3/3 Season 1, Episode 6: Always look a gift horse in the mouth

We continue this episode with Penny remarking to Amanda that Rheza has been meeting with Bo for two hours.. Penny tells Amanda their marriage is being disturbed by fights about Bo’s oil lease.. and she worries the problem isn’t the oil lease, it’s her marriage..

81Amanda: Maybe it’s not. Maybe if you could stop being the prince and the princess and just be Penelope and Rheza once in a while, maybe be alone. Maybe 82that would help. When, when I was married and things weren’t going so well, I had this umm sexy nightgown.
Penelope: Really?
Amanda: Yeah. My ex-husband liked it so, things weren’t going so well, I’d put it on. And, uh, he had this uh, this concoction, this hot mulled wine, he’d make it and he would bring it to bed, and then things would just kind of get better.
84Penelope: Yeah. Well, Amanda, do you know, I didn’t even think to pack a sexy nightgown?

: It could be better without the sexy nightgown.


I find it a little bit bizarre how Amanda is giving marital advice to Penny.. Amanda is divorced.. in the long run, the sexy nightgown didn’t fix everything.. and.. I will leave it at that! I do find it really funny that Lee chooses that moment to stick his head around the curtains of the door…


I wonder what he heard? I can only guess nothing (unfortunately!) as if he had heard he would have known Penny was there and not to look in.. but.. as it is.. Lee the super spy- chooses to come to Amanda’s door very late at night.. and doesn’t check to see if it’s all clear.. Mr ‘Don’t look at me’ thinks this is ok? LOL!! It is not ok to look at someone at a party and exchange a few words.. but it is perfectly fine to turn up alone at someone else’s room late at night? derrrr Lee…

I love how when Penny sees Lee she says: Ohhhhh hoooooo hoooo!!! and Amanda responds:  This is not an ohhhh hoooo hoo!

: So, why don’t you please just get started and I’ll start having fun, huh? I am going to bed. Just wait a few discreet moments and give ‘er the gas! Goodnight!
90Amanda: Does Princess Di talk like that?

Great line!! Apparently Princess Di did talk like that..  LOL!

91How can Lee not know he has stuffed up.. he opens the doors with a huge smile…  “Hi!” – Ugh!!!!

92Amanda: You heard me. She thinks you’re cute. ( why does Amanda tell him that part???!!!)

93Lee: I am cute.


94Amanda (without hesitation): Not that cute.
(love that Amanda looks him up and down when she says that!) You go girl!! Lee being cute is not an answer to everything you know.. In response 95to this – Lee seems to quietly just look at her for a moment.. and then he realises what they are talking about and moves on to business!

Hmmm Lee is assuming the sniper was trying to kill the prince – fail Lee! He was aiming for Penny.. After all she is the one trying to block Bo’s oil rights.. Lee fills Amanda in on the Endicott link..even more reason to be wary of Bo and his ranch… but Amanda’s room is bugged.. why doesn’t Lee check for Bugs? He knows Bo Johnson is dirty.. and this is his ranch.. sometimes I am surprised Lee manages to stay alive..

Love how when Amanda hears it’s Bo’s company she repeats what Lee said and then Lee 96responds with a country boy accent ‘ yes Ma’am!’ 

97Amanda responds to that with her own country girl accent ‘ Oh boy’ – cute!

We see Bo and his sidekick: Earl the beer gut, Listening in on Lee and Amanda.. eww these guys are so slimy and awful.. and to think they were listening to Penny and Amanda talk about their sex lives.. eww ewwwww! The big 98beer gut in the foreground as they listen in is a great shot- LOL! (Great prop radio by the way- see the panel move and slip when he ‘turns it off’??!!! soooo fake looking!! Maybe the huge gut is to distract us from it!)

99Whoooo nasty final look to camera there.. I’m thinking Dotty’s autograph is going to be out of the question…

Next thing we see is the fake cliff all set to give way.. oh yes it will look like a total accident when the horse runs to it, and Penny goes over the edge.. All those beams of wood and the 100blanket there that are holding up the fake cliff? they will just blend into the rocky creek below.. no one would wonder what they are doing there?.. ahem… dumb baddies.. Interesting.. while cursing Penny, Bo uses her maiden name.. she did marry Rheza, whether you like it or not!!!

