3/3 Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bus

Holt reports back to the baddies that the government isn’t going to negotiate.. uh oh… that spells bad news for Lee and Amanda! Who are still on  retreat ( no loincloth…. drat..) with the survivors..

This is interesting! Lee asks Amanda a direct question about herself – he doesn’t understand her (he’s trying to? whoo hoo!).. Yep he has been spending quite a bit of time this episode studying her meticulously!! hehehee..

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-10_1__000100Lee: Would you mind telling me why you are so damn determined to stay on this case? I am just — just curious.
Amanda: Once I start something, I like to finish it, and besides, I felt it was my patriotic duty.
Lee: Oh, patriotic duty. Why can’t you just admit you get a kick out of all this? Why can’t you just admit that you think this is exciting stuff, huh?
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: I don’t understand you.

You want her to find it exciting Lee? I bet he does.. sly thing! Why does Lee find it so frustrating she won’t admit this? what does he care?! I guess he cares about the not understanding her part.. he likes to be in control doesn’t he.. and she throws him off balance…

101Amanda: Well, I don’t know why you don’t, you know ten thousand things about me, you put it through your computer fifteen million times, and you know, I don’t understand you. I don’t know much about you at all.
102Lee: Well, there’s nothing to know.


103Amanda: Oh, come on. Now, you must have had a really interesting life.

I love Lee’s reaction to Amanda here..
He is silent.. his spy face firmly in place, and then a moment later – he softens and smiles a little- like he is letting his guard down slightly.
Hurray! Why does he relax? maybe he is enjoying Amanda’s interest in his exciting spy life.. and humouring her.. that’s my guess..

106Lee: All right, what is it that you want to know?


Amanda: Well . . . why is your codename Scarecrow?
108Lee: That’s very personal.

Oh nooo!!! Amanda chose the wrong question to ask.. finally Lee was going to let his guard down a little.. and she asks where his codename came from. doh!

Then Lee goes off in work mode again.. and Amanda knows the moment has passed.. Never mind Amanda it’s a start! Smile  It is interesting that Amanda’s next question of Lee was have you ever been married.. LOL.. and very 109cute how when Lee is rambling about the case and all frustrated- Amanda mumbles about Lee changing the 110subject.. tee hee..  Man.. Lee thinks Amanda can ramble on.. he is just as bad here!

Love it when Lee is talking about getting something to stick on these people.. and the weasel faced man appears 111behind him, Amanda says “this will stick“and motions behind him..

112she says “the weasel faced man.” – Lee turns around to look..

113I think his expression is like- as if a man looks like a weasel! Then.. he turns and sees him..and sees – he really does look like a weasel!
LOL(Weasel faced man is the one on the left Winking smile )
115Then Lee looks back at Amanda.. you can’t see his face..  but the two of them exchange silent looks- you just know he is looking at her to say – hey yeah! he does look like a weasel! and Amanda is silently saying- 116
told ya.. uh oh..  The editing allows a lot of time for this wordless exchange and I think it’s very cute! Or does anyone else have a different interpretation of this silent moment between them? please share!! Smile

The agency is informed the baddies are holding Lee and Amanda and will exchange them for the stewed flippin ridiculous tomato 2.. ( they have until 7am and then Lee and Amanda will be executed – why would the congressman refer to them by their first names? weird.. )

117This is the stewed tomato 2???
(check out the back of Francine’s snazzy outfit!)

Ok, Gordon Standish has been confirmed to be a very bad man by the tomatoes.. whoooimage

Billy and Francine are now on the  hunt for Standish.. we see lots of military vehicles, hear lots of military babble.. oh and the trusty military music.. I guess that means they are serious about finding Lee and Amanda.. oh yeah – and the vigilant..

We see the vigilant pull up in front of a huge fake looking dam- Lee, Amanda and the baddies get out.. 118
Uh oh.. when Amanda hears the plan is to give Lee and Amanda front row seats to the destruction of this dam- you see she is starting to freak out! 118b

119Check out the baddie behind standish.. he has the best evil face ever! haaaa..

