3/3 Season Four:Episode Seventeen–Mission of Gold –Scarecrow and Mrs King

This post starts back at the hospital that same night (what did Lee do the rest of the day? no idea anyway..)
A final big thanks to Clagjanet for transcribing this episode – we salute you!!!!!!!
I’m going to rely on Clagjanet’s descriptions here more as we finish up this episode.. Enjoy!

(Cut to interior as elevator doors open on Lee. As he exits, we hear the PA calling a code blue in Room 314. We follow him as he rounds corner to find a crash cart being wheeled into Amanda’s room, Doctor Neely following and Dotty close behind.)
Dotty: Lee, it’s Amanda!
(Together, they stand in the doorway to Amanda’s room. In Amanda’s room, the crash team begins to work.)
Dr Neely calls out to the nurse for medications.. stat!
[Is there an actual person in that bed?]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001713513
(Cut to Lee and Dotty still in the doorway. Lee grabs hold of Dotty.)
Lee: You’d better wait out here…
Dotty: No. No, no.
(Together, they enter the room, stopping just inside door.)
[I’m not really following the wait out here, no I’m going to take one other step forward thing. *HANDWAVE!*]
Dr. Neely: Charge the paddles.
(He crosses the room to Lee and Dotty as we hear crash team continue to prepare to revive Amanda.)
[Ah! I caught a glimpse.. there is an actual person in that bed haaaa.. lol. Okay I’m adding this comment watching this episode through for a second time, there is no way I would have been paying attention to that when my heart was breaking for Lee and Dotty watching on!!]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001720320
Dr. Neely: Mr. Stetson, you can’t help us save her life, but if you get in the way, you will help us lose it… now out of here, please. Now!
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001722722
[I love how the most senior staff member has to go tell Lee and Dotty to leave rather than one of the more junior staff. I bet audience with medical training must have a field day with 80s dramas! I also love how no one is doing CPR on Amanda.. oopsie.. ]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001725925
(Neely turns back to the activity surrounding Amanda’s bed and we hear them begin to defibrillate her as the camera zooms in on the heart monitor then loses focus. [Dr Neely zaps Amanda…]
The shade fades out… and then back again.. with a focus on the door..
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001737470
[We see there’s oxygen in use for room 346. Well that’s nice. the code blue for Amanda was in room 314. lol they changed Amanda’s hopsital and her room?! whahaaha.. but don’t worry same Dr and same looking hospital! ] (We regain focus on Amanda’s door as it opens and Dr. Neely steps into the corridor. He walks down to the waiting room, looking serious. Lee and Dotty get to their feet, looking anxious.)
Dr. Neely: Almost lost her, but she didn’t give up. Not for a second.
(Lee and Dotty give sighs of relief and Lee wraps an arm around Dotty’s shoulders.)
Dr. Neely: She’s holding on, so we’re back where we started, with a long ways to go. (slight smile) That woman’s a fighter. That’s good.
Lee: Thank you.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001768535
Dotty: (sighing with relief) Oh boy. 

[Before leaving this scene at the hospital.. I’ll just point out that it seems Amanda has changed hospitals..as I mentioned earlier..
Here is the hospital shown earlier:
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001097397
And here’s the hospital Lee is visiting now.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001698298
Whooooooo… LOL though magically everything about the hospital inside looks exactly the same, and the exact same staff! whahahaha..]