Uh oh.. headband alert! Penny and Amanda 102seem to be identically dressed! Why is that? to make it easier on the stunt rider?! Winking smile
Poor Penny.. it would be really horrible to think the person you had been confiding in was being paid to spy on you.. Amanda isn’t technically an agent.. so she isn’t a “G man”.. but at the same time, she was telling Lee stuff about Penny.. it is a messy situation all round isn’t it..

Amanda: I am not a G-man!

Bo: I never contradict a lady
(Noooooooooooooo.. Bo just kills them! Winking smile)

la la laa..Lee goes searching for clues.. all by his lonesome.. yes all that security at that fancy party seems to have disappeared and it’s just little ole Lee on Bo’s ranch– Yes Ma’am!

Lee’s little boy Timmy?? hmm.. what about Tommy and Tammy Lee? I love that he uses that name again.. does he do it again after this? I wish he would.. He and Amanda’s imaginary children Smile

Sorry but as if!!! -As if the baddies would blow up Willis Parker, but leave his hat with his name printed in it on his bed to be found???!!! dumb baddies..

Brave and crazy Amanda getting on spirited Diablo!

Lee gets busted.. oh dear.. how will this all end hmmm???? my concentration tends to wane about now…

103When Amanda goes to get onto Diablo and she ends up going over the horse and down the other side – that looks real! How did KJ film that with her ankle really busted? It must have really hurt her- poor KJ what a trooper!.. that soooo doesn’t look like Amanda or Penny going fast!! Amanda catches up with Penny- faster than she would have liked! but Penny helps her to stop her horse..

Love Amanda’s explanation for getting on the horse ‘ I thought it was like driving a car.’

Amanda amandarambles to Penny explaining 104she is her friend not a g-man : this relationship with Mr Stetson is really very secret. My family doesn’t even know about it. You know in public when he talks to me he won’t even look at me. Look straight ahead. Won’t even look at me. You know well, about last night-

Penny cuts her off here to tell her she believes her.. but.. Amanda never gets to explain about last night- from what Amanda says about Lee here you would think they are secretly together and no one knows!!! tee heeee… interesting way Amanda puts it..

Uh oh.. Penny switches horses with Amanda – Love what Penny says here: I tell you, I just feel a little silly, that’s all. I mean, here I am encouraging you to get something going with Mr Stetson and . . . you’ve been having an affair with him all along.
105Amanda: Huh????!!!!   (ROFL!!! That’s what it sounds like Amanda!!)



Check out Lee Mr Cool being held captive by Earl the beer gut.. So calm.. so zen.. sitting there 106talking away waiting for the right moment to make his move.. smooth.. ( Nobody puts Lee in a corner! Winking smile ) Dumb Earl 107tells Lee all he needs to know for him to stop the attempt on Penny’s life..


Lee errr I mean Lee’s stunt double, decides to make his move and does a groovy roll onto the floor to kick Earl.. It looks pretty ridiculous.. Lee looking all in control and confident and then the next second you see the guy rolling onto the floor dressed as Lee isn’t even Lee.. rofl… I just love smk and it’s stunt doubles! ( maybe it’s a bit like the hulk.. Lee morphs into another person when he is stunt action Lee!! teee heeee)
Hmm seems Earl even morphs into a different man too when he comes under attack.. LOL!

Not Lee.. and not Earl!! It is embarrassingly obvious it isn’t!! His hair is much blonder.. and seems to be a bit curly!!.. so this fake Lee gets thrown out a window, and rolls down onto the ground behind the jeep.. and a second later our real Lee (whoa.. but Lee isn’t real either? really is he??!!! My head hurts…..LOL) pops up looking ready to go with the perfect hair! It is too funny!!!

111Wasn’t it awfully nice for the bad guy to leave the jeep there with the keys in it ready for Lee to go once he had thrown Lee’s stunt double out the window??!!

Bo has headed out to find Penny on the horse and blow the whistle to send the white horse off to the fake ledge.. He finds them and blows the whistle.. I guess not realising it was Amanda on the horse – maybe that explains the similar outfits..

Whoo look! seconds before Lee is to jump out of the moving Jeep- his hair becomes Lighter and curlier again! The Lee Hulk returns and out he jumps from the Jeep stopping Amanda’s horse from going to the fake ledge. The jeep goes over the edge- and boom!

Amanda’s little speechless demonstration of what happened with her hands is really cute.. Mmmm… does she get to share the horse with Lee for the ride home????!!!