120It is sweet.. Lee purposefully seeks eye contact with her to check she is ok.. and Amanda admits she is scared to him.. awh….

(is it my totally overactive imagination or is Amanda staring at Lee’s mouth when she says this???)
This moment reminds me of Ship of spies.. where Lee and Amanda are tied up in the car and Amanda sits there silent- and Lee looks at Amanda and sees how still and silent she is and knows she is really scared.. awh….

Whoa.. the helicopter pilots are talking to Blue Leader! ( I hadn’t realised he made an appearance before what was it the mole?)

Oh Francine and Billy are personally looking for Lee, Amanda and the vigilant, no wait..Billy is looking for all three, Francine is looking for the vigilant- ok yeah and maybe for Lee a bit too. Winking smile

The technology of the Vigilant is pretty funny compared to what we have now.. it kind of takes away from the high tech vibe.. Holt is ordered by Standish to prepare the vigilant to fire.. and he sets about pressing lots of buttons Winking smile

Amanda and Lee tied to the Jeep.. and still arguing!

Lee: not that one!
Amanda: I’m sorry. Stop moving around!
tee hee these two!!

Amanda: Watch your hands please!!
Rofl!! Of all the times to be worried about where he puts his hands.. ahhh that is the Amanda we know and love..  Lee just chooses not to hear it I think Winking smile 

Love the “Not bad! I’m impressed.” look she 124gives Lee when he breaks the glass on the jeep headlight..



125See those big buttons Holt presses? I think they stole that prop from Dark Vader..
Yep.. I’m bored… mind wandering..

Ok, Lee gets on top of the vigilant ( what no automatic roof protection either?) and he looks 126mighty fine as he lines up the baddies in preparation for his big jump.. determined Lee.. swoon.. Lee the human fly .. I love pics of Lee in mid flight.. so funny!
These baddies are so sweet! They very kindly huddle together very close to each other so Lee can jump them! Smile (Well.. it would be a shame if he missed! Winking smile ) Lee ( of course) overpowers the two baddies, and leads them off at gunpoint while Amanda gets on the Jeep’s radio to find help..

big looooong gun fight..Yawn… and..  Lee gets shot..128

Best exchange in this episode?? Possibly one of the best in the whole show!!:

129Amanda: Leave me, he says.


130Lee: They tell us to say that. Thank God you never listen to me.


That is inspired writing.. this tough guy spy admits he didn’t really want her to leave him but his training kicked in or something and made him say it haaaa.. and I love that for not even an instant did Amanda consider leaving Lee there. Smile Thinking of this and how Amanda looks for Lee and saves him in The first time – I think that already in the show you can see how Amanda is protective of Lee.. awh.. only 4 eps in! Lee’s protectiveness of Amanda? hmmm.. for me.. it doesn’t show as much (Yet!)– or it comes across as not wanting her around haaaa.. ( I speak from the perspective of only having seen the first 4 episodes – although Lee does rescue Amanda sort of in there goes the neighbourhood – it doesn’t scream ‘above and beyond’ to me ( get it?? whoo now I am getting ahead of myself Winking smile ) Lastly, I love that with all that is going on- Amanda still gives him heaps for his ridiculous ‘leave me’! haaaaa..

I personally believe the moment he grabs that joystick weapon thingy that Lee is fulfilling a little personal Han Solo fantasy moment  [Another Star Wars reference??!!! Ohh showing 131my inner geek!] Mind you if he is left handed, why did he choose to brandish this weapon with his right hand????) 132err.. now that is confidence! He does look like a little kid swinging those guns around doesn’t he! haaaaaa! We even hear Lee say to himself – ‘you guys wanted to play rough! ‘  Play nicely with the other kids Lee..

Uh oh.. Billy wants to destroy the bus.. is that the first time the magic bus has actually been called a bus???!!! I think so.. I was thinking it was never called a bus.. I stand corrected!

Amanda zooming down the road sees the army headed straight for her.. and they fire on her.. she turns down a side road.. man look at Amanda go steering that huge bus.. why I bet this was the inspiration for Sandra Bullock in Speed Winking smile  Lol.. the bus even says to Amanda ‘ please do not exceed posted speed limits’  haaaaa..

