2/ SMK Pick Up Lines

We continue our little celebration of SMK Pick up Lines (so far) Smile they’re in random order.. and by no means a complete list! If you think of any not listed here please share it in comments.. and I’ll be sure to put it in post 3!

To save time, I haven’t identified the episode.. so if you can’t recall the moment- feel free to ask here and I’m sure someone will be able to jog your memory! Goodness knows with all these swoony moments it can be hard to remember Winking smile 

Lee: “I need you… I came to ask you out..”
2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000283283_thumb

  “Housewife from Virginia. How much more exciting than being a stuff old diplomat!… Sydney Whitset Mrs King. Is your Husband about?”2.11 THE THREE FACES OF EMILY.avi_000516249_thumb


Ludvichio Lupo: (something in italian..) “Bella donna!…I saw you across the room, I can’t believe it! Do you know Il Vecchio’s Contessa di Cesare?…Ah! The same, uh curve of the cheek. The same aristocratic bearing. A 14th century masterpiece come to magnificent life…I must know you.”DR.avi_20150619_170206.882_thumb


Phyllis (to Lee): “I’m back from Gstaad, you usually send flowers.”DR.avi_20150619_170248.925_thumb

“Ahhhh Amanda….I’ve gotta sail the Mata Hari back to it’s own slip……”

Polish Diplomat
(to Amanda in Polish): “Excuse me, but didn’t we meet at the reception for Meyernik last Thursday night? I never forget a face.”DR.avi_20150619_170338.974_thumb

“You know, I figured on the off-chance that we might get stuck, and – well, I wanted to make it as pleasant as it could possibly be.”

: “Anywhere you want, j
ust name the place and I’ll take you there.”SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON2_D1-02(1).avi_002798131_thumb[1]


“Yeah. Luxury liner. I need somebody as part of my cover on a trip to the Caribbean…. Calypso bands. Warm, tropical breezes..”
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_000390161_thumb[1]
[the guyliner is a shock to see now we are mid season 3!]

“errrrrr… Amanda Iiiiiiiii….…errrrr.. need you to do a little favour for me…..that was my uncle…..
and ahhh he’s in town and he wants to have dinner… I told him I have a date, you know….thinking I could get out of it that way……and.. umm.. Ha.. I’m stuck! Sooo ahhhh…You think you could?”
Amanda responds: “
Oh Lee, look I’m I’m really.. I’m flattered that you… thought to ask me.”

Lee: “oh haa..good  …. I was desperate!”

“I…. reeeaally am glad to have known you.”


This whole sequence next is a big pick up line.. I must include it! I love it!!!! I miss early smk! and feel a hankering for revisiting earlier eps..
Betsy (flirty to Lee): “Hi….. Don’t I know you?”

Lee: “Nnnnoooo…I don’t think so.”

Betsy: “Oh Well. I’m Betsy Jordan…

…buy me a drink?”

Look…Amanda, I like you. I like you a lot…I’ve liked you from the first moment I laid eyes on you……but, I’m not a pushy kinda guy……
…Now I hired you for the position because you were the best person for that position. Aaaand if
anything else happens between us? That’s just icing on the cake… … I just like it to go with the flow. …Okay?”

Is this a pick up?

[Any excuse to post this moment.. I know.. I’m shameless]


Delano: “ I wondered why such a lovely lady was standing here looking so…. abandoned.” SAAB.avi_000560215_thumb[1]

Lee: “Amanda, is that house at the end of your street still up for rent?…I know someone who wants to rent it for a while…Me……I wanna…get closer to someone who lives there.”

[Okay- Amanda thinks this is a pick up line.. so it counts!]

Amanda quietly to Lee: “We could go to dinner…… You don’t have to move down the street.”

“Well, he told me the bone structure in my face is lovely.”
2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001390722_thumb


Lee“Well, I – I got a cramp…”

Well! Lee’s cramp and needing to readjust his posture led to this.. so I’m going with it being a pick up line  Winking smile 

“Let me walk you to your room…You can’t be too careful, you know..”

“We have to be engaged because this is a kind of a…
Well, it’s a, it’s a special ah cruise…

…Ahhh… it’s a wedding cruise…nothing but engaged couples you see…. so in two days we dock in San Angelo……. in the ahhh..  Caribbean!…and we ah….. all get married!”

“Mmm.. Second Nature.. Field Experience.. You know..”

Lee: “We’ll have to get married!”


