3/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

We rejoin Angelo and Lee out in Angelo’s yard.. Angelo: Eva made me see what a tremendous 57opportunity it was (to go to Russia). Well.. there is a great big flapping red flag!! It was Eva’s idea.. 

58Lee wonders what Eva told Angelo about him.. enough would be my answer..

59Angelo: Oh, she told me that she had been seeing you at the same time she was seeing me, told me who you were, what you did for a living. I asked her not to tell me any more. (Angelo is too good for Eva!)
Lee: You did?
Angelo: I’m not stupid, Lee. It doesn’t take ESP to see that a man in your profession will confess such things only to a woman he thought he would be seeing a good deal of.

Angelo is a clever guy.. Although, his wife would have been able to work this out too- and what does that say about her?? ie. she knew he had feelings for her, and strung him along!

Someone is ringing the doorbell.. Lee yells at the front door and an agent answer ‘ Code 34 scarecrow I’ve got someone here with me.’ – Hmm Code 34 means I have an evil woman here with me who faked her own death, intends to seduce you, use you and betray you? handy code that one.. Ok.. Ok, bring Eva back.. get it over with.. where’s my vodka..

may I come in? ” yuck.. interesting that she (at least to my mind) is not an absolute stunner..

62So she gives Lee a hug first.. before going out to her husband.. she knows what she is doing.. reow! Good Lee in directing her out to her husband..

63He can’t seem to help himself.. Yes Lee.. watch 64them out there.. they are married!!!!!!! It’s over!!!

You know what I comfort myself with here as I watch Lee with his sad puppy dog eyes over Eva and Angelo reuniting? One day, that is how Lee greets Amanda.. he grabs her and kisses her like a part of himself has been returned to him – and she says: – ohhhh Wow!!!!! ( know what I’m talking about??!! I will try not to spoil too much for people who haven’t seen beyond the official dvds yet!)

Oh poor Angelo! He is so happy to see her.. she doesn’t deserve the love of a good man like that!What’s worse is that she seems to have the love of two good men at the moment!! Lee is so sad.. poor Lee.. and poor Angelo.. ugh! enough of the touching music! Ugh.. sorry guys.. I can’t watch this and think like I don’t know that she is a total phoney with a stone cold heart.. I hate her!

Amanda shows up.. phew… and believes the dry cleaning man is really a dry cleaning man.. when he is an agent.. Haaaaaa ohhh perfect! We needed some light relief! 

65“Maid of iron” dry cleaning the sign on the van says…. Wait a minute, Eva turned up in a maid of iron dry cleaning van?? how appropriate for a woman with a heart of iron.   Is there any significance to the year 1953? It’s  a bit random they chose to include it and I wonder if there is any meaning to it.. Joseph Stalin (whose name apparently is derived from a russian word meaning ‘made of steel’ died in 1953- is this a hint that Eva is KGB? whooo and last week in Remembrance of things past, Lee was reading: ‘Stalin’ the book!) Was ‘maid of Steele’ ever the title of a Remington Steele episode? It’s interesting to think after this Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming went on to write Lois & Clark – you know.. about the man of steel!

The dry cleaning agent ( get it?!) tells Lee the KGB apparently know Angelo is in the country.. uh oh..

So, having believed Eva was murdered, on the day Angelo and Eva are suddenly reunited – they both decide to have Lee and Amanda over for dinner.. ROFLMAO!

All four of them sit down to a nice cosy awkward dinner…. way to go Eva, compliment Amanda’s being organised.. gag… that won’t work though, Amanda doesn’t like you (for reasons she probably doesn’t want to think about!!!).. and she can’t be won over by your charms like these two dills clouded by infatuation..

67Yes thanks SMK writers.. we have heard you talk about Liberty Larry’s.. twice! and we will be suitably provoked to remember this information when the time comes..

66Angelo is beaming and says he doesn’t trust cars, and when he and Eva lived in Milan they would walk everywhere.   It is hard to watch Angelo be so smitten with his wife here.. she really does a number on him- with everything that he goes through because of her.. I’d actually say compared to Angelo, Lee gets off lightly!

