. Rainier suburb — so no drawbridges!

      That is a very sad Lee!


  5. Poor Mustache seems to haven fallen on hard times since being paroled after the Steele caper. He used to dress a lot better. But whither Switchblade?


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Maybe Amanda watches ‘Get Smart’ with her line that the place is surrounded. While I’m on Get Smart~if Lee had a shoe phone then he didn’t need the change 🙂

    My youngest daughter has a lazy eye (although hers crosses in and so much so you only see the white of her eye if she takes her glasses off) so I think I have to agree that in the one pic his eye looks like it crosses out.


  7. BJo- thanks for your posts- such fun!!!!
    love how you are calling the masseter sightings ‘cheeky Lee’ – haaaaaa good one!!

    Ohhh I was swooning all over the place at the caps you’ve shared of Lee and Amanda’s reunion.. There’s something special there!!! 🙂

    Wow!! you worked out where Lee lives? I’m impressed!!!

    Six Amanda Boo boos??? she had a rough episode! But.. being held in Lee’s arms on the golf course more than makes up for it 😉 19 touches? wow!!

    Right fishies? 😉

    The Long Christmas Eve stats over Christmas is an inspired idea BJo!!! Thank you!!

    Love the Lee hair blooper.. I much prefer the ruffled look to the Dorothy Hamil look.. eek.. we’ll get plenty of ruffled in Burn out 😉 whoo hoo!

    Hope everyone is well.. a few more days of holidays and i’ll be back and around much more regularly- hope you are all well!



  8. 🙂 Thanks for all the screen caps of that swoony scene!


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