2/3 Season 1, Episode 6: Always look a gift horse in the mouth

Time to party! Down the road comes a parade of flash looking Limos with fancy flags from different countries.. and.. Amanda’s station wagon..LOL! Let’s play: One of these cars is not like the others…. can anyone guess who is the odd one out???!!! That is a great opening to this whole sequence!

Love Lee’s “Oh my God!” when he sees her car arrive at the reception! ( I do wish we could have seen his face though.. oh well) I swear when I watch this scene I can’t help but Laugh out loud!!!!!

39Lee: Oh, my god.  Amanda, this is a closed party for a lot of high-ranking officials. Now your assignment ended 40at the elementary school, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to —

41( I love how Amanda is all smiles to Lee.. when earlier she was all stressed and didn’t want to go to this party anyway.. Yes Amanda! seeing Lee put his foot in it makes this party totally worth going to!! tee heee)
Amanda: No, no, I was invited.

 Lee doesn’t believe Amanda or react until the guard says “drive on Mrs King“..
42 43
44and then.. he is just stunned.. mouth gapping.. Ahhhh Lee the statue ( I always did think he was Michael Angelo’s David in likeness.. now I really believe it!!) and.. he stays that way, until she literally starts to drive off – Notice she doesn’t say goodbye to him like she would usually.. Whahahahaa!! suffer Lee..45


Wow.. hurray for those pesky pigeons!Exposing the baddie… I wonder if you can get those medals for acts of bravery in little pigeon size? they saved the royal couple! (and from that day on- no pigeon was ever served at a royal function ever again in the land of Zakir! hurrah!) and they all lived happily ever after.. la laaaaa laaa.a… oh wait.. no.. this is smk.. Lee must get the credit!! 

So Lee is the only one to spot the pigeons? and.. the only one with all the security around to take chase of the bad guy? …. what a guy..

Agent Dane is back.. two weeks in a row.. wow.. looks like he survived the bean dip incident ok.. Lee’s lost his scarf and coat.. now he means business! Endicott roofing? Dane is on it!!

Wow.. what a tough job being a prince and princess is.. they have just been shot at but.. the party must go on! Penny is sitting down hugging 47herself when her husband arrives and takes her hands to help her up.. he says ‘We really should go and 48speak to our guests’ and she is standing in front of him back to camera.. cut back to her.. and bing! she is sitting down again.. argh! Penny is so scared, she can’t stand up properly Prince Khan! whoops.. then she is standing up again back to camera.. and then…. she is sitting down and stands up again, but this time for good- because they are taking a stand against extremists using fear to stop them!! Winking smile49

Lee thinks they’re nuts.. but holds his tongue.. his eyes following them as they head out to mix with their guests- and Lee sees Amanda at the reception.. He makes his way to her. I Love Amanda’s first line (notice she doesn’t say hello???!!!!)

50Amanda: Well, they let you in!   HaHaHa emoticon

Lee: I don’t want the princess to know that you’re one of us.

Amanda: Gee. I’m one of us.

Lee: I know I’ll regret saying that.
ha haaaa!!! don’t worry Lee.. you wouldn’t end up regretting it one bit (but I am glad your suffering in the meantime! haaaa).. great pick up Amanda! I love how chuffed she looks at catching him out here!

This is the same dress she wears next week to the quickie chickie party..

Amanda forgets to not look at Lee and he quickly says to her: don’t move!

Ahh Lee you are such a pain sometimes! Amanda got you with the ‘Gee I’m one of us’ observation.. and the ‘they let you in’ comment ohh and the whole being invited and you didn’t know (haaaaa she’s had a very productive day!) so you’ve got to get her back and quietly walk off, leaving her talking to no one.. argh! Lee – that is soo petty Winking smile See the little smile he gives to the back of Amanda’s head as he turns to leave her? he totally knows what he’s doing!

Amanda finding Lee has sneaked away: That man has the worst manners.


Hey I don’t get this don’t face me when we are talking thing anyway- is it just me or does it not make any sense?? I mean everyone can see your lips moving???!!!!

I like Amanda’s hair with the little roses in it.. sweet!  ( much better than her headbands any day!)

Amanda is approached by Penny to introduce her husband. They’re a nice couple..
Amanda also gets an intro to Bo Johnson.. who interrupts them all – I  don’t like him!! Notice Amanda waves her hand around after Bo shakes it because he shook it too hard? !!! “He nearly broke my hand!”..