Lee: You were right. You and horses don’t get along.
Amanda: Oh, well, I don’t know, it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t sneeze once.   (ROFL!)
113Lee: Here.

114Amanda: No, you here.

Love how Amanda gives Lee back the horse!! Penny just silently laughs at the two of them – I would have loved to see Lee tell Penny about Bo and his plot.. drat.. we didn’t get to see it. I would have loved to have seen Rheza find out about his friend trying to kill his wife.. but he sees to have disappeared!

Hey!!! We didn’t even get to see Bo get his comeuppance.. double drat! If we are going to have to sit through a big Lee action scene we may as well see the baddie of the week ( the BOTW!) end up in a world of pain!!!!

Whoo I love this tag!

Penelope: Listen, make sure you write, okay?
Amanda: I will.
Penelope: And boy, I’ll find out how things work out with you and Mr Stetson.
Amanda: It’s not what you think.
Penelope: Oh, sure.

It is a shame we don’t see Penny again, their farewell is sweet.. 118

Penny walks away and Lee comes and stands next to Amanda, they watch Penny and Rheza leave.

Love how Lee immediately focuses Amanda back onto what really matters here.. ahem…
119Lee: So, she said I was cute.


Amanda responds: she was under a lot of pressure.  (Awesome response… Amanda is my hero!!)
120Lee: Amanda, when you’re undercover, it is not good procedure to look at me until the assignment is officially 121over. ( love how Amanda snaps her head away annoyed at Lee – I’m right there with you Amanda!)
122Lee continues: Does the, uh, princess know you’re working with us?

123Amanda: No, but I had to have a reason why you were outside my window last night.
Lee: Ah, what did you come up with?
Amanda: I didn’t come up with anything, she did.
124(The car starts driving away. Amanda waves again. Lee does, too.)
Lee: Okay, what did she come up with?
125Amanda: She thinks we’re having a thing.
(Lee turns his head and looks at her.)

126Lee: A thing?


127Amanda: Eyes straight ahead, Scarecrow.


Lee immediately turns to look away from Amanda because he has been busted!

Amanda starts smiling at him being busted.. and Lee can’t help himself.. he turns back to look at her!



Amanda puts her stern face back on for him and he turns away again trying not to smile but giving in eventually – ROFL! I love this tag.. Amanda gets Lee good!!!! It is nice to see that not only does Amanda teach him a lesson.. but she makes him laugh too! I really like this tag!

Interesting to me that she calls Lee ‘Scarecrow’ here.. I have the impression that she doesn’t call him that much at all – will be interesting to keep watch and see when she uses that name again..

Also, interesting to compare this final moment with the whole discussion in There Goes the Neighbourhood:

Amanda: No! I mean . . . I would feel guilty. You know?  Like I was . . . having a thing. Or something. You know?
Lee: A “thing”?
Amanda: Yes, you know. A thing.
Lee: Like an affair?
Amanda: Yes. That kind of a thing.

Great to see this moment revisiting ‘the thing’ ! – with Lee again saying ‘ a thing?’  only this time Lee knows what Amanda means by ‘ a thing’! tee heee.. which is why his head snaps around so fast to look at her forgetting his strategy of not looking at Amanda.. LOL!!

I would love to hear your thoughts it you would like to share them!!

Thanks so much for reading!!



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  1. #2018rewatch

    Whoo I love this tag! … Amanda: Eyes straight ahead, Scarecrow. …
    Interesting to me that she calls Lee ‘Scarecrow’ here.. I have the impression that she doesn’t call him that much at all – will be interesting to keep watch and see when she uses that name again.

    Been trying with every episode to pay attention to this, iwsod! Even asked other fans if that happened ever again, but thus far no one names it. As far as I can determine, this is the only time Amanda addresses Lee by his code name. She is so clearly giving him sass, he can’t retain his stern mien. When his dimples flare, oh me oh my, Lee is the handsomest, sexiest, “I want this man now!” I’ve ever seen!

    This was a “one time only” because Amanda relates to Lee, first and foremost, as a person. His Agent persona is just one part of Lee and doesn’t come close to encompassing the whole truth of this very complex man, who fascinates her! It’s hard to put into words, but in order to interact with Lee, Amanda addresses the whole man versus a piece of him.