I’m sorry but any man who looks (stares actually) at another man’s wife like Lee looks at Eva here at the table, in front of Angelo no less– deserves a smack up side the head! That is just plain rude Lee..
Plus he knows Angelo knows how he felt about Eva.. ugh.. Lee is not a teenager, he is suppose to be a sophisticated spy- and he can’t keep it together for a flippin dinner? nooo excuse in my book sorry.. I don’t care how surprised he is that she is alive and how much he loved her – if he couldn’t keep a lid on it, he shouldn’t have had dinner with them. ok.. rant over..

Amanda can sense something at this table is not right!!!

So… why did Lee change his outfit for dinner? no one else did.. (too much drool on your plaid Lee?!)
: I think it’s terrible that the KGB would arrest you. And then tell Angelo that they had shot you.
Eva: It was a disgusting tactic, even for them. A guard at the Lubyanka was so outraged at what they had done, that he assisted me in my escape.
(is it just me or do you think Amanda was testing Eva here.. because something doesn’t feel right?!) Amanda gets up and offers to do the dishes, Lee panics and offers to help Amanda!

Ok back to the baddies.. now all dressed in black and loading their weapons.. they are about to make a move.. Please.. hurry. put me out of my misery! I just love how often people in smk load/ cock their guns.. it is too funny..

Lee is mopping up a storm… wow.. go Lee! He has never been more thorough in his cleaning.. poor Amanda.. Lee is in complete denial and dragging her along for the ride..

Lee: Do I detect a lack of enthusiasm for my work program? Huh?
72Amanda: my enthusiasm tends to fizzle around 1030pm!


73Amanda: Lee? I’ve got to get home. Philip and Jamie are having company spend the night, I have to be there to pretend like I’m not. (Such a great line!!)

Lee: Then, uh, let’s play cards.
Amanda: Cards.
74Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: You and I play cards?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Why should we play cards? We’ve never played cards before.
Lee: Well, we can start!

Cards Lee? This is really getting ugly! come on.. just tell her!

75Love Amanda‘s “Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh..” – now she gets it..

I think Amanda is good here.. she doesn’t push.. and she doesn’t act jealous.. good girl! (me on the other hand.. I can’t help it!!)

76Lee: What?

Amanda: you don’t want me to leave you 77alone with the two of them
78Lee: who? Angelo and Eva? I never really thought about it, why would that bother me? 79Amanda: Right. When something’s over it’s over, it shouldn’t bother you at all because it’s over. Isn’t it.
Lee: you know I’ll bet those things are ready to come out of the dryer.

As Lee walks off Amanda says : Did you notice how you just ended the conversation?
81Lee returns to Amanda ignoring her statement
: What do you think?
82Amanda: What do I think about what?
83Lee: Do they look happy together?
84Amanda: Do they look happy together?
Lee: Yeah.

Love how Amanda contains herself and thinks before answering Lee’s very telling question.. Amanda: Oh I don’t know… they’re a very attractive couple…
87aLove how Amanda says with great gusto that Angelo is very ‘intense and dark and handsome’ (and Lee doesn’t see it )

87The way Amanda flatly says Eva is ‘interesting looking’?..ROFL!! (and Lee thinks she is more than interesting looking.. )

Amanda tells Lee something about her bothers 88her, she can tell Eva is not in love with her husband..There’s no magic when she looks at Angelo.. Now, Amanda must know Lee has 89feelings for Eva and that this would only encourage him.. but she tells him anyway because it is the truth. Maybe Amanda was also testing Lee here? surely should would have known already he has feelings for Eva?? hmmm..
Amanda: why are you smiling?
92Lee: what smile? there’s no smile
Amanda: it is over isn’t it?

Lee: you know that stuff has got to be, got to be ready.

94Amanda: He did it again.

Maybe here is a good time to pose the question.. Is Amanda jealous?? Share what you think please! For me,  I would say not overly- or she never would have admitted to Lee that Eva was not in love with Angelo.. at the same time, she clearly immediately takes a dislike to Eva- so that could indicate a little jealousy.. but it could also just be that Lee is her friend and she can see Eva is stuffing him around so she doesn’t like her.. If someone wants to plead the case for Amanda being jealous here – I am all ears! I’d love to hear a different point of view of this.. maybe Jealous Amanda just doesn’t react in the normal way to other jealous people? ! I find anger to be a sure sign.. ( service above and beyond.. lee sounding like a jealous person I’m lookin at you!) and I don’t see any anger here..

