4/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

I see the script for lost and found is now listed on Petra’s site -whooo hoo!! (thank you Petra and drprnces for sharing it with everyone!!! ) It is very exciting to see a season 1 script, I’ve never seen one before! ( see my link for Petra’s SMK website)

It is interesting to compare.. I wish I’d looked at it earlier, it’s a great distraction from the impending doom!! Amanda was initially going to work with an agent called ‘Jack’ when she was given the assignment to help Angelo? Hmm that’s very interesting!! so it wasn’t a solo assignment after all..

Also, in the script they had Angelo tell Amanda that it was Eva’s idea they go to Russia – that explains Amanda’s immediate distrust of Eva I think..

Is anyone interested in looking at the script in detail and sharing what you find? (we could even make it into a blog post if you like- with you as the author, not me) – let me know if you are interested in working on this little project!

I will refer to the script occasionally but won’t point out all the differences (sadly I don’t have time).

Back to the episode, and we find Lee is sleeping on the sofa in the living room. It’s the middle of the night and Lee hears noises, he gets up- ( What??? the script says he only has pyjama pants on!! – hooo haaa.. what happened?? too much sexual heat going on with Eva?? I’m major disappointed we didn’t see more shirtless Lee! Oh wait.. shirtless Lee with Eva? and what is about to happen? no no good decision! we didn’t need to see that at all!!! ) Anyway, full clothed 95Lee bursts into Eva’s bedroom… Eva is speaking on the phone- she says to Angelo’s doctor in Milan..

They wander out to the living room, Eva in only her nightgown. get some clothes on woman..

Oh great.. yeah put on Lee’s cardigan.. yep you know exactly what you are doing… and oh man.. 96I can only watch this scene once..

98Eva: Oh, yes, I remember. I should have known right then that there was something . . . 99dangerous about you.  I have thought of you so often in the last two years.
100Lee: Oh?
101Eva: Not without guilt. Angelo was in prison most of that time.


 Can you believe he is falling for that line? I had a better line than that in high school!!!Winking smile – sound familiar?! Am I sounding like a jealous person? you bet!!! I am very tempted to just skip this scene and take one picture.. but I feel it isn’t fair to Lee’s journey.. it is hard for Lee.. and it is hard for us to watch Lee.. but.. we will stick with it as good comes from it! and thank goodness he had all his clothes on!!

Eva: No, no. The truth is, Lee, I have made a mistake. I admire Angelo, I respect Angelo, and in that sense, I do love him, but if I am to stay with him, it would only be out of —
103Lee: If you were to stay with him?
104Eva: Well, I would never leave him until I saw him safe and happy.
[See the admiration Lee looks at Eva with when she says this? Like wow.. what  a good woman- she 105will only leave Angelo if she knew he was safe and happy- how deluded is that!! err Lee.. she is looking at leaving her husband.. but..if it is for you- well then that is ok I guess.. I comfort myself that Lee is not thinking straight here- or I would doubt his admirable qualities..]

106Eva: I may never leave him.  But I want you to know, in case it is never to be said, that I have 107loved you for all of those two years since I last saw you.  (ARGHHHH-I just want to bang my head against the wall…)Thank Goodness we see some resistance here, some attempt from Lee to keep a clear head.. Lee tries to resist..
108Lee: Billy’s right. I shouldn’t be involved with this, I just shouldn’t.
109Eva: Is that all you have to say?
110Lee: I’ll have myself taken off the case tomorrow.
111Eva: Lee, please. We may never see each other again. Did you
112ever love me? If you had told me then, things might be so different now. How do you feel?  (Ohhh so it’s his fault is it?!)

He couldn’t resist any longer.. especially since he still had feelings for her.. So she can’t leave Angelo until he is well and happy… well that way she can keep Lee hooked and stay with Angelo.. she is no dummy huh..what a piece of work! I am so uncomfortable watching this scene..


One photo of that.. is one too many!

The KGB show up ( you couldn’t have come any earlier???!!!).. and cock their guns again out the front of the house..right in front of the window..gee you would think Lee would have heard that.. anyway, so this is how we find Lee 114and Eva.. thank goodness Lee is fully dressed!!
It’s almost like Eva is waiting for the KGB to arrive- distracting Lee from their arrival actually now that I think about it..

The KGB burst in on Lee and Eva’s little cosy chat and it seems Angelo has gone…and so they are safe.. (he had probably left before Lee went and found Eva..clever guy!)

Wow.. that was a really fake looking back hander that russian eyeliner guy just gave Lee..

In the script only,  we have the KGB iron lady (whose name apparently is ‘Magovich’)  deliver this fabulous line to Lee: So, Here we have you in your pyjama bottoms, Mrs Spinelli in your pyjama top (Yep, instead of the cardigan!ugh!!), and Mr Spinelli missing from his bedroom. Obviously a fascinating situation.

ROFL!!! I am so glad they didn’t go with the whole Lee semi naked thing.. but rofl!!!!