Great line from Penny here.. Amanda asks her if she is ok..

Penny: Yeah. I’m trying not to be a wet blanket and let, uh . . . attempted murder mar the occasion.

Penny explains Bo is an old friend of her husband’s dad.. He has permission to drill for oil in Zakir and he makes tons and tons of money out of it…

61Penny: He’s a snake.

wow.. good thing she isn’t hiding how she feels about Bo Johnson to Amanda!

I really don’t like Bo either!!! Bo has words with Rheza, he isn’t happy about Penny’s objections to his drilling rights.

Bo: When I was growing up in Texas, our women kept a bit in their mouth and plowed a straight furrow.

Ewwww he is just awful!!! I hope he gets punched but good from Lee before the end of this episode!

This Prince Rheza Khan seems to be a good guy.. I love what he says about his wife:
Rheza: Bo, Penelope is an intelligent woman. I wanted to marry an intelligent woman. I can not ask her to stop thinking or talking. and.. Rheza: I cannot order her not to be herself!

This is a quirky funny line here:

Bo: why can’t Penny be more like your mama!

Rheza: Aah! My mother would stay locked in her room all day with five portable radios. ( LOL!! so random it cracks me up!! not what you expected of the queen of Zakir either!)

Bo: and a happy woman she was too. ( Funny.. but.. UGH!)

Lee interrupts Rheza and Bo, and is introduced 62as one of the top guys at the agency.. (gee last week he didn’t want Amanda to say it! tee heee.. but oh wait.. yes he did!! haaaa) but.. Lee doesn’t look too chuffed with that description. Why not? Ohhhhh the next line explains it!!

Lee: Yeah. Um, have you seen the princess, your highness?
Rheza: No. Why?
Lee: She . . . seems to be missing.


Sooo.. The princess has gone to Amanda’s to see the thanksgiving play.. and refuses to tell anyone where she has gone. .. uh oh.. looks like this neighbourhood has some new pilgrams to welcome! Couldn’t they have just peeked their head around the corner? !! Love how Phillip  drops the loaf of bread when he sees them! Oh wait.. I think it is a plastic turkey! haa

I’ll bet Dotty was thrilled to meet Princess Penny!
Lee gets a call at home from a Mr Willis Parker. Its the assassin! uh oh.. He tells Lee to meet him in some alley and he’ll give him information on the assassination.. uh oh.. Lee wouldn’t turn up to that alone would he?!

Ohh that’s a lovely spot where Lee meets Amanda! Interesting, from a distance we see Amanda practically run up to Lee- in boots! – no caste! Hmm.. it does actually look like Amanda though.. I wonder if they filmed this scene before she hurt her foot..
Lee is getting to know Amanda..and how to get her to do what you want! He talks her into going to the weekend at Bo Johnson’s 64ranch, and spying on her friend..  Penny needs Amanda to do that for her- to save her husband from getting shot and Penny getting put in exile somewhere.. LOL..  Lee is learning.. ( and he looks mighty fine here ..) Hmm interesting how both Lee and Amanda seem to hang on to Amanda’s groceries together sometimes during this scene..

65Amanda: My dieffenbachia plant dies, you’re going to feel very guilty.

I looked it up.. never heard of this plant.. apparently it has poisonous sap.. could come in handy for a spy… Amanda.. Lee isn’t going to feel guilty about your plant.. you didn’t feel guilty about his tibetan ram’s horn!

66They always use this same shot of DC for when anyone is going to the outskirts of town LOL (it has a boat in the foreground parked on the side of the street, capital in background).. get a new shot guys.. yawn. ( All this episode needs is the jogging family out the front of Amanda’s and this episode has everything!)

Sooo Lee goes to the meeting alone?? ugh.. didn’t the little peach puff learn his lesson in ‘the first time’?? !! How did Lee know the warehouse was going to blow ? ok… poor Lee ruined his pretty white jacket..

ROFLMAO!!!!! There they are!!! whahahahhaa!! There goes the dad with his two kids running by Amanda’s!  They are super keen aren’t they? I wonder for how long they will keep using this shot…over and over and over..

Dotty entertaining royalty.. she is too funny!

67Dotty: Well, I know exactly how you feel. I mean, it’s not totally the same thing, but when I was made Homecoming Queen, I always felt that my little velour cape and my little crown kind of set me apart from the other students.

