5/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

In response to Amanda’s worry that her smile is now scary – Lee laughs and seems to forget his cover for a second..
All right, all right…
…We’ll check a couple of more bars and we’ll call it a day.
JEG.avi_000653119Amanda: Good.

JEG.avi_000656423Lee: Look,..
…you can’t expect to get a real bite, trolling for the first time.
[KC thinks Lee is saying ‘trolling’ is anyone hearing ‘patrolling’ here? it might just be me!]
JEG.avi_000658825[wha? but this is smk! this is Amanda!!! she’s always really lucky like that! Winking smile  LOL.. seriously though, given a lot of Amanda’s involvement in cases to this point hasn’t been really working a case like an agent, this is a bit of a first for Amanda no?? this type of surveillance? which is kinda cool! ]
JEG.avi_000660927Lee: Look, ahh. I know the manager of this place—I’m gonna go check in with him,…

JEG.avi_000665432(Well why didn’t you do that in the first place? cos you don’t wear high heels that’s why.. )
JEG.avi_000666332[all these extras walking in front of Lee and Amanda?? annoying!!]
JEG.avi_000667834…So why don’t you start without me.
[Oh Lee you tease!!]
[This to me feels again like there is a bit of flirty challenging going on here from Lee.. Which we also saw in Reach for the sky.. I do kinda like this ep being after RFTS..]
Amanda: doing what?

Lee: going with the flowww..
[lol.. they needed to have a reference here to Emily’s quip about Amanda being swept away by the flow! Smile
Hey, could this be referring back to an earlier exchange between these two which was cut?? Kiwismh shared it with us earlier.. made me wonder if Lee was referring to something in particular here when he said Amanda should go with the flow!]
Amanda: ahhh haaa..
…it was nice to talk to you!
JEG.avi_000669936Lee: Yeah.
Uh-hmm. Hah.
JEG.avi_000672339I know they are still playing their covers.. but I think Lee walks off with a big smile because of Amanda Smile
I think Lee is not enjoying the playing the dating game thing here.. rather, he is enjoying introducing Amanda to it…and I feel like there is a certain amount of Lee challenging Amanda here – in their playful flirty way (like what they were doing in Reach for the Sky) – Lee chose to have Amanda come do this assignment with him I think because he enjoys introducing Amanda to new experiences, he loves to see her rise to the challenge (I think he finds her bravery very attractive!). To me, Lee isn’t enjoying the other women, he is enjoying Amanda here.. but.. what does Amanda make of it all?? I have a theory or two.. but can’t share them just yet because it is based on later events..
Back to Amanda.. She smiles at the room..
JEG.avi_000674741and then.. Uh oh… suddenly smiles no more!
Some dodgy looking guy comes up to Amanda and she just immediately fakes a coughing fit..
teee heeeee..
Amanda makes for the bar…
only to find the lady next to her is leaving her bar stool..JEG.avi_000682849

Amanda: Oh, are you leaving?
Oh, good. Thank you very much… … it’d be nice to sit down for a minute… … let me tell you, huh…
(Amanda looks around.)
Amanda (sighs): ahh…
JEG.avi_000690657Amanda finds a good looking (though totally too polished/playing the dating game) Mr Suave eyeing her from the other side of the bar there..
[I can’t help but think: cool!!.. hope Lee sees that if he leaves Amanda alone she’s going to get guys trying to pick her up.. so come on Lee hurry up and put a ring on it! haaa..] Love how Amanda is taken by surprise here..
I think Amanda regrets her random crazy smiling.. Mr Suave seems to like it! Winking smile JEG.avi_000693660
And then we see she isn’t happy the guy is coming over to meet her..
Amanda to herself:
ugh… oh great!

Yes Amanda.. these admiring men are just soooo pesky aren’t they??? It’s just tooo darn annoying for a woman spy to do her work being hassled all the time.. Haaaa.. Francine didn’t mention anything about this in her plea for Amanda to ask for Danger money.. Hmm let me guess, men didn’t approach her on M street! haaaaa..
Anyway, the guy walks around to the other side of the bar to meet Amanda..

I can’t wait to hear what you make of all this!
Why does Amanda react as she does? do tell!!
JEG.avi_000696963Mr Suave keeps his eye on Amanda as he moves around the bar.. ugh..

Mr Suave makes his move: Hi.
Amanda: Hello.
JEG.avi_000699966Craiger: Craig Laughton. Everybody calls me Craiger.
Amanda: Really?
JEG.avi_000701468Craiger: Yeah. I, uh, saw you come in,…
(Two hours ago?!! Amanda said she’s been standing for 2 hours!)
…umm… We’ve met somewhere.
Amanda: No…  I really don’t think so.
JEG.avi_000707173Craiger: No, no, no, no. I, I remember, it was, uh, Senator Bacon’s cocktail party.
JEG.avi_000709876Amanda: No.
I don’t know Senator Bacon.
JEG.avi_000712579Craiger: Eh, at the reception for Joan Sutherland at the, uh, Kennedy?
[Oh whooo hoooo an Aussie SMK connection! This guy is dropping names everywhere.. what a line.. if only Lee could hear it.. ]
Amanda: Oh, I wish… but, no.
Craiger: Uhh… Uh, oh, I got it!
The champagne brunch after the BMW rally.
[I suspect Craigie Craiger is more interested in telling Amanda how he knows a senator and was at a BMW party or something than actually wanting to get to know Amanda.. or he’d ask her a question about herself.. don’t you think?!]
Amanda: It wasn’t me.
Dude.. the ‘where do I know you’ approach is pretty transparent and insincere.. Move on!
Amanda’s tiring of being nice!
Craiger: Maybe we, uh… Maybe it was in our, er, distant past. I went to, uh, law school at-
JEG.avi_000727894Amanda: –Georgetown!
Craigie Craiger seems to take this as encouragement..JEG.avi_000731798