Lee (slowly, seriously): “with this ring……I thee wed.” 1swoon


Amanda : “Well, I could ask you in for a cup of coffee…if you like instant?”


“come on..let’s go..We’ll make the perfect couple. Huh?!”3.16 TT.avi_002764030_thumb


Amanda: “I do.”

If you guys can think of more I’ll compile another post to add them eventually.. or if someone else would like to have fun with this go for it! 

It’s been a wonderful time to pause the walk for a few days and just think back to early episodes.. I’m surprised at just how much Lee has made efforts to please Amanda in all this.. I hadn’t realised it was so much!

what do you think? And what’s your fave moment or pick up line in this post everyone? Care to share why?
Always love to her what you guys think! byeee!!
Next up.. The Eyes have It!


41 responses to “2/ SMK Pick Up Lines

  1. Just back here to revisit some of these. Amanda’s comment about “instant” coffee made me snicker. I’ll be in the gutter, if anyone’s looking for me. 😉


  2. I’m not sure whether this series would really count as a pick-up or not… but how about that night-time car scene in Filming Raul?

    Amanda: “You know, my mother thinks I’m involved in some kind of clandestine love affair.”
    Amanda: “Well, I don’t know how you can say that my mother should know me better than that. I mean, you never can tell who’s the type for what.
    I mean, I’m not the type to be a spy, but look at me. I mean, you never…”

    Amanda: “You never really can tell what a person would do under… certain…”

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    • I guess not, then? Oh well, I tried. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • I suspect that using your mother in a pick-up line might work with Dan-I-mean-Dean but not with Lee 😀 ?


      • I am honestly on the fence on that one. Where as other pick up lines are inadvertent “Take off your belt!” and it is only us gutter dwellers that snicker and say that is a fantastic pick up (and it is!), this one is weird because Amanda definitely, for some reason, decides she’s going to poke the tiger and get Lee to realize that she is more than a mom and housewife, she’s a woman DAMN IT! but how far she would followed through (would she have allowed a kiss to happen?) , I don’t know. I might have to rewatch that scene. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

    • Squeeeeeee!!!!! I love this one- thanks for sharing KC! [great to see you stop by!]
      I think the whole ‘you never can tell…’ is some flirty contrariness goin on!!
      It’s going in the next post – thanks!

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  3. Hmm… How about Service Above and Beyond when she says, “I used to have fantasies about secret agents.” ??


  4. lol… Just thought of one. How about Double Agent?
    Amanda: “Take off your belt… Take your belt off…. Take off your belt…”

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  5. Melissa Robertson

    The series of Lee asking Amanda to go to dinner with his uncle is funny…I love the I was desperate…haha…reminds me of in Filming Rual when she says, “I don’t want the best, I want you!” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s comforting to hear that even the suave man-about-town Lee can be very clumsy around Amanda. Makes up for the moments when she blurts out more than she should 😀 . I”m with Iwsod in enjoying the reminders of the humour of S1 and S2.

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  6. I’ve got one, Iwsod. How about Remembrance of Things Past?
    Lee: “Amanda, get in the bed.” She doesn’t refuse though.

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  7. Still pondering whether there are others I like that haven’t been mentioned. I’ll post if I think of them. I really thought FFFT was going to be my favorite of this group, but now I have to say there are ‘categories’ of favorites. First, any time Amanda is asked out by someone with Lee present (especially, the one Janet pointed out from OMiT) and Lee shows his jealousy. Second, when Lee is very blatant with asking her out, e.g., Triumvirate or TCaM (“Anywhere you want, just name the place and I’ll take you there.”) Also love the FTF candle lit meal, “I wanted to make it as pleasant as it could be”. And third when he is clearly hitting on her (FFFT, and I often wonder about the ‘cramp’ in UN).

    Oh… You wanted me to pick one? Hahahaaaahaaa!

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    • Sara, I like the way you think! 😉 … or as Amanda would say: Good thinking!
      ‘my fave one like this… my fave one like that… whoo and this fave one!’ 🙂 this is the ideal way to go 🙂
      There have been some fab moments so far huh!