Wore it to school on a regular basis did she???!!!! oh my…

Oh no.. another headband on Amanda- a stripey one.. eww.. I am going to be glad to see the end of them..
: Amanda, if you should just happen to walk by Bo Johnson, and he should just be standing there with time on his hands, and a ball-point pen —
Amanda: Yes, Mother, I’ll get his autograph.
Dotty: Well, just something simple like, “To my friend Amanda.” “Amanda”! “To my friend Dotty.”
Amanda: I’ll tell him.
Dotty: With best wishes. And a big Texas howdy! And remember, it’s D-O-T-T-Y —
Amanda: Yes, Mother.
Both: Not I-E!
Amanda: I know.

oops.. sorry Dotty! I keep spelling your name wrong and wondering which way it is.. thanks for clearing that up! I wonder if Amanda fills her in on exactly what Bo is..ie- a snake! (who thinks Dotty should plow straight and keep a bit between her teeth.. eww the man is awful..)and.. I wonder if she gets his autograph!

On to Bo’s ranch.. and we see Bo showing Earl his wicked trick with the whistle and the horse.. got it.. Blow the whistle= horse goes crazy close to the edge of the cliff.. oh yeah and scary music.. ok.. can’t be good!

It is kinda funny when they are talking about the guy they killed cos he was going to talk to Lee..(ah so it wasn’t just a set up, he really was going to talk) -Bo is feeding his horse something, while he chews on a cigar.. both Bo and the horse are grinding away with their teeth.. !!!

Oh purlease!! spare us the cowboy songs.. Nice opening shot to the party though, the arab guys and a cowboy eating together..

70ahhh another don’t look at me scene!!!! Love it.. “My chilli’s betterLee says.. and then he tells Amanda off for turning around- ugh!

Lee: Pretend to be doing something else.
Amanda: Right.
Amanda goes ahead and eats her chilli..
Lee: What are you doing?
Amanda: Eating.
Lee: Eating?

Hmm yes eating! shocking!! .. strange concept for you Lee? you know.. you put food in your mouth, chew it and then swallow it.. you should try it.. What is so wrong with Amanda eating? ugh!

71Then Lee walks off telling Amanda  ‘ Who ever is behind this isn’t fooling around, so watch yourself. ‘ (Wouldn’t it be handy if she had ummm training?? so she could do that!) . Penny arrives 72and eyes off a departing Lee saying to Amanda “My chilli’s better!”.. well .. the chilli must be pretty bad! hehehe

Penny says to Amanda: He’s kind of cute.
Penny lets Amanda know Lee isn’t wearing a wedding ring…

73Amanda: Oh, no. No, I could never get involved with . . . anybody in that line of work. That’s, that’s too dangerous.
74Penelope: Sometimes dangerous can be fun.
(Penny ought to know! She’s the one with people taking pot shots at her and her husband – yep fun fun fun!! Winking smile )
75Amanda: Sometimes dangerous can be dangerous.

Ohhhh how I wish Penny came back into the show for an episode – so Amanda could agree with her that dangerous is most definitely FUN!!!

Why does Francine have to go on a date with a 76guy from the IRS to find information? surely there is some paperwork somewhere that says exactly the same thing…. 77( Francine finds out Endicott is owned by Johnson oil.. whooo)
I’m sure it was just a ploy to have Francine talk to Lee about the loser guy she had to date.

Francine: Yeah. Listen, Billy. Would you mind explaining one tiny, little inequity to me?
Billy: What’s that?
Francine: Well, it just seems that while I, the seasoned professional, am in here, digging through files, socializing with the IRS, Amanda, the rookie, is out whooping it up with royalty, ex-movie stars, and Lee Stetson. I mean, I’m asking you, who do you know that is better at mingling with and flattering the idle rich than I am?
Billy: No one.
78Francine: Ah-hah. So, you can explain the situation to me?
Billy: Certainly. That’s the way life is.
Francine: Why do I even ask these questions?

Francine, have some pride woman.. Forcing Lee to hear all about the imitation wood tables on your date does not scream ‘Professional!!!’ to me Smile  I love that Billy isn’t really listening to her… haa.. I can’t believe Francine asks Billy why she isn’t at the ranch but Amanda is! wahhhhhh!!!!

