14/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We left the gang about to go their separate ways.. Francine shakes Amanda’s hand and helps Billy take away the bad guys.…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002660827
..leaving Lee and Amanda to deal with Vic [Oh yeah and the Paulie meat product].

I love how Amanda moves her hand around as Francine walks away- I think Mancine shook it too hard! ha haaa!! 😆
Lee: She’s right. She’s absolutely right! you were…..
2.16 LOTP.avi_002667233
Lee pauses a second here searching for the right words- Hmm he doesn’t get much practice saying how great someone is! Smile
Amanda: what?
Lee gives her a look up down and waves his arms around to exclaim:
You were great Amanda!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002667434
Lee rises to his feet..
Amanda: well, I didn’t really do so much.
2.16 LOTP.avi_002669235
As much as Amanda’s self effacing ways sometimes bug me, I can see she gets plenty of reinforcement from the likes of Francine- not to think too highly of her skills.. Only..thankfully this is beginning to change! Smile  Poor Amanda isn’t sure how to respond to this!
Lee: No! No. You were you were absolutely- that was great- that was great!!! [Amanda motions like- that? huh?? it was nothing!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002671438
Amanda shrugs: well.. sheesh.. ??
2.16 LOTP.avi_002675442
Lee chuckles to himself over it all- incredulous!.. he can’t quite believe what just happened.. one minute he thinks he’s dead meat (yes pun intended) and the next here’s Amanda walking into danger and saving him!
As Lee bends down to start picking up Vic.. Amanda gives him a hand.. but their so caught up in their conversation, they aren’t really paying attention to what they are trying to do here Smile 

Lee: ha haaaa.. I mean look, you went 2.16 LOTP.avi_002680447undercover, you kept your eyes open…
you got Francine,
2.16 LOTP.avi_002682248you followed us here tonight [tonight????!!! It was daylight!!]
and look…


…I mean it took a lot of courage to walk into this room Amanda!


2.16 LOTP.avi_002685452
…Really! It did! … and er…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002688855
[at this Lee seems to shift from amazement at how brave she is.. to how touching what she just did is IMHO! This shift causes Lee to suddenly struggle over how to express himself]
ell err….
2.16 LOTP.avi_002689656
…I errrr just want to say that err that err…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002692258
… your bravery,…. saved my life.
Lee straight up admits what Amanda has done- wow- with no hiding!!! No pretending she didn’t or dismissing it…or telling her to get off his arm Winking smile Okay what ep was that? anyone?
2.16 LOTP.avi_002696262
At this.. Amanda is stunned.. wow.. of all the things she thought he was going to say that was probably what she hoped for most, and expected the least!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002696463
Lee is very intense here.. and totally owning it.. Go Lee!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002696863
I love Amanda’s reply!
Amanda: Awwhhhh…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002699466
For a moment they look at each other smiling shyly…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002700266
[Is that enough pics? no I didn’t think so..]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002700867
…until stupid Vic gets too heavy and Amanda begins to struggle argh!! tee heee.. and the moment ends ther2.16 LOTP.avi_002703670e.. How lovely!

Hooray!!!! I love that Lee finally says all these wonderful things to Amanda!!! Like Francine, Lee isn’t shy in offering his praise of Amanda’s achievements –Lee has been set free here-

I love how Lee starts off telling Amanda what she did was great.. and then.. he ends by telling her that she IS great! I love that!!! (he doesn’t say the words ‘thank you’.. he does so much better IMO!!)

Lee’s close call and Amanda’s courage seem to have given Lee new eyes – he appreciates everything she has done but he also appreciates who she is.. he appreciates her bravery..  I think this is a very significant distinction to make here!! Smile I especially love that Lee acknowledges Amanda’s bravery – Does this remind anyone else of a super, very special moment that’s coming in season 4???[yes I won’t go into detail! Can’t wait to get there!!]  ‘Amanda King, you are the bravest…’1thuddy I’m really enjoying our journey to get these two there!!! Smile
Amanda’s bravery is one of her finest characteristics.. so I love that it seems to be a favourite with Lee too Smile It’s one of my favourite Amanda traits too!!!  [Lee she may even be brave enough to take you on Smile Ha!]