    • #2018rewatch
      Nancy, I love this, thinking about if Amanda ever addresses Lee as Scarecrow again. I agree, I can’t think of another time. She seems to address him as “Stetson” when he gets in funny deep trouble with her a few times, but not “Scarecrow” that comes to mind. Totally agree with and love what you said here:
      It’s hard to put into words, but in order to interact with Lee, Amanda addresses the whole man versus a piece of him.


      • #2018rewatch

        “Big Fella” was another name that Amanda called Lee. Love it! Any more nicknames?

        Lee brings excitement to Amanda, but I think it’s Amanda who makes him a man by seeing all sides of him. Not just his Scarecrow exterior. That comes through as their relationship progresses. It’s lovely to see them both make each other whole.

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        • #2018rewatch
          Great thoughts, HappyBaby!

          It’s too bad Lee never had a nickname for Amanda…he could’ve used “Hot Mama” or “Cub Scout Lady”….😂


          • #2018rewatch

            I know! His “literal mind” can’t handle it, but his “healthy sex drive” might have had other ideas for nicknames!

            The best term of endearment Lee had for Amanda was “partner”. Getting way too ahead of things here, but it’s so swoon worthy!!


          • #2018rewatch

            In my opinion, Lee’s most common nickname for Amanda is his unique pronunciation of her name … a – MAN – duh !!

            It conveys his frustration, his confusion and/or his “you have NO CLUE how it’s done!” Utterly hilarious because her way of seeing what Lee doesn’t see, usually is what breaks the case wide open.


              • #2018rewatch


                I wonder if we could get BB to record our names for the same wonderful effect! 😉


                • Since BB’s baby sister and I share the same first name, I shudder to think about the multitude of nuanced renditions he’s perfected over the past 60 years!

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                  • Ha! Bruce told me that too when he was signing a pic for me, Nancy. At least he won’t forget our names… I agree… A “multitude of nuanced renditions indeed. “. lol


                    • Great minds think alike! Never met Bruce in person, but I’ll still cherish the thought. How sweet you got to speak with him about his “real” life!


            • #2018rewatch
              I think one of my favorite times he does this is in Sudden Death when she starts in about someone sticking their finger in the chocolate cake. 😂


              • #2018rewatch

                I realized I have made a lot of comments about food in this episode… chili, beans, chocolate cake…I must be really hungry for Thanksgiving dinner. (Not that we have chili, beans, or chocolate cake…😂)


        • #2018rewatch
          Thought of another zinger name Amanda used Lee… in Over the Limit: “Not this time, Buster!!!”😠

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          • #2018rewatch

            “Not this time, Buster!!!”

            Now you got me curious about the origin of “Buster.”
            According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

            Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by newspaper cartoonist Richard F. Outcault (1863-1928) for the New York Herald. Buster Brown was a wealthy schoolboy prankster who dresses conservatively but acts like a mischievous, disorderly child. He had a sister, Mary Jane, and a grinning talking pet bulldog, Tige (one of the first talking animals in newspaper cartoons). Buster Brown was frequently drawn practicing the violin (all the strings have snapped and Tige, howling, covers his ears in agony). At the end of almost every Sunday cartoon strip, Buster Brown promises to behave better in the future, but he never does.


  2. #2018rewatch
    I’m really sorry my abundance of comments, everyone- I just had one more thought. It kinda covers the whole ep, so thought I’d add it here at the final post.

    I was just skimming back over Iwsod’s post for TFT, and reading through comments there. You know, there, Amanda King, a few weeks earlier than Gift Horse, wore a full-length, high-necked cotton nightgown plus a full-length coat to the train station when she dropped off Dean, her boyfriend. Fast forward a few weeks (and assuming we’re talking revised order which makes this ep #7, just after Sudden Death), Dean is not out of the picture, but now she’s willfully choosing to wear a low-cut spaghetti-strap black dress, hair up with a flower in November. This would be her first formal attire in front of Lee. And he didn’t know she would be coming. But she knew he would be there.

    Add to that the resurfacing of the term “having a thing” from TGTN. Her response to Penny at her first insinuation of Amanda and Lee over chili was met by that “Sometimes dangerous can be dangerous” comment. And then in Amanda’s room that evening, she seems quite shyly embarrassed at Penny’s insinuation of the “oh-hoh-hoh”, though note she never says ANYTHING about a boyfriend (a difference from TGTN – “I have to consider Dean”). But also notice that both thereafter with Lee and again in the tag as Penny & Rheza are driving off, Amanda speaks of “having a thing” with Lee in a much more playfully assertive tone then she did earlier with Penny.