Back at Barney’s apartment,
[Whooo seems Barney lives on the water- Nice!]
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001771738
Barney and Lee are looking through Gus’ Bodega computer files. lots of random info… and reference to a model is thrown in..
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001788088
Lee: It’s the Bodega. Gus created a computer model of his ship.
Barney: Just like his wooden model. It’s perfect, down to the last detail.
Lee sees the label ‘Bodega de Barco’ on the computer model.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001799599
Lee: Hold on, hold on…look at this. It’s labelled ‘bodega de barco.’ That’s what he said over and over this morning.
Barney: It’s the cargo hold.
Lee: Barney, if Gus wanted to hide some information about ‘his’ ship, what better place…
Barney: Than in the hold of the ship itself!
Lee: You’ve got it!
They high five and head to Gus’ cabin…
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001831831
[too cute, I love to see Lee’s big smile here.. as we really haven’t seen much of that this episode!]
We see Lee and Barney enter Gus’ cabin with flashlights, and Lee lights a lantern.
Barney finds the ship model. Lee opens the hatch and finds the paper and doubloon.
Lee: He rolled the doubloon in this. (slightly confused as he reads) It’s Spanish.
Barney: Must be one of those documents he copied in Seville.
Lee: Yeah, well, Seventeenth century Spanish. We’re going to need help in translating it.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001861761
Sheriff Waterhouse: Okay, now suppose you two just hold it right there.
(Cut to Sheriff Waterhouse, entering, gun drawn.) [LOL He mad! Maybe it’s because he seems to be the  only cop that works in Las Palmas California?!]
Lee: Aw look, Sheriff.
Sheriff Waterhouse: You know, when I saw the light on inside, I had a feeling I’d find you two snooping around in here.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001877877
Lee: Yeah, look. Can I show you something in my pocket?
Sheriff Waterhouse: Very slowly.
Lee: Uh huh.
(Lee carefully reaches for his ID, which he shows to the Sheriff. Waterhouse looks at it for a beat, then laughs, embarrassed.)
Sheriff Waterhouse: There seems to be a minor misunderstanding here… but I’m not sure by who.
[is it just me?? the whole time he says this I’m thinking, stop pointing the gun at them already! So casual!]
Lee: Yeah, well never mind that. Do you have a facsimile machine?
Sheriff Waterhouse: Sure back at the office.
Lee: Okay then, let’s go.
[rofl. I love this, already Lee has Sheriff Waterhouse demoted to secretary haaaaa. He just takes control and bosses the Sheriff around! whahahaaa..]

The next morning… an armoured truck is being loaded with wooden crates. Ms Nunzio watches on with Brockett.. She thanks him ‘on behalf of California state’, for ‘adding to our store of archeological treasures’.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001919586
Brockett signs for the load, and thanks Ms Nunzio for helping him to pick up his share ‘without any fanfare’ for safety.

Loaded up, Brockett climbs into the driver’s seat, Scott is seated in the passenger seat waiting for him. [Is this where he kills Brockett? I don’t imagine Scott likes to share and now he doesn’t need Brockett anymore]
Brockett: Now what?
Scott: We need to make a stop at the boat.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001947213
Brockett: What for? I thought we were going to head right out.
Nothing major. We just need to tie up a few loose ends.
[oh rofl. okay stop at the boat and kill Brockett maybe! Brockett doesn’t seem concerned at all.]

Back at the Sheriff’s office, that looks a lot like a room at the agency
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001967934
[Oh roflol!!! the Sheriff is personally manning the facsimile as a good secretary should!]
Sheriff Waterhouse: Transmission’s coming in now.
Barney: This model is Gus’ pride and joy; he built it himself. He wouldn’t stick just any piece of paper in it. That has to be the proof he was looking for.
The paper rolls off the fax. The secretary errr sheriff picks it up and passes it to Lee.
Lee: It’s from a logbook kept by the harbormaster at La Paz, dated 1769. (reads) ‘There was an error in the manifest of the supply ship La Bodega. Manifest states cargo of gold doubloons was minted in Mexico City. Impossible. A disastrous fire befell the mint three months ago.’
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_001977143
[rofl. what’s the the next paragraph? the Logbook at La Paz recorded that only Gus knew about it? Whahaahaaaa]
Sheriff Waterhouse: Brockett’s gold had Mexico City mint marks on it. [Ms Nunzio needs to go back to school!]
Barney: So Gus was right. Brockett didn’t find the Bodega’s treasure.
Lee: He didn’t find any treasure. It’s counterfeit. There weren’t any gold coins minted in Mexico City in 1769. The harbormaster found the error, but nobody except Gus knew about it.
[Seems the fax had Lee’s lines on it. rofl!]
Sheriff Waterhouse: Not even the State archaeologist. Let me get her on the phone and speed things up.
[Poor Ms Nunzio!]