It suddenly seems very important to Lee that Amanda understand how much he values what she just did.. her self-effacing ways are not good enough for her anymore- she deserves better than this!! Lee isn’t going to call it nothing, nor let her call it nothing neither! whoooo.. This I think is a first for Lee!!
This man is well on his way to being very much in love with Amanda! [He’s just got to let her hair grow back first – rofl.. I’m just kidding!!!] he’s in denial about that love now IMHO, but he sure can’t deny how brave and wonderful the woman standing in front of him is! Smile

I don’t want to take anything away from this  fantastic moment between them – but I will just point out that… at this point Lee can have no idea that Amanda saw them get shoved in the car and went and got Francine for help.. It’s very accurate, and lovely that he acknowledges it – but how could he possibly have know that? LOL!! [and yes, it’s also in the script! naughty script!] Also, anyone else see the scripted ending here?? Anyone want to transcribe it? I better keep going..

The episode isn’t over yet!!! It’s tag time! Back to the agency and we find Lee and Amanda in the bullpen… LOL Lee looks so cheeky… he is definitely up to mischief!
Lee: Hi.
Amanda sees the gift Lee has:
Well, somebody’s birthday?
2.16 LOTP.avi_002727594
[Uh oh… her hair is tightly curled.. and the big red ugly earrings that matchy matchy her cardigan are awful!]
Lee: No, just a little something I picked up for Francine.
Amanda: Oh, well,…
2.16 LOTP.avi_002727594
… she did a good job.

[I think KJ does ‘a great job’ here- to me Amanda’s reaction to the present is ambiguous!! Is she disappointed Francine gets a present?? but ever gracious, Amanda goes along and points out that Francine (and thus Mancine) did a good job]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002730096Lee:
2.16 LOTP.avi_002733099
Amanda: Everybody did a good job. You broke up the Private Party ring, and you arrested Frank Columbus.
that’s Frankie Amanda!
Oh boy.. there goes Amanda with the ‘you’ broke up private party.. naughty Amanda!! That’s a habit that will take time to break.. and Lee doesn’t have a chance to correct her (he might have now who knows!) as in comes Francine 

Whoa!!! Just check out all that pink! Is Francine overcompensating?? You know, for the appearance of Mancine?? Yes Francine you look very feminine today! LOL!! Actually, I quite like this outfit on Francine- it looks normal! [all except for those earrings..]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002736102
is actually really happy here!! whoa!!: What a great morning. I just had the 2.16 LOTP.avi_002738605pleasure of personally arresting Mrs Flannigan. Ha!
Ah! that explains it Smile
Lee makes the appropriate whoo hoo sounds here.. I think he is hamming it up a little as he knows what’s coming in the box! Amanda of course is joining in good naturedly..
Yeah!!! one for the women!!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002739606
…Yes! And during the booking, I got to ask her height, her weight, and her age. Oh, it was wonderful!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002743109
Double whooo hoooo! wish I could have seen it!! When arresting someone? Height, weight, age, appropriate! when hiring maid staff? not appropriate!! I think this ending underlines this point pretty nicely- since I was not okay with the Private Parties interviewing technique- I like this a lot!! Actually Francine has the same hair as that scene.. I wonder if they shot this on the same day..Hmm..
Francine is very chirpy.. Seems this hanging out with Amanda has made her a little more upbeat.. hehehee..

Finally, Lee hands Francine his present..

Lee: Francine, this is for you. A little memento of the case.
2.16 LOTP.avi_002746613
Francine:  Oh, Leeeeeeee, thank you.

2.16 LOTP.avi_002748114
[LOL Francine is totally taken in! Gushing almost! She takes the box and sets it down. BTW- Just check out Amanda’s expression here!!! you think she is enjoying this moment?? thinking Lee is giving Francine a present??!!!!!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002749115
Oh, that’s sweet. Thanks.
2.16 LOTP.avi_002752118I think Amanda does enjoy seeing Lee do something nice for Francine.. so she smiles at Lee and enjoys the moment..
Francine puts the box down on the table [don’t you just love watching Lee here??!!!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002753119
and takes off the lid to reveal:
2.16 LOTP.avi_002755622
2.16 LOTP.avi_002755121A feather duster!!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002757123

Immediate reactions?? LOL.. Francine is completely unimpressed.. and Amanda can’t help but have a little giggle! Smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_002757624
[Hey, in the wide shot- there’s no tissue paper!!]
2.16 LOTP.avi_002758124
Francine grabs it and gives it back complaining:  Very funny! (not!) Poor Francine she was the butt of a few jokes this week wasn’t she!! Smile If only Francine had seen Lee’s portrayal of Walter the houseboy in the Three Faces of Emily! She could have had a field day with that one!