Boo hoo Francine.. remember Francine you weren’t frumpy enough to show Princess Penny around the school… so get over it.. Penny would have seen through your insincerity in a millisecond and you would have found out diddly… Dating a guy from the IRS? couldn’t happen to a nicer girl.. it is the IRS guy I feel sorry for! It’s interesting to note that Francine mentioned Amanda being ‘out with Lee Stetson’..hmm I always wondered if Francine fancied herself as his next partner.. I also think it is kind of funny to note that well for the rest of the show basically this is the way it is ( other than the hobnobbing with royalty that is) Francine digging through files, and Amanda out there with Lee.. ahhhh ain’t it sweet!!! Smile

Oh my! I am fast fowarding the wailing, oops I 79mean singing.. I… just… can’t… stand it!!! Stop Stop! I’ll tell you anything! Just .. please.. don’t try and sing!!!

They’re your guests Bo.. they have to clap.. (or maybe they are clapping at the fact he stopped wailing)

Where is Prince Rheza during all this? who knows.. it isn’t explained.. and he was suppose to have been mixing with Amanda and Penny most of the time.. weird.. we don’t seem to see him for the whole rest of the episode I think! ( maybe he hurt his foot Winking smile )Shouldn’t Lee be worried because he can’t find him??!!!!

Bo Johnson presents Princess Penny a gift ‘from the bottom of my heart. “- well doesn’t that make you sick.. given this is the way he is going to attempt to kill her! Sad too, that Penny actually looks to appreciate this gorgeous white gift horse…. (so much more practical than a baby buffalo! ) … cue the ominous music!

That’s all for now Ya’ll err everyone.. I’ll be back soon with part 3! Thanks sooooo much for reading and commenting!!! it is such an encouragement to me and spurs me on to do more!!! thanks again!!! Smile Happy New Year Everyone..

28 responses to “2/3 Season 1, Episode 6: Always look a gift horse in the mouth

  1. #2018rewatch
    Iwsod said: Amanda also gets an intro to Bo Johnson.. who interrupts them all – I don’t like him!! Notice Amanda waves her hand around after Bo shakes it because he shook it too hard? !!! “He nearly broke my hand!”

    Is it me or does KJ genuinely seem that her hand actually hurts after this Bo-the-snake-handshake? I noticed she seems to emphasize that hand for a bit. Bless her heart! She’s probably thinking, “Great, I’m already in a cast on my foot, and now my hand is broken!!”

    If only Bo had spent more time using those hands to perfect his chili instead of his handshake…


  2. #2018rewatch

    Amanda forgets to not look at Lee and he quickly says to her: don’t move!

    Here, Lee is on the steps above Amanda, who is wearing a dress designed to get his attention. In the “Sudden Death” episode, Lee mutters the same two words while he leans out the window to kiss her.

    It’s quite thought-provoking in the revised order with “Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth” immediately AFTER the kiss in “Sudden Death.” What did hearing “Don’t move” evoke in Amanda? What about Lee? Did he purposefully use those two words to remind her?


    • #2018rewatch
      Very interesting thought, Nancy! I think things are certainly simmering at this point for each of them, though I also think neither of them knows exactly what to do with it. I like thinking of the kiss/Sudden Death before this ep…it gives a whole other dimension to the words and actions between Lee and Amanda here.

      Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


  3. #2018 rewatch

    Maybe Bo’s chili explains why Lee (who enjoyed bean dip in ACM Kid) is suddenly so very anti-bean in The Long Christmas Eve…


  4. #2018rewatch
    Ok, first thing that cracks me up (other than Iwsod’s totally priceless and hysterical commentary that made my laughter impossible to go unnoticed by my children)- this must be set in November, right (Thanksgiving play)? So Lee is all coated up, and Dotty was all “let me find you a shawl” in the last scene…and then?!?!….here comes Amanda in her station wagon amidst the limos (love the music there) in her low-cut black dress..and with no shawl!!! 🤣 She had to be freezing!!! But perhaps also a little dressing to wow Lee a bit? (Still have that Sudden Death kiss on your mind a little, Amanda?)…the flower in the hair…anyway, it just makes me laugh. I wouldn’t want to be out in November in LA, I mean, DC without something on my arms, though!

    (Speaking of which, during the conversation between Rheza and Bo walking…um…that does not resemble the landscape of the DC area…ahem..😉)

    Also, Phillip looks like he’s the Romeo pilgrim the way he has his arm around his lady. 😂

    Lee. What are you doing with that jacket collar!?!?! I genuinely don’t know what happens in that scene because I can’t not stare at it.😂

    Is it me or are Amanda’s words and mouth not quite matching as she approaches Lee on the bridge? It is still a lovely little exchange, though.

