13/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Cut to the Moscovy Tea Room. Lee and Amanda with the two waiters
Waiter 1: They’d show up every once in a while, and point some guy out to us, and slip us a few bills…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_172233.686[hmm.. corrupt waiterovs!]
…We never got names. I figured they were from immigration. [plain dumb, corrupt waiterovs! – When immigration starts drugging people we should worry! ]
Lee: Yeah sure you did.
[I actually think given these guys were taking money and drugging patrons they should be arrested with assault- a verbal chastising from Lee doesn’t cut it!]
We see an old guy enter in the background, Lee turns unobtrusively and seems to take note..
The man sees Lee and immediately starts leaving..
Lee (to Amanda):
They both take off after Stanislov without another word to the waiterovs..
He doesn’t get far.. Lee calls out: Dr Stanislov?!
He grabs his arm to stop him from leaving..
(right in front of the Waigner Bakery – yum yum)
Lee: Dr. Stanislov.
Stanislav: I will not come with you! I have done nothing wrong!
Now please Sir Listen, we’re looking for your friend Dr. Zernoff.
Stanislov: Andrei?
Lee: Yes

You look for him also?
We cut quickly to a lady exiting the Muscovy tea room.. I went back to look at this because I wondered if it could be Amanda.. but I found another surprise..
I think I found Andrei and Dotty! tee hee.. There they are at the front table no?! They’ve darkened it but I think that’s a reused shot from earlier. ha!
they thought I’d have nothing better to do than to notice.. well.. I showed them! Smile 

Inside the restaurant, we find no one sitting at the front table, seems it’s after closing with all the chairs on the tables.. Stanislov sits with Lee and Amanda.
Stanislov: It is my fault, Andrei suspected something, but I urged him not to jeopardize our stay in America. I thought only of myself.
Amanda: No, you were frightened.
[I think when Amanda says this Lee gives her a sideways look –Amanda is doing her thing and great with helping people open up .. and he notices and appreciates it. Aren’t these little touches fabulous?]
When I got drunk like Andrei they took me back to the debriefing centre. Mr. Lawrence kept assuring me no one would have to know , if I could review everything I told them before.
[I don’ t know why but Stanislov cracks me up.. he’s soooo animated..]
Amanda and Lee are confused at this revelation of Stanislov’s.. and share a look.
[Lee’s thinking hard.. the thumb is tapping away!]
Amanda: (to Lee) w
hat’s the point of that?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174502. 26
I dunno. When we find Jake Lawrence we’ll ask him.
We cut back to Stanislov giving a little nod: Da that’s a good ideasovy!SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_174511.972

Okay so come on everyone.. without looking it up.. anyone remember where we’ve seen the actor playing Stanislov in SMK before?!
For the answer see
HERE! Smile
Did you guess??? Do tell!!

The scene ends here.. but before we move on.
Let’s recap.. because I’m shocked at Lee’s ‘I dunno’!
[Iwsod can’t switch off from the plot.. it’s not why I watch, but.. it’s gotta make superficial sense.. and this doesn’t to me! help?! ]
In post 1 Lee learned  from Jerry his information that the unknown company he worked for had leaked information- the text of 3 recent soviet debriefings on their latest prototypes (including Stanislov’s debriefing notes).
The whole point of following Zernoff was to find out how whoever was getting this information..
In post 10 Lee learned from Jerry the informant that his company was posing as cops..
In post 11 Lee learned Zernoff and Dotty had been taken somewhere by fake cops..
In post 12 Lee learned Jerry works for Aero North Industries, and Sanderson North is the CEO. (The company Jerry worked for was dodgy remember?)
Lee also learns Zernoff’s vodka was spiked, and then he was taken away by fake cops.
Now in post 13 (the lucky number!), Lee learns the exact same thing happened to Stanislov.. he was drugged, taken to a debriefing centre by these fake cops, Jake Lawrence was there – so he’s in on it.. and that’s when these Russian defectors revealed the weapons information – so this is how the leak is happening right? And Lee doesn’t know what’s going on??
I’m surprised the baddies had Lawrence interview the men – it could have been a nameless govt fake agent.. why reveal to the men that Lawrence is involved and then let them live? but.. what do I know Winking smile Moving on.. I promise.. (non plot followers breath a sign of relief).