Love Lee’s deep chuckles here at the end!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_002761127
I love the final frame they left us with- ha! Lee and Amanda look happy.. and Francine looks miserable! haaaa!

What’s your take on Amanda’s reactions here in the Tag? do tell!

Well everyone, guess this is the end of the Party! it’s been a good one!!! I’ve really enjoyed this episode! More than I thought I would.. We had some really funny moments… and a couple of watershed moments- we had Amanda’s amazing courage at choosing to walk into danger, Francine’s acknowledgement of her job well done, and Lee finally admitted Amanda saved his life- and that she was brave 1swoonand courageous- very swoony!!! Oh and the episode featured Lee in a tux.. and Amanda laughing at a woman approaching Lee.. haa haaa!!! Lots to like in this episode!!

I loved the theme of the SMK women stepping up and coming through in the end, in spite of the sometimes unfair treatment based on their 2Womangender- It’s hard being a women in the workforce in the 80s.. and it’s uniquely hard in the spy biz!! But.. a great spy puts dignity to one side and gets the job done!

Given my view that this episode is about finding your way as a woman.. it’s ironic that 1facepalmI’ve mentioned the matchy matchy earrings and the hair.. LOL.. but don’t get me wrong here- I actually think I’m past the hair.. 1shrugI got out all my frustrations in ALSALS!!  This updated professional look (in it’s context) fits well with this episode and Amanda’s progress as a professional.

Thank goodness Amanda has this episode now.. an episode where Amanda is involved because she’s doing her job! It seems like there are lots of episodes coming up where Amanda 1OMGjust happens to end up in trouble – not as part of her doing her job.. with Lee’s enemy coming.. the drugged sandwich.. and the mix up with the Amanda file.. there are a few eps coming- I’m glad I’m going into them, having established that Lee sees Amanda as brave, courageous and as his partner definitely.. and what a bonus we get to see Francine give a little also! Why? well.. I’ll explain as we head through the coming episodes – which are all fabulous – but have a different tone to this episode.

One last comment- who cares about Amanda’s hair and earrings when Lee is looking at 1heart_eyesAmanda like she is just the greatest.. short hair or long hair.. it doesn’t matter!! 🙂

As always, I’d love to hear from you! 14 posts? that’s a new record! hope you don’t mind?? Thanks for coming with me on this journey- I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! Looking forward to hearing your comments!! byee!

59 responses to “14/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Lee’s reaction here makes me completely melt. So beautiful, especially that “It took a lot of courage…really it did!” and “You saved my life.” I just want to hug him for that one.

    As far as the continuity of how he knew she knew, now I am back to my theory that he DID see her in the window but didn’t expect her to go in — or that Francine would LET her come in since Amanda wouldn’t be able to charm her way like she does with Lee.


  2. Love this episode, and now I love it even more after walking through it with you all! When Lee gets all silent and intense right after he says her bravery saved his life {swoon — where was I?}, the look on his face is exactly the same look he has after both of their cover kisses (SD and SOS). It’s his deer in the headlights, what just happened?, why does this woman affect me this way? look. I love how this show and especially this episode show him just as bowled over by her character and actions as he is by his physical attraction to her!

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  3. #2019 rewatch.
    This last bit in the butcher shop bothers me. I get why Francine is vaguely surprised at how brave Amanda is because she doesn’t get to see it much and probably thought Lee was exaggerating about other cases but why is Lee so surprised? The woman tracked you down to a remote country house and flew a helicopter the first week she met you!! Just 😡!!

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    • Maybe one too many hits to the head? Because yeah, she saved his cute butt A LOT.