More army jeeps.. more zooming down the road..yawn..

Lee is having fun with the hose isn’t he.. err Lee.. the adrenaline kicked in? you don’t seem bothered by the bullet in your leg one bit??!! funny… lee seems happy to put his confidence in Amanda’s driving doesn’t he??!! not such a one man show now are ya pal!

Thanks to Karen Rudolph (Hi Karen!) I now know this music playing as Lee sprays the army is Handel’s ‘water music’ – thanks Karen!! (interesting to hear it intermingle with the military drums.. )- very cool!

Ok already.. quit having fun there Lee and finish up please.. I love smk.. but.. I don’t tend to watch it for the action – if you know what I mean!

Amanda frantically waving behind the driver’s chair is too funny! she appears to be mouthing “It’s me!!!” although I think it could have also been seen as a ‘here I am shoot me!!!!!’ kinda gesture..Tee heee! phew.. thank goodness Billy has his trusty binoculars..

133  ha haaaa…

Is it just me or when you watch Lee pressing all the buttons to turn the missile off do you find yourself mentally saying ( It’s the blue wire!!!)?!
134Nice bus..

Lee has a bullet in his leg – the same leg which last week had a bung knee.. and you want him to drive that thing to Arizona?

Ahhh the tag.. What.. is …Francine wearing??!! that outfit gets even worse???!! haaaaa..
who would have guessed Holt was the leak? no one was guessing- thanks to the subtitles people Smile
There goes Francine batting her eyelids at Lee and ignoring Amanda.. suffer Francine- Amanda was driving the bus! ahhh how sweeeeeet it is!!

Doesn’t Lee sound like he regrets having to tell Francine it was Amanda! But.. he does.. the little boy is growing up a little huh??!!Amanda almost 136has to dare him with her eyes to fess up that it was her! good boy Lee.. If you hadn’t, Amanda was going to tighten that bandage waaaay too tight!! To his credit, he may not be effusive in praising Amanda to Francine, but he owns up that he doesn’t deserve the compliment.. Amanda does!

Love how Francine has no answer for Amanda’s explanation of why she could drive that well! When Francine asks Amanda ‘ However did you manage?’ that is just plain rude – I love that Amanda has a go at her with all her training and snooty attitude here.. Francine couldn’t just say well done – she had to ask how she ‘managed it’ Moooooo Francine – go home and get changed..

Ahhh.. Lee actually says thank you for her doing such a great job with the bandaging…. and I am thinking – he is improving??!!!!

Then… he goes and spoils it!

Amanda: Good. Well, you know, I can sew those pants up for ya —
Lee: No, no, no, no, thank you..don’t think of it. Look, uh, they’ll be giving you a ride home. I guess I’ll be seeing you, maybe. But, then again, maybe I won’t. You know.
(Amanda frowns at his attitude!and Lee delivers this little speech avoiding as much eye contact as possible..)
139 140
Amanda: Yeah. Well, just in case you don’t, do 141you think maybe you could say something nice about my work? I mean, after all, I think I did contribute something to it.
Lee: Hmm. Okay, uh, your work was . . .
142 ( Lee smiles, liking the answer he has thought up!)

143Lee: … Not bad!
144Amanda: Not bad?


Yeah. Not bad.
(Amanda chuckles and shakes her head.)
146Amanda: Not bad. (Yes Amanda.. it is a bit like talking to a little boy! only.. ahem.. sexy as!)

Lee: Well, you think my legs are just “okay,” I think your work was just “not bad.”
(Amanda eases herself up, walks towards him  and looks him in the eye.)

Amanda: That is so petty.
149 150
Lee: Care to change your opinion?
(He smiles mischievously at her. Her eyes widen and she stares at him.)

Lee tried to put some distance between he and Amanda, after everything they went through (you notice he does this quite a bit after harrowing experiences!!! .. just two people seeking a little comfort.. it was just a cover.. blah blah.. yeah Lee you keep on telling yourself that!) ..He even physically stands up and moves away from her at the beginning of this exchange: maybe they won’t see each other again and have a nice life kind of thing.. ie- you might not work for the agency again or with me….

