10/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

We left Lee heading to a meeting with the leak’s leak Jerry!
We find Lee on a street, waiting for Jerry.
Mr. Stetson?
Lee: Jerry.
Jerry: Listen I’m sorry I’m so late. I think somebody’s following me.

[lol isn’t this almost an exact reply of the opening scene?dialogue virtually the same!]
Lee: All right, look around, see if he’s still there.
Cut to a view of a gun being loaded, then aimed at Jerry and Lee.
Jerry: I think he’s gone. It’s the defector’s they’re after. They dress up as cops, and then they go pick
them up in this Russian restaurant.

The gun is fired. Jerry gets shot and Lee ducks behind a car for cover.. Jerry falls through a storefront window  shattering the glass.
His gun drawn, Lee takes off after the gunman.
He heads down an alley and ends up finding a homeless person.

As Lee recovers from almost shooting a homeless guy, the gunman surprises him from behind – shooting at Lee while he is exposed..
Lee is super fast though.. and manages to duck as the bad guy shoots at him. whooo looks like he is shooting darts.. Umm.. why? Why not bullets?

Lee returns fire, with real bullets Smile but the bad guy manages to get away in a car with a sign ‘Aero-North Vehicle’ lol you’d think if you are wanting to commit a crime you’d cover that ha! But did Lee see it? not sure.. but I love how as Lee intensely stares off into the distance a random male extra calmly walks behind him.. like oh yes.. I see shoot outs every day! lol!
So did Jerry die? I mean they were darts?? I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.. (don’t tell me! Smile ) Poor Jerry!

Moving on… later that night we find Dotty and Zernoff have headed to the Moscovy Tea Room. We can see them next to the front window at a table.
– gee Jerry mentioned a Russian restaurant.. and Lee heard Zernoff being told about this place.. hmm.. he’ll head straight here won’t he? so he’ll be here already? because it was daylight when he got shot at no?

Anyway, the camera pans down the street a little and we find Amanda staking them out.
Did you see it? ‘Waigner’s bakery’!
LOL that’s gotta be a shout out to Paul Waigner, producer of this episode and many others! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a shout out. 

Amanda is in the car outside, calling the Agency.
Francine: International Federal Film
[Of course Francine answers!]
Amanda: Francine, it’s me, is Lee there?
Francine: Ah, he hasn’t checked in yet.

[whooo Francine knows who ‘me’ is.. lol.. I guess this ‘me’ is asking where Lee is.. so that does narrow it down a bit Winking smile
And it’s night time.. so why hasn’t Lee checked in already?!]
Amanda: OK look, when he gets there, tell him we’re at the Muscovy Tea Room alright?
Francine: The Muscovy Tea Room.
Amanda: Right.

Francine hangs up, then Amanda. lol very business like.. no goodbyes! I love that Amanda doesn’t let Francine get to her!

Inside the restaurant Dotty and Zernoff listen quietly to the music.. yep that’s right.. Dotty’s being quiet Winking smile
I think the music has put her in a trance.. I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say this song is awful and goes on way too long! [I usually love Russian culture honest!]
Dotty and Zernoff share an understanding, sympathetic smile.. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150617_201038.705


“The land is like my mother. I am a child in her strong arms…
[As Zernoff recites this poem.. or is that translating the song that guy is killing? Anyway, we see Amanda react to this in the car listening with a little smile.. Awh]
… I sleep in the loving embrace of my
Mother Russia”
[Zernoff motions like he is getting a little teary. Poor guy.. maybe the realisation of what he has done, what he has give up, is sinking in. No wonder the baddie suggested this tea room to ease his loneliness – it’s positively guaranteed to make Zernoff vulnerable..]
The song ends and everyone claps [I’d be clapping because it has ended..]
…Dorothea, I cannot begin to tell you what this day has meant to me.
We cut to a bartender, putting a white powder in a drink.. uh oh..
The Russian waiter (guest that is a Waiterov) brings Dotty and Zernoff a glass of vodka – one of them druggoved .
Zernoff: Well, shall we take a look at the menu?
Dotty: Wonderful

Dotty: Oh, thank you
he raises his glassov in a toast:
To you Dorothea…and, to the future…
Zernoff drinks his, and it looks like Dotty pretends to drink hers..
…Ah, you worry about the vodka huh? I am a Russian Dorothea, A Russian waters the flowers of his
memory with vodka. Ah, too much perhaps. But memories and vodka often need each other.
[lol I’m thinking that could be a dangerous combo!]
Dotty: Maybe we shouldn’t have come here. It brings back too many memories.
Zernoff: I cannot forget, here, there… You know, 60% of defectors go back. Uh,..
[Make that 99% after visiting the Muscovy tea room!]
Dotty: Andrei, are you alright?
Zernoff:  Uh
<pulling at this tie
>…Dorothea would…would you excuse me a moment? I…..I’m feeling