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    • #2019 rewatch.

      You’re right, it’s odd since Francine is out of earshot. He can’t use the excuse that he doesn’t know Amanda better by now. I think it could be flirting, which he’s trying to cover up by saying how impressed he is. I know there have got to be other examples of him flirting in this way, but they’re not coming to me at the moment.


  4. #2019rewatch
    Lee’s timing is exquisite! Francine is deliriously happy because her dreadful experience cleaning toilets is a thing of the past AND she got to put the kabash on Mrs. Flannigan. We know Lee has mischief up his sleeve because he’s already struggling to contain himself. Once his keepsake gift is revealed, Lee gets the dual response he sought: (1) it took the wind right out of Francine’s sails and (2) it sparked Amanda’s laughter.


  5. Amandarambler

    Again, see my previous comments. I will add that I love how Lee starts into his comments before Francine & Billy have completely walked out. Like he just has to get out his thoughts to Amanda regardless of who is around to hear. It’s lovely. 😍

    Hope everyone enjoys the rewalk through this AWESOME episode! Bring on the comments!

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  6. My heart goes all squishy when Lee starts talking to Amanda…even if they’re talking with Vic passed out (from that final kung fu Francine blow) in between them. Lee’s internal wheels have been turning in some new directions for awhile now, I think, and I love that he allows himself this moment to verbalize things to her (and himself) so genuinely. And I agree with others, I think I was thinking this in a previous comment, too – that Lee’s semi-step back in distance on this case, where Francine and Amanda are out working together more than he and Amanda – is what allows him a little more perspective and maybe clarity when he sees Amanda. I think we see that some also in S3 during PFK (I’m in real trouble once my future references are past where the walk has gotten to!).

    This episode is definitely one of my faves, but like I said in my first comment of this episode, this last watch through in revised order makes every episode in this stretch of season 2 so captivating to me. Especially in paying closer attention to Lee’s maturation and development in how he sees Amanda, and Amanda’s development professionally and her comfortable confidence. Anyway, I love the Francine & Amanda moments in this episode, too, and I think I see a couple of subtle moments coming up soon in DOA that are affected by their interactions in LOTP. Also, I love that all four (Billy, Francine, Lee and Amanda) all work together in the field here and grow as a group together, and that the three pros all get to see first-hand in the field what Amanda is capable of and how she brings value to the agency.

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  9. What a beautiful and heartwarming sentiment LASinLA!


  10. Oh, such lovely thoughts you all think. I do see this as a very significant moment for Lee. It truly is like the lightbulb goes off for him, it’s been hovering on dim for a bit now and it finally lights up to brilliant light. Francine’s light bulb is never allowed to be fully lit for long, she keeps that dimmer switch close at hand. Can’t allow anyone else to shine long, it might dim her contributions. (Her insecurity outshines her better moments.)

    Okay, enough with the light comments – lol. I think Amanda wonders if it’s flowers, too. She accepts that Lee and Francine have a special friendship, so she’s delighted that he takes this moment to do something nice for Francine. He’s already done something nice for her – he’s accepted her actions without fussing at her. He thanked her and acknowledged her contribution. (Shadows of what’s to come near the end of the season.) The shared joke on Francine, though, ends up being a little something for them both. Lee is like a little kid here, enjoying the moment totally. (And we get to see the big smile and cute dimple! 😉 Something for the audience, too. lol)


  11. Been reading all these comments again this morning and it got me thinking about Amanda’s bravery/smarts, Lee seeing her again for the first time and Lee’s falling in love. They are all intertwined IMHO.

    I think Lee has noticed Amanda’s bravery before, but here in this scene I think it is different, which is why I made the comment that it is like he is seeing her for the first time. I also agree with iwsod saying that “This man is well on his way to being very much in love with Amanda!”

    For me, I truly believe Lee’s falling in love with Amanda is linked to how he views her development as a possible agent. From the start he has continually discounted her, or not given her much credit or thanks because he views her as just a suburban housewife. What could she possibly know? He is prejudiced. I don’t think he has ever thought of her as smart. But here, she very bravely enters this precarious situation on her own and saves Lee’s (and Billy’s – again) life. She does this with no direction or help from Lee. He doesn’t know it, but she also doesn’t get any direction from Francine – it is all Amanda. I believe this is the first time this has happened in the series since she officially started working with the Agency. (I don’t think TFT counts for Lee.) What a triumphant moment for Amanda!

