1/9 Season Two, Episode 2: Times they are a Changin-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi all.. well the title this week is a reference to an old Bob Dylan song huh…. 2 Bob references 2 weeks in a row.. someone was Bob happy! Smile
We start out with some grand vistas of Munich..  Gorgeous!!!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000088588

We meet Amanda, Dotty and the boys at the glockenspiel surrounded by sightseeing crowds..
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000125625
I love Amanda in pink! ( yes Pretty in Pink!) and she looks so relaxed and happy to have one a contest and be in Munich!
Amanda: Oh, well, Mother, you know, you really should have won. You enter every contest the grocery store ever has.
Dotty: I know, plus fifteen sweepstakes, don’t forget, no luck. You walk in, you buy one can of
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000138938coffee and do you imagine, you have the winning ticket.
Amanda: Oh, it is fun, isn’t it? Open-mouthed smile

We get to hear Phillip and Jamie say the knight fell. Yup.. big clue.. but first time I saw this I 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000155755didn’t get it Winking smile Mind you I tend to only half listen to Phillip and Jamie’s whinging and arguing.. meh! YMMV!  (They’ve been in Germany four days before Lee gets in touch with Amanda? hmm.. I guess maybe they didn’t know when Amanda would be needed..)
Dotty: Amanda, you know, I counted every little coffee bean in that coffee can —
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000202702Amanda: Oh, you did?
Dotty: — and do you know what your lucky number is?
Amanda: No, what is it?
Dotty: One thousand, six hundred and thirty-eight.
Amanda: Gee, you know, I always kind of hoped my lucky number would be seven.

Ahh Dotty.. I am glad this trip is broadening your horizons 1BIG GRIN
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000218118 I think this is a lovely bit of subtext here coming up… check out the dialogue right before Amanda is surprised by seeing Lee in the square!
Dotty: It was more than luck when you picked out that coffee can. I mean, that was intuition. Your grandmother had the same thing! She had a special touch. [Love how Dotty says Amanda has intuition to choose the right coffee can to win a trip to Germany, and that Amanda’s grandmother was the same – whoooo.. is this a hint that Amanda’s grandmother was really a spy? Winking smile]
Amanda: Oh, Mother.
Dotty: You are very blessed, Amanda.
Amanda: Mother, that’s very sweet of you, but I just happened to pick up the right coffee can at the right time.
Dotty: Well, I’m glad, because here we are in Germany.
Amanda: Yep.
Whoo hoo! Amanda is blessed.. and isn’t it great to be in Germany – and.. there’s Lee lookin 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000231064mighty fine!!! Smile I don’t think that dialogue teamed with Lee’s appearance is an accident Winking smile  what a shock!!! errr.. 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000231197geee. was it any wonder 1swoonMr Gorgeous Lee Stetson stood out in this crowd? check out all the other hunks surrounding him. I am surprised he didn’t stop Dotty in her tracks too – She must be jet lagged.. 1confusion I swear, with this pose- it’s another Lee the show pony moment Smile

I think when Amanda first saw Lee in the crowd she thought she was hallucinating1surprise.. what the....– I bet she was thinking – whoa1dohslap I’m even starting to have visions of him on the other side of the world? I need to switch to decaf coffee.. ahem.. Well Lee is too cool to signal or something.. he just turns and walks away. Yep I am sure he is having some fun 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000258058here Winking smile Amanda carries on after her family, stopping to check her reflection in the shop 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000259459window.. and fix her hair. Lee’s in town.. How do I look???!!!! tee hee.. she may not think anything’s going to happen with Lee..but she just can’t 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000262262help herselfSmile She still wants to look pretty for Lee Open-mouthed smile [ETA: Credit to Mrs Vanderhosen on yuku forum for this insight.. I realised this is where I first heard it – apologies Mrs V and brilliant observation!! ]Amanda calls out to say if they get separated she will see them back at the hotel.. I think she knows Lee’s reappearance 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000262495is coming.. she just doesn’t know where, when or how.. Just the way Lee likes it!1ha haaaa Lee grabs Amanda and pulls her into a doorway 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000267167suddenly and swiftly! Love the little noise she makes as he does this..
Lee loves to play these little games with Amanda doesn’t he- a lot!
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000267867
This time around, he seems more pleased Amanda has made her way to Europe.. I guess he didn’t like that he wasn’t taken by surprise by Amanda’s arrival, this time he has prepared himself and I think Lee is happy to see her, but he turns it into teasing here.. because he doesn’t want to show it Winking smile
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000270904

