2/3 Vehicle Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

Welcome back to the inaugural Vehicle Patrol Report!  smile

Tee hee hee… license plates in SMKland just don’t seem to stay put! clip_image001 I don’t know whether the props department was doing it deliberately clip_image001 or whether they were overworked clip_image001[4]or having a bit too much fun…???… clip_image001[6]  Or, maybe, a bit of all of the above?  weee

Amanda’s license plate goes AWOL

So—when do we see Amanda’s license plate (Virginia JR4-502) on other vehicles?  poke

If Thoughts Could Kill

When Amanda drives the ambulance clip_image001[1] through the intersection near the end of ITCK, we can see her license plate on one of the cars waiting at the light (the VW on the left; Amanda’s in the orange ambulance behind):

S1E3_JR4502_and_LJ3BE4  S1E3_JR4502_and_LJ3BE4_175x117

The ACM Kid

When Lee is watching the Kalnikov’s house at the start of TACMK, we see Amanda’s plate through the binocular view (should Lee have noticed and said something, or was he on a Fritos and bean dip-induced high? clip_image001[3]):

S1E5_JR4502_i2  S1E5_JR4502_i2_175x117

 Lee’s license plate goes AWOL

Not in these episodes, but keep watching and waiting… clip_image001[5] Heh heh heh…

Magical moving license plates—same episode

Oopsie! busted Which vehicles shared the same plate within the same episode?

The First Time

Washington DC 8Z3-526 – on a black Oldsmobile (?) in the parking garage and an orange VW convertible at Moby’s Dock:

S1E1_Random_8Z3526  S1E1_VW_8Z3526

S1E1_Random_8Z3526_175x117  S1E1_VW_8Z3526_175x117

The ACM Kid

Maryland NH8-862 – on a silver Mercedes and an orange Honda in the same parking lot:

S1E5_Mercedes_NH8862_Duplicate  S1E5_Honda_NH8862_Duplicate

S1E5_Mercedes_NH8862_Duplicate_175x117  S1E5_Honda_NH8862_Duplicate_175x117

 Magical moving license plates—different episodes

Which vehicles shared the same plate in different episodes? No surprise, there’s a few…  rolleyes

Washington DC 7E4-965 – The First Time, There Goes The Neighborhood, and The ACM Kid

In TFT, we see Washington DC plate 7E4-965 on the baddies’ black sedan that chases Lee and Amanda around the parking garage; in TACMK, it’s on the baddies’ red Ford sedan.

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965  S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965_175x117  S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front_175x117

In TGTN, the plate is on a random white car parked at the Mercury Express Freight Service (where Scarecrow gets a parking ticket!). At least, I believe it’s the same plate—the first digit is mostly obscured by Scarecrow’s Porsche mirror… shout out if you think I’m wrong! (Sorry for the poor image res on this one. sad)

S1E2_7E4965  S1E2_7E4965_175x117sharpened

Washington DC 8L6-203 – Magic Bus and Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

In MB, we see Washington DC plate 8L6-203 on the Total Weaponry Unit, aka The Vigilant; in ALAGHITM, it’s on the sniper’s Mitsubishi ute. Hey—at least they have the same color scheme! clip_image001[7] (Yes, the fourth character of the ute plate is a 2… confirmed on the front vehicle view—not shown.)

S1E4_Vigilant_8L6203_i2  S1E6_Mitsubishi_8L6203_rear

S1E4_Vigilant_8L6203_i2_175x117    S1E6_Mitsubishi_8L6203_rear_175x117

Washington DC C-648F9 – Service Above And Beyond and Saved By The Bells

In SAAB, we see Washington DC plate C-648F9 on the baddies’ menacing musical murder machine; in SBTB it’s on the van the baddies must’ve stolen from the Agency (see next section). The plate even has the same grease/scuff marks on it. clip_image001[9]

S1E7_Baddie_C648F9  S1E8_BaddieVan_C648F9

S1E7_Baddie_C648F9_175x117    S1E8_BaddieVan_C648F9_175x117

Same vehicle—different episodes

Which vehicles appeared in different episodes (with the exception of Lee and Amanda’s cars)?  blue-grin

Truck – There Goes The Neighborhood and Magic Bus

In TGTN we see a tan and brown truck being used for deliveries outside Mercury Express Freight Service; in MB, that same truck—now with a diaper service sign—is being used by the Agency for surveillance at Amanda’s house.