    So what am I saying? I don’t know exactly. But I do think there’s much evidence of her internal struggle here – it is starting to manifest itself outwardly in words and actions. She reacts one way to Penny at the mention of something going on with Lee, her defenses up like “no, this couldn’t happen and here’s why”, as if these are the moments she has to remind herself of this thought…but then when it comes to direct interaction with Lee, she shows up in this stunning dress for the party, and lets her playful flirty side show to him (especially during the tag), all while kinda testing the waters of Penny’s theory of them having a “thing”, neither of them denying it’s possibility.

    And so the plot thickens….


  3. #2018rewatch
    So sorry! My yodeling (thanks, Bo) is keeping my mind on this episode and comments!

    I just wonder…I would think a situation of this magnitude, Bo’a arrest and plot to kill Penny would have surely made headlines. So wondering how Amanda debriefed the weekend for D-o-t-t-y, not -i-e? Dotty, are you not taking notes of how many situations Amanda finds herself in that are surrounded by government agents? 🤔

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    • #2018rewatch

      As far as keeping the assassination attempt out of the press, there weren’t any witnesses to the actual attempt so they probably could have kept it hushed up if they wanted to. However, I feel like a raging idiot for never noticing how ridiculous it was that Earl set up a fake cliff.


      • #2018rewatch
        Hi Smanyb!!! I guess you’re right, the flighty pigeons couldn’t really make a statement about poor ol’ dandruffy Willis Parker.


      • #2018rewatch
        Shoot, I just realized you meant there were no witnesses at the horse attempted assassination, not Willis’ attempt earlier. My bad. This is what happens after too much singing of Get Along Little Dogie…


  4. #2018rewatch

    Am I the only person who is completely astounded that Earl was able to put that fake cliff out there? I mean, what did he do, suspend himself from the cliff?? Exactly how do those boards get placed underneath at an angle? Maybe we need a hashtag during our rewatch for #SMKmiracles 😂


  5. #2018 rewatch

    One of the things that is understated in this episode is the slow burn of how much Amanda and Penny look alike. They give us a hint in the school bathroom scene of where they are going where we are watching Penelope talk about her life, but are getting Amanda’s real time reaction in the mirror, positioned in such a way that they are “side by side”. They are both dressed in skirts, blouse and blazer, then the party scene, they are both in gowns with hair up, and so it goes until the last big adventure scene when they are both in jeans, both of fuzzy white sweaters, both with hair up in a messy bun – and virtually indistinguishable from a distance which is what the plot has been working up to all along.

    Which leads one to wonder, when Lee the White Knight shows up to save the princess,is he aware of which princess he’s saving? Does he recognize it’s Amanda, not Penny, in danger when he arrives?


    • #2018 Rewatch – Wahoo! Let’s get this party started! I must admit I didn’t get how similar Amanda and Penny were at the beginning of the episode, but it was very obvious at the end – could you get any two non-identical sweaters even more similar? Kudos to wardrobe!


    • #2018rewatch

      One of the things that is understated in this episode is the slow burn of how much Amanda and Penny look alike. … virtually indistinguishable from a distance which is what the plot has been working up to all along.

      Of your four points outlining the (now obvious) look alike, I caught only the last one. Drat! Before my descent into utter despair over my pathetic espionage skills rating of 25%, it occurred to me that Bombastic Bo didn’t either. To use his own words to Lee against him, “I can assure you, [s]he wasn’t in any danger at all.” Yep, the Princess wasn’t in any danger at all from Bo’s whistle-trained Arabian … it was Amanda!

      Which leads one to wonder, when Lee the White Knight shows up to save the princess, is he aware of which princess he’s saving? Does he recognize it’s Amanda, not Penny, in danger when he arrives?

      My answer is YES to both questions. Lee did realize it was Amanda on that runaway horse. Not only is Lee Stetson’s name itself descriptive of his familiarity with horses: Lee jeans … Stetson hat .. imitating cowboy talk; Lee is attuned to Amanda’s body language. A quick comparison as he galloped towards them revealed he was saving his very own “princess.”

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      • #2018rewatch
        Love these thoughts on Penny & Amanda’s similarities. I thought back at the very first time they meet at the school that Lee seems enchanted to introduce them – but it’s hard to distinguish which of them he is more excited to introduce to the other!

        Also, wonder what BB felt about this episode, being a cowboy at heart and all. Kinda funny he didn’t really get to play that cowboy role in this ep. Maybe he just couldn’t top Ricky Joe.