Anyway, I will leave this episode here and try to build up some fortitude for the next scene.. cos.. I know what’s ( yuck!) coming.. Anyone have thoughts they would like to share? I would love to hear them.. maybe this is not a tough episode for everyone – I’d love to hear your experience of this episode! 

34 responses to “3/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. The one S5 Ep I actually like was the Irish 2 parter, just because the setting was terrific. I’m a sucker for eps set in old English houses (SMK Bromfield Hall, H2H Harts & Hounds…) Not as big on the other two 2 parters though.

    I’d be VERY interested to see how you order the episodes of RS if you want to just go by their relationship, because that series is all over the map. It almost feels like 2 or 3 separate TV series with the same cast and same characters. In S1 you feel like they’re already a couple, then we pull back to the “Will they/Won’t they/harassing each other” and then back again.


  2. I didn’t get a jealousy vibe here either. Amanda does not like it when women don’t treat their husbands right and I think that’s what she’s reacting to here. It happens in a couple other episodes where it doesn’t involve Lee and her reaction is the same – once on the wedding boat and once in Germany that I can remember right now. Sorry I don’t know episode titles or even what seasons offhand. But in this case it is bugging her that her friend Lee is being fooled by this woman.


  3. Ah. I am so conflicted about this episode. OTOH I like that we get some backstory on Lee, especially backstory that explains his emotional stuntedness, LOL. He’s completely compartmentalized his personal and private lives, and here’s some insight into what happened one of the times the two intersected. But OTOH… his behavior is kind of cringeworthy… I know we (I) tend to think of this kind of relationship angst as being more typical of the teenage years and that adults could/should be able to control (hide?) their emotions better. It’s almost like junior high school. “Do you think she likes me?” uuurgh. blech.

    But maybe this is the whole point with the heavy handed direction (good description whoever said that) of the scenes at the dinner table and in the kitchen… Lee is a real novice when it comes to identifying genuine and honest emotion both in himself and in others… “immature” maybe, to keep up with my junior high school theme… Anyway, it just kind of shows that the experience he’s had with emotional relationships (cover scenarios and his own contrived/scripted seductions … I’ll save my thoughts on that until later…) haven’t equipped him for this particular collision of the personal and the professional.

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  4. Well just as I was about to praise your eloquence, iswod, I hit some random button and my post is now floating around unfinished. Hopefully you got the other post and can put together my admiration for you wordsmith skills with my loathing of Eva. Yep, I do hatesssssss her, Gollum style, with all the nastiness that implies! Always have, always will!


    • hiya Jule.. eloquent? wow.. that’s a huge compliment! Hmm I wonder what I said? 🙂

      Sorry I didn’t get the post you mentioned.. it must have been eaten.. by the gremlins.. (drat.. not in spam or junk mail or anything! I’ve checked – booooo!!! you know what I do? when reply to posts or comments I write it in a word document as I read along.. and then when I am ready to post it I copy and paste it in – and I don’t delete it until I’m sure it’s posted on the blog..) otherwise I’ll read apost or comments and get to the end and forget all the things I wanted to say in response too! There is nothing more frustrating that putting all your thoughts down and then bing! gone!!! Sorry Jule! but glad you persisted and commented here! 🙂

      whooo you love LOTR too??!!! there are a few of us here!! I haaatttessssss her too! Don’t I precious!!!! tee heeee.. here here! good riddance Eva! Off to prison you go – with no bath beads or lipstick! 🙂


      • Thanks for the suggestion iswod. You know I always backed up work when a teacher (I was a special ed teacher and an assistive technology provider) writing reports galore, just to have them disappear into the school district’s computer netherworld. I will write my posts elsewhere first just to avoid another trip to, “OMG, what-the-frack-just-happened land!”

        And yes, I have been a lifelong fan of LOTR! Discovered it when I was a young teenager and have never faltered in my admiration of the wonderful world Tolkien created, even after having read oodles of sci fi and fantasy.

        But back to the episode at hand, I give Lee a marginal pass for acting so befuddled, bewildered and dimwitted. Having been all of those things when confronted by stupefying emotional situations at that age, and behaving as harebrained as Lee, he gets a one time pass to cretinous and moronic behavior in my book. Besides, really, he’s is just so drool worthy!! And yes, Eva is just ”interesting looking” in my book too, so rock on Amanda! Call it like it is!


