10/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving back to the Cap D’afun embassy apartment..
We find a party is going on..
Aie.. Eddy has seriously hairy legs! Eddie pretending to be a Bull walks past Billy sitting on the edge of a sofa but not really getting into the party..
A blonde with a bottle of champagne heads toward Billy.. and sits on his lap.. [yes. you read that right!]3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[31]
LOL Billy looks to be in pain!
OMG at the shapely butt right in our view here.. aie.. SMK trying to sexy things up a bit here?! Aie..
IMHO it ain’t flattering.. but then.. I’m probably not the demographic this was designed for Winking smile 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[103]
Eddy pretends to be a bull again. wow. party hard. a bull. you party animal you. fascinating.. stop. yawn.. I am still yet to really connect with this Eddy character as someone particularly likeable.. so far he’s too juvenile oaf to me..

Back to Billy, and blondie shakes the bottle and opens it – lol 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[9]
errr trying to get Billy in the party mood I guess.. but lol at seeing Billy get hit on Winking smile 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[110]
Here’s a blackmail shot to sneak out of Billy’s file to tease him with! Winking smile [As the picture says: Jazz at it’s best!]
Blondie gets up and leaves while Billy tries to dry up.
LOL the poor walls!
King Eddie: The chicks are running the bulls of Pamplona and I was the bull!3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[108]
[No Bull!]
Billy: So I noticed…
(Suddenly, we see Eddy with a strange look on his face)
[Like he’s experiencing something weirder than pretending to be a bull Winking smile ]
…Are you feeling all right?
King Eddie: I feel fine. You look a little stale. Hey, come on, get yourself outside a little of this champagne and join the party.
(Eddie starts with the strange looks again)
Billy: Speaking of champagne, I really think you…
(Eddie collapse onto the carpet, clutching his head)
King Eddie stammers: Lockwood… Neurological…
Billy: Stand back. Don’t crowd. What are you saying? What’s the problem?
King Eddie: The problem is, there is no solution. It’s Tapsville, BBN. Time to play the coda one more time, and head for home, baby.
Billy: Make sense!… [lol seems to me that’s about as much sense as Eddy usually makes! all normal here Winking smile tee hee.. ]
…What’s wrong? Eddie, Eddie!

Eddie passes out.. and the scene ends..

Next thing we are at a hospital..
The sign says it’s the Lockwood Neurological institute..
Hey why does Dr Lisa Ob get a special mention! Love how the accounting is as important as the pharmacy. And just what secret projects are taking place in rooms 129, 131, 132, etc etc?
Inside we find Lee and Billy talking..
[LOL I see behind them room 122 is a Laboratory. Not 121 like on the directory sign?! I gotta stop looking at this stuff before I get lost down the rabbit hole! ]
: They got the King stabilised – more shock than anything else. I guess he hadn’t been sleeping for the last 3 or 4 days. They don’t even want to keep him in overnight! He was due for some testing today, then he postponed to have a party!
Lee: What sort of testing?
Billy: They said confidential so I didn’t want to get official on them but this is a neurological facility, this is where he wanted to come.
Lee: Billy, did he say anything about discovering tantalum in Cap D’Far?
: The only thing he told me was that he might be dying.
Lee: That’s strange.3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0_thumb[3]
Billy: Very. A John Doe, might be a hitman, is found with the name of a paperboy in his pocket….3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[41]_thumb
…The King of a seemingly useless country is trying to make contact with the same boy. Now you tell me that the kid almost got snatched. What ties this all together?
[Anyone else automatically think: Amanda!! Winking smile ]
Lee: It has to be the tantalum. [lol okay tantalum it is]
Billy: No argument. I’m going to stay here until the King regains consciousness. Get back to your apartment and talk to that boy.
Lee: Okay.
(At that moment, Crowley exits the elevator and heads toward them)
Crowley: This is the third time we’ve run into each other…
…I’m beginning to doubt it’s a coincidence.
[Seems to me Crowley is addressing Lee when he says this… Umm when were the other 2 times? Is this Crowley saying he knows Lee was in the embassy apartment snooping? and if so.. well when was the other time? me confused…]
: It isn’t. We’re with the Agency…
(Billy holds up his ID)
[Gash! BBN comes out as an agent?!]
..What were you and King Edmund up to when you stopped that paperboy earlier today.
: As the ambassador from Cap D’Far, I have diplomatic privileges,…
[Apparently diplomatic privileges allow him to stalk teens delivering newspapers!]
…which by the way were trampled upon by your friend when he broke into our Embassy… (Lee gives Crowley an up and down – ‘you’re scum!’ look  Grrrrrr!)
…I’ll be filing a protest.
[oh right.. so he has outed Lee as a snoop..but um when was the other time he saw Lee? Surely he isn’t referring to the run in with Amanda’s handbag? I mean how could they possibly have seen Lee in all that he wasn’t even close when it happened?]
Lee: I might just wrap your diplomatic privileges around your neck and give ‘em a twist!..
[ROFL!!!! Ah LOL Lee.. so subtle and measured! Nothing riles Lee up more than a snooty diplomat who thinks he’s special or something! err except maybe a snooty military man who thinks the same?! Smile ]
…Now what’s your connection to Terry Wall?
Crowley: Ask the King.
Crowley pushes past Lee and Billy and leaves them.
Lee goes to follow after him, but Billy grabs his arm.
Let him go, Lee, let him go. I’ll talk to Edmund, if I get a chance.
The scene ends here.