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  7. OK–I just had to chime in with a couple more “bloopers”…
    Watch the door handle when Penny is talking to Amanda in the room (the door that Lee “Peter Pan”s in through)… it’s hanging downwards, then it’s straight across, then it’s hanging down at an angle, then Lee pops through. ROFL!
    AND–we not only have Stunt Horse (the two greys)–we have Stunt Saddle Blanket. El Diablo wears two different blankets… a grey one with the white and brown stripe at the front (seen when Amanda mounts and dismounts) and a cream coloured one with a W (?) symbol on it (seen just before El Diablo jumps the fence). 😀


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  9. I watched this tonight and I noticed so many things. I don’t remember what order this episode was in when it originally aired, I watch these in Iwsod’s order and so this one comes after Sudden Death and the first “kiss.”

    I think Lee calls Amanda frumpy here because that is how he is trying to peg her. He needs to put a label on her somehow. He has been trying to do that for a bit now, In If Thoughts he was trying the rule breaker/ rule keeper thing and asking Francine what it was about Amanda that got to her (maybe Francine could help him out), In Neighborhood it was how one should do a kitchen. Here he calls her a frumpy suburban PTA housewife and then…she hits it off with a princess that it is his job to guard and ends up getting a personal invite to a party with high ranking govt. types and she shows up in a low cut black dress looking very NOT frumpy. I think he notices this too. Right after he shakes his head at Reza for putting the woman he loves in danger (Lee does not like this idea) he watches the prince and princess walk away and his eye catches Amanda, it looks to me like he really notices her, not just sees her there. And he walks over to her and commences talking about business, but she isn’t here on business. Is that an excuse to walk over to her? and I wonder if he didn’t hear the sexy nightgown bit. That would mess with the frumpy image as well. Maybe he did hear it and that’s why he acted so funny flying in through the window (like Peter Pan)? Poor guy, he can’t figure it out, why is he attracted to this woman? And what to do with her, she won’t have a thing, she won’t even have a drink with him. But she will invite him for Thanksgiving and save his life (numerous times). What is a playboy Scarecrow to do?

    I also had a thought about Amanda’s heart to heart with Penny about he nightgown. She says that they need time to be Penny and Reza not just Prince and Princess. I wonder if that is part of what happened to Amanda and Joe. Maybe they got so caught up in their roles (EAO and housewife) that they couldn’t be a couple anymore. Maybe Amanda is sharing a bit of her experience.

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    • Yeah – Lee bursting through the window reminded me of Peter Pan too! Poor guy has no idea what has/is going to hit him!


    • I think Lee calls Amanda frumpy here because that is how he is trying to peg her. He needs to put a label on her somehow. … I wonder if he didn’t hear the sexy nightgown bit. That would mess with the frumpy image as well. Maybe he did hear it and that’s why he acted so funny flying in through the window (like Peter Pan)? Poor guy, he can’t figure it out, why is he attracted to this woman? And what to do with her, she won’t have a thing, she won’t even have a drink with him. But she will invite him for Thanksgiving and save his life (numerous times). What is a playboy Scarecrow to do?

      I agree with you about Amanda messing with his preconceived image of her being P.T.A. Mom-housewife-frumpy. She’s an alien compared to the workplace women Lee knows (Francine & the Steno Pool) or the various “i” girls he dates. There is great comedy because Lee is nevertheless drawn to Amanda. She persistently keeps him off-balance and is the source of Lee’s perplexed expressions that thoroughly delight me!

      It was fun having two sets of dimples at work in this episode (Lee and Princess Penelope).

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  10. It’s not just Stunt Lee and Stunt Amanda and Stunt Earl and Stunt Penny… it’s also Stunt Horse! The grey Arabian is two horses… one for the standing/walking shots and one for the action shots. The Stunt Horse has a longer mane, all-pink muzzle (instead of grey and pink), pink eye rims (instead of grey), and stockier build/thicker head. It’s most obviously seen in the Lee-saves-Amanda-at-the-cliff shots; the horse rearing and the one Stunt Amanda is helped off of is the Stunt Horse, but the horse Lee then Amanda then Lee is holding afterwards–and which Penny pets in the barn–is the photo-shot horse). Wah hah hah…!!!…
    Oh–and i love the fact that the ranch hand sort of implies that Diablo has an attitude, but nobody mentions the fact that diablo means devil. LOL!