Barney wonders where the gold came from, and Lee tells Barney basically he’ll take it from here as this is too dangerous for Barney to be involved when this is such a massive quantity of stolen gold.
Lee warns him off. Uh oh. usually that means they won’t listen – hope this pattern doesn’t hold!
Lee: … stay put or you go home! you hear me Barney!?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002043910
Barney: (grumbling) I hear, I hear; I ain’t deaf yet.
(He waits until Lee’s out the door, then mutters to himself.) ‘Course, hearing and listening are two different things.
[Triple Uh oh!!!! Like Lee doesn’t have enough to worry about.. ]

Back on the Valero IV, Scott doesn’t waste any time, the moment they are both on the boat he pulls a gun on Brockett. Shocked. Not.
Scott: (pulling out a gun) Like I said… tying up loose ends. (off his reaction) Aw, don’t look so surprised. Did you really think I was going to share my profits with a loser like you?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002092258
He puts Brockett in a locked hold. Then spots Lee wandering around outside.. the both sneak around a bit and Lee is nabbed.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002145211
Scott: Another passenger for our little excursion to nowhere.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002142909

[Ohhhh is this like one of those cruises to nowhere?!]
Back from the ad break, we find Lee in the Valero hold, Brockett watches on.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002154421
Outside, Scott and Tommy set a timer for ten minutes.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002156723
Seems the timer sets off a spark. We see Scott open the valve on a gas cylinder..
[Hmmm gas + spark = uh oh. big boom boom.]
(Scott crosses to some pressurized tanks and opens a valve with a heavy wrench.)
[Ohhh that can’t be good. Scott is such a Bond Baddie. likes to set up situations where people get killed but not actually hang around to check it actually worked! lol]

All set, Scott and Tommy start to leave, only – Tommy is a lose end and someone else to share with.. so Scott strikes him over the head with the wrench before he climbs off the boat.

Back on the boat, Lee stops with the trying to break the door down, Brockett says it’s locked from the outside [hmm err Barney are you around?! I honestly can’t remember where he pops up again]
Brockett spills the beans totally to Lee about Scott’s double crossing greedy, deadly plans.
Full name- Norton Scott. [whoooo did he design that anti virus software? we maybe shouldn’t trust that….] The Harper’s Ferry heist, gold stolen from the federal reserve.
Brockett: He planned it all out. I suppose I should have known when he shot that King woman how cold-blooded he was–
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002224457

(Suddenly enraged, Lee grabs him by the collar and pulls him up.)
Lee: He shot Amanda?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002227160

Brockett: Hey, nothing’s going to stop him from fencing that gold!
(breathing heavily) Don’t bet on it.
(He lets Brockett go and points to a pile of tools etc.)
Lee: Go on, you grab something and make some noise. Go on!

They go back to banging on the door… they add some shouting too. lol.
The Timer says – 4 minutes!!!
Outside, Barney is on the dock and hears the noise.. he rushes toward them..
(Cut to timer, then to the pressure tanks.
Cut to Lee and Brockett. Lee stops suddenly and motions for Brockett to stop as well.)
Lee: Hold it, hold it!… do you smell garlic?
Brockett: (sniffs) Something like that.
[They missed a gag here. Brockett should have had some italian for lunch and checked his breath!]
Lee: Acetylene gas. He’s got this thing rigged. We’re inside a bomb… one spark and you can forget it.
Brockett: (holds up the pot he’s using.) Hey, aluminum won’t spark.
Lee nods and they continue with the vocals and aluminium bashing…
Barney moves closer…
The timer says – 3 minutes.
(Barney climbs on board. Intercut between Barney on boat, Lee and Brockett pounding on door and the timer, now at 59 seconds.)
Barney: (crossing to door) Hello! Hello!
Lee: (from inside) Who is it?
Barney: Who do ya think?
Lee: Barney? C’mon man, get us out of here. This place is rigged to blow.
(Barney opens door and Lee and Brockett burst out.)
Lee: Alright, now you get as far from here as you can and keep an eye on him.
[As if Gus would be able to stop Brockett from taking off. He should have been shot before he got put in there to make that believable! I would have liked to see him suffer more!]

Brockett and Barney run off, Lee comes across unconscious Tommy and takes back his gun. He finds the timer at 30 seconds and sees the tanks…. the stop button doesn’t work!
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002343209
So Lee runs outside and tosses the timer with the spark thingy into the water.
[Hmm so Tommy lives huh. well one more witness against Scott will be a good thing!]