Soooooo! Anyone have a strange sense of deja vu in this part of the episode at the hospital?
I see two things which are repeats from previous episodes..
Did you spot any? [of course if you ever spot any do tell! Smile ]

Firstly.. there’s this:
This hospital establishing shot has been recycled from a previous episode.. anyone recognise it?
Here’s a hint.. that blue car, number plate NPS-820 has someone waiting in it.. someone we know..

Gordon and Karen were sitting in this car watching Lee leave the hospital after first admitting Amanda after her run in with the gas+snake parcel combo!2.17-ODDS-ON-A-DEAD-PIGEON.avi_00187[2]_thumb
Here they are! Odds on a Dead Pigeon!
LOL the same lady is seen walking in the background too. haaaa..

Okay.. soooo what was the second deja vu experience?[I guess that’s a second second viewing? ]
This one I’m not 100% confident of.. only 99% Winking smile
See what Lee is wearing in this TBWCBK post?
Look familiar?!

Lee had exactly the same outfit on in the last episode,
The eyes have it – at the hospital! Same shirt.. jacket.. and jeans.. the only thing missing is Lee’s big shiner on his forehead!

Any thoughts you’d like to share guys? I’m always amazed anyone would stop by here and read… and I’m always very amazed that anyone would stop by and share their thoughts!  Smile

29 responses to “10/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Cap D’afun! Bwahahaha! You are killing me with your reviews this episode!

    Except I’m not diggin’ the short shorts on the woman in the first picture. I noticed last night at our town’s 4th celebration that this particular look is coming back in style (or maybe has been for a while?) with denim shorts.

    Okay – in this scene is where my love for Eddie goes a bit south. I love that he is a free spirit in the moment kind of guy who shares his moods and emotions, but this type of behavior by adults is just a bit too much for me. If I were there, I’d be sitting on the other end of the couch with Billy planning my escape or trying to conjure up chameleon-like qualities to blend into the sofa like Billy.

    Ahhh, once Eddie is in pain he turns back into the Eddie I like with his vague ramblings…the problem is there is no solution! Lol! This is true!

    Does anyone else find it amusing that even the ambassador of a strategic zero of a country is supposed to automatically know what “The Agency” is? Billy says it like it should make Crowley’s knees start knocking, armpits sweating, and tongue talking.

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  2. Couple of random thoughts: I’m thinking that most of those people in King Eddie’s room…um…embassy must be other hotel guests. There is just a range of attire, most of it is probably bad vacation wear. I’ve seen the jazz crowd and jazz enthusiasts. Most of them are pretty mellow and laid back. They’d be more like Billy in this situation.

    After reading through this post a second time I had a random wonderment about whether or not Billy ever saw Lee behave like Eddie does here. I’m sure he’s seen Lee at his best and worst, but I’m not really seeing Lee as having huge parties or ones like this. I get the impression that he favored more private, intimate gatherings with the current “i” of the moment. Of course, there were the Flying Fedorovas, don’t want to delve too far into that one though.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. [Anyone else automatically think: Amanda!!]

    Not exactly, my thought was: Ask Amanda!! But I think that’s close enough. 😉

    […Surely he isn’t referring to the run in with Amanda’s handbag? I mean how could they possibly have seen Lee in all that he wasn’t even close when it happened?]

    I think that’s exactly what they are referring to. After King Eddie got clobbered by the King(-sized) handbag and Crowley and the King took off they nearly run over Lee who just came running by. Lee avoided being hit by jumping at the hood of his car (s. post 5).
    Although I can barely imagine how they, or at least how Crowley could be able to recognize Lee afterwards…


    • Hey L&A great to hear your thoughts! ask Amanda lol! yeah close enough! 🙂

      Thanks for adding clarity to my confusion re the previous sighting of Lee by Crowley!