[Don’t get excited Craigie Craiger –she doesn’t know you personally – she just knows your type! ]
Amanda: Lucky guess. Hah.
Amanda: You know, you’re gonna have to excuse me for just a minute because I’ve really gotta find the ladies’ room… May… uhm… (Amanda motions to the lady on the bar stool next to her)
Have you met Craiger?
JEG.avi_000739906Amanda leaves in a hurry!  Craiger calls after her: Maybe it was in the cafeteria at the Department of…
JEG.avi_000742609Well, Craiger finally gets the message.. but he switches his target with ease..
Craiger (to the woman): Hi. You, you look familiar to me, too…

This is hilarious, and confirms for us that Craiger was just running his lines on Amanda.. he really wasn’t sincere.. he’s just playin the game!
If what Craiger is saying about Senator Bacon, Joan Sutherland at the Kennedy,the BMW party and Georgetown Uni is all true, he is probably someone that Dotty would have been crazy about Amanda to dating..would you say?

Okay I shall stop here for the moment.. can’t wait to hear what you all make of Amanda and Lee on M street.. and what does this all say about Amanda? about Lee?? and.. about the spy biz?? Anyone??

Thanks again to the details Queen KC for transcribing this episode for operation sandstorm- thanks for all your hard work KC!!!!
byeeee for now!

12 responses to “5/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Iwsod, I like your take on Lee’s enjoyment here. One of the things that I love about this part of the series is Lee’s megawat smile that is always directed towards or because of Amanda. He most certainly is enjoying Amanda and introducing her to this setting, he loves challenging her and watching her rise to the challenge, he loves just being with her and watching he react to things and he loves sharing life experiences, no matter how deep or shallow, with her. She went with him to find the secret floor, why not into the gin mills on M street?


  2. Two things this scene highlighted for me:
    1) Going to a bar is not a good place to meet a decent man (I’m sure there are exceptions but…)
    2) It’s easier to be average looking, than beautiful like Amanda

    For some reason, my eyes keep being drawn to those first two screen caps displaying Lee’s teeth in detail. Not his most flattering look.


  3. In the context, it seems likely that KC heard Lee say “trolling” correctly, since it’s a fishing term, and he’s just been talking about getting a bite. Love the expression/body language of the other woman when Craiger sits down next to her!


  4. Oh man! I wish I had thought of the coughing fit back in the day. 🙂


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Since in seasons 1 & 2 Lee showed jealous when a man hit on Amanda when he turned his back, it would have been interesting to see how Lee would have handled Craiger hitting on Amanda now that their relationship has changed 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Maybe Lee feels secure enough in his relationship with Amanda now that he wouldn’t see Craiger as any threat, and he also now seems to have confidence that Amanda can effectively deal with any of the would be suitors in this establishment (unlike S1 Lee).

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am not a fan of the whole let’s use jealousy to move the romantic pair closer together scenario…so on one hand I’m glad they didn’t go there.. but on the other?? For me at this stage I am not sure how Lee would react – and I am a bit sad I don’t get to find out!
        At this point in their story, I am not 100% sure of where Lee is at when it comes to Amanda.. he’s exploring his growing feelings.. but would he be jealous like he use to be? His feelings for Amanda have change.. and.. Lee has changed too no?

        In ALLA I figured Lee wasn’t jealous because the guy was for a job.. and he didn’t see their goodbye kiss or realise Amanda had had an opportunity there to start something real (even if I did find Alan (the chin) a little meh!).

        You might be right kiwismh, the idea that Amanda could actually get a date on M street might not occur to Lee as being a threat because he thinks its very unlikely Amanda would say yes to it.. even if she was approached.. I guess..
        There’s some weird stuff in the plot of this ep about picking up on M street that starts here. but I’d be interested in discussing when we get a little further into the ep.. so (oh nooo I’m saying it again!) i’ll come back to this! 🙂

        By the way everyone – I’m packing up my house and moving.. and things are going to be crazy – I might not be around much the next week..

        If you have a post you would like to publish on JWWM – now is a good time to email it to me and I’d be happy to publish it..
        but no pressure!
        I will continue to walk through this episode though maybe a little bit more slowly at the moment – and I won’t probably have much chance to comment and respond – sorry about that! I’ll be reading comments, moderating and monitoring the blog though..
        feel free to chat amongst each other as always [Or as Lee says.. Go with the floowwwww!! 😉 ]
        🙂 byeeee


        • Oh, I think if Lee had seen that he would have been amused. After all he wanted to watch Amanda “go with the flow” and she was not allowing much “flow” with Craiger. I do think Lee is comfortable with his awareness of the growing relationship with Amanda. He is open to it and is aware that it is reciprocated by her. As to what exactly it is… well, I am not sure he has focused on that yet. But I don’t think he would be threatened by anything that happened here in this scene. Plus, they were there to gather info, as partners in the spy business. It was business, not personal (as far a Craiger was concerned).


      • If Lee had walked in on Craiger’s moves on Amanda I picture him being more humorously annoyed (with Craiger, not with Amanda) than jealous. Can anyone else imagine a reprise of the “It’s feeding time for the triplets, Cookieface” Leeramble from TGTN here? Methinks that would have gotten rid of Craiger posthaste. And this time Amanda probably would have appreciated it. 😉


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