The Sheriff and his deputies (seems he actually has some) arrive, and direct Brockett and wobbly Tommy into a squad car.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002363930
[That’s too good for them!! but. okay okay good they’ve been nabbed!]
We see Lee on a local payphone.
Lee: It all fits, Billy. Scott didn’t slip out of the country after hitting the Federal Reserve.
We see Billy and Francine are on speaker to Lee in Billy’s office.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002373139
Billy: Even when his partner started talking in exchange for a lighter sentence.
Lee: Scott played it cool…he set up shop out here in California, using counterfeited doubloons to launder the gold.
Francine: So, what can we do?
Lee: Well, Brockett’s spilling everything he knows, but Scott was smart enough to leave out some of the details.
Billy: Yes, like the names of those dummy corporations that he’s having profits channeled into.
Lee: Exactly. But he’s got to make contact with precious coin brokers first to turn those doubloons into cash.
Francine: It’ll take a while to track down all the precious metal and coin dealers on the West Coast. . .
Lee: Our only chance is to find him first.
Billy: Maybe we should catch a plane.
Lee: No, there’s no time for that, Billy. We’ll do the best we can from here.
Francine: We?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002412278

Lee: Yeah, It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s always been Amanda and me (beat) but she’s got enough to do right now. Besides I’ve got an old friend to use as backup. (POV switches to show Barney watching him from near sheriff’s car) I’ll talk to you later Billy. Scarecrow out.

Lee and Barney head off in search of Scott. Lee thinks a salvage truck is too conspicuous for a getaway, so he thinks Scott will camouflage it in some way. Barney suggests a local car repair place Brockett uses.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002453720
Sure enough, they get there and ta da. Scott is there. Lee plans to go in without back up and asks Barney to close the gate behind him so Scott can’t getaway.
Barney: Get some backup, Lee. Let Waterhouse put some men around him.
Lee: No! No, Barney, he shot Amanda. He is mine.
[oh nooooo Scarecrow is in blind revenge mode and living up to his code name at the moment.. come on Lee snap out of it!] …Now you get to a phone, you call the Sheriff and tell him to come clean up the pieces. Now go on! Git!
I’m going to sum up this sequence by saying.. Lee approaches gun drawn, Scott avoids him, they both shoot…. and have a little witty baddie vs goodie verbal sparing match while they are at it…
Lee: You’re not getting out of here, Scott! Not unless you kill me first!Scott: Sure Stetson! If that’s the way you want it!
Lee: C’mon man, don’t disappoint me. At least try a bribe or something huh? You’ve got thirty-eight million, spread it around a little!
Scott: Why should I if I don’t have to?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002559626
More stealthy moving around, Lee explodes  a barrel of something flammable to draw out Scott, who fires at him and then runs out of bullets… [Lee must have figured he was safe, as when Scott shot Amanda he wasn’t even aiming at her!] Add in some running, tackling, fighting.. and uh oh… some intense threats as Lee gets the upper hand here..

Lee: (grabbing him by lapels) You’re dead.4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002610276

Lee full on starts pummelling Scott, and he keeps on punching even when Scott is no longer fighting. uh oh. oh no oh no… Stop Lee!!
(Barney appears and runs forward as we hear the sound of Lee punching Scott over and over again.)
Barney: Lee, Lee! Stop it! Stop it! (he grabs Lee’s arm) You’re killing him, please stop it. Listen to me! Waterhouse has heard from the hospital.
(This gets through to Lee. He stops hitting Scott and looks at Barney.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002644811
Barney: You hear me? Waterhouse has heard from the hospital!
[How did the hospital know to call the Sheriff? Hmm whatever.] 
Lee: (panting) What? How’s Amanda?
Barney: He didn’t say. Just they want you there right away.
Lee: (still angry) You watch him Barney! You hear me? You watch him!
(He leaves, leaving Barney watching him sadly.)
[Ahhh Barney and his magical ability to keep an eye on bad guys so they don’t get away. Okay okay this time no magic is needed because Scott is in pretty bad shape. Me happy!!! Ah and I am going with Waterhouse is already on his way!!]

It’s time to wind up this episode.. Tag Time!!!!
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002660927
(Cut to hospital interior as Lee bursts in through the doors moving quickly towards Amanda’s room. When he is almost there, Dr. Neely steps in front of him.)
Dr. Neely: I wanted you here. You made good time.
Lee: Yeah, get out of my way. I’m going in there.
Dr. Neely: (still blocking him, but smiling) ‘Course you are. Lots of TLC’s just what the doctor ordered for a quick recovery.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002668268