I think he is hoping that is the case! Why? well (and this is just my opinion!!) it’s the same as last week really- ( I mean last episode you know what I mean!) I think she scares him! How he acts when he is with her probably scares him too!
He certainly noticed her this week.. checking her out.. yep she is in shape.. and .. she doesn’t play by Lee’s rules- she has the knack of keeping Lee off balance, mentally… and emotionally!!! He reacts strongly to her, and isn’t as in control as he likes to be.. well Lee- suffer! because she is here to stay!

Lee moved away from Amanda, but then as this scene continued he drew her back towards him again… because he just can’t help himself!!! and oh my, Amanda can’t help it either!!

They’re perfect for each other!

In the end… when Lee says her work was ‘not bad’.. I think he just couldn’t help himself and was very telling! .. He was trying to be all business like.. and keep his distance, but.. in the end.. he got drawn in again – referring to what Amanda had said about his legs.. (there is that ego of yours again Lee!) ..

Ending this episode with Lee teasing (he enjoys getting a reaction out of her –like when he said ‘yep! I want a woman’ last week!) and flirting with Amanda almost against his better judgement is great.. and judging from the body language- she is ready to take you on !!!!

Amanda is just sooo hard on spy’s egos..

You do intellectual battle with the baddies to find out their evil plans? Amanda is just herself, and they tell her things easy as!

You think you have to have intensive driving training to outdo the army Jeeps..  Lee has proven his driving skills in Le Mans and Monaco… Amanda? she drove into new york for macy’s thanksgiving parade!

You need a man to run you through the alps and play 3 different sports to be physically capable.. for Amanda? Fitness with Dave! Weekday mornings at eight, channel 12.

You damage your jeans in a shoot out? Amanda can drag you to safety, then bandage your wound and even wash and sew up your jeans for ya!!! yep… she is one top spy! No wonder Lee is scared Smile

Take comfort Lee – Amanda was really bad at Golf Winking smile 

Well, there is Magic Bus! Lots of playful banter and flirting going on in this episode Smile (Hmm so lots of ‘magic’ in this episode all around really! ) . As always I am busting to hear anyone’s thoughts who would like to share them!! 


29 responses to “3/3 Season 1, Episode 4: Magic Bus

  1. lielalreadysomeone

    I love Amanda pointing at herself saying “It’s me!” Reminds me of Doctor Who – when Donna turns up at the Adipose HQ and sees the Doctor across the way. He’s outside the window and she’s behind a door with a port-hole type window miming frantically things like “It’s me!”


  2. I don’t think that’s BB’s hand in the closeup of the “joystick weapon thingy.” The nails seem too long and the fingers/thumb not long enough – LOL! My bet is that it’s not BB and was shot at a different time (not uncommon for tv shows to do on close-up shots of hands).


  3. Any idea who voiced the bus computer? It sounds like Majel Barrett a little, Roddenberry’s wife and voice of the Enterprise computer


  4. The weasel on the right was less creepy, had a cuter nose and was better groomed than the weasel-faced goon on the left, whose eye liner was smudged.

    Francine was racing through the remote, protected B.L.M. (Bureau of Land Management) acreage around the dam in an off-road vehicle … wearing heels!? She had some gall to look down her nose at Amanda when it’s Francine, who was the fish out of water in this situation.

    Where does Amanda get the fortitude to stand her ground at Lee’s parting volley, “Care to change YOUR opinion?” Lee is blatantly cheating with his dimples flaring! He can pretend otherwise, but Lee has met his match in Amanda!


  5. Okay so I just watched this episode twice in the last two days. My little was excited about it, I think because I was cracking myself up watching the weasel-faced man. Bwahaha! Anywho, in my watching, I noticed a little editing mistake that I don’t think was mentioned as I scrolled through the comments. Lee is trying to stop the missile from launching. It shows the time at like :12 when he finally gets the statue off. But when he starts banging, the timer is already at zero. When he finally breaks the glass it’s back up to :09 bwahaha! Nice time warp. Just a funny little mess up I thought I’d share!


