SMK Dating Advice: 20 signs they’re not ‘the one’ – Part 1

Hiya everyone! This is a little something that doesn’t take much brain strain haaaa.. just a bit of fun while the walk is on hold..which I’ve been working on a little here and there..
If anyone else wants to put a post together for the fun of all – please feel free to go for it if you wish!! Smile 

Here’s 20 Signs that someone is not ‘the one’ – Sourced from a new book titled ‘Things SMK can edumacate us about’ Winking smile .. or something… Winking smile

So how to you know it’s over??????
Well.. According to SMK.. You just know..




…..Well.. in case you don’t know – Here’s some tips SMK has for Single SMK fans! Smile
You know he or she is not ‘the one’ when:

1) Your mother thinks your boyfriend is such a good listener.. like a registered nurse!

2) When he goes travelling, he brings you back bookends as a present.

3) As a goodbye.. he hugs you (no kiss!) and tells you to  ‘be good’! GAG!!

4) He calls to say he will be on time!

5) He criticises his ex-wife.

6) She tries to shoot you.





7) He drugs you.. and (just as bad) he calls you pumpkin.

8) For a date, he gate-crashes an embassy party to get free food. (then brags about it!)

9) He accidentally calls  you Amanda. Your name is NOT Amanda!

10) Umm… he threatens to shoot you..(and kinda uses you as a human shield!)

That will do for the moment!
It’s a dating jungle out there!! Winking smile 

Any of these you disagree with??!!! haaaa..
I wonder if any of you can guess what the next 10 will be?! Smile If you’d like to go for it!
I’ll be back with ten more in the next post! byeeee!!!

30 responses to “SMK Dating Advice: 20 signs they’re not ‘the one’ – Part 1

  1. Hey…Lee doesn’t belong on the “Not to date” list! LOL


  2. When you’d wear your nightgown to see him off at the train station but worry about being under dressed at a party with a handsome stranger. 😉 (i.e., First Time).

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  3. Funny post, iwsod!!! This had me cracking up!

    How about ‘when they choose to marry someone else” – evil Ava. Or when they’re proud of winning an “aluminum sun”. Or would rather show their big catch than their face in a family vacation picture? Or when they offer to make you a mud wrestler? hahaha – these are too fun!

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    • Hey BJo! ha!!! I see you guessed the evil Ava dating tip! 🙂

      rofl yes Auggie definitely needs to be represented in any post detailing why someone is not the one!!!

      good call!!! {iwsod adds to the list!}

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  4. This is hilariously awesome! So funny and yet so true! Love it.


  5. When he knows you’re going to meet his mother for the first time and is fine with sending you to do that without him.

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  6. :”I wonder if any of you can guess what the next 10 will be?!  If you’d like to go for it!”:

    10+x) … when an Art Garfunkel-wanna-be gives you a “special ring” – a concubine ring… (urgh!) 😦

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  7. Love may be a battlefield, but nobody should be shooting anyone! That point cannot be emphasized enough! 😉

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  8. In Dean’s defense, he did try to get a hurricane named after Amanda – and just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!) Great post, IWSOD.

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  9. Beware of men bearing bookends… LOL! I want to read the SMK how to book.


    • Hellooooooo!!!

      Yes.. Amanda doesn’t want bookends.. she wants a brown package! 🙂

      haaa yeah maybe we can together create an SMK how to book?

      I can see it now. Learjet is creating (eventually- no pressure!) posts on umm was it exercise, nutrition, health kind of things??

      KC is creating a post ( again no pressure!) on smk insults..

      and the vote for a tux posts could be a great chapter on how to and how not to wear a tuxedo! 🙂

      How to parent?! How not to parent?! [ Are you proud of me now Mommy??!!!]

      Bet I’ve missed more! oh well.. byeee!!!!


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