(Dotty steps out of the room, beaming. She throws her arms exuberantly around Dr. Neely’s neck, kisses him.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002672472
Dotty: She’s going to be alright! I told you so! Oh Lee, you ought to see her! She looks beautiful!
(As Dotty continues to talk, Lee slips past both of them and into Amanda’s room.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002676976
Cut to Amanda’s room as Lee approaches the bed slowly. Amanda’s eyes are closed but the oxygen tent is gone and the heart monitor is beeping steadily.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002686653
As Lee sits, Amanda gives a small groan of pain and her eyes open to look at him. Lee is smiling from ear to ear.)
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: (smiles weakly. She can barely talk) Hi. What happened?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002697063
Lee: I’ll tell you all about it when you get better, okay?
Amanda: (laughs and grimaces again) Did you get the number of that truck?
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002708208

Lee: You bet I did.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002716716
(Amanda laughs. She lifts her head, looking for a kiss and Lee kisses her gently.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002718418
Amanda: Well, no honeymoon tonight, pal.
Lee: Aw shucks.
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002728995

Amanda: If I go to sleep, will you sit with me for a minute?
(She drifts off, Lee watching her tenderly.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002743610
Lee: (whispers) I love you Mrs. Stetson.
(He kisses her again.)
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002749416
The episode ends here….
4.17 MISSION OF GOLD.avi_002749416

How many sentences do Lee and Amanda actually share in a scene together in this episode? Nine! I don’t count the opening scene that was just a voice over, we don’t see it. Nine. I wonder if that beats Playing for Keeps. hmmm…

Well… that’s it!!! Episode 17 is finished!!! What do you all make of it?

I adore all the soft moments between Lee and Amanda.. at the same time, this ep is not a favourite go to of mine, as it’s just too much angst for me… However, huge kudos to KJ for soldiering on through this episode, and the creators for making this episode happen inspite of all the external circumstances getting in the way!!!!

What does Dotty make of Lee and his relationship with Amanda after all this?!

I cannot wait to hear what you all think!!!

Next up…. Episode 18: One Flew East!!!! 

26 responses to “3/3 Season Four:Episode Seventeen–Mission of Gold –Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I just noticed you haven’t updated the link on your S4 Page yet to reflect this episode. Good thing the post was still one of the more recent ones!


  2. Hi all! I finally got back here after being offline for a few weeks!
    I’ve enjoyed reading the thoughts of those who’ve shared them!

    Anyone else got thoughts they’d like to share? feel free to at any time.. 🙂

    There was one thing I was hoping to say about this episode, which I don’t think I said in the episode post. I hope not or I’ll be repeating myself. lol.
    We were discussing earlier in the episode the whole situation in real life that led to this episode being what it is..
    How the episode was written and ready to go, how KJ needed urgent medical treatment suddenly, and how it was all kept very hush hush as the show may have been at risk of cancellation, if the show paused it’s work schedule or if it was announced KJ was sick. Such a tricky situation for everyone.
    With this in mind, I generally look at this episode as one sustaining the show’s survival till the end of season 4 – so I appreciate it’s existence, while at the same time finding the tone of the episode to be… off.
    One way the tone is off is – once Lee is on the case, he doesn’t mention finding Amanda’s shooter as his motivation for figuring out the big mystery of the week. It’s all written as if Lee were on holiday and helping out his buddy Gus. It feels off to me.
    When Brockett says Scott shot Amanda and Lee reacts? I literally had second where I thought – oh yeah, Lee might want to catch him for that!! rofl!!! Amanda is an afterthought, when she should be front of mind for Lee at all times. The whole Lee beating up Scott so bad at the end and losing control seems tagged on and feels like it has come from nowhere to me.
    It could be a case of Lee trying to stay busy and cope with the trauma and grief he is experiencing, but I would have thought that would channel his focus on catching the shooter so Amanda and he have justice, not so Barney can be proven right and Lee can help Barney.
    Lee wants to get on the case to not get overwhelmed by what is happening, but I’m not comfortable with it seeming like he has put Amanda to the back of his mind and is instead focusing on the case. No Amanda is the case and the whole reason for the case.
    Had Lee referred to Amanda a few more times while on the case, not giving up till he catches the shooter, wanting justice for Amanda etc.. then the tone of the whole episode would have been much better..
    Instead it’s more – hey sorry to hear about your friend, help me solve this mystery of the gold! aie.. If I remember this was a story of Amanda and Lee helping his buddy with the mystery gold. this all makes more sense.

    Lastly, the tone is weird with Lee and Dotty because of the big elephant in the room – what does she know?! How can Lee have not disclosed the marriage at this point given Amanda is on life support?
    I think we are supposed to buy that he would have taken the secret to Amanda’s grave. Ugh. soooo not comfortable with that!!
    And is salt in the wound for me as someone who is not and never will be a fan of the whole secret marriage thing. (but it’s okay to tell Gus lol).