  6. Hi All! Found your site a few months ago and really enjoy reading all your comments for each episode. Some of them crack me up!

    This episode is a fav of mine. Always felt that the continuation of this story would have been interesting, and then I found one on another SMK fan site. Perhaps some of you have read it? Called “Road Trip”. Keeps in character for Lee and Amanda. Good read.

    Really feel that KJ/BB did a fantastic job with the characters. Great actors! Today’s shows could take a few pointers from SMK.


    • Welcome aboard, Karin!
      I’ve seen that Fanfic but haven’t got around to reading it . Have your read our very own Morley’s Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections – which has thoughts of Lee and Amanda at the end of each episode including this one?
      When I think about this episode, Lee in shorts comes to mind. And that Amanda doesn’t fall at his feet. Go Amanda.


    • Welcome! I agree, “Road Trip” (by Ermintrude421) is one of my favourite fan fiction stories. I think I will reread it when the kidlets go to bed. 🙂


    • Karin Welcome to JustWalkWithMe! (JWWM)

      Sooo exciting to have you join us!! Which country are you in Karin?
      Glad you found this blog and decided to jump in and say hi- the smk fans here are a lovely bunch 🙂 Whooo glad to hear JWWM gives you laugh 🙂

      Hey this blog tends to stick more or less to the walk through the episodes, or occasionally a topical blog post -fan fic tend to take place over at Nedlindger’s forum – an offshoot of this blog which is a forum format and much better at coping with chatter on different topics and stories than a blog (which more or less needs to stay on topic of the blog post)
      HERE is the link – and it’s very simple and fast to sign up 🙂
      I’d recommend you head over to the Nedlindger’s fan fic thread – and you’ll find there others smk fans who share your love for fan fic and these characters we love 🙂 you could ask about ‘Road Trip’ over there 🙂

      But please do come back here too 😉

      Oh I agree KJ and BB made the characters what they were!!

      I hope you’ll feel free to share with us your thoughts on Lee and Amanda’s story! This blog focuses on walking through the episodes, and we discuss as the story unfolds – so we don’t discuss what’s ahead in the story, and we aim to just enjoy the unfolding fabulous story as it would have been enjoyed all those years ago when it originally aired!
      byee for now – and again Karin – so glad you’ve found us!!


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  9. The weasel faced man is on the left–ROFL, indeed!!!

    Yeah, Jenbo, what was up with KJ’s hair this ep? Maybe we were lucky we didn’t have a hair-don’t in season 1 as well as season 2 (if it was stylist-induced and not character growth induced)…!!!…

    Love the magic counter… 20-something seconds then back up to 30-something, then all the way down to 0 (!) before bouncing back up to 20-something… Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaain…


  10. This episode just takes their chemistry and puts it over a bunson burner. Love the scene in the bushes, the elevator scene, the Amanda saves Lee scene (“they tell us to say that”), The “not bad.” The scene that jumped out at me this time around was the little chat they had before they got caught by “the weasel faced man.” I don’t know why, it just seemed significant this time. Maybe because it was Lee who was inquiring about Amanda first.

    You know I really think that Lee is more affected by Amanda at this point than she is by him. She seems to be taking him in stride. Sure he is an attractive man with an exciting career, that she is being drawn into. But she really doesn’t seem too drawn into a crush yet. She seems to care about his well being due to the fact that she is that kind of a person. She notices that he needs nurture. But she doesn’t appear to have made it personal yet. Lee on the other hand is rather affected by this suburban homemaker at many different levels and is having many uncharacteristic and characteristic responses to that affectation. Poor guy 🙂


  11. Julie (MACHMabel)

    This episode is hilarious. . . . the vicious yet super polite bus kills me. Also, I agree, “thank god you never listen to me” is one of the best single lines in the entire series.

    When they’re talking to Blue Leader, do they mean Billy? It sounds like it to me here, although of course that changes in later episodes.

