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Discussion: Which do you prefer? 1) Unfinished Business then Stemwinders? Or 2) Stemwinders then Unfinished Business?

Hi all! Have we all recovered sufficiently from that swoony goodness that closed out the Stemwinder 2 parter??!!!
Just in case.. here ya go: Breathe deeply smk fans!!!

We’ve just finished walking through Unfinished Business and then the two Stemwinder episodes.. The original airing order had the two Stemwinders first, and then Unfinished Business. Now we’ve finished walking through these first three episodes of season 4 – what do you think? which order do you prefer? and why?

To get the discussion started.. for anyone who is interested.. I’ll share my opinion… but – it’s just an opinion! I’m no authority here.. we can think what we like!

I prefer the I love yous in Stemwinder come after Unfinished Business.

The My Amanda moment while Lee is drugged, and Amanda wanting to ask a question but stopping herself?

I think she would have not been tempted to probe after Stemwinders. She’s secure, has heard the words.. and is content with the way things are..

Also the impact of ‘my Amanda’ is diminished when he has already said he loves her!

I also like the idea that Lee lets down those walls and shares this very person aspect of himself with Amanda in Unfinished Business, before he has said the words ‘I love you’ I don’t know why just seems more powerful – maybe that it screams he loves her.. but he hasn’t said the words yet. And it screams how much trust they have in each other that they can conduct themselves as they do in Unfinished Business but the words haven’t been spoken yet. Know what I mean?

I think either order can work at this point, I just share my preference.. but – maybe there is a reason why a certain order must be the way it is??

Do you think Billy would be so quick to disregard Lee in UB after what happened in Stemwinder?

Okay all.. what do you think? Reasons for and against changing the original airing order are very welcome!!!

Happy 6th Anniversary JWWM! :)

I can’t believe it!!! I just received an email from WordPress to remind me today is Just Walk With Me’s 6th anniversary!

picasion.com_3f5b513030d7b15e0064ba8059a91dbe (1)

Happy Anniversary Everyone!!

Thanks to everyone who stops by and takes part in this community!!
Without you- this blog wouldn’t be! Smile


2/2 Discussion of Lee and Amanda’s Love Story

Hello my fellow smk fans!

JWWM typically focuses on following the journey, sticking with the story as an episode unfolds and staying in the moment with the characters… However, if we don’t step back and look at the big picture we can miss out on some great discussions…insights and fun!! The big picture does come up during episode discussions.. but I thought it could be handy to provide one place to place these thoughts if anyone is so inclined to share- at any time!

It’s come to my attention that 1/2 (1/2 Discussion of Lee and Amanda’s Love Story) needs a 2/2 lol! Sooo here it is! Smile As I publish this post, the walk has finished season 3, and moved on to early season 4 – so it’s a good time to ponder the journey up till this point and call out to all smk fans who stop by JWWM and ask:

How do you see Lee and Amanda’s love story so far? What phases do you see this story moving through?
What individual phases do they undergo that impact the love story?

What were the big milestone episodes for you and why?
When we say ‘love’ does this mean different things at different points in the story for you?

Don’t feel restricted to addressing these questions.. roam and explore the overall love story however you like. Just please remember to not refer to anything that hasn’t been covered in the walk yet… thanks guys! 🙂 I fully expect we will see different things.. honestly, there is no one right way to see things.. I love to hear others thoughts and ideas – they help me to explore and expand my own too.

A great discussion in post 10/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part II prompted this focus on the big picture..
In this post, Amanda says:
We have each other; that’s something.
[No I will not post another image of those hideous sunglasses of doom]
Lee responds:
Yeah. It’s more than most people in this business will ever have. I didn’t think we’d have to go through anything like this to find out that we’ve got it.

Okay safe to share this image Winking smile
Lee and Amanda have come so far!!!
From this in TFT:
[‘Just walk with me’!]
To this in the Stemwinders:

[Just run away with me?! Winking smile ]
There is so much to talk about.. if you feel like putting your thoughts together and sharing your take on the development of their love story please share with us here.. All views are very welcome – and no one is going to tell you that you are wrong here!!!
As Amanda says: When you’re talking about love you have to be patient Smile
We may disagree on a few bits.. but that’s cool no one’s thoughts are more valuable or accurate than any others in my book!! Smile [Except maybe Francine’s and Dr Smyth’s!!! I draw the line there!!! Smile ] If you would like to put together a blog post on your thoughts- rather than comment on this blog post to share them? I’d be very happy to publish it for you too!!

I look forward to hearing people’s take on this wonderful love story!
[keep the smelling salts handy!]