Zernoff gets up, walking unsteadily.
Amanda gets out of the car and heads toward the restaurant.
We see a police cruiser pulls up with lights
flashing around the corner.
On the way to the restroom two waiters grab Zernoff.
Zernoff: What are you doing? No! I…….
We see Zernoff is forced out a back exit where the police cruiser  (car number 1017) is waiting.  Andrei is forced into the back.
Dotty comes out
Dotty:What’s happening???? Where are you taking Dr. Zernoff???
Cop: You know this gentleman?
Dotty: Yes, we’re together

Cop: Well I’m sorry ma’am, there’s been a little altercation, we have to take him in.
Paul Tuerpe the sheriff in the goonies[LOL this actor must have a career playing cops.. he was the Sheriff in the goonies!]

Dotty: Oh, well I know him very well, we’re together and well I’m going with you!
[Boy.. Dotty wanted an adventure  – and she’s got it!
Dotty doesn’t wait for the cop to respond, she just goes to get in the car and you can just make out that the cop looks a bit baffled by this-ha!]
Cop: Wait a minute, you can’t go!
Cop 2: Bring her along, we gotta move.

They all get in the car and Amanda comes out the back door as the car is pulling away.
Amanda holds out her mother’s bug.. err purse she calls:
Dotty (hanging out the window of the cruiser): Amanda, I’m fine darling, I can deal with this….
…Have the lawyer meet me at the precinct…
(Amanda tries to say something but Dotty continues)
…Amanda, I thought we agreed you’d stop following me!…
[Oh rofl!!! What would Zernoff make of Dotty’s daughter following her??!!!  ]
too funny!!! After putting her daughter in her place.. she gives a friendly wave as she’s driven off by the police whaahahaaa!!
Just when I thought Dotty couldn’t get any funnier!! I’m fine! I can handle being driven off by the police?! whahahaaa.. oh and why are you following me?!!! Love the ‘we agreed’ that Amanda would stop following her – Dotty didn’t give Amanda a chance to get a word in!
Amanda looks on worriedly as her mother is driven off.. without her purse!! oh nooo!!
Amanda to herself:
And at that moment Lee arrives.. soooo I’ll pause here and pick up again right at this moment..
Anything you’d like to share? Anyone been to Russia? Anyone living in Russia?
Again, sorry if you love the song… forgive me?!
Hope you are all well! I think most of you are off on your summer holidays- hope you are all having a fabulous time!!!! And I’m looking forward to hearing from you when you get back Smile [Iwsod keeps her fingers crossed the lovely smk fans will return] Bye!

32 responses to “10/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think that baggy bomber jacket in combination with those stiff square looking jeans is really making it a challenge to appreciate Lee as a capable, professional, drop-dead handsome super-spy here. I wonder if they were deliberately trying to project him more into the suburban Dad image. What’s next? Dad jeans, crocs, an old baggy t-shirt and a couple of days growth of stubble on his chin? 😯
    Dotty is role playing a sort of fantasy here I think. She’s been inspired by the book she was reading and has got a bit carried away. She’s normally a little more sensible/responsible – especially since she’s the one who most often is left looking after the boys and the house, while Amanda is off doing goodness-knows-what for that “film” company. Not sure what others think, but my overall impression so far is that the character of Dotty hasn’t really been as consistent over the course of the Seasons 1-3. But then perhaps I am expecting too much of SMK – consistency isn’t really its forte, but at least L&A personal and relationship progression has followed some discernable and, dare I say it, sensible trajectory. Maybe it was harder to put the same attention to detail into the subsidiary characters.


    • I’d agree that Dotty’s character has been all over the place in the seasons so far. But then she is portrayed as scatty but occasionally surprisingly shrewd.
      I suppose what strikes me is that Dotty is consistently inconsistent, and in that sense she hasn’t changed (and her life hasn’t changed much over the almost three years that we have “known” her) – and this provides a marked contrast with Amanda, and how much she has changed and developed, as her horizons have widened over the same time period. Dotty remains ditzy; Amanda has largely lost this quality by now.


  2. Police car 1017? Wasn’t the Starship Enterprise 1017??? Are the SMK people fans of Star Trek? Or am I getting the numbers wrong?

    ROFL! Dotty knows him very well! Of course you do, Dotty! You’ve spent about 6 hours with him!

    I have not been to Russia. I had the chance to go when I was working, but chickened out. I had too many fears instilled in me from the 80s and the cold war. That plus all the paperwork and shots I had to get prior to going just freaked me out. It was so much easier to just go to Europe.

    Oh, I did have a complete crush on a contract employee who was Russian. Max. That brings back memories. But he had to leave the country, so that was that.


    • Ahh, should have checked before I posted. The Enterprise was 1701. Close!