    LOL at your comments about the closed captioning people spilling the beans about Holt! also “hey, he really does look like a weasel!” Too funny:)


  12. Hi,Cindy! Just wanted to say about the “Weasel faced man”-did he have a name? I thought if Amanda said that term one more time…-anyway, that part irritated me- the rest of the episode was clearly not bad-LOL!!


  13. I actually laughed out loud watching this today, so far I am really enjoying my re watching for the very beginning.
    Must ask……I appreciate Frizz Ease probably hadnt been invented 30 years ago but what on earth did they do to KJ’s hair?! Looks dry and awful compared to her rather luscious locks in the pilot.
    Anyway back to business. Hilarious at the music and expressions in Lee and Francines at the unveiling of the Vigilant. What a disappointment to say the least. And how much battery power must it take to power all those control panels. Don’t ever leave the lights on, a jump start would never get that going again!!
    John Paul Jones. Father of the American Navy. Seems a rather odd choice for a mascot in a vehicle that can only be driven on land…..in other randomness I have been to Kirkcudbright in Scotland where JPJ is from 🙂 if I ever go back I’ll be sure to bear SMK and American History in mind.
    Tee hee at Lee saying he’d never be Dean in thousand years. Of course not Lee, you’re too much of a show pony 😉
    You’re right Amanda, packing a picnic for a spy who won’t appreciate it. Um is that a bottle of wine she puts in the basket?! Not sure we should condone drinking and driving of any vehicle, never mind one that could wipe a town off the face of the earth, just sayin’……..
    Some great lines in the next few scens, Lee referring to the Survivors as a healthy bunch on the basis they are stealing food, water and portable toilets LOL then there is the repartee between Lee and Amanda in the bushes. Too funny how Amanda and her enthusiasm irritates the heck out of Lee.
    Ah the elevator scene. I agree IWSOD Billy’s look is definitely enjoying Amanda give Lee a run for his money and how when they round the corner he’s gonna totally rain on Lee’s parade. Adore them putting each others badges on, very cute and affectionate despite the difference of opinions.

    Lee in shorts *eyes glaze over* Not bad, not bad at all 😉
    Awww he puff out his chest a wee bit as he’s describing his fitness plan to Amanda. Trying to impress her? I think you fail there. Look what she can achieve with Fitness with Dave LOL it’s really subtle but just after she tells him about channel 12 his eyes, barely perceptible, look her over a little bit. Eyeing her up a little bit hmmm Lee?
    Really enjoy the scene where they are trying to untie themselves. The banter reminds me of what is to come in the ACM Kid. Lee appreciate you’re trying to protect Amanda but flying glass? It’s a headlight not a window! Love the impressed look Amanda gives for Lee’s efforts.
    Wow Standish swallowed the key quick, he must have a gullet the size of a bucket 😉
    Ah Amanda saves Lee by dragging him in the RV. Nice to see Lee appreciates the time she doesn’t listen to him. The joystick reminds me of the one me and my brother had for the Z X Spectrum computer we had 🙂
    Ha ha the RV onboard computer tells Amanda not to exceed posted speed limits. Well we wouldn’t want anyone to be injured by a speeding RV now would we. Never mind the firepower it’s carrying 😉
    I am the only one who gets the HAL vibe from the onboard computer? I keep waiting for it to start calling Lee “Dave” and asking him what he’s doing LOL (for those of you totally confused look up 2001 Space Oddessy).
    The tag. Too cute. Lee is totally reluctant to admit to Francine that Amanda was driving. Why’s that Lee? Because she totally nailed it perhaps? Stealing your thunder a little? Little housewife kicks ass 🙂 Love how Amanda squares up to Lee, a very bold posture leaning in toward him and both of them with a smirk on their faces as they flirt with one another *swoon*


    • Must proof read before I post. I hate keyboard on the iPad with a vengeance and reading some of the typing you’d think English was my second language. Which it totally isn’t!