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_0002725051BIG GRINI love how they both just look at each other and 2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000273573smile for a moment here before Amanda says:  Can’t you ever just say Hello?
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000276509Lee: Hello. Smile
I don’t know how Amanda keeps her head here!! Smile
Whoo another season one joke revisited.. the second episode in season two revisits a joke from the second episode in season one! It is not exactly the same..but near enough:
Lee: Hi.
(Amanda is surprised by Lee behind her and spins around)
12 don't do thatAmanda: Don’t do that.
13 we were not on  a case
Lee: Say hi?1BIG GRIN
Amanda: Hello.

But back to this episode! Lee looks so cute there making his little joke and amusing himself!
[Claudia I am relying on your transcripts here to understand all the german words- I’m like Amanda!!! I want a map for this episode with the numbers on it!!  Thanks a lot Claudia!!! Smile ]
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000276910Amanda:
What are you doing here?
Lee: Be at the Friedensengel in one hour.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000279779Come alone, and be sure to bring your camera, you’re a tourist.
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000283283Amanda: The Frieden what?
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000285385Lee: Friedensengel. Angel of Peace. Tall, gold statue. Amanda: Tall, gold statue. Right.
Amanda starts searching her guidebook..

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000288888Lee: Number eleven.
Love how Lee points to the map,

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000289789
1heart_eyesThen Lee sneaks a last warm smiling look at Amanda, who is concentrating on her map, and then turns and makes his surprise getaway while Amanda is still distracted!

Ahhh Lee is having way too much fun here.. I think he was trying to be business like, but  he can’t help himself  and has to have a bit of fun Smile
Amanda: Right, number eleven in my book. Number eleven in my book. Uh, the O-… Lee?
1ha haaaaaaa2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_000294160
So, Amanda is to meet Lee at the number 11 1HaHaHa a running joke in this episode which I love! This episode is full of moments where (mostly Amanda) is surprise hello’d ( if there is such a word) and surprise goodbye’d ( err in other word- no goodbye!) It is another running smk gag for sure.. but in this episode they take it to a whole new level! For Amanda, this whole episode is one long surprise..

Lastly, Spies meeting at the tower of peace? hmmm.. the irony!

Well that’s all for now.. funny to think I am recaping this episode while the Olympics are on. and the whole reason smk went overseas was because of the Olympics!

Anyone really love this episode? what do you think of Lee’s welcome to Germany for Amanda? Do you think it was warm?

Anyone else think this Lee hair is the best of the whole series?? with a tux it is a very powerful combination Winking smile 1thuddy 

As always would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for reading Open-mouthed smile

EDITED TO ADD: Check out the following for a summary of Munich locations
Huge thanks to Claudia for contributing this post!!! 🙂

33 responses to “1/9 Season Two, Episode 2: Times they are a Changin-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’ve been to Munich four times and it’s a beautiful city. I am LOVING the aerial shots of the town. The first time I was in Munich was with a school choir in 1986 – we sang there and I gushed over the SMK sites! lol I HAVE THAT MAP! It’s like a small tour book with a map that is numbered with the attractions. I think I still have the map, too.

    And are y’all listening to the amazing music in this episode? The music is in the baroque style, even with a harpsichord! It really adds substance to the location.

    Oh and… (*swoon) Lee looks so dashing in this episode! Wowowow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • And are y’all listening to the amazing music in this episode? The music is in the baroque style, even with a harpsichord! It really adds substance to the location.

      indeed LeeLovesAmanda – smk never scrimps on the music!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. #2019rewatch
    Oh JWWM, how I have missed you….