  5. Your question about Amanda being jealous got me thinking. Before I was married, if I really liked a guy I made sure that I acted completely disinterested in any romantic way. I could see how Amanda could act so very objective about the situation even if she really was jealous. My response as a young woman was so that I would not appear vulnerable, I am sure. And I think Amanda would make sure that she was not vulnerable at this stage in her life. She is trying to be safe and put herself back together. That is part of why these feelings that she has for Lee are so unsettling, also why Dean is still in the picture. At least that was how I viewed Amanda’s reaction during this episode.

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  6. Urgh Eva hugging Lee nooooo. Lee looking heartbroken at Eva and Angelo 😦
    An outraged guard helped her to escape? Gimme a break…….that’s the lamest story I’ve ever heard!
    The best scene in this entire episode is when Lee talks about dust bunnies ROFL! Considering he’s portrayed as a slob he sure knows how to clean as a displacement activity 😉


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  9. Amanda is showing concern for Lee as a friend, not jealousy. I love how they can be honest with each other, even when Lee is ignoring the question. “It is over?”

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    • Agreed!!! In Lost and Found, I was impressed with what a trooper Amanda was.. she really came through for her friend Lee! Awhhhh!! 🙂 I’m really glad they didn’t got the jealousy route in this episode!


  10. Melissa Vivens

    I know I am behind on these posts, but I had to comment! I am thoroughly enjoying this SMK conversation. You can count me in on a similar exploration of Remington Steele. RS was and is my FAVORITE television show of all time. I watched RS 1.1 just the other day, matter of fact. It is fascinating to watch the evolution of Lee and Amanda’s relationship in juxtaposition of Laura and Remington’s. Lee and Amanda certainly had an easier time of it. Makes me kinda sad for Laura and Remington.

    I don’t remember the details of SMK episodes from when I watched them in the ’80s, but when I began watching them earlier this year, it astounds me how many secondary actors I recognize. Anybody realize that Angelo is Bernardo from West Side Story?!? That makes this episode even more bittersweet.

    Oh, and actually, I love Francine’s character. Y’all love to hate her. She is a wonderful foil for Amanda. But there weren’t any comments about her outfit in this episode? It was worse that normal. I am not even sure it matches. 🙂


    • AHHHH The season’s premiere of RS. Good Stuff!
      The ping-ponging of Remington and Laura bugs me more now than before (especially in the later seasons), but oh -my heck — there were some heart wrenching scenes. One that has stuck in my mind (and I need to rewatch it soon) is when L & RS posed as a couple in a marriage retreat course and a cover argument gets out of hand.
      It will be fun to do a comparison of Laura’s mother vs. Amanda’s. 🙂


  11. OH! I LOVE Welcome to America Mr. Brand! I thought I was in the minority on that too! ha ha! I’m sure you’ll get to it — I won’t say much — but I just love how Amanda strikes out on her own in that one and does an amazing job as usual. And frankly, that Mr. Brand absolutely cracks me up.

    I liked your thoughts, Iwsod, about Lee acting out of character b/c unresolved feelings and how that is not consistent behavior. Very true.

    And Cindy – your thoughts about Bruce and his acting are also true. that’s an interesting question. Maybe they decided to play it that way because of the unresolved feelings Iwsod described?


    • You know, I don’t think I’ve seen Welcome to America, Mr Brand. I’ll see if the episode is familiar when I get season 3.


      • Hey sorry for the delay in reply – I am very interested in what you have to say! I am studying full time now and find all my smk time gets taken up with doing the actual posts.. but today I thought I would have a break from posting and finally get to comments!

        That’s exciting you haven’t seen Welcome to America Mr Brand!! You must write a post on your thoughts while watching the episode that would be great! (not long now till it’s released!!)
        Also, did you mention somewhere checking the scripts with the actual episode? If you get around to it send me an email and we’ll take it from there – thanks Cindy!!