Ahhh Amanda arrives again.. hurray for Amanda.. she is greeted at the door by a neighbour who was being very nice and all..but 115her timing was terrible.. and in they walk into a trashed room and Lee adjusting his gun 116holster  heheee…. The KGB left when they heard Amanda arrive?    Lee calls Billy and fills him in.. whooo he admits it was strange 117that Eva was talking to a doctor at 3am.. How did Angelo escape if he was with Eva?? suffer Lee.. Lee has to admit to Billy ( and Amanda listening in) that he and Eva were ‘talking’ all night long together.. that’s gotta hurt! Lee’s reluctance to share this info is encouraging… already there are signs he regrets what happened! 😉 ( so great how Amanda just wordlessly waves her hands in sympathy when Lee hangs up from Billy and he turns to see her reaction- smart woman our Amanda.. best to hold your tongue – for now!!)

On that note.. I will hold my tongue for now too!

This episode may turn into a 6 parter! I’ll see how I go..  If you can write and say hi and what you think please do!

By the way, you don’t need to have signed up to the site to comment (although that is a great thing to do too! Winking smile ) – you can still comment, they will just be a little delayed showing up as they must go through moderation first.

So go for it and have your say! Open-mouthed smile

Anyone else struggle to watch this episode? Or is everybody skipping reading this episode? LOL!! Thanks for reading and bye for now!

10 responses to “4/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just wanted to add that both sveipt drafts I’ve seen describe the scene after the kiss as “Lee & Eva” have been talking. It never went anything further so we can all breathe easy.

    I think what saves this ep for me is that we see Lee IS conflicted and they set up a more sympathetic scenario where he’s gone from grieving to not grieving in less than 24 hours all the while having to help the man Eva chose over him. They could have made this so much worse.

    Plus I love seeing this vulnerable side of Lee and learning more about his backstory.


  2. Why oh why could we not have had an interrupted almost kiss here??!!! How happy would we have been to see the KGB? So many kisses on this show that I actually want to see end up getting interrupted, but this one gets to happen??!! NOOOOO!!! My eyes! My eyes!!

    The same things could have been accomplished with an almost kiss. Oh, how I wish they had gone that route!


  3. I’m in the clear minority here, but this kiss doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should. Eva comes onto Lee, manipulates him, and pretty much bulldozes him into kissing her. I think he reacts with “old habits” in the sense that when last he saw Eva, he was a single guy and neither of them had other emotional attachments (at least as far as he knew). So he never had a chance to reconcile his feelings with the reality that she was with another man – other than in an academic way i.e. telling Amanda about it.

    As far as within the SMK world goes, I have “La la la la I can’t hear you” syndrome when it comes to either of them kissing or getting involved with anyone else. That being said, and I could be wrong here, but other than … well, if you know you know and if you don’t I won’t spoil it… isn’t this pretty much the ONLY other time we see Lee in a clinch with anyone other than Amanda? SMK seems to have Amanda forming romantic emotional attachments a lot more than they have Lee forming romantic attachments. We might hear about his “Randi Baby”s, but we generally don’t have to watch them. And thank goodness for that, LOL…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Not loving Lee here. I know it’s a complicated situation and he thinks he loves her(doesn’t truly know her so can’t truly love her, loves who he thinks she is) but I hate it when people get involved with other people’s marriages. As a woman I would not do that to another woman and as a man he should not do that to another man. It would never happen in a million years because she is so unwaveringly loyal to him but could you imagine how Lee would feel after he and Amanda got together if he saw her in a compromising situation like that. Even without the kiss if he just saw her so physically close to another man in the middle of the night talking to him so intimately. I think with the way he love and trusted amanda that would destroy him worse than what eva did. It seems Angelo feels the same way about his wife. God knows why.


  5. I know that Eva was playing Lee, and that Lee still had unresolved feelings for her, but… dang nabbit man–that’s another man’s wife you’re kissing! All sorts of wrong! Grrrrr…

    You know what I find funny, though? Why on earth did the KGB agents set the pictures on the wall all askew?!?!? The broken lamp, OK, but the pictures?!?!? ROFL!


  6. They’re right when they say Love is blind…….Eva is on the phone to Angelo’s doctor. He’s becoming depressed. Really? The man has escaped, prison, come to America and found out the wife he loves is in fact not dead after all and have been reunited with each other. Jeez I hate to see how he fares when things are really bad 😉 Lame, lame, lame……
    Thank goodness they didn’t follow the script and have him in his PJ’s it’s too much to bear thinking about…….


  7. I will have to read the script — sounds fascinating. I think the episode would have been better (more believable) with the first changes you mentionned . Amanda was supposed to work with Jack — which makes her comment about working only with Lee make more sense. That comment always bothered me and made her seem clingy? insecure? And Angelo telling Amanda rather than Lee about it being Eva’s idea to go to Russia would make Lee’s blindness to Eva’s true nature a little more easy to take. But I will happily give up those changes to be spared the scene of Eva in Lee’s pajama top. To paraphrase Amanda “What in Samhill were they thinking?” Suddenly, the icky kiss seems much more mild in comparison. That would have destroyed the show right there.


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