S1E2_Random_DeliveryTruck  S1E4_AgencyUndercoverVan 

Van – The ACM Kid and Saved By The Bells

In TACMK, we see a nondescript blue van being used by the Agency for surveillance; in SBTB, the van is used by the baddies, with an Antiques decal on the side…

S1E5_AgencyVan S1E8_BaddieVan_C648F9_side 

Crashed/wrecked vehicles…

Do we see any crashed or wrecked vehicles in these episodes?  Of course we do!  blue-grin

The First Time

In TFT, the car that the “joy-riding gigolo” (Scarecrow) forced to hit the fire hydrant is actually the limousine of “the Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff” (plate 8745-DC; government vehicle). jumpy Oops! Billy was really not impressed with Scarecrow for that…  smiley-angry034

S1E1_Limo_8745  S1E1_19_sml 

Later in the same episode, Amanda’s car is trashed clip_image013 by the baddies who’re using it to chase Lee and Amanda who’re flying—or trying to fly—in the matchy-matchy helicopter… smiley-laughing004

S1E1_BaddieHelicopter  S1E1_Amanda_Ford_Crashed 

Magic Bus

In MB, Lee uses the Total Weaponry Unit (aka The Vigilant) to blow up the baddies’ Jeep… clap

S1E4_Baddies_Jeep_i2  S1E4_Baddies_Jeep_Exploding 

Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

In ALAGHITM, baddie Bo Johnson’s Jeep goes over the cliff that Princess Penny was supposed to have been thrown over by the trained horse…  angel


Service Above And Beyond

In SAAB there were no visibly crashed or wrecked vehicles, but Lee’s Porsche windscreen was shot up by the baddies in the menacing musical murder machine (and that murder machine was surely left worse for wear after squishing Singer)…


OK—that’s it for part two.  I’ll return with the third/final part, which will include gems such as Agency vehicles, some amusing vehicle moments, and blooper reel, in a day or two…???…



23 responses to “2/3 Vehicle Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

  1. Hi KC – sorry I’m late to this party! Went travelling over the weekend and had to get caught up at home.

    You have quite a pair of eagle eyes! I have never noticed Amanda’s license plate on another car. And I thought I was detail oriented – but you’ve got me beat by a mile, Officer KC!

    I can’t believe that the plates were in use on different vehicles within the same episode! Well, I guess not too many of us noticed. Is it just me or did anyone else not notice either? KC, did you notice these things before or did you realize some of this as you were doing your research for your post?

    And no way do I think you’re wrong in that pic where Lee’s Porsche obscures that one digit – I’ll go with whatever you say.

    Menacing musical murder machine…say that 5 times fast while imbibing adult beverages…. LOL!

    Love that p’od Billy pic!!! Matchy-matchy helicopter! Bwahahahaha!

    Just brilliant, Officer KC! Thank you for the fun post 🙂 You’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I noticed the two same plates in same parking lot… the rest were a result of (fun) research.

      Menacing musical murder machine… does sound awesome, doesn’t it?


  2. In that picture of of the orange Honda it looks like Lee is dancing a jig or something. I love these posts. I can’t believe the details that you have paid attention. Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha! It kinda *does* look like he’s dancing a jig, doesn’t it? 😀 Or, at least, leaping…

      Gotta have an outlet for my persnicketyness!


  3. KC, you are amazingly detail oriented! I can’t get over that you notice the license plates when I usually barely notice if I’m on fire. Love the emoticons! Was the orange and black VW bug in honor of Halloween in TFT? Maybe the prop guys were celebrating. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah–detail oriented is one way to put it. 😀 Yeah–that VW might’ve been in honour of Halloween. 🙂 (But it’s actually surprising how many times an orange VW bug is seen in SMK… maybe I should start counting the appearances? Nah–*that* would probably push me over the edge to OCD…???…)


    • ummm, Jule…you barely notice if you’re on fire??? not sure what to do with that one. Am politely wondering if you need to replace your swoon thud helmet…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. whoo hooo!
    These are such fun KC! Got my coffee.. and I’m ready to enjoy the fruits of your labours here!

    cheeky licence plates! LOL I think they had no conception that people would be checking the number plates when the show only aired once a week and you couldn’t rewind live tv! 😉 I think it makes it even more fun now we can stop and see – all these mistakes are like little easter eggs.