      • I wish I had the iPad keyboard as an excuse for my spelling mistakes. I don’t. :-). I loved your summary — what a great episode and I absolutely love KickAss Amanda. 🙂


  14. Melissa Robertson

    It seems odd to me that Lee says of Amanda not leave him that, “thank God you never listen too me!” That statement does make it seem like this episode comes later…but who knows maybe the writers assume that there are adventures of theirs that we don’t get to see? The ending is just too cute 😉


  15. Hi all,

    it’s Magic Bus again… and finally we come to my favorite part of this episode.

    The banter between Lee and Amanda takes a turn where Amanda tries to tell him how strange it feels she does not know anything about him at all. Lee immediately puts on his spy face, but then he seems to soften… Iwsod, your screenshots are fantastic here! Lee silently watching Amanda, then giving away that tiny little smile… Please excuse me, I swoooooooooooooon! And look at Amanda’s face: She is really dying to know. Ah, the suspense on her face… She even licks her lips… then gives a quick and nervous little smile when he agrees to tell her something about himself. But she asks the wrong question and – BANG! The door that had just begun to open a few inches slams shut. Oh noooooooo! The magic moment has passed. But Lee’s evasiveness and Amanda’s frustration make me grin like an idiot. These two are so great together! 😀

    Wow, I always wondered if the weasel-faced man really had any resemblance to this animal at all… Or if it was only Amanda’s imagination… Well, now I know for sure she is right! Thank you, Iwsod!
    Stewed Tomato 2 are really blowing the whistle, huh? 😉

    Well, on to the military part which I used to hate. Helicopters, raa raa raa… I think Lee and Amanda are both scared when they realize the Survivors intend to blow up the dam. Only Lee is used to not showing his fear. Does Amanda really look at his mouth when she tells him she’s scared? Yes and no… I’d rather say she doesn’t dare to look him straight in the eyes. I think she feels overwhelmed by fear and she is a little ashamed to admit it to this strong and brave man. She tries for a short moment to look in his eyes, but quickly lowers her eyes again.

    As much as we all love to hate Francine, I think I’d like to cut her some slack. When Billy talks to the congressman on the phone and receives the order to tell Standish there won’t be a deal, she gives Billy that looooong look… You can tell she wants to object, but she knows it wouldn’t be any use. You can also tell she worries for Lee and Amanda. And I think her heart goes out to Billy who has to carry out orders, however cruel they might seem. She is alright when it really comes to the crunch… Don’t you think?

    Theheee, how Lee and Amanda squirm to get rid of their bondages… Is there a correspondence to other bondages or… should I say… liaisons? 😉

    Of course our super-spy saves he day. But suddenly he get’s shot! What!?? That came like a bolt out of the blue, didn’t it? I was prepared for it in „The Long Christmas Eve“… I could really feel that coming… But here it came as a surprise to me. How about you? Of course Amanda doesn’t think a split second about not helping him… That’s why we love her! And why Lee will come to love her too, one day 🙂

    Iwsod, did you know that the German sync totally ruined Lee’s wonderful „They-tell-us-to-say-that“-reply? In the German version, when Amanda reproachfully repeats his words, he answers: „What do you know of these things?“ Can you believe it??? They messed up one of the most brilliant lines of the show! What a shame! I must admit though it would take many words in German to convey the full sense of Lee’s reply… Apparently too many to be stuffed into the few english words he says… But still, isn’t that a crime? In the German version Lee shows no humour at all: He is only grim. And there is no hint at all that he didn’t really want to be left behind. Boy, that is so one-dimensional and lame. I am so glad I can watch the original version!

    I used to dislike the way Lee toys around with the Vigilant. He reminds me of a boy who starts playing with his new Nintendo console or something… I remember I used to be unable to regard missiles as something to jest with… Maybe because I lived through the days of the Cold War when my country was threatened by missiles from the East? And used as a base for missiles from the West? I can’t say for sure. But I remember how obscenely ugly I found the missiles of the Vigilant when they slowly lift into launch position. I hated them.

    It is funny how I developed a much more relaxed view on things. After all, the Cold War is over… And it’s only a TV-show.