    Amanda: Sometimes dangerous can be dangerous.
    This line has always fascinated me. And the way they zoom in to her here makes me think it’s supposed to be significant. I’m just not buying it, Amanda. I mean, despite her wanting some training to remain alive 😉, she seems to be very committed to and excited about this new role of hers (working with the agency), and obviously she sees Lee as quite dashing and no one can deny there’s chemistry there, whatever it is…so is she just trying to talk herself out of falling for Lee? Is this what she’s been saying to herself trying to rationalize away having feelings for Lee or minimize the possibility of anything romantic happening with him? Keeping Dean around still because he is the complete opposite of dangerous?

    Also, as a [self-appointed] member of the Billy fan club [that I just made up], I love how he handles his “children”, if you will. He really listens to Amanda’s rambles from the beginning, guides Lee into assignments with Amanda (beginning the biggest transformations of his life), and deals with Francine hilariously! He lets her get her words out and then just tells her that’s how it is! Oh, Papa Bear! You’re so funny!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. See the little smile he gives to the back of Amanda’s head as he turns to leave her? he totally knows what he’s doing!

    Yeah, Lee’s been admiring Amanda’s lovely neck, shoulders and back in that gown she’s wearing! I figure he’s getting mighty distracted … hot-and-bothered you might say! So he sneaks away to get re-prioritized; only to discover the princess has out-foxed him and fled to the suburbs.


    • Hey Nancy – just wanted to say I’ve been loving reading your comments that are coming through on my email – even if I don’t necessarily get to reply to them myself.. I can’t quite believe I covered this ep in 3 episodes! what was I thinking??!!!!
      W definitely have to go back and do season 1 in more detail!!! 🙂

      Love the thought of Lee trying to concentrate but he keeps getting distracted by Amanda’s outfit… ahem..


      • We definitely have to go back and do season 1 in more detail!!! 🙂

        I agree. In the meantime, to keep enjoying S&MK while RL has messed with your fun time, I decided to go back to the beginning, but am using your revised order. It makes for a more coherent story! Since I discovered JWWM as you were finishing S3, there’s a lot of catching up to do!

        Also been reading the 35th Anniversary of S&MK fanzine because attending the big event in Los Angeles was out of reach financially. Iwsod, it’s wonderful that you get to come up for some fresh S&MK air every so often!


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  7. “Hmm interesting how both Lee and Amanda seem to hang on to Amanda’s groceries together sometimes during this scene.”
    I was just Tie Patrolling this ep and was ROFLing at the way the paper towels keep tilting back and forth in the bag, depending on when the camera angle is from the front or from behind KJ. 😀 That really is something that SMK gets wrong (?) all the way through the seasons–the consistency between forward and backward shots (or whatever the correct terminology is)… but, yet another reason to love the show–it’s totally unpretentious!


    • I remember watching the show when it was first aired and catching a few bloopers but not a lot. Back then, in the dark ages, TV screens were much smaller with poorer resolution so you really didn’t “see” all the many goofs. I had a 36″ TV and it was considered huge! Now when I see all the “oops” and stunt doubles I think about how much less sophisticated TV and audiences in general were, me included! Although I have to say, nothing, but nothing(!), seems to interfere with my love affair with SMK! I am a hopeless romantic!


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  9. I love the expressions on the faces of Penny’s bodyguards when the guy starts yodelling… you can tell they’re thinking “WTF?!?”. 😀


  10. Melissa Robertson

    Amanda should have told Lee that she was an invited guest and not working…but then she likes Penny and wants her safe. But, just annoying that at first Lee acted like he didn’t want her there and now he asumes she will help!


  11. Hello! 😀

    Time to party? I’m coming! 😀

    Lee is totally stunned when he realizes Amanda is actually invited to the party… Theheeee so funny. Lee the statue, mouth gapping… Good one, Iwsod! He deserved that, didn’t he?

    On to a little action: A sniper tries to shoot Rheza (and Penelope?). Time for our super-hero to jump into action. Well done, Lee! But don’t you think your scarf and dark coat are way too exquisite to jump into the bushes like that? Haha, Teddycatnc: This must bet he reason why his coat and scarf disappear when he chases the baddies and reappear when he crawls out of the bushes! LOL

    I think Lee is very caring when he goes to check if the Princess is okay. He talks and acts in a very sensitive way. Bless him! But Rheza is determined to follow the agenda as planned. He does’t want anybody to know about the assault. Lee tries to object, but Rheza speaks with an urgency and intensity that literally raises Penny to her feet. Err… after a few attempts that is (theheee, Iwsod!). Yes Lee, you take a good look at that! This woman truly loves her husband and tries to stand by his side with all her heart… This is what commitment is about.