    Iwsod said: They’ve been in Germany four days before Lee gets in touch with Amanda? hmm.. I guess maybe they didn’t know when Amanda would be needed..

    As a very tired mom of four who just heard a question on the radio “What is it you need rest from?”, I like to think maybe Lee wanted Amanda to have a little relaxation and fun with her family before jolting her out of the trip into work mode. And maybe he knew her and Dotty well enough to know that by day three or four, Amanda would have had spent enough time unseparated from them (hitting the main sites they had all wanted to visit together) to not seem as obvious in taking some time away from them to herself (time she would really be helping Lee).


  3. Goodness, he is so hot in this scene! Just smoldering. This is my favorite Lee hair too!


    • Every time I watch the European episodes, I say a little prayer of gratitude to whoever was doing the hair and makeup on that trip. BB is at ultimate swooniness and best of all NO GUYLINER! And KJ is equally beautiful. Maybe it was because they did so many scenes outside in natural light.

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. #2019 rewatch

    So Amanda needs to meet an angel who’s an 11? That seems fitting.

    He is a little bit of a jerk (and much more of a jerk later) but he does for once actually seem to be pleased to see her, although making quite the effort not to let her see it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • #2019 rewatch

      So Amanda needs to meet an angel who’s an 11? That seems fitting.

      Is that bratty Lee subtly telling Amanda that being a 10 just isn’t enough?


  6. #2019 rewatch
    Lee has a hard time being inconspicuous in Munich. The tallest people around him reach only to his shoulders! When he told Amanda to meet him at the angel, I took it as a nod to Kate Jackson’s earlier role. I was in Munich for a week 25 years ago (1994) and got to visit most of the sights from this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So interesting that these European episodes were filmed because of the Olympics. I always wondered why they did that! Thanks for all the interesting information.


  8. iswod, I think this is the first time you haven’t dissed the double breasted suit! LOL… but yeah, Lee’s too hot to care!

    I think in one of the episode order posts you mentioned how yummy he looks in all the European episodes. I agree – urbane, dapper, debonair – so many words to choose from! Anyway, maybe we’re meant to think this is where he feels most in his element? International man of intrigue? Globe trotting? Cosmopolitan?

    Can I just take a break from our regular programming to thank you for all the screen grabs? It’s so much fun to revisit the teenage crush years, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ha haaa! I may not respond to all your comments on past episodes Karen – but I LOVE to hear your thoughts on them! Right now I don’t have time to go back and enjoy them- drat!!! So you sharing your experience of them is the next best thing 🙂

      LOL I don’t remember half the things I wrote now haa! 🙂 I think you are probably right-Lee looks sooooo good in this ep, how can I complain about double breasted?!
      I think there is a worse fashion ick moment in europe coming up.. so I’d say give me double breasted anytime!
      I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on that when you get there! Looking forward to you catching up with us, we are nearly finished with Weasel!

      LOL You are very welcome Karen, glad you are enjoying the screen grabs- it was a sacrifice choosing which ones to include I tell ya! 😉 not!!


  9. At risk of sounding superficial, I really REALLY love Lee’s short hair in this episode. WHY (why why why?) did they ever let it grow longer??

    Liked by 2 people

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  11. Pingback: 1/2 Scarecrow and Mrs King- Celebrating the Best of Season 2 – Season 2 (by Cindy Davis) | "Just walk with me..."

  12. Lee in season 2 is definitely at his most dapper look. There is a pic of him from OMIT and he’s sitting reading the paper…..woo hoo :p
    Anyway lets not get distracted and drown in a pool of drool just yet lol
    Dotty you’re in a city of culture and all you want to do it shopping, shame on you!
    I definitely think Amanda is checking out her reflection in the mirror. Gotta look good now he’s in town 😉
    I’ve never been to Germany but it sure does look beautiful 🙂


  13. I always love when Lee makes a “show pony” entrance and all he has to do is stand there-no prancing needed!
    Anyway…okay, when Lee pulls Amanda into that alley-way like place, it seems as if they are next to a wall, yet when they are conversing with their warm smiles, they seem to be out in the open with even tiny trees behind Lee. Right? Is it just me?