    So there you have it, I appreciate the efforts, and the soft loving moments between Lee and Amanda and I’ll take these little moments away from this episode and errr forget the rest me thinks..

    Thanks again to Clagjanet for transcribing this episode – you are amazing!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. That is why I didn’t like this episode. He seemed to put Amanda on the back burner and not even mention her. Then in the end when he is beating up Scotty because he found out he shot Amanda.


  3. I have been waiting for this last scene of this episode. Like you, I don’t particularly like this episode. So let me dive right into it beginning with the hospital. The code red and they run to Amanda’s room. What the devil takes them so long in trying to revive her? I didn’t understand that. I absolutely love how Lee is holding on to Dotty, and the connection they share. It’s sweet the way he is comforting his Mother-in-law. So I guess he took off the ring before she got there. I still would love to have seen more interaction between the two of them. At Gus’s cabin Lee and Barney look over the documents, then who pulls up but Sherrif Waterhouse, sooooo I guess he’s the only law enforcement that’s working? Next, At the station, I do like this, they’re on the same page and seem to be working together. Lee telling Barney to go home reminds me of him telling Amanda to go home because of the danger. In the truck scene, the woman from the bank thanks Brocket. When he gets inside, Scott tells him one more stop because he has to tie up some loose ends. Seem like Brocket should have known he was up to something. Anyway, does anyone notice how Scott is sitting? he looks very uncomfortable like he’s sitting on his hands. Just had to throw that in there. At the boat, where Scott locks Lee and Brocket, then knocks Tommy over the head with a wrench, after Brocket spills the beans and tells Lee Scott was the one that shot Amanda, we see that rage in Lee that I was looking for early on. Love it!

    Next, Lee is on the phone talking to Billy, he tells him, how it’s usually he and Amanda, that expression on his face, shows the love he has for her. Love his sign-off: Scarecrow out!

    Cut to the garage, where Lee is beating Scott into a pulp, that rage finally comes out. Last, back at the hospital, when Lee sitting by Amanda’s bedside, she slowly puts her head up for a kiss, she asks if he got the number off the truck, then asks what happened, and Lee tells her he will tell her about it once she’s better. I absolutely adore this whole scene, you can feel the love he has for her. Finally, after she falls asleep, he leans over, kisses her, and says, “I love you Mrs. Stetson” That does it for me, I can watch this scene over and over. The look in his eyes as he says that, makes my heart melt.

    So there you have it, while I am not a fan of this episode, I do love the emotions that come out at the end in Lee. I do think, that if there had been more interaction between he and Dotty, I probably would have loved it.

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    • The code red and they run to Amanda’s room. What the devil takes them so long in trying to revive her? I didn’t understand that.

      Yeeeeah Amanda should probably have some brain damage if she survived this and this was real life. – handwave!

      Seem like Brocket should have known he was up to something.

      Hmmm is it just me or does Brockett really not seem like much of a thoughts rocket?!


  4. peacockdancer

    One thing I think about with these hospital scenes…. Presumably, someone needs to fill out consent forms for the operation(s)/procedure(s) that they are administering to Amanda. As her husband, Lee is legally her next of kin, so he would be the one to do this, right? Meaning, he would have informed the hospital on her admittance that he was her husband.

    So how is he managing to keep this a secret from Dotty? Dotty should be thinking, as Amanda’s mother, isn’t she the next of kin, and shouldn’t they be giving her some consent forms to fill out? Who is the one who is entitled to receive Amanda’s confidential medical information – Lee or Dotty? The hospital would want a clear answer to this straightaway. It doesn’t seem believable to me that Lee would be able to keep the marriage a secret from Dotty under these circumstances.


    • That is what I left out. I was thinking the same thing. Dotty doesn’t know Amanda and Lee are married. Seems like to me, that she should be questioning the doctors about her care. This episode was very stupid and not believable at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Medical information wasn’t as confidential back then, so that might explain part of it.

        I’m assuming they would have given Lee basic medical consent until Dotty got there at least, given that Amanda had nobody else with her. There has to be some kind of procedure for when people are brought in with no next of kin immediately available. Lee might have also told Dotty he claimed they were married so that she wouldn’t be alone. Or alternatively, Lee used his federal agent ID and was able to cut through medical red tape that way. Given the Agency’s connections, he could probably use a cover story and then Billy would square things with hospital administration so they wouldn’t say anything or raise a stink and still keep things quiet based on National Security.


