1/2 SMK Stats: Sudden Death

Give e a “D”, give me an “I”, give me an “M”…okay, do I really need to spell it out? D-I-M-P-L-E-S! This episode is full of them! I’m thinking it should be renamed “Sudden Dimples” because they just pop up all over the place! Thank you to whoever is responsible for making up for that damned duck episode! Oh, and let’s not forget about that cover (don’t move!) kiss, ahem. We also have our first Lee wink – finally! Okay – let’s get on with it….


Once again Amada was well behaved.  You know, I’m beginning to wonder if we think that “Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her” is really more of an overall reaction to his being annoyed at her challenging what he wants her to do by asking “Why?” and not just doing it.  For example, she questions his wanting her to take the football play to the agency, but she does it.  So far in this season, we see a lot more of her just giving him a hard time versus her not doing what he tells her to do.   When does all the “she never stays in the car” start happening?  Thoughts anyone?  


AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

Finally!  Our first Amaaanda!  Actually, we get three of them! 


amaanda 4





She is in the middle of an Amandaramble, Lee!








amaanda 1





This one is said with a little lower volume, but Amanda is still Amandarambling, she can’t stop!






amaanda 2







This one is said with gritted teeth and drags on at the end…finally the Amandaramble is finished…..

amaanda 3

AK:  Yes? 

Love the look on Lee’s face here.  What do you think is he thinking?

A:  Why did I have to give the damn package to HER?

B:  Will you just shut up?

C:  Cassette?  Fingers?  Chocolate cake?  You’re kidding me, right?

D:  I wish we were in a much more natural position….

E:  What are you wearing?

F:  Other 

p.s.  Please cast your vote in the comment section, but if you pick F, then you have to share!!


LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)

 Still waiting for this one!



lee hit 1

Poor Lee!  Looks like he got laid out flat here!  Too bad we can’t see his eyes.  Is this really Lee or is it stunt Lee?

lee hit 6

A:  Lee are you sure you should go in there alone? I mean, it could get dangerous.  L:  Amanda, please. I’m a professional, remember? I think I know a little bit about this.  Hahahaha!  That’s what you think!  You forgot to think they might expect some company because Amanda was sooo obvious when she tailed the baddies to their hideout!  These baddies ain’t no dummies!  They’re really not.

lee hit 3

After being taken by gunpoint, Lee then gets punched in the gut – ouch!  Sad smile

lee hit 4

Then he has to spend the night in a straightjacket!  Awww, doesn’t he just look so cute!  Geez, how many phones does a bookie joint need?  And how can they tell which one is ringing???  Back then, didn’t they all ring alike?

lee hit 5 

 Yowza!  Look at our hero go!  Too bad the coach can’t see you stick him with your face, Lee! 

Amanda Boo Boos

a booboo 1a booboo 3

a booboo 4

Okay, so maybe we can’t call the “nudge” on the arm a boo boo, but that armpit smell is an assault on the senses!!  Love KJ’s face here – this makes me laugh every time I see it.  That locker room must really reek!  What she puts up with for the sake of national security!

Bela kiss

Hahaha!  I’m thinking Amanda may call this kiss a boo boo!!! 

bela kiss 2

Coach Leopold:  Another interview, Mrs. King?  AK:  For the Sunday Supplement.  ROFLMBO!!!  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think that is funny???

bela kiss 3

AK:  We get it any way we can, heh!   Rolling on the floor laughing

lee hit 2

Uh oh, Amanda is taken at gunpoint with Lee too.

a booboo 5

And also gets to spend the night in a straightjacket.  Guess these baddies don’t know where the one and only rope store is…or maybe the prop department ran out of that white rope!  I just have one question though.  Why didn’t Lee use his teeth here to undo the straps?



touch 1

I am perfectly able to take off my shoulder pads!!! 

Cranky Lee is back!

touch 2

Ah Coach, this is Amanda King of The Blaze.  She’s a reporter.  She’s uh, wantin’ to interview me.


Okay, Lee’s hand on Amanda’s head.  Amanda’s hand on Lee’s arm.  Lee’s other hand on Amanda’s arm.  Not sure where Amanda’s other hand is – looks like it’s on the window maybe.  His lips on hers.  Her lips on His.  So that makes for 5 touches?  It all lasts for damn near 5 seconds.  5×5=25?   Tee hee…just kidding!  I want to make sure I’ve got it right though, so I’d really appreciate it if you all could make sure to watch this over and over and over again and let me know!  Open-mouthed smile

touch 17

Save yourself for Sunday!

touch 18

Right arm….

touch 19

Left arm.