        Regarding the nextline after Eva ‘shoots’ Lee -My bad! I thought she was saying ‘I knew it wasn’t loaded’ – so glad you pointed that out to me.. oh well I will leave it in the post as is -and people can read comments if they want to find out what was really said 😉


  12. Oh yeah, Andrea — the kiss is what makes this very painful to watch.
    “We can see in this episode how immature he is by gawking at Eva as if she’s a highway accident that you don’t want to look at but you can’t help it”
    And Bruce is a fine actor and capable of subtly — I wonder why the powers that be chose to play it so heavy handed. I would assume that since Lee was one of the top agents, he would have been better able to control his displays of emotion — maybe show a moment of pain (only noticed by Amanda), followed by the schooled mask of indifference we so often see him use.


  13. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but this episode doesn’t bother me – except for the kiss between L & E. I think it would bother me if I hadn’t seen all of the seasons of SMK, but because I know what’s coming, I see this episode as perspective.

    I think this episode is important to show how Lee matured throughout the seasons. We can see in this episode how immature he is by gawking at Eva as if she’s a highway accident that you don’t want to look at but you can’t help it. But we see how his character changes over time, and so that’s what I mean by perspective. Because we know he’s kind of acting like a bottom-dweller here, we can appreciate him all the more when he rises above this part of his past later on.

    Also, I don’t mind this episode because it gives us a lot of information on Lee that we didn’t know before. Because Lee’s past is a bit of a mystery and because his past is so much tied into what makes him tick, I think episodes like this are important to get a sense of the whole character.

    Now having said all that, I will say that it’s a BIG, HUGE ding in his character that he follows through on the kiss with a married woman. Of course, a good character is a flawed character — as all humans have faults. I guess if that scene has any redeeming qualities, it’s that we see how deeply he actually loved Eva to cross that line. Up to this point, we’ve only see playboy Lee, so to know that he actually had deeper feelings for someone at one point adds another layer to his character. (And I’m sorry I talked about that horrific scene before you actually got to it Iwsod!)

    I agree with you, Iwsod — I don’t think Amanda is jealous in the least. I interpret her words and actions to be concern for Lee more than anything else. She is concerned for him because he is hanging onto a married woman, but she is also concerned overall because her stellar instincts tell her to be suspicious of Eva.

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    • Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Even if you think you are in the minority! I love that!

      Lucky you that this episode doesn’t bother you!! You’ll have to forgive me as I complain and moan my way through this one because it bothers me.. well that is obvious I guess! Still I hope my comments are not too depressing..

      I agree with you that this is a very worthwhile episdoe – I haven’t published the posts for the rest of this episode to the blog yet but rest assured – I draw the same conclusion as you do in the end – It is a very worthwhile episode overall!! 🙂

      Different things irk different people don’t they? I find the episode ‘ welcome to America Mr Brand’ lots of fun – but I know lots of people find it a drag… thank goodness we all feel differently and when others are struggling a bit with an episode – there are others who can remind us of what there is to enjoy in an episode.. and you are right – Lee’s growth in this episode alone makes it worthwhile!

      I have said a few more comments about the overall episode in upcoming posts ( there are two more coming) but one of the things I enjoyed in this episode was how Amanda kept her head- and she really came through for Lee!!

      Yes very true.. no one is perfect – I actually don’t think I would like Lee very much if he was too perfect – where is the growth in that? I figured he was acting out of character because of unresolved feelings.. and it is possible to act out of character occasionally – just not consistently – and consistently Lee proves himself to be a trustworthy guy.. plus as I say in an upcoming post – Lee doesn’t tell Eva he loves her – which gives me alot of comfort!!! 🙂

      Ahh thanks for sharing your ideas on Amanda and any jealousy – I am always curious as to whether I am starting off with the correct definition of something… I have heard others think Amanda is jealous – and if anyone reading this thinks this – i would really like to hear your ideas on this 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts Andrea! ( hey are there any episodes you can think of that you don’t like? did you like Mr Brand?)


  14. And gees, the guys sure had puffy hair in this ep. (last comment for this section, I sort of promise 😉 )


  15. After forcing myself to rewatch the episode, the one I thing I got from Lee and Amanda’s exchange when she asks “It is over, isn’t it?” and he changes the subject — he doesn’t lie to Amanda. The smart thing to do would be to deny, deny, deny (even to himself) and yet he doesn’t. I am not sure what to make of it. Does he need a confidant? Is he subconsciously trying to push her away by showing a less than noble side? And it seems that even though Amanda talks more, she reveals much less.