We head back to the debriefing centre.. where Zernoff is being debriefed about his previous state department debrief!
Lawrence: About the MIG 29. Could you elaborate on the airfoils.
Zernoff: AH. The titanium allow airfoil on the MIG 29 are 30% lighter and they’re twice as strong.
[whooo and great for tennis rackets Winking smile ]
Lawrence: Uh could you explain that in a little more detail Dr. Zernoff?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_182810. 61
Why? I went through this already when I was here before. They said I was finished.
Sir, you are a guest in our country. When there’s trouble we have to review everything. I’m afraid you could still be asked to leave. I’m doing the best I can to prevent that.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183002.158[Slime!!!! Trying to pass himself off as Zernoff’s champion? ugh!!! Hope someone punches Lawrence in that smug face!]

There’s a knock at the door. A guard whispers something to Lawrence, and he has to leave Zernoff a moment.
Lawrence: (to Zernoff) Ah, excuse me please.

We find Dotty giving the desk guard what for – goooo Dotty! Smile
Dotty: You take me to Andrei right now, or I’m going to start looking for him myself.
Lawrence: Mrs.West…..
Dotty: Mr. Lawrence , I have been more than patient. It has been over two hours and I still do not know what’s happening with Andrei. I can’t make a call, I …..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150725_183317.560[Hey gooooo Dotty! she asked for her phone call? good for you Dotty!]
Lawrence: I’m terribly sorry Mrs. West. It’s, it’s just taking longer than we’d expected. But, um Dr. Zernoff is feeling better… (He reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder.. ugh.. don’t touch Dotty!)
… and he’s so glad you’ve decided to stay. Of course, if you wish, we could take you home.

Dotty: Oh! Oh, no, no , no , no I don’t mind staying. It’s just that I, well I would like to call my daughter.
[Hmm is she really buying this?! I don’t know..maybe she is..]
Lawrence: Oh, we’ll take care of that, security phones and all…
[How will they take care of that when he hasn’t asked for Amanda’s phone number?!]
(Lawrence directs Dotty down the hall)
…But you know, it may take a while longer, so why don’t I find you a room, where you can lie down a bit?
Dotty: Oh.
Dotty goes along with Lawrence’s suggestion.. for now? I have noooo idea what’s ahead with this whole plot! It’s quite ominous though to see Dotty at the baddies’ mercy like this.. Lawrence leading her to a quiet room somewhere.. she’s very vulnerable and it adds an element of suspense to this – well it does for me because I don’t know what’s going to happen! Although okay, I can assume Dotty is not going to die! Smile

And on that happy note I’ll pause here.. Anything you’d like to share about this part of the episode? Does anyone remember watching this for the first time? Is there anything in the script about how Lee says “I dunno” in response to Stanislov and Amanda?? Hmmm.. oh well bye for now! can’t wait to hear from ya! I’ve missed hearing from you all on our walk together Smile

28 responses to “13/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Amandarambler

    Wow, Iwsod, GREAT catch on spotting the actor reuse!!! That was one I’d never caught before!

    Also, Lawrence grosses me out to the max.


  2. Don’t like Lawrence and how he tries to placate Dotty. He’s what I call smarmy. He’s just a bit too nice and therefore not trustworthy. He’s using that little passive/agressive tone with Zernoff.

    I’m trying to ignore all of the little plot holes. I think I would get a headache trying to make all of it fit nicely together so I’m just going to focus on other aspects of the episode, like how nice Lee has been looking.


  3. Everyone is so color coordinated in these two scenes… Just sayin’.
    I think Stanislov must have something taped to his eyelids to keep them open like that.

    I wonder if Amanda’s what’s the point? is a questioning why Lawrence had to gather the info twice? Did someone already point that out?

    Of course Lee is distracted. I am thinking this is the first case he and Amanda have been on together since he realized he wanted to be her man in life and in work. How do you balance that one out, and now her mother has been thrown into the equation as well. That is a lot to juggle… like Iwsod so eloquently explained, “wuv twu wuv…

    Liked by 1 person

    • me’s good with words 😉

      LOL you do notice colour Morley.. i’m at times too logical to not see it – so thanks for pointing it out 🙂 rofl.. yes stanislov is a funny guy!

      True good call about Lee.. he does have new realities and emotions to manage since WWH. does this mean you’d never see this ep as before that? I don’t.. but curious!

      and how does this fit with OBDOBD being before FFFT? Hmm.. funny.. I’ve mentioned both WWH and FFFT in the next post.. hmm.. not about ep order though.. but we’ll get to that soon enough.


  4. I just watched this for the first time a few weeks ago in preparation for the walk-through. I remember that it was Laurence’s role that really confused me. The baddie’s entire plot hinges on Laurence being someone that the defectors recognize and trust; when they see him, they automatically assume they’re dealing with the government. That seems like a huge risk to take, because if Laurence did not have any official access to the information, any mention of him in conjunction with it will immediately blow the entire operation. Just like here, where Stanislav mentions him casually, obviously with no idea that his part wasn’t all above board.