I’ve purposely left the text on these last few photos brief because I’m sure your eyes are still picturing the lip lock and your brain is just all fuzzy right about now.  Winking smile


Who left their keys this week?

No one this week! 

Jack Sightings


Jill sightings

Zip city. 

Gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

Okay, so there’s no dimple here.  Sue me.  I just love the look on Lee’s face!

dimple 2

Ahhh, here’s the dimple in this scene….  Just wish random guy wasn’t in the background. 

dimple 5

Here comes smug Lee.  Looks like he just can’t wait to see Amanda after their cover kiss from the night before. 

dimple 6

Bring on the D-I-M-P-L-E-S!!  They are gonna start flyin’ left and right!

dimple 7

I just know there is a left cheek dimple in this picture, but they have the cameraman on the wrong side.  Nice leg shot!  Although, like Jenbo says in her comment, I do prefer longer shorts.

dimple 8

L:  Ahh, hello Mrs. King.  A: Uh, hello, Mr…  L:  Newcombe.  A:  Newcombe…Amanda is struggling here…Lee is lookin’ mighty fine.  Is she looking at his lips?  Anyone out there not think that Lee’s front and back shirt “placement” isn’t on purpose??? 

dimple 9

L:  Yeah.  A:  Hello…

dimple 10

L:  Did you, uh, make your deadline? 

dimple 11

A:  Uh, no. 

Look at Lee go here…he is really trying to make her squirm!!!  I do not find myself annoyed though.  Just jealous In love if I’m being honest!

dimple 12

A:  As a matter of fact I didn’t.  I still have a little, uh, more research to do.  L:  Uh huh. 

My place or yours?

dimple 13

Cheerleader:  Could you help freshen my pom poms?  A:  Oh, wait a minute.  Let, let me.  They don’t look too bad.

Is this a great profile picture of KJ or what?  Cheerleader, you haven’t got a prayer! 

dimple 14

 A:  All better now.

Love how Lee’s eyes never leave Amanda’s face in this scene here.  He is not so interested in the cheerleader as much as he is in Amanda’s behavior here! 



Let’s recap…

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 0

Amaaanda! – 3

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 5

Amanda “Boo boos” – 4

Touches – 10 or 30, depening upon how you look at that kiss! 

Who Left their keys this week? – 0

Jack Sightings – 0

Jill Sightings – 0



Thanks everyone for reading!  Would love to hear your thoughts!  And let me know if I’ve missed something.  Stay tuned for part two…there are lots more dimples to come!  Here is the link to iwsod’s first post on this episode!

17 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: Sudden Death

  1. My answer, after years 😉 of careful consideration, is B because in the car Lee wants her to stop the chatter. HOWEVER! Later, on the practice field in his skimpy shorts facing Amanda, I noticed something quite revealing. Lee keeps his hands clasped behind him then, firmly on his hips. WHY?

    To contain his overpowering desire to grab Amanda and kiss her again. Was last night’s spine-tingling kiss, that rocked his opinion of her, for real? I’m thinking that kiss was replayed continuously in their dreams last night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah – can totally see this!


    • Lee keeps his hands clasped behind him then, firmly on his hips. WHY?

      Haha – Given where we are in the walk now, I’m thinking this may be a ‘peacock’ type move 😉 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • The way I see it, Lee did show up at her kitchen WINDOW (returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak!) with a bottle of champagne and two glasses AND he gave Amanda the football — as a memento. Lee said he was celebrating the end of his illustrious football career, but was this his clandestine way of celebrating that kiss?!?! You know, how you keep a movie ticket or matchbook as a memento of a first date or first kiss?

        I was just thinking about their first kiss after we heard his first, “I love you” and discovered this delightful BJo interlude. Love this!

        Liked by 1 person

        • BJo’s stats are great fun!!! 🙂

          Maybe one day BJo will like to do some more – but no pressure BJo!

          Hmm I had not thought about that window kiss and this window tag in a long time! So wonderful to be reminded and to incorporate early smk some more into the walk through season 4 – it becomes a little blurry after however many years ago we walked through it.

          Your theory on Lee’s motivations here Nancy is IMHO pretty romantic and positive 🙂
          I don’t tend to read early Lee so positive! lol!