  4. “Lee had exactly the same outfit on in the last episode, The eyes have it – at the hospital! Same shirt.. jacket.. and jeans.. the only thing missing is Lee’s big shiner on his forehead!”
    Another good reason why this episode should be re- ordered.. 😉

    I will come back later to comment more, but I must take my teenager to a “lock in” where he will stay up all night with all his friends and then they all must attend a wedding at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Where is the wisdom in this? Its Summer! Yahoo! The living is easy and the brains are on holiday (including mine)…

    Liked by 1 person

    • whooo hooo!!! Sounds like you are enjoying Summer Morley – fabulous!!!

      whooo I look forward to thinking about this re ordering thing in time 🙂


  5. I recognised that establishing shot from OOADP – that’s all we need is for Karen to show up from the dead! Still, that would make about as much sense as anything in this episode.
    So was Lee going to chase after to Crowley to “wrap his diplomatic privileges around his neck and give ‘em a twist!”? Lame. Get a grip Lee. Why is he so aggro about this? Is it because Crowley was involved with stalking an innocent kid? Is this Lee’s fatherhood instincts beginning to kick in? I’m going to go with that as a partial explanation as it at least makes this whole plot a little more satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I kind of took Lee’s aggression as a sign that his internal Slime-O-Meter is going off, and he’s realized that Crowley is rotten. Something weird is going on (weirder than usual where King Eddie is concerned). They were showing too much interest in a kid who is also an American citizen, one who was also inexplicably attacked earlier at a fast food place. King Eddie is basically what-you-see-is-what-you-get (even if what you see is pretty bizarre), but Crowley is more cagey and, therefore, his motives are more suspicious.

      But, Lee should really reign in his temper more. It might gall him that Crowley is hiding behind his “diplomatic privileges”, but getting aggressive won’t get him anything.

      How did Crowley know Lee broke into the embassy? I thought Lee got away with geological report.

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  6. I love the way Billy is just not getting into this party. King Eddie and his friends might never have fully grown up, but Billy definitely has. The responsible adult here is just not impressed by a guy who gets drunk and pretends to be a bull. 😛 Actually, I doubt that Billy was ever much of a party animal, even in his younger days. He strikes me as the kind of guy who always knew his limits and responsibilities and probably acted as the designated driver for friends because someone had to be responsible.

    Ever notice that in restaurants you can always tell who the designated driver is at a table of drinkers? It’s the one person who isn’t laughing loudly and tends to be fiddling with their cell phone or something, looking bored and sometimes vaguely disgusted — kind of like Billy in this scene. He looks like he’s thinking, “If I weren’t concerned for your welfare, I wouldn’t even be here, putting up with this nonsense!” 😛

    By the way, is King Eddie wearing shorts or just his boxers? I had trouble telling.


    • EWWWWW! I am hoping he is wearing shorts. Yep shorts, I’m going to go with shorts.


    • Oops, I’m also hoping he is wearing shorts… although if they are, they are really short shorts… 😦
      But hey, we are back in the 80’s. Remember Lee’s shorts in ‘Sudden Death’? They also have been really short.


      • Lee’s shorts were less of an “Eww!” Of course, that’s Lee. And he wasn’t drunk and pretending to be a bull. That makes a difference.


        • Sure, that really makes a difference. 🙂
          I just tried to explain that shorts were really SHORT in the 80’s. I always wondered what kind of underwear Lee used under that shorts, ’cause his boxers were bigger than those shorts…
          (cough) Straight on my way to the gutter – see ya, ladies. 😉


        • And his legs are much nicer than King Eddie’s – less hairy. 😉


      • Oops, I’m also hoping he is wearing shorts…

        I assumed they were shorts. I quickly chose to move on from that train of thought 🙂


  7. Yikes! Really hope Karen in not back from the dead. Great catch Iwsod!


  8. This party scene repels me on many levels 1) Officer Kiwismh needs round up most of these people for a night in the cells, 2) I don’t like seeing a bunch of women dressed to titillate the male viewer (reminds me of some of my least favourite parts of Burn Notice), 3) The King’s chest hair and the mostly unbuttoned top 😦 😦 Basically, I feel like Billy looks about it all.

    😀 about the Odds of a Dead Pigeon reminders. I think Dr Lisa is an Obstetrician. I love Billy’s description of Cap D’Far (the name cracks me up every time) as a “seemingly useless country” Ouch!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Yes, agree Learjet. Just about everyone at that party needs a fashion make-over. I didn’t realise just how unflattering those red shorts were on that woman until I saw the still shot above.
      Are these Jazz groupies? They seem a disparate bunch – some of the women are dressed suggestively (for the time slot), others frumpy (especially the lady pretending to play to the trumpet), and one or two are dressed quite nicely. But it has to be said, whenever Billy is the best dressed person in the room, it’s a dire day in the SMK world of fashion.
      The FP cells are filling up fast this episode! 😎

      Liked by 4 people

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