    Then, this little scene where Amanda asks what the point is. The only explanation I could come up with, is that Laurence was present at the first debriefing — so Amanda is asking, what’s the point of him hearing everything over? If that is what’s occurring, then the danger to Laurence is greatly reduced, but so is the need to go through all this cloak and dagger stuff at all. If Laurance had access to the information, surely he could simply just leak it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love your handle pic happycamper 🙂

      and.. love this comment.. lol.. wait till you read the next post! I think this little brain twister gets better!
      Lawrence makes no sense- I agree.. having him ask the questions leaves the whole operation exposed.. thank goodness for dumb baddies! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lawrence really gives me the creeps. That superficially amiable look with the nasty inside revolts me. So patronising. (He wants Dotty to lie down ????!). And such a hideous tie/waistcoat combo 😦
    Love Dotty asking for her phonecall to 😀 – all that TV detective watching has kept Dotty informed of her rights!


    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one irked by Lawrence’s “so why don’t I find you a room, where you can lie down a bit” comment. Grrr… pat the silly old lady on the head and send her off for a nap. Too bad Dotty didn’t unleash on him… (I guess it wouldn’t have fit the oh-so-spectacular-plot too well… rolleyes) I guess I’m a bit grumpy…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I knew they should have found some magazines or newspapers to offer her!


        • I love it! I think they were totally unprepared for Dotty! Because all the other defectors had been alone.. Zernoff had a friend.. duh duh duhhhhhh and it’s Dotttyyyyyyyyy!!! 🙂


        • Or chocolate and a Russian romance novel 😉


          • шоколад (shokolad)!!!!

            According to google, that’s chocolate in Russian:) It looks a bit like the word ‘Wonka’ no?
            Hmm I like it.. maybe I could get that as a tattoo!! In Cyrillic of course 😉

            Okay gotta get off this computer.. hope you are all well and byeee!


            • Chocolate? Did I hear someone say chocolate?

              Looking forward to reading and commenting on these two posts soon – got a busy stretch in RL right now.


  6. BTW, you do a fabulous job, IWSOD. I love reading your post and walking along with you.
    THANKS ♥


  7. Amanda asks:” what’s the point of that?”, so IMO she asks, WHY the baddies are doing this, not WHAT they are doing. I think by now Lee knows, what they’re doing but he doesn’t know about the why. And that’s exactly his answer: “I dunno”. You already explained the WHAT in your smaller written text, you just missed the next step… 😉


    • LOL great to hear from you L&A! haaa I figured the what was the why! 🙂 [Hey we are sounding like Dr Seuss no?!]

      the reason (the why) for all these strange happenings is because they are collecting this classified information and being sneaky..
      L&A, if you were to then ask why they would want to do that – I think the answer would be as Billy said in Post 1 – anyone with this information can make billions..

      So, why does anyone want to steal classified information? I’ve never head that question asked on smk before 😉
      I think early smk wouldn’t even have tried to ask that question! Why was Mrs Welch collecting classified information? for her evil baddie plans no doubt.. but do we really need to have a thorough understanding of them? lol.. I don’t particularly mind if I don’t- so long as the simple facts I’m told add up I’m happy 🙂

      sooooo I’m still scratching my head at this one.. maybe in the script they hadn’t revealed this much information at this point.. (shrug!)


      • Yeah – don’t we all know why the baddies do it? It’s
        1. to entertain us
        2. to keep Lee (and Amanda) occupied. Doesn’t he do it for a living ? 😎 AND
        3. NO ! They never do it ’cause of gaining money with those information – no way!! 😉 😉

        We don’t need any further explanation, do we? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • I love it!! 🙂

          Hey L&A, have you checked out Cindy’s smk baddie posts? they are a scream!!!!

          Cindy did a rip snorting good top 5 smk baddies post – for season 1
          And 2 posts on the season 2 baddies – the golden teacup awards!
          (two posts: post 1 & post 2) 🙂 enjoy!

          Liked by 1 person

          • No, I haven’t checked out Cindy’s smk baddies posts. I will – I promise. But right now I’m gonna hitting my pillow and trying to get some sleep. It’s about 2:20 am… (big yawn) – good night (although it’s good morning to you).
            See ya later. 🙂


  8. In the script Lee doesn’t say “I dunno”. He just says, “When we find Jake Laurence we’ll ask him.”
    Perhaps Lee’s just a bit distracted… 😉


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