    • Now I want to know why Max had to leave the country….Did he leave on a surfboard 😆 ?
      I have been to Russia – in the mid-90s though – and it was quite fascinating. I remember the so-called traditional Russian meal (for the tourists!) we got served was (a rather stringy) Beef Stroganoff.

      I love the look of the Muscovy Tea Room – except for the music and the attack on the innocent Zernoff. Dotty is having the day of her life (I think BG is having the SMK episode of her life too!) She’s hilarious but very stupid – I’d only get into the back of an unknown police car for two people: the two minijets, not for a guy I’d known for a few hours.


      • Nothing so romantic as that…his visa ran out. And I wasn’t about to marry him to keep him in the country. 😆


      • I think Dotty is pretty innocent and trusts that policemen are all the good guys and these are legit police. I would have done the same in her position, figuring Andrei needed someone to advocate for him. And you can bet she is already formulating the letter in her head that she is going to write to her congressman! 😉 I do feel sorry for the fake policeman when Dotty intervenes. I bet they never covered this scenario.


  3. I was thinking about Dotty and her reactions and responses to everything that’s going on and Amanda’s sudden appearances. First of all, I’m wondering if this is the first time that Dotty is dating other than her weekend with her husband’s old fishing buddy. Amanda did have a reaction there and Dotty had to get her straight, so maybe she’s assuming that Amanda is still struggling with her having a social life.

    Dotty is just so nonchalant about all of this and she doesn’t even question what altercation Zernoff may have gotten into. She just hops in the car. She figures a lawyer will be needed and they’ll just handle it. No big deal.

    I wonder if Amanda isn’t sort of rethinking not telling Dotty about her life at the Agency. Dotty seems to be rolling with the punches with everything that’s gone on so far. I know that she wants to keep Dotty safe and protected, but Dotty looks like she can handle herself. And Amanda was so worried about what Dotty would say. She should have been more worried about what Dotty would do. Dotty is something else. I think that just as Amanda was searching for something, Dotty has been too.

    Wouldn’t it have been great to see Dotty and Amanda on a case together? There’s a fan fiction someone can write.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh no, can you even imagine? Lee thinks /Amanda/ never listens to him. While she listens just fine, she just chooses to do something else. Dotty continues along with the interpretation in her head, regardless of reality around her. laughs

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wow Valerie.. my thoughts didn’t go in this direction at all! So interesting!

      I wrote my comments about how now Amanda’s worst fear had come to pass she could relax maybe – before I had seen the part of the episode where Dotty is drive away in the cop car.. Soooo I’ll come back to this in the next post!

      But.. I think I see Dotty as far too flaky to be a spy.. Amanda started out flaky too..but she was insightful and smart.
      Dotty? well.. I don’t know that she is – she just has occasional flashes of brilliance through luck or something..

      What Dotty is expert at is being loyal to her family, thinking the best of them, and loving them unconditionally.

      Right now Dotty is enjoying a little fantasy in this other world – but I don’t know if I’d say at least at this point, that Dotty is cut out for the spy biz.. I’ll hold this thought as we continue.. there’s more to come I know.. but I don’t remember what happens with Dotty 🙂

      If anyone is interested in exploring Dotty a bit more – Don’t forget Learjet’s Dotty posts.
      1/2 Dauntless Dotty
      & 2/2 Dauntless Dotty

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I agree that Dotty would be a bit too flaky to be a spy. It was just one of those “what if” thoughts that ran through my head. I agree with what others have said in regards to Dotty being somewhat used to oddities and eccentricities so she just accepts some things as is. I don’t remember if we ever hear of how her husband died, but maybe after dealing with her grief she decided to just accept what happens in life or maybe she is coming out of the grieving and seeking some adventure. Maybe there is a good reason why they had her in that “a bit dotty” sweater at the beginning of this episode and the rest of her attire with the pearls, etc. are all just a cover for what’s truly underneath.


        • Oh, I love your point about the “dotty” sweater, valerie — you are so right! Not only is it a symbol that we are going to see a bit more of Dotty than usual in this episode, but also that she will live up to her name! Great catch!!


    • I know Dotty dated a podiatrist that was entranced with her sexy arches in season one, but I think Dotty going away for a weekend with the family friend with sexy lingerie was an ‘in-your-face’ moment for Amanda that she couldn’t deny.


  4. I like waiterov!

    It’s silly dotty would not stop to try and get her purse from Amanda. Won’t she need id at the precinct?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dotty’s enjoying her adventure much too much to worry about details, like how she’s going to do anything without ID, or how there could have been an “incident” that got the police called in the 30 seconds since Andrei left the table, or how Amanda was following them when Dotty had the CAR.

      She’s not even worried about adding up two plus two anymore, like she did at the park.

      [Also, hello there, I just recently rediscovered the show and found this site. Hope you don’t mind I just dove awkwardly into the middle of your conversations.]


    • I liked Waiterov as well!


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