    • Whoooo Hi Daisy D! Someone who has visited this part of Munich could help you with this (me no 😦 ) but.. I saw it as being a pedestrian mall leading off the Marienplatz.. and the trees behind Lee are part of the pedestrian walkway…. so I didn’t question it 🙂 Isn’t Lee with short hair dreamy?!


      • daisybouquet88

        Oh, haha! Duh! Thanks for taking the time to explain!
        Long hair, medium hair, short hair, it’s all good! 😀


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  15. Melissa Robertson

    Lee is sooooo HOT looking here!!!! Amanda’s line, “boys if we get seperated go back to the hotel don’t be wondering around Munich by yourselves!” made me ROFL.


  16. Lee is so gorgeous. 😀 I love how debonair he is in this episode.


    • Hello Emily! wonderful to hear from you!! welcome welcome!! I hope you will enjoy your time here soaking in smk goodness and share your love of Lee’s gorgeousness with us all 🙂 no arguements from me.. debonair.. Great-Word!!!! It describes Lee in this episode very well!!
      which country are you from Emily?


  17. Can you give me a moment to gush, please? My husband and I were in Munich this past spring for a jet-lagged afternoon and one full day. What a beautiful city! The one thing I told my husband that I really wanted to do was see the Glockenspiel, and since our hotel was near the Viktualienmarkt, we just strolled over to the Marienplatz (a few minutes’ walk away) at eleven o’clock. And the weather was just as fine and the square just as full of spectators as it is in the episode. Seeing the “puppets’ dance” was a completely satisfying experience. Thanks for indulging me by reading that!

    And thank you, IWSOD, for including those photos of fleeting smiles and expressions during Amanda and Lee’s meeting. KJ and BB are such fine actors that a lot goes on in their faces that lasts only a brief moment. When I first got the DVDs, I thought that even with the ability to pause, their interactions go by so fast! But now I wonder if humans take in a lot more information from fleeting facial expressions, gestures, etc., than we’re even aware of. Is that true, IWSOD? (I figure that your studies have given you the ability to address that issue!)


    • I’ve heard that something like 90% of communication is nonverbal. By seeing the screen shots of their conversations, we are able to see SO MUCH more about what they are saying than just hearing their words.BB and KJ are brilliant actors – their facial expressions and gestures and touch make us understand a more complete story.


  18. Lee’s in town…How do I look??!!

    Whaaaaaa!! Too funny!! I thought she was just stalling, letting the family get ahead so she could find out what Lee was up to. I like your idea better, though. That just makes me giggle whenever I think of it now. Of course, I’m also of the opinion that Amanda is totally gone for Lee, even if she considers him untouchable, practically speaking. A girl can dream, can’t she?


    • Hiya Cindy – mouthwatering?? rofl!!!! Glad you ( slurp) agree.. 🙂

      Hello Redgold! Ohh I was in the same situation as you before I saw season 4.. I heard little tidbits of incidents in season four – and looked forward to discovering where they were and how they came about.oh my goodness- I was sooo excited to finally see their wedding- I still remember that moment I sat down to watch it. Will never forget it! because I had waited soooo long to see it! Tickling in the Q bureau? LOL.. it’s well worth waiting for a clear copy to watch! (I have never seen season 4 in good quality – only the stemwinder episodes and nightcrawler) so I think when the new dvds come out it will feel like the first time for me too!! 🙂

      Hi Claudia you live in Munich? wow!! It must be amazing to see this episode! I can’t imagine what it would be like to see an episode of SMK in my hometown! and to think, you weren’t able to watch this episode at first.. wow!
      I guess it was the terrorist group and that whole story line that put a stop to it being shown in Germany..