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  8. I’ve always thought that Phyllis was one of the classier ladies from Lee’s past. She’s not falling all over him, you can see the skepticism in her face. Phyllis has got a good brain in her head, and I could see her more than happy to leave Lee behind and get on with a very successful life. Lee might spend a little time after this episode lamenting his thoughtlessness, but I think Phyllis, having realised she has been “forgotten”, won’t give him another thought.
    Betsy, on the other hand, comes across as a brainless floosey. A flouncy, ill-mannered floosey at that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I agree Kiwismh I found it interesting to be reminded of Phyllis..I had forgotten about her- I agree she didn’t have any deep feelings for Lee!
      Maybe she was one of those women Lee dated who played the game, didn’t get attached.. she wasn’t a brainless floosey – she knew what she was doing.. she just moved on to the next guy when Lee forgot to send flowers… lol.. She sounds a bit high maintenance 😉

      poor Betsy Jordan.. she has no idea how ridiculous she looks in princess di’s wedding dress.. and what a turn off for a guy to show up already wearing a wedding dress 😉 haaaaa.. I think you are spot on she was ill mannered indeed!!!


    • Yes, I think Lee’s name was crossed of Phyllis’ list after this event. She’s nobody’s dummy.


  9. My favorites in this post are the first one – I need you (ha!) and the last one – perfect couple. I also always enjoy watching the one from The Mongoose after happy Conny leaves.

    So which time is the one when she refuses? Did you cover it and I missed it? I can’t think of it. Unless you mean in TFT when she pushes him in the elevator with her file.


    • LOL I thought my comment about Amanda refusing Lee may have gotten over looked and people had moved on from it..

      No not in TFT or TGTN.. guess again? 🙂

      Heck, there may be more than one – but the one I am thinking of is not in either of those eps.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I thought you meant FFFT, which is here. Her ‘not necessarily’ is a refusal. Although she’s reconsidering ‘coffee’ until Francine shows up. Now you’ve got me stumped. I’ll keep pondering.


      • Okay, this is bugging me a bit…so did some research…here are a few refusals. Two that I mentioned and two new ones –

        TGTN (I initially thought TFT) – Lee: And I’m sure you’d be happier in an air-conditioned office instead of casing some dive with me. Amanda: No doubt. As far as I can see, espionage is highly overrated, goodbye! They don’t even pay overtime.

        TGTN 2 – Amanda: What are you doing? Lee: I’m going to bed. (some useless dialogue) Lee: Now are you coming? Amanda: No! I can’t sleep here.

        TGTN 3 (in the tag) – Lee: Look, you want to get a drink? I’ll tell you all about it. Amanda: Uh, no, I can’t. Maybe some other time, huh?

        CBAH (in tag) – Lee: Anyway, I was out testing it out and I sort of, um, wound up over here. Amanda: Oh. Lee: And, uh, well, I mean, you were there when I lost the other one and I thought maybe, uh…. Amanda: Oh, well you know, I’m really glad that you came over and told me about it, and maybe sometime I’ll get to take a ride in it.

        Were any of these what you were thinking of iwsod?

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        • Awesome list! Thanks for the reminders, my brain doesn’t work this early.


        • Got it BJo!!! I was thinking of CBAH- Lee with his new car stopping by Amanda’s and offering to take her for a ride in it.. and she very nicely turns him down 🙂

          BUT – you’ve found another couple of times! Bonus!!! 🙂

          I think the first TGTN one isn’t really Amanda turning Lee down.. as he isn’t offering (it was the opposite) but it’s a fabulous line isn’t it!!! 🙂

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        • Really, BJo, your capacity for research is magnificent!! And thanks for the reminders of these wonderful moments. I love when Amanda bests Lee 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

      • I thought of ‘Guatemala’. 😉
        When (“dead”) Lee asked Amanda in ROTP if he can stay at her place and where he can put his stuff. Amanda just told him ‘Guatemala’.

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  10. Wonderful. And the couple I was thinking didn’t make it in, and I am now scratching my head to figure out what they were. But here is one from Dan, Derwood, I mean Dean.
    Amanda: And I’ve been having the worst luck finding a job. You don’t need anyone at the weather bureau, do you, Dean?
    Dean: Well, actually, I only hire people who marry me. Bleech! Dean, you just need to go!
    And the really, really creepy Honnecutt Typewriter guy
    Davenport: Is blue your favorite color?
    Amanda: Um, I beg your pardon?
    Davenport: Because it really should be, you know. And you would look . . . delicious in it.
    And here is how it’s done.
    Amanda: I’ve never seen your legs before.
    Lee: So? What do you think?
    Amanda: Not bad.
    Way to go Amanda!

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  11. Since I love the ones where Lee looks put out by other men hitting on Amanda, I’d have to add:
    Volkenauer: “Frau King..”
    Lee: “One question…”
    Volkenauer: “One question…What are you doing for dinner this evening?”
    Lee: GLARES

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