    I really hope you’ve enjoyed putting these posts together KC and hunting for all these goodies! love the having too much fun emoticon! 😉
    Okay, I’ll choose to think the prop dept was having too much fun- I’d rather this than the ‘they didn’t care’ option 😉

    Whoa.. that licence plate of Amanda’s is a real fluzzy! I guess they weren’t wanting to spend money early on to create lots of Virginia plates? so they kept swiping Amanda’s?

    The ACM Kid was pretty early – maybe Lee didn’t know Amanda’s plates yet? 😉
    Haaaa leave us in suspense at where you found Lee’s plate eh!! 🙂

    Holey Moley! You’ve gone through every car in every episode?!!!
    KC, that ghost there is a little freaky, what with these licence plates moving around! whoooooo

    Great catches!!

    No no KC, see the Vigilante has an extra security feature… it can morph into a mitsubshi ute at whim.. alas.. the gov requires the same number plate though – so it kind of gives away this remarkable technology no? 😉

    ROFL! the evil ice cream truck and the evil blue van? whooooo!!

    From freight service to diaper truck.. oh how the mighty fall 😉 haaa

    Joy riding gigolo rofl!!! that is a very interesting description of the scarecrow. hmm.. gigolo..

    matchy match helicopter? haaa!!! love it!! good one!
    Such fun!! I never would have noticed any of this!! thanks for sharing KC!!

    Yes the next Vehicle patrol post will publish in a day or two 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I’ve had a ball with Vehicle Patrol… I just hope the reports are entertaining and/or informative… or something, at least. 😀

      “No no KC, see the Vigilante has an extra security feature… it can morph into a mitsubshi ute at whim.. ”
      Wah hah hah! Love it! (But when it morphs, where do they stuff all the electronics? Is it like the Tardis–bigger inside than out?

      Joy-riding gigolo was how Lee was described in the ep…

      LOL! I stole matchy-matchy from you… but it fits, does it not? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey KC and Everyone! 🙂
        Tardis? ha! well.. the agency ‘has it’s ways’ 😉
        They can squeeze huge things into small spaces. they have top secret technology for that – but sorry I can’t tell you – it’s on a need to know basis.. ahem..
        but we can see it being used every week – you know like how they squeeze the huge agency complex into that tiny little townhouse? 😉

        I was struck by the word ‘gigolo’ – I had forgotten that description of Billy’s until you quoted it again.. and I had only just been calling Lee a playboy.. Gigolo seems to be even more of a player than a playboy to me, ….don’t mind me.. It’s just my impression of the labels- Do you think a Gigolo and a Playboy are the same thing?
        Playboy to me encompasses lots of women and $$$$

        A gigolo is a plain old skirt chaser – more likely to break hearts than a playboy- who always makes it clear he is a player..

        Have I got my womanising definitions correct people? tee heee.. I must learn these things! 🙂 If someone can explain these things that would be fabulous 🙂

        haa loved your use of ‘matchy matchy’! 🙂 Oh yes it matchy matchies perfectly! 🙂 thanks KC!


        • I always thought a gigolo was more of a male escort, like a beck and call boy. Playboys are players, but I think gigolos are paid for sex and companionship. I think there was a movie with Richard Gere called American Gigolo. Funny that he also did Pretty Woman. I can’t see Lee as a gigolo at all, at least not the way I seem to know the term.


          • Yeah–that’s my impression of gigolo, too… like the lyrics of David Lee Roth’s “Just a Gigolo”:
            Paid for every dance
            selling each romance

            …” 😀
            (The Free Online Dictionary definitions are in agreement.)

            And yeah–Scarecrow doesn’t fit the definition of a gigolo… he’s a playboy… but I’ve always thought that the chorus (?) of JaG was applicable to the inner Lee:
            ‘Cause I aint got nobody
            nobody nobody cares for me
            I’m so sad and lonely
            sad and lonely sad and lonely
            Won’t some sweet mama
            come and take a chance with me
            cause I aint so bad

            Just my 2 cents, FWIW.