          I have noooo idea what I wrote back in the day, but today? I’m wondering if this little ‘celebration’ was a way for Lee to give himself some closure on this case – maybe – closing the window on his time with Amanda as Sandy Newcombe and on that kiss! A way for him to distance himself from it, and move on! [ or so he thinks 😉 ]


          • “Your theory on Lee’s motivations here Nancy is IMHO pretty romantic and positive 🙂 I don’t tend to read early Lee so positive! lol!”

            I think Lee, who is still the “playboy,” is ALWAYS open to possibilities. It’s hard to believe he has the reputation of a superb lover, if he’s not romancing the girls he dates. Were he a love ’em and leave ’em type, they wouldn’t still be fawning over him after he’s moved on.

            “I have noooo idea what I wrote back in the day, but today? I’m wondering if this little ‘celebration’ was a way for Lee to give himself some closure on this case – maybe – closing the window on his time with Amanda as Sandy Newcombe and on that kiss! A way for him to distance himself from it, and move on! [ or so he thinks 😉 ]”

            Lee’s first impressions of Amanda came from the overnight in “There Goes the Neighborhood.” So if Lee just gave her the signed football, I would agree wth your conclusion. I would still agree with you if he brought two bottles of beer … but champagne? Champagne is definitely NOT an American football beverage (maybe it is for the football I know as soccer, but that’s not the sport under discussion here). Champagne is for romance and celebrations. Amanda’s response to his kiss has rocked his previous opinion of her. Lee wants to kiss her again and is employing romance to achieve his objective. I’m certainly not implying that he wants to date her or is in love with her … no, at this point, he’s just “testing the waters” and wants to kiss her again when it’s not a catch-her-by-surprise cover.


    • hoooooo haaaaaaaa!

      iwsod fans herself furiously!


  2. ROFLMBO! That kiss when Lee pulls back and he looks at Amanda – i think she may have taken advantage of our Scarecrow!
    Lee in those training clothes…vapours…falls over…smelling salts…ooooh! Salt mops up the drool nicely ( erm…again not mine – the Scarecrow should come with a warning label BTW!)
    Thanks thanks thanks for sooooo many screenshots of Lee in THOSE CLOTHES! it’s my wallpaper 😉
    And looking at the smugness on his face in those shots – he’s sexy and he knows it! LOL!


    • rofl ebineez you are going to town on Lee goodness tonight! be careful not to overdo it 😉 tee heee!!! I’m enjoying reading of your enjoyment – BJo has done a fantastic job of just enjoying smk with her posts huh! 🙂


      • LOL! I know! I did warn BJo that I was starting the stats posts from the beginning so there would be a multitude of nuisance comments from me over the next few weeks. I am quite enjoying reading through these few eps tonight’s though – they all seem to have Lee’s bare legs in them – how can I resist?!


  3. Seriously?! It is hot in here!! Bjo, how are you still functioning after spending all that time on legs, oops, dimples and touches and all?!?! OMG, you must be Wonder Woman in disguise!
    *slinks off to douse herself in ice water*


  4. Hi guys! Love your F’s! I do think most likely B although I like D or either of your thoughts much better!

    Oh, Jenbo, you silly girl! These picture are not shots of Lee’s legs, they are shots of dimples!!! 😉

    Yeah, Cindy, the temperature is definitely rising…especially when taken out of context! Hahahaha!


  5. Casting vote for F: he’s thinking OMG how can I be attracted to a woman who talks so much, I mean Celeste, Phyllis et al never talked this much, they knew when to keep their mouths shut and get down to business they didn’t need to chatter and use weird confusing analogies to explain the most simple things. Oh no. I’ve just Amandarambled. It’s catching. Someone put me out of my misery…….
    Or perhaps it’s D although most likely to be B 😉
    Thank you BJo for providing so many screen shots of Lee in his short shorts. I stand by my original comment of not liking men in hot pants 😉 BUT wow these still have certainly given me the chance to droo…..I mean appreciate BB’s legs. He has got great legs……
    I agree the t shirt thing is a set up to enhance his derrière but do ya hear me complaining? I think not…….


  6. What is Lee thinking? I choose letter F. He’s flashing back to the kiss and thinking “I could kiss you right now!” Of course that could be wishful thinking on my part.


  7. ” Why didn’t Lee use his teeth here to undo the straps?” *loosens collar* Is it just me, or is it suddenly getting really warm in here?


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