    • Yeeeahhh you know, I gave the whole medical care/ consent thing a big handwave!!!!
      The episode is very careful not to touch any of that or what Dotty does or doesn’t know – deliberately I think. So I honestly don’t think it’s something that’s part of the story they are telling, but – it really should be a part of the story..
      Sooooo it’s handwave time for me!


  5. So when do you start One Flew East? Next week?


    • Hi LeesMolly! Hi All!
      I’ve not had a chance to get back to this ep yet- was wanting to discuss the tone of the ep etc once the ep was done.
      Looks like one flew east will start first weekend in July!
      I’ll try to get back to update the sidebar with this news soon.
      Hope you are all well!!!!


      • Awesome! Looking forward to it! Have you decided what order you’re doing the last four eps in?


        • Hiya I will walk through in airing order, then we can go back through then to discuss if the order needs to be different.
          If anyone has ideas for how to do this I’m all ears 🙂


          • Awesome. Just was curious. Glad to get All That Glitters over with, although I kind of wanted it last so I could have the ones I loved first! LOL


            • lol well I really don’t remember these final episodes at all so I don’t actually have an opinion about any of them – yet!


              • I’m with you on that, I didn’t really watch the final episodes because of the absence of KJ. Just wasn’t the same without her.


                • peacockdancer

                  I just thought I would pipe in here with a different opinion (that I expect is not shared by many). A Matter of Choice and Suitable for Framing are easily within my top-10 favorites of Season 4! I love them both because Francine gets a chance to shine.

                  Granted, the competition is not strong. Season 4 is so hot and cold… Night Crawler and Stemwinder are my favorite episodes of the whole series, and I really like Bad Timing, but most of the rest of the season is “meh” for me. This is mainly because I perceive Amanda as undergoing a noticeable personality change after Night Crawler that just doesn’t “click” for me.

                  Well, anyway… I’ll refrain from making any specific comments on the last few episodes until we get to them. I am looking forward to the rest of the walk!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Hiya Peacockdancer! whooo I love to hear when other see things differently! Glad to hear a few upcoming eps are faves and I look forward to hearing our thoughts! I honestly don’t remember these eps!


  6. I feel guilty enjoying this up because of what causes it, but I do like it. That last scene with Lee and Amanda is so beautiful. And I loved watching Lee hugging Dotty when Amanda was being resuscitated. And the line “It’s always been Amanda and me. But she has enough to do right now” just breaks my heart. So stunning.

    Plus Bruce really does shine in this ep with the range he gets to play: romantic, spy/detective, humor, not to mention the angst scenes which he really knocks out of the park.

    And now that we posted this ep, I can finally say: In my head canon I have started to set Photo Finish after this. Partly because of the seating arrangements in the conference room — in Stemwinder they sat next to each other. On Photo Finish, they sit at opposite ends of the table, as though trying to hide their marriage more. But more than anything, I feel like the situation of Amanda getting shot and recuperating adds more justification and credibility for the way she goes overboard with throwing herself into her training classes. She’s making up for the time lost recuperating as well as doing the only thing she is cleared to do, hence why she might be a bit more OCD with things like floor wax. (I say that as someone with OCD, so no offense intended). It’s also more logical that she would have had time after this to be doing all that extra work than when the eps were airing and she was essentially working cases with Lee nonstop. Obviously the writers hadn’t originally intended that, but I think it really works better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya LeesMolly, guilty? why feel guilty? I think it’s great to enjoy it, especially when smk went to such efforts to give us this episode, rather than shut things down- for a while.. or forever!

      Hmm can you share your thoughts on episode order when we’ve finished walking through season 4? I may not remember where you shared these thoughts and for now, I feel like I can’t process these ideas yet, but I am really interested to in time 🙂


      • That last scene is so beautiful. I really felt Lee’s love for Amanda. Again, I wish Lee and Dotty had more scenes in the Hospital. It’s so caring, Lee comforting his Mother-in-law. Very sentimental!!


        • No comment, just need to provide a new email address, the old one has been disabled

          edited by Iwsod: – Hi neckieh, I’ve approved this email address… and I updated your handle. Hopefully it will not need to go through approval process again with this new email address but I’ll keep an eye out for you!


      • I’ll try to remember!


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