1/2 SMK Stats: If Thoughts Could Kill (a.k.a. The Damn Duck Episode)

Ok – this episode is totally bizarre vs. all the others so far.  Tuxedos, plaid and dimples are few and far between.  (And yes, I realize I may have just lost all you lovely readers and commenters right there Thinking smile.)  Amanda touches Lee a lot, but Lee is in such a bad mood the entire time that there is really only a couple of tender touches/moments.  And let’s not forget the fabulous Dotty ramble and one of the more infamous times Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her to do!





 Sigh.  None.  They’re coming back though….just a couple more episodes!



Yay!  None.  (Sorry Paula and Rachel!)




bad amanda 1

L:  My head hurts, my knee hurts, I want my treat now!  C’mon!

bad amanda 2

A:  Alright, gee!…..What did you expect? 

bad amanda 5

L:  A bottle of scotch, a whole cheesecake, uh, uh, uh a woman!  A:  What?  L:  Yeah, yeah, that’s what I want.  I want a woman!


bad amanda 4

A:  Well, I think you better just stop this right now because I will not get you a woman! 

Not for a couple more seasons anyway…and then I will have a woman for you….tee hee…Winking smile


AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

Not yet!  It’s coming!


LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)




Still waiting…just a little bit longer!  I promise! 



Oh my gosh!  We have a Dotty ramble!  Now we know where she gets it Open-mouthed smile

ramble 1

A:  Where were we?

ramble 2

D:  You suggested that we deal with this head on. And we have. We see now that Fred never would have tripped over the skateboard if it hadn’t been left out.  And it never would have been left out if it hadn’t been fixed. And it wouldn’t have been fixed if Dean hadn’t been sitting here with time on his hands…

ramble jamieramble phillip

And Dean wouldn’t have been sitting here with time on his hands if you hadn’t worked so late…  (Oh dear, even the boys get in on this one!  LOL!  Love Phillip’s face!)

ramble 3

A:  But, but mother…  (She should know better than to try and interrupt!)

ramble 4

D:  Oh! Ha, ha, I’m so glad we’ve talked this out!

ramble 5

The problem wasn’t with us at all!

ramble 7

A:  Oh now, wait just a minute, I –

 ramble 6

D:  I think enough’s been said, Missy. Don’t you?  (ROFLMBO!!!  You just gotta love Dotty!)


Amanda with Dr. Glaser

ramble 8

A:  And then my oldest son, Phillip, wants to be a doctor too.  Could you tell me a good medical school?  Oh, but, you know, well I think it’s really wonderful, I have two boys and they both want to be doctors.  My next door neighbor’s son wants to be a lounge singer.  But you know, I understand you have to enroll them practically at birth and I think that’s really silly because when they’re babies how do you know if they’re even going to pass biology? 

A lounge singer???  Rolling on the floor laughing  Wonder if she thought that’s what Lee would be if he didn’t make it in the spy biz??

ramble 9

What the hell was that??  Confused smile  Actually, I think he’s thinking about just how he could use the Amandaramble skill to reprogram someone’s brain…his is looking a little scrambled right now.


 touch 1

Time for cranky Lee to go to beddy-bye.

touch 2

Here, let me take your slippers for you.  Awww, Amanda really makes a great Bedside Bluebell!

touch 3

Looks like they’re fingers are touching.  Guess they get it any way they can!

touch 4

A:  I’m sure there are no needles involved. 

Here we have 3 pats to his shoulder.  And doesn’t our super sexy playboy spy look like such a little boy here???   Amanda is just what he needs!

touch 5

And then Amanda’s hand just lingers for a bit.

touch linger

Still lingering…You just know she’s thinking, “Soooo, the big bad spy is afraid of a tiny little needle, huh?  Haha!  I just found out another one of your secrets!”

touch 6

L:  When I was born the nurses almost lost me.

touch 7


She’s got him with her right hand now.

touch 8

Now her left hand is on his back – it’s the dark spot above the green bush.

touch 9


Guiding him into his chair.

touch 10

Awwww, finally a tender moment amidst all the Lee crankiness.  Lee is trying to figure out this thing with Walt.  Amanda can see that it is really bothering him and she’s trying to make him feel better.  Very sweet!!!!  In love

touch 11

L:  That’s your idea of breaking the rules???  LOL! Rolling on the floor laughing

touch 14

A:  Huh?  Yeees!

touch 12

L:  I want to go in that room.  A:  You’re not allowed in there!  Please don’t get me in trouble again. 