    As the viewer, we clearly see Amanda’s smarts and her contribution to each case she’s involved in. Lee, however, sees it differently – he’s the leader, he’s always telling her what to do, calling the shots, doing most of the saving – which is why I think he hardly ever gives her very little credit or thanks. But here, she shows that she is smart and capable on her own and Lee finally sees it. So to me, in that regard he is seeing her for the first time in this new light and he is rocked by it. Holy Crap! Maybe she is smart and capable and not just lucky or a good guesser. We know he doesn’t fully come on board with her smarts until later in the series (there is favorite ep of mine in S3 with another of these light bulb moments for me, but I’ll wait till we get there), but here it is plain for me to see that he is seeing something in Amanda for the first time and to his credit acknowledges it so very well.

    We even get to see before the end of S2 that Lee’s new view of Amanda has really sunk in when he starts to treat her differently than before. There’s a scene I’m thinking of and it is a short, sweet moment that catches Amanda by complete surprise! I will say more when we get there in our walk.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whooo BJo! that’s a whole lot of goodness right there!!! 🙂 Love it!!! I can’t wait to read your post on Amanda’s journey if you ever choose to write it! 🙂 Gosh I don’t think I’ve responded to you in ages.. so sorry BJo! I always love to hear from you!!

      Yep!!! I agree with you BJo and Morley, I’ve always felt that Lee’s views on Amanda’s work are linked to the romance.. I never thought it could be love while he didn’t respect her.. I certainly didn’t think Amanda could fall in love with Lee while he didn’t acknowledge her place in his life – to me she’s too emotionally honest with herself for that.. but hey, I know there are lots of different opinions on this!

      I love your thoughts on this BJo, thanks for sharing! Yes.. no direction or help from Lee: Huge!! Absolutely.. Lee sees it very differently 😉 and what he sees is coloured by his very suppressed feelings for Amanda IMHO! this was my fave part BJo: you said ‘ Maybe she is smart and capable and not just lucky or a good guesser’ – though I do think he has been seeing it for a while.. but not really seeing it! He’s been in denial about that too.. poor Lee.. that’s alot of emotional energy stuffing all that down!

      Oh cool Morley, glad you are enjoying the episode order.. it is interesting isn’t it.. and just think we would have gotten to LOTP and car wars was still ahead of us!!! I now find that really strange!

      I just came across a tv show which was remembering the 80s.. talking about the guys with flashy cars and blow dried hair ( LEEE!!!) and.. the huge shoulder pads (Amanda!!!) .. and they showed a few clips from Dynasty and it struck me that.. Dynasty started in 1981.. Scarecrow and Mrs King started in 1983. It’s fitting to notice this now while we are still looking at LOTP.. but I think smk used Dynasty as inspiration for Amanda and Francine’s characters… Amanda is Crystal… Francine is Alexis! Only… they switched the hair colours!!!

      They even mentioned that Alexis was a part of the 80s struggle to understand women in the workplace – that Alexis was like a man, and used her beauty and smarts to get ahead.. she was agressive – and of course she hated Crystal – well.. does this sound similar(thought not exactly like) our female duo?? i think there are similarities.. anyone here remember watching Dynasty?? I’d love to hear what you think!

      I even think in Season 3, Amanda’s hair starts to look like Crystal’s.. but.. I’ll address that when I get to it I promise! – it’s going in my notes to remember! 🙂

      LASinLA – that is very sweet!!! I agree.. you should add that to Lee’s thread – very powerful!


      • Oh yes, iwsod, I was a big Dynasty fan, until it went a little off the rails! I do see some similarities in the Amanda/Francine and Krystle/Alexis dynamic. Alexis, too would minimalize Krystle much like Francine does with Amanda. In the beginning Krystle was a little unsure of herself and her place in the family, but as time went on gained confidence in herself and her capabilities, much like Amanda. Even their backgrounds were similar Alexis/Francine grew up somewhat pampered, while Krystle/Amanda came from a somewhat hardworking blue collar background.