    • Stunt horse, KC! ROFL!!! I can’t believe they needed a stunt horse! Guess the first one was too afraid to get near that fake cliff!!! I may now just have to go edit my 2/2 stats post because the horse is in it!


  11. It’s just occurred to me why this is called Always Look a Gift Horse. Shall I go sit myself in the corner with a dunce cap on my head LOL

    So we see Lee, Billy and Francine talking about the royal couple. I actually really like Francines hair here. Stylish, chic and nary an oversized bow in sight 😉 Not sure about the floatsam and jetsam that doubles as a necklace hanging round her neck though! Francine, the social climber, not attractive!
    Someone frumpier?! For shame Lee that was uncalled for. However he does redeem himself slightly with his concern when asking what the hell happened to Amandas foot. I did a bit of googling and it seems KJ hurt it on set early on in the series, poor thing.
    So Amanda goes with Lee to meet the princess. Urgh double breasted suit…..no Lee go back to single breasted with a waistcoat 😉
    Who wears orange lipgloss? The 80’s. The decade make up forgot……
    Now is Lee a follower of the New Romantics music scene? He’s either wearing guy-liner or mascara. Paint a white stripe over his nose and he could be Adam Ant LOL
    The princess is being given a baby buffalo at 4 o’clock? Really how does one find the words for such…..um…..an excellent gift LOL Is it small enough to travel back home in the princess’ hand luggage?!
    It’s funny to see Amanda look so flustered about going to the embassy party. For a regular housewife she sure has a lot of snazzy gowns 😉
    Amanda: how about the lavender (gown)?
    Dotty: No that will never go with the cast.
    LOL I love Dotty, she’s hilarious. Yep stick with the black gown. Black goes with everything. Including oversized foot bandages 😉
    So good to see Amanda getting one over on Lee, yes she has an invite, no she’s not bumbling in somewhere she shouldn’t. Amanda just owned you Lee 🙂
    So do embassies usually allow maintenance repairs to be carried out during parties, especially, parties involving people who have been target for assassination. Clearly in SMK land they do! Amanda looks lovely, especially with the roses in her hair. Oh Lee you are SO gonna regret saying Amanda is one of you. Freudian slip there? 😉
    Urgh Bo Johnson. Overfamiliar much?! Why should the princess have to give you a kiss and hug, she’s not a child. So it seems he’s also a misogynist and Rheza lets him be disrespectful about his wife, not good at all 😦
    Normally Amanda is keen to get involved in assignments and yet she is desperate not to go away to the ranch for the weekend. Nice play of reverse psychology tinged with emotional blackmail there Lee, Amanda will go after all 😉
    Lee goes to meet his informant in the alley. Dressed in a white jacket! Veeeeery inconspicuous Lee LOL
    I assume in US they have company registrations like the rest of us so why the need for Francine to go on a date. They work for the Government, why couldn’t they just look it up? Would love to know what Francine did do music with the IRS man…….all in the name of espionage.
    “Give her the gas” what’s not to like about a woman like Penny who talks like that 🙂 Amanda good for you, Lees ego needs taking down a peg or too, he most definitely isn’t that cute. Ok I am lying but hey does his ego need feeding? I think not. I love his rather sexy way of saying “yes ma’am”, makes my stomach curl! Normally have a weakness for Scottish or Irish accents but I can definitely accommodate country boy Lee in there too 😉
    Bo, Bo, Bo…….you’re worth millions. Can you please at least buy your own cigars and stop pinching them off your minions!
    Lee in plaid! Channelling what appears to be a bit of Fred from Scooby Doo gang with a necktie :/ So Lee you want to buy a dandruff infested cowboy hat? Ewwwwww. Is that the best line the top agent can come up with?!
    Nice bit of action shot with what looks like BB is actually driving the jeep (rather than a static car or with it on a platform). I am guessing when SMK was made no one had high definition TVs so the sound doubles were less obvious ROFL.
    The tag. “A thing”. Is Amanda unable to say the word *whispers* affair? Is it a dirty word? Love it when Amanda calls him Scarecrow. You just know he’s in trouble when she uses that. Ah the smile. It’s criminal to have a smile that good tee hee 😉


  12. Melissa Robertson

    Love the tag here…where Amanda makes Lee not look at her while talking…too funny. I like how she calls him Scarecrow (don’t really hear her call him that much).