Love how she horse collars him here!    Thumbs up  Part of me thinks she’d really like to kick his crutch and knock him on his you know what!!


Lee in plaid

Our first no plaid episode.  Annoyed

Jack Sightings

Not this time.


Jill sightings

jill 1

I know this may be a stretch, but I believe the woman walking in the hallway is Jill!  Her profile looks very familiar to me.  So this is our first Jill sighting!


Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1 – She won’t get him a woman!

Amaaanda! – 0

Leeeee! – 0

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 1

Touches – 14 – 13 Amanda touching Lee, 1 mutual

Lee in Plaid – 0

Jack Sightings – 0

Jill Sightings – 1

Thank you for reading!  Please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!  Here is the link to iwsod’s ITCK post (1/3).

25 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: If Thoughts Could Kill (a.k.a. The Damn Duck Episode)

  1. Absolutely love the Dotty ramble! And notice Amanda doesn’t even seem remotely concerned that she missed Dean?


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  3. “Do you think if Lee had been programmed to kill Francine, Amanda would have just left him to it?!” Hah hah Iwsod!! Sometimes I wonder if I am the only demented one around and then you prove I’m not! *evil grin*

    And Bjo, I’m with you, I definitely think Amanda should of kicked Lee’s crutch out from under him. Kinda wished she hadn’t been sooooo very nice. I would of, just a little accident…… 🙂 Of course then, I’m the one who, when Iwsod was describing a Horrible Histories episode on Nedlingers forum and said, “The Victorians do seem errr.. vile! I love how you open the door and instead of a classroom, you see a torture chamber of sorts!” I naturally thought she was talking about my classroom management style and wholeheartedly agreed! ROFL!


  4. I love this episode 🙂 Yes even with grumpy Lee 😉 I think the physical comedy with the chocolate bar is one of the best bits along with the wannabe Nurse Ratchet ROFL
    How close does Amanda get when she’s patting Lee in the hospital bed. Personal space anyone?! 😉


    • I agree, Jenbo! My favorite line of wannabe NR is “Some people don’t have knees.”

      And welcome back! I hope you had a successful week!


      • Very successful thanks, we went on holiday and bought a house 😉
        Well it was always more of a house hunting expedition rather than a holiday truth be told but we’ve found our new house. Looking forward to relocating now 🙂


        • Well, congratulations! That’s wonderful! House hunting can be fun. One of our favorite TV shows is House Hunters International. It is interesting to see what homes are like outside the U.S.


          • I suspect we don’t get as much square footage that for sure! I always thought Amandas house was pretty large (and it’s detached) but according to Magda it’s considered small!


        • Melissa Robertson

          Well that’s quite the souvenir 🙂


      • “some people don’t have knees” gets me howling every time.


  5. LOL! the damn duck episode Bjo?!
    I must be lucky.. because of a quirk in my smk experiences and my memory – this episode is my earliest memory of this show.. seeing this the first time it aired in Australia.. other than one or two very fragmented memories I don’t have many others!
    I audio-taped the episode [we didn’t have a vcr player] so I could ‘watch’ it again! LOL!!! I must have really enjoyed there goes the neighbourhood!!

    So I’ve got my cuppa and starting the day with a few giggles from Bjo!

    whoa.. yes you nearly lost me! 😉 but.. I love to hear what you have to say Bjo so I’ll keep reading!

    I can only guess this ep was a toughie for you bjo! very grumpy Lee!!

    I love that Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her to- and she totally saves the day! 🙂

    Yes… I can guess there is one or two fanfics out there that reprise Lee’s request for ‘a woman’ – being a little more specific about which woman he really wants! 🙂

    A Dotty Ramble? fabulous!! I use to know this ramble off by heart when I was little.. seriously! weird I know!!

    Is it just me or is the layout of the kitchen a little different? I know they changed kitchen set at some point..but here over Amanda’s houlder we have the split door leading out side…. ohhh I get so confused over the kitchen!

    I have no idea if I said this in my post on this ep but I suspect Dotty’s and the boy’s blaming Amanda for the bike drama is the being unhappy with the latest change in the house: Amanda is not there all the time whenever they need them day or night!!! and.. it’s a big adjustment! [ go Amanda!!]