    I think BB does a good job when he tries to stop the Vigilant’s automatic program. He really makes me believe he is totally frantic. He hardly even breathes in the little silence before the system announces that the lauch had been cancelled. And when Billy finally stands in the door of the bus, Lee looks pretty beat. Sweaty, in pain, exhausted and relieved at the same time. Good job, BB!

    Love how Amanda takes care of Lee’s wounded leg. She’s really a good person. And Francine – gosh Iwsod, you are right! Her outfit looks even worse! Well, Francine has to swallow a bitter pill when she learns it was Amanda who drove the bus. Yeah! Love it.

    Aaaaaaaand that was Magic Bus! Awesome recap as usual, Iwsod.
    Thank you! And have a nice day! (LOL)


  16. So…we finally, truly get our first glimpse of Action!Lee…and he gets himself shot. Iwsod’s observation is right…that’s the same keg he hurt last week. Either a lot more time gas passed than the viewer realises, or he has Wolverine mutant DNA (Iwsod…my inner geek rears it’s head out as well).

    I think this is the first time we really see Amanda “holding her own” and not being so ‘star struck’ by the dashing Lee Stetson. It comes and goes in future episodes, but here, we really see her go toe-to-toe with Lee and he has no clue what to do about it. Most women he knows (that we’ve seen) are either hardened agents like Francine, or blond bimbettes like the ones who practically salivated over him at the costume party. They only know PlayBoy Lee, not Scarecrow. Amanda is starting to get glimpses of the real Lee – not the PlayBoy or Scarecrow personas…the one who has real emotion and curiosity about who Amanda is and why she gets under his skin.

    I lI’ve re-watching these eppy’s after your commentary, just so I can laugh at the things I’ve never noticed before like…who the he’ll dresses Francine for the show?? She looked like Andy Pandy.


    • Hi Stacy! yeah we haven’t seen much action Lee.. so far he has gotten hurt alot! that poor leg.. tee heee.. Whooooo glad to see I am not alone in my geekiness! 😉

      Yes I think Lee is a fast healer.. after all he has great Jeans.. errr I mean Genes.. ahem..

      You’re right. Amanda gives it to him for sure! I wonder if she was wanting to make a point early on – and then.. she relaxes.. hmm let me know what you think about this as we progress through the episodes please! ( hey that is one good thing about taking it all in order!)

      Mmmmm Amanda does see a different Lee.. I think that comes up next episode… but I get ahead of myself!!

      Also, I have my suspicions about the episode order of these first few episodes.. Petra loves to take a close look at the episode order – if you are around Petra I’d love to hear what you have come up with for the order of season 1 early episodes.. and is anyone else reading this who has an interest in this??

      I found something last night that makes me think ACM kid was not originally episode 5.. but hey I will get to that next episode.. but just throwing it out there to see if anyone has any thoughts they would like to share..

      Ohhh and one thing I didn’t add to my post which I should have:
      I was really annoyed Lee didn’t shoot the weasel faced man…. I wanted to be able to say POP GOES THE WEASEL!!!!! 🙂

      This is probably a dumb question, but who is Andy Pandy? ( although from the context I can tell he is a very bad dresser!!)


      • Andy Pandy was an old puppet show, and the lead…erm…puppet wore stripey overalls. Francine’s outfit reminded me of it.

        Speaking of episodes out of order, I always thought Gift Horse should have been before SBAB because of Amanda’s foot injury.

        I’m not familiar with anyone else pointing out other episodes that seem out of order.

        Oh, Petra….


  17. “Weasel faced man is the one on the left.” Tee Hee! I am really enjoying your summaries and screen captures. Kate and Bruce were so great with each other, weren’t they?
    (Just a little nitpicky thing, this is episode 4 not three).


    • Hi Cindy – thanks for the lovely words!!

      Oh and please! It is not nitpicky to tell me I labelled the episode with the wrong number- It’s important! – ugh! I can’t believe I did that – more than once and didn’t even notice.. LOL! Thank you sooo much for telling me!!! Please, if you see another silly mistake like that I’d really appreciate it if you told me – so I can quickly fix it.. haaaaa LOL!

      Thanks again Cindy! ( off to fix now!)


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