    • Hey Cindy!! what a champion watch the episode again!! It isn’t easy!! but I hope you will find it worthwhile in end 🙂

      that’s true! Lee doesn’t lie to Amanda that’s a really good point! 🙂 ( see my comment reply to Andrea about Lee’s character)

      What to make of it? I don’t think Lee seems to be trying to pull away from Amanda.. anyone else???

      I think he is thoroughly confused and instinctively he knows he can talk to Amanda, she will listen and he is safe to express all his confusion to her.. I like to think he knows Amanda holds a high opinion of him, and that one mistake or moment of confusion isn’t going to diminish this.. but it’s just a guess.. 🙂 interesting to think about though!

      ( Maybe one liar in the episode was enough?!!)

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  16. So that’s 2 votes for rrecapping Remington Steele when you are done here 😛 (considering Beverly Garland was in both series, I think it would be a natural fit)


  17. So happy that others were annoyed with Lee’s stupid behavior over dinner in this episode. It totally drove me crazy. I guess I took it as though Amanda felt the same way when they were talking after cleaning up. Not so much angry or jealous, as much as annoyed and piqued.

    I’d love it if you’d take a look at RS after you through with SMK. I’m rewatching them now as I wait for SMK season 3’s release. I think they have a fair bit a wit in them. Honestly I think you would see more in them than I would – from reading your episode commentary on SMK. I can’t believe how much I have missed. It’s making it seem brand new again. 🙂


    • Hi Shelley, I’m happy to read others were annoyed too!

      As I just wrote to Cindy in the comments for this post – I could do RS after this.. maybe.. Although it is time consuming so I would probably only take it on if I was part of a team of bloggers for RS.. I don’t know much about the show! ( maybe you’d like to do some blogging?!)

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts Shelley and for letting me know you are reading it is really encouraging! 🙂


  18. I appreciate you recapping this episode. I actually will watch it again to keep you company in misery (ugh — I’ve seen it exactly twice, once when it aired and once when the DVDs came out.)
    To answer if Amanda is jealous, I don’t think so. I think she is worried and hurting for Lee (and Angelo) and maybe a little hurt and confused herself. I think the fact that Lee is openly covetting another man’s wife would be disturbing to her (or maybe I am projecting — because it certainly is disturbing to me) because if he were to cross that line, that would negate everything she believed about him.
    And I don’t think Amanda’s instant dislike is due to jealousy. I instantly disliked Eva the first time I saw her. I will just chalk it up to women’s intuition. 🙂


    • Oh bless you!!! It is lovely to hear you are watching Lost and Found too!

      Thanks for responding about the jealousy! Anyone else have any thoughts?

      Is there somewhere between being irked and being jealous? Tee heee.. I wondered if Amanda was on the lower end of the scale.. but no anger being present, I couldn’t label it jealousy – but her ‘women’s intuition’ ( good one!!!) /immediate distrust of Eva did make me wonder!

      The actress playing Eva actually does a really good job of being thoroughly dislikeable 🙂


  19. Was ‘Maid of Steele’ ever the title of a Remington Steele episode? Nope, not even in that horrid, horrid mini season 5.


    • uh oh.. did I touch on a nerve there cindy with Remington Steele? I haven’t revisted that show in years because I’m so absorbed in smk.. maybe when I am done and dusted with all the smk episodes I could start looking at Remington Steele.. ( or is it not that good? ) I think I only watched the first few seasons when I was young.. was Season 5 the last season?


      • In a nutshell because I AM NOT BITTER AT ALL — Remington Steele was cancelled after the 4th season. Pierce Brosnan then got the role of James Bond (and Stephanie Zimbalist was cast in Robocop). Because of the excitement of PB getting James Bond, NBC decided to exercise its option and produce 6 (that’s right SIX) more episodes. They were abysmal (at least with SMK, Kate Jackson’s illness could explain some — not all– of the disappointing last half of the last season). Because PB and SZ were now longer available for shooting, the James Bond role went to Timothy Dalton and Stephanie’s role was re-cast.
        And I would love it if you did the Remington Steele episodes. I loved the first few seasons (first run, RS slightly edged out SMK for me, now we watch SMK more.)


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