    If Lee hadn’t made it in the spybizz he would have been a mechanic – and opened his own garage 😉 probably for porsches and corvettes only..so he didn’t have to deal with housewives whose cars have little space creatures jammed in the window!

    roflmbo at Dr Evil looking a little scrambled! Good call!!! Amanda could have finished off with – ‘Thanks for your advice! I think you’ve said enough now doctor! Don’t you?’

    With all this bluebell stuff.. it’s no wonder Lee puts Amanda into the non romantic category for a while.. she knows ALOT about him now!!! and.. he’s a proud guy!

    Loved your pics of nervous Lee taking his medicine!!! such a sweet little boy! 😉

    Loved the tender moment out in the garden-lovely!

    The chewy chubby bar?? top shelf!!! They do an amazing job. The delivery is so fast.. you can just tell the writers changed the show changed..and this type of humour dwindled.. this I love!!

    That’s Jill? I have no idea!! I tend to only notice the odd distinctive extra being used twice or something.. you’ve opened my eyes to Jack and Jill! I knew the nameless agent was around in season 1 but I didn’t notice the other guy – then again I haven’t watched seasons three or four much in the last year or two – sounds like Jack is in it alot?

    Do you think if Lee had been programmed to kill Francine, Amanda would have just left him to it?! [Joking!!]
    Thanks Bjo!!!

    byeee everyone!


    • Must be something about this episode. The duck leaves quite the impression. This is the one episode I can remember watching first run, and I would have been only 10 years old at the time. It used to blur in my memory with an episode of Hart to Hart that had a similar premise…but no crazy duck, I don’t think.

      Kind of off-subject, but does anyone else remember when primetime programs shared episode themes? Everyone had the amnesia ep, the “evil twin” ep, the “oh no the hero(ine) got killed” ep, and so forth?


      • Oh, and the soaps were the worst/best for recycling plots. In high school I was hooked on watching Days of our Lives. Several months ago, I was home sick and channel surfing and came across Days where the cast was trying to convince Jen that Jack was dead and could not have survived the crash into the icy river. “Deja Vu”, I thought, because I remembered several such scenes when I watched regularly. Jen then tells the lot that she refuses to believe Jack was dead because this has happened before and she flashes back to NINE times that Jack showed up after ‘dying’.


        • Nine times, Cindy? Good grief! They are getting maximum mileage out of that one! When I was in 3rd grade (8?) I was hooked on General Hospital during the Ice Princess time. I don’t remember much anymore, but I was visiting a great aunt/uncle with my grandmother for a month and I had to wait for GH to be over before they would let me watch cartoons, so somehow I got hooked!


    • Yes, iwsod, the damn duck episode! That actually comes from all of Cindy’s comments about this episode on the blog and over on the Yuku forum. I didn’t mention it because I figured everyone would recognize that right away! It stuck with me and I will forever think of this episode as ‘The Damn Duck’ instead of ITCK! No wonder this is your earliest memory of the show – it’s burned into your brain! See you were brainwashed by Dr. Glaser too and didn’t even know it! Ha!

      Audio-taped the episode? If you enjoyed the audio-tape of TGTN, then I imagine you must have REALLY enjoyed it when you got to actually see it – and all those lovely plaid pictures. Ahem!

      This was a tough episode to do! I’ve started my screen caps for Sudden Death and it’s already soo much better – and I’m just on the locker room scene!

      You think they changed the kitchen layout? It is confusing, I agree. Wish we had a floor plan. I find her back yard even more confusing. When/where is the gazebo in relation to the house/garage? And where is the backyard the boys play football in? We never see any grass back there – just roses, tulips and bushes!

      “I think you’ve said enough now doctor! Don’t you?” LOL! Perfect parallel to Dotty!

      I agree – the best part about this episode, aside from the duck of course, is the humor. BB and KJ really do a great job. They are both good comedic actors.

      The more I looked at this episode and see her in other episodes, I am convinced that this is Jill in the background. Her hair, profile, size, shape etc. is consistent will every other time I’ve seen her. And no one will convince me otherwise except the actress who played her! 😉 Jack keeps popping up – esp. Jack 2. His most common role is that of agent Frank Duffy, but he also gets another name as an agent in a late S3 ep and also plays a non-agent. Jill is used mostly as a non-agent, in fact I can’t recall if she ever works for the agency. I’ll be keeping my eye out! And I just noticed that there is another “Jill” that is used in S2 (ARS) and also shows up in Three Little Spies and at least one other episode. If she shows up in S1, I may add her as Jill 2. It’s fun for me to find these people – sort of like finding Waldo in all those Where’s Waldo childrens’ books. Are you familiar with those? I have a brother who is 8 years younger than me and we had lots of fun competing to see who could find Waldo first or even Gold Bug in some of Richard Scarry’s books.