      Please! keep the local observations coming! Whatever you can teach me here I’d love to hear it! 🙂

      LOL about them all facing the wrong direction! there’s a moment where we can see the rest of the crowd gazing up at the knights, and they all have their eyes covered..then it cuts to Amanda and they are not looking as directly into the sun.. my guess is, the swapped it for the view behind, and no sun in their eyes.

      I was actually wondering if that guy next to Dotty was Michael Maschio, he looks like the pic on imdb(but not exactly, and much younger!).. but I wasn’t sure.. if they are facing the wrong direction, that means it is a rent a crowd- all there just for the filming, and it is not like Dotty, Amanda and the boys just randomly joined everyone else in watching the knights.. so maybe some of the crew are in the background.. who knows!

      So we are all loving Lee’s hair???!!!! whooo hooo!!

      Yeah Claudia, that cheeky grin Lee has the whole time he is speaking to Amanda is too cute.. he even tips his head to the side a little as he grins and waits for Amanda to collect herself 😉
      Claudia – you are welcome to do a post on Munich and this episode.. if you like. just sayin.. tee hee ( but no pressure! 🙂 )

      Hi Paula! Hey I’m surprised you guys didn’t think or see Amanda checking herself in the window.. it never occured to me she could be doing something else 😉 but now I think about it, I guess she could have been looking for Lee.. tee hee.. but yeah let’s stick with the Lee’s in town… how do I look? interpretation 😉 it’s more funnnnnn!! tee hee..

      Indeed Paula.. I suspect Lee intrudes on Amanda’s dreams at this point of the story, much more than she would like- or care to admit! .. and hey we even ‘sort of’ get proof of this when Amanda has her dreamy hallucinations in Delirious on Arrival(episode 19 of season two), that bring up all her errr hidden thoughts.. and what is her hallucination with Lee in it?? Casablanca.. Lee in a tux.. Champagne.. and a looooonnnggg kiss!!! 🙂
      Amanda’s isn’t fooling us 😉 we know deep down she’s got it bad!

      Hey but I still would not call this love – I am hoping working my way through the episodes I will come to the point somewhere where I know Amanda is well and truly in love… I’m not set in my opinion of when that is and am keeping an open mind- I only know that for me, I would say it is not yet love.. Though, I understand some believe she is already in love with Lee here in episode 2 of season 2…

      I think how we label/define Love is where we can sometimes differ- but that’s cool!
      hope I’m making sense.. all that thinking of Lee in a tux.. kissing.. has made me quite dizzy! 😉

      bye guys – It is really wonderful to hear from you – I really do love to hear from you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Hello! A map, huh? I realy have one, but sorry no numbers on it ;-)!!
    I have to watch the beginning twice, funny, as we see Amanda, Dotty and the boys watch the Glockenspiel at the Marienplatz (name of the center of Munich) they are looking in the wrong direction. Why? I don’t know. And as Amanda sees Lee in the crowd, she again is looking in the wrong direction. Does this happen often (maybe in spy busines)? I only notice this because I live in Munich. And the next time I go to Marienplatz I have this vision of Lee standing there, no matter witch direction…. 
    And number 10 at the map is the Viktualienmarkt (here you can get a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, munich beer and more smelling chese…) now you know why Amanda just call it number 10! 
    The scene when Lee grabs Amanda is too funny. With that gotcha look, hands in his pockets, and that mischievous grin! love it! I totaly agree with you iwsod, Lee’s hair is great! 
    This is another episode ( after itck, tacmkid, sudden death, the mole, savior) that where never shown in Germany. I’m glad I can watch it now.


  20. Oops, I mean “I especially noticed the connection with the Olympics coverage and the Mongoose episode and all the wonderful London scenery.”


  21. I especially noticed the connection with Mongoose and all the scenary. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about any SMK connection. Ha ha!
    I never interpretted Amanda’s checking herself in the window as checking herself in the window. I always thought she was looking for Lee. I think I like your explanation better. 🙂
    And I agree Lee is looking especially mouthwatering in this episode.


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