    Okay, on to the party… With Lee on the stairs, telling Amanda repeatedly not to look at him. Love Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s „Gee, I’m one of us!“ LOL. But what totally cracks me up is what Amanda says after Lee silently sneeks away. „Should we synchronize our watches? Lee…?“ Great delivery of KJ, don’t you think? She is so gloomily conspirative, just to realize he has spoken to no one but the wall behind her. LOL!

    Iwsod I heartily agree with you: Bo is disgusting. What a neanderthal. Someone please hand him a club to carry over his shoulder! Hooray for Rheza that he prefers an intelligent wife who can think and speak for herself! Lee is introduced as the top-agent, just a second before he has to admit that the Princess has disappeared… Gosh, how embarassing. Lee sounds pretty professional to me when he talks to Mr. Parker on the phone. I like that.

    Aaaaaaand here comes the big blooper! Amanda almost runs to meet Lee on the bridge… on two healthy legs. The cast has gone. Ooooooops! What a miraculous healing! 😀 😀 😀 I like that conversation on the bridge. Lee really does his best to talk Amanda into spying on Penelope… Well, maybe he just wants to reach that aim, but I think they are pretty close to each other in that scene… They seem to feel comfortable with each other.

    Gosh I didn’t realize until now that the producers used some shots over and over again… The Washington suburbs and the Dad with two kids running past? Ahhhh, I’ll keep an eye on that in the future… Thanks for pointing that out. Probably the producers wanted to be friendly to their budget, haha!

    Dotty entertaining royalty is a bit hard to take. I mean, I really love Dotty, but sometimes she is a liiiiiitle too much for me… Very funny though.

    Gee, the chilli at Bo’s party must taste pretty bad. Or else everyone is too self-satisfied about their cooking, haha! I love how Penny joins Amanda, looking after Lee and stating he was „kind of cute“… And she points out that he doesn’t wear a ring… Woooooooooo, Amanda, do you hear? I think her reaction is a little bashful here, don’t you? She is reluctant but you can tell she is clearly affected… Amanda may not want it… or want to admit it… but she is already involved. Ahhhh Penny, thanks for that insight!

    Oh my gosh, look at the phone Lee uses when he speaks to Francine! You could kill someone with that thing! (Btw my friend loves to call the really big old cell phones a „bone“… LOL!)

    Haaaaa, Francine wants to have an explanation from Billy! Why is Amanda „out there with Lee Stetson“ (interesting way to put it!) while she has to stay at the agency for desk work? Iwsod, I believe Billy does actually listen to her… At least partly. Look at his smile! Look at how much he enjoys to turn her down! Ahhhhhh, that is so satisfying. Take that, Francine! After all, you never tire pointing out what a glorious Pro you are… 😉

    That’s it for now. Iwsod, I hope everything goes well with your relocation and your new job! Looking forward to the day you’ll be back.
    All the best!


    • Hi Karen!! I emailed you this morning 🙂 I love your comments!!! Please keep them coming!!!! I must finish up here but just wanted to let you know – you rock! I will respond to you more fully soon as I can!

      Thanks for reading and sharing too!!! 🙂


  12. May your move be stressfree and uneventful. 🙂 Like I said before, you have the knack for getting the perfect screen shot (it just reinforces what incredible actors KJ and BB are). I am looking forward to your future posts.


    • Ditto, ditto. Your screenshots and witty commentary are a wonderful combination as we wait for season 3! Hope your move goes well and DO NOT MISPLACE YOUR COMPUTER OR DVD’s!!


  13. Hi Everyone! Thought I had better let you know I will be a little delayed in responding to comments and maybe in posting the next part of this episode- I am currently in the middle of packing my house, relocating to another city and changing jobs.. sooooo I will respond to you as soon as I can ( hey, maybe you can respond to each other 🙂 ) I’ll try and get the next installment of this episode up as soon as I can and then I’ll get back to responding to comments.. but should have much more time in a week to give smk and all it’s lovely fans the attention it and they deserve 🙂

    Happy 2012 everyone!!


  14. LOL…did you notice Lee’s jacket and scarf disappeared when he was chasing the baddie and reappeared after he jumped in the bushes? LOL


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