      Good question! I guess Amanda would have stopped Lee from killing Francine. But only to save Lee from all those guilty feelings that he would surely suffer from! LOL! 😉


  6. “Actually, I think he’s thinking about just how he could use the Amandaramble skill to reprogram someone’s brain…his is looking a little scrambled right now” Ha ha ha — Brilliant!


    • Melissa Robertson

      Yeah that had me laughing which I just heard is good for your heart 🙂


    • Thanks, Cindy! I’m glad I made you laugh because You have had me ROFL’ing many times!!


      • haaaa too funny! Yes that is a great line Cindy! [how was your trip to your nation’s capital?]

        I also loved when Lee and Amanda walked outside and in the background you can see the same nurse sitting at a table playing a card game with a catatonic patient- and she is thrashing him/her and being very competitive! haaaaa!!!

        Melissa R– hilarious! good point yes a house is quite a souvenir! 😉 I would have settled for a magnet.. 🙂

        Paula that’s true! I hadn’t thought about it but you are right! those fave plot devices certainly do their rounds! I remember the opening of Hart to Hart had Jennifer hypnotised- similar to the damn duck ep maybe a little?

        I did find myself thinking at some point: why doesn’t Burn Notice do an amnesia ep? why haven’t they done that?! that would be cool! LOL!! and then I read your comment and I realised: oh yeah!! I want 80s plot devices! 😉 tee hee!

        Have you explored this site?: http://www.tvtropes.com I can get lost in it.. it’s funny to see how everything seems to be a rehash of something or other.. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/ScarecrowAndMrsKing?from=Main.ScarecrowAndMrsKing
        If anyone loves tv tropes a post on smk’s would be fascinating!![I think the website is lacking the detail on smk that I know we would give it! ] I love this stuff but I don’t have time to get lost in it like I know I would!!
        Anyone else love it?

        btw Bjo I’ve seen an extra in ARS who I’ve found in another upcoming ep but I haven’t seen her before.. so I’ll bring it up when I cover the upcoming ep.. I’m wondering if it’s the same lady now! 🙂



        • Can’t wait to see who this extra is! It just may be the same lady! I’m pretty sure that the first woman who is announced as a Golden Circle Girl (Marge Clapton)in TGTN is the same woman who is watching Amanda talk to Lee in SOS in the dairy section of the grocery store. I’ve not seen her after SOS though. Check it out if you can and tell me what you thinking


          • LOL!! Sounds like we need to start noting all the extras! There’s a guy I see alot who is tall with white hair but I don’t bother pointing him out.. sometimes you only catch a glimpse of them so you can’t get a good photo! but.. sounds like smk was one big family – and reused their extras and *cough* some main actors!! 😉

            Haaaa! well, we’ll see if it’s the same lady hey Bjo.. you are thinking the milk lady in SOS is in ARS? I’m getting confused! 😉

            Columbo is very much like that.. I know of at least 10 actors that are in multiple episodes of columbo [yes. I love Columbo! which is why I was so chuffed at Lt. Volkenauer being a take off of Columbo! 🙂 ]


            • Hahaha…the milk lady in SOS is the same as Marge Clapton in TGTN. Sorry to confuse you! Have seen very little Columbo, didn’t realize Vulkenauer was a take off of him. Vulkenauer is cute!


  7. Hi Melissa R. – Yay! I’m glad my post hit your funny bone! Jack and Jill sightings are pics of the same actors who play different characters throughout the series but not necessarily every week. This link takes you to the post where I show the two ‘Jacks’ https://justwalkwithme.com/2013/04/12/smk-stats-the-first-time-2/ and this post is where I show who ‘Jill’ is
    I’ve noticed that these actors keep popping up all the time. The ‘Jacks mostly play agents and one of them even gets named, but at least one of them has two non-agent roles. I realize I may be the only one curious about this stat, but that’s ok!


  8. Melissa Robertson

    You made my laugh this morning 🙂 Can you refresh my memory on what are Jack and Jill sights are. I assume they are the same people that play different characters each week.


    • Oops! My above comment was supposed to be a reply to this one. I just watched an ep from S3 today and the one Jack that has a name was just given a different name! What? Can’t believe I never noticed that before! Guess I don’t know jack! 😉


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