            • I can’t believe that we’re discussing gigolos, ROFL! Just love you ladies and the never-ending quest for information. Awesome!


            • Ah thanks Valerie and KC.. glad I checked! you know how sometimes words can change meanings over generations, or as I’ve discovered he hard way, sometimes English speaking countries use the same words – but the nuances of the meaning are slightly different.

              Soooo then why does Billy call Lee a gigolo?! Was that just because he was mad maybe? or maybe this is a case where the word’s meaning has over the years narrowed to mean a male prostitute – whereas it use to mean a number of things.. a player.. a playboy.. an escort.. a guy who wasn’t looking for a serious relationship.. and maybe a prostitute? I don’t know!! anyway.. sorry KC I’ve hijacked your thread here! oopsie.. how did we get on to this tangent *eek* 😉

              [So funny Jule! right before I hit reply and published this comment – I got an email with your comment on it – saying how funny it is we ended up discussing this!!! Great minds think alike 🙂 ] haaaaa


              • “Soooo then why does Billy call Lee a gigolo?!”
                I’ve always assumed that Billy was just using the words of whoever had called and complained on behalf of the Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… *shrug* It made sense to me, instead of Billy actually calling Lee a gigolo…

                LOL! And I haven’t hijacked your threads before…?!?!?… 😀


                • I suspect Billy called Lee that because “joy-riding gigolo” has an alliterative quality that the scriptwriter found appealing. HOWEVER, in the context of the SMK universe, where scriptwriters don’t exist, I can see how Lee might be considered “gigoloesque.” (Gigoloish?) Lee is well aware of his attractiveness to the opposite sex, and in his reckless days before Amanda, I wouldn’t put it past him to use sex in “trade” for information. It’s a common currency in the spy world, if various political scandals are to be believed. So in that sense, the women Lee sleeps with are paying him with information, if not cash.


                  • whoooo this is a bit of a minefield this isn’t it! 🙂 I think smk hints at this whole subject – but very much on the fringe.. it’s never front and centre.. [okay maybe in a certain season 4 episode. but I’m not going to think about season 4!] Ah and it did IMHO come up in Francine’s errr ‘interrogation’ of Raollo in Brunettes are in.. eek..

                    Wasn’t there a script for an episode in season 1 or 2 which was never filmed? Where Lee is romancing someone for a case and Amanda is shocked that this goes on? anyone read that one? A part of me is glad this direction was cut off and never filmed..

                    I put Billy’s comment down to the word meaning player err rather than anything else 🙂
                    or.. KC’s idea that he was repeating back what the car’s owner had labelled him..
                    Oh and when you think about it, it’s even more icky because when he wrecks that car – it is Amanda that he had initially been ‘romancing’ to get the package back- argh!!!


                    • Actually maybe this whole idea is kind of like the Burn Out thing. Maybe that is where Lee would have headed if it hadn’t been for the entrance of Amanda in his life? Maybe the word was there to provide that contrast? I do like KC”s idea that it was the word that Billy had just heard from the person calling him to complain, but I do agree that Lee would have used romance and sex to get what he wanted. I don’t think it would have been beneath him at that point in his characters story. Even though in doing o I think he would have been selling his soul in a sense, because I don’ think that Lee Stetson was a morally bankrupt person and at some level his behavior would have deadened who he really was. Thank goodness that Amanda came along when she did..
                      Now who would have thought that a post on cars would bring this up? Amazing.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I reserve the right to comment on the whole gigolo idea when we get to Season 4. I can’t say get into this without that reference. 🙂 Though, I will say that I think Billy was quoting here, as some of you have mentioned.

                      On the other hand, these vehicles posts are very informative and entertaining, KC. You are a detailed person, obviously. I might notice a vehicle or two that’s repeated, but I’m usually more interested in what’s going on under the surface with Lee and Amanda. Thanks for sharing your talent for detail!


                • I also assumed that Billy was quoting whoever he’d talked to. I don’t think that Billy would refer to Lee as a “joyriding gigolo.” That makes no sense to me. I could only see Billy saying that if he were trying to pass it off onto someone who wasn’t one of his agents. It definitely wouldn’t make Billy look good to say something like that to the higher-ups.


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