  13. Hi again! 🙂

    So Penny starts talking about how things were between her and Rheza… She says they used to be inseperable until work and duties came in between. I find that very honest and touching, maybe because she describes a fight we all know: the struggle with everyday routine. A test that probably every couple has to stand.

    Oh no, here comes Amanda’s marriage advise, including the sexy nightgown. Sorry, but I do not find this convincing in any way. First, I don’t believe Amanda’s advise could really help to overcome problems of the kind that Penny describes. Second, I can’t believe Amanda would ever give such advise: To me it seems totally out of character. Althoug KJs delivery of the line „It could be better without the sexy nightgown“ is quite funny, LOL.

    I love the „Oh ho hooooooooo“-business! Especially since it is this particular gorgeous looking oh-ho-hoooooo. Strangely enough I do not really like the way Lee pops in through the window with this rather fake-spounding „Hi“! If you ask me, that’s out of character, too… As well as the dialogue about Lee being cute. Just not that cute. I like how Amanda gives Lee this little stab. He definitely needed to hear this for once. But I don’t know: At that point of their relationship it sounds a little weird in my ears. Do you think the producers had an assistent-writer…errrr… apprentice-writer for one day or so???

    Lee and Amanda go back to business. Yes, Ma’am… Ohhhh boy. And we have more baddie-talk. Yaaaaawn… I am loosing interest. Sorry.

    I feel so sorry for Amanda when Bo the neanderthal gives away her secret in front of Penny. What an awful situation. She tries to explain, but Penny is infuriated and doesn’t want to listen. Ouch.

    Teeheeee, Lee really is „kinda cute“ when he searches for clues, gets caught red-handed and suggests he was only the father of little Timmy, the cowboy-fan. Love it. But… uh oh! He gets busted. And Amanda tries to mount Diablo, but the attmept ends with her sliding down on the other side… Now that is quite realistic, I can tell! Believe me, I’ve seen that happen more than once. LOL

    Ahhh, here comes Penny with her wonderful lines! „I just feel a little silly, that’s all. I mean, here I am encouraging you to get something going with Mr Stetson and . . . you’ve been having an affair with him all along.“ Touché, Penny! What a witty and observant lady she is. Do you take Amanda’s „Hughhhh???“ for real? Or is she just trying to overact that she is trapped?

    Alright, I don’t think I have much to say about the rest of the episode. Except that Lee’s stunt double and Amanda’s horse riding double are so obvious it makes me laugh. I am not sure though if I realized that when I saw the episode for the first time. I can’t remember… Must be getting old, ahem.

    Iwsod, I don’t really mind that we don’t see Bo get his comeuppance (btw that was a word I didn’t know. I looked it up though). To tell you the truth I am happy we don’t have to see him again. Yes, Ma’am! 😀

    Love how Amanda and Penny say goodbye. It really is a sweet farewell.

    Iwsod, how awesome that you noticed the likeness to the „having-a-thing“-discussion in „There goes the neighbourhood“! This is so true! I never noticed! Well done!!!

    Isn’t it like a déja-vue when Lee incredulously asks „A thing??“! But this time it is Amanda who has the upper hand. She really gets him good. Love it!

    Aaaand that was the gift horse, folks. Looking forward to more comments… and to more awesome Iwsod recaps. Byeeeeee!


  14. I was so excited to see your recent updates. I have been too busy with family medical emergencies to rewatch any episodes, but I love reading your post.

    I always thought it was really weird that Amanda would give marriage advise too. Clearly the nightgown didn’t save her marriage. So why recommend that to someone else?

    Have a great rest of the week!


    • Hiya Samantha.. family medical emergencies?? man.. I hope things are ok.. or at least Better!!! Ahhh smk is a great balm for the stresses of this life sometimes 🙂

      Exactly Samantha.. I would have thought Amanda’s advice would be – don’t do what I did!! LOL!!

      Hope things are looking up for you stacy – love your avatar.. is that you playing Santa?!


  15. (I hope your move went well).
    Great summary as always, although I am desperately searching for brain bleach to erase the beer gut shot from my psyche. *shudder*.


    • Hi Cindy! the move isn’t completely finished.. I’m living between two cities at the moment..but at least things have slowed down!

      Here is something to erase the memory of Earl! 🙂
      I’m working on the next post now! (It’s such hard work.. so many pics of Lee in a tux!!!)
      Lee thinks of Amanda


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