        Interesting side note, Blake was played by John Forsyth, who also played Charlie in Charlie’s Angels which starred Kate Jackson. You could play six degrees of separation all day long with shows from the 80s.


        • A little off the rails is right, Valerie!! A Moldavian (?) massacre?? James Healey who is Nick Grant in DYTTSpy was in 6 eps of Dynasty. I vaguely remembered him being on that show and confirmed at IMDB. Another SMK/Dynasty connection! I wonder just how many there are! BB and LEvans on The Gambler movies is another, right?


      • Hey iwsod! I am in the process of writing my post on Amanda’s journey. It is alread drafted on Livewriter 🙂 , I just need to get the screen caps and make my final edits. Now that 3/3 Stats for SAAB is up, I’ll be able to get on with it!

        I completely agree with you in that Amanda couldn’t fall in love with Lee if he didn’t admit to and value her contribution to him as a spy. I think she wanted to be his partner in work first before she ever (realistically) wanted to be his partner in life.

        And there is just no way that Car Wars comes so late in the season. I’m so glad you covered that ep already.


    • BJo, everything you said is so awesome. I think I know of the S2 scene you’re referring too. It caught me by surprise too!


    • Terrific analysis BJo! It has been tickling at the edge of my mind that whenever I see a beautiful place that I’ve been previously, I still feel awe and a renewed and sometimes even more powerful connection. I had been thinking that Lee was amazed at Amanda in the same manner. M. Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
      By the way, did I mention that you all rock! Such a pleasure to be part of this thought provoking and deliciously fun journey!

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      • Hi Jule – I’ve been really enjoying hearing from you as you catch up with previous episodes – reminds me of some of the fab things that have been previously discussed. I agree with you – you guys all rock – that includes you Jule!!!! Life of the party just made it perfectly clear to me how much better the show is when I get to share it with you all and discuss it with such clever, insightful, funny and interesting people!!! 🙂

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  12. I’m really looking forward to the next episode, because (judging from the plot) it’s the only one I have any clear memory of seeing as a child. And even then, it’s not much of a clear memory, I just remember the two Amandas — and the ending. I will be watching it, for the first time as an adult, at some point while you’re doing the recap. Other episodes, I’ve had flashes of memory while watching a few times, but nothing I remembered before.

    I’m glad you think you’ve figured out where the title comes from, Iwsod, because I think it’s the weirdest episode title — maybe I will change my mind when I know what it means! I have no idea now. I find the episode titles intriguing throughout the whole series — someday, when I get a second, I’m going to have to sit down and analyze them: the good, the bad, and the ugly (or something like that).


  13. Ahhhhh I adore the moment between Lee and Amanda. Part of me like BJo is a bit exasperated that Lee only now realises how brave Amanda is, I mean has he forgotten the moment where she drags him onto the RV in Magic Bus? Told her to leave him behind, he was shot and unable to defend himself and she saved him.
    BUT I shall put aside my slight annoyance for the sheer enjoyment of watching him look at Amanda in a whole new light. It’s like a lightbulb went “ping” in his head. I can only assume this situation was different because he maybe felt that trussed up like that at the mercy of Frankie they really didn’t have a way out and for once he felt they didn’t have a way out.
    I definitely think that Amanda is feeling disappointed that Francine has a present and not her, especially after his effusive praise for saving his life. If that doesn’t earn a present then I don’t know what does 😉 But she realises the joke and giggles along with her matchy matchy earrings.
    All in all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed LOTP 🙂 Do as many posts as you need IWSOD I don’t care, I appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking as I read your comment, Jenbo, that maybe this isn’t the first time that Lee realized that she was brave. Maybe this is just the first time he was able to remark on it to her. He said something to Francine about how great Amanda was with the lamp in Brunettes. If this is so, I wonder what has occurred in Lee to unloose his tongue?


      • Hiya Morley…. I’ve been pondering this too.. I am thinking now when I said Lee was seeing Amanda with ‘new eyes’ that maybe that wasn’t accurate.. that implies he had never seen it before- and I do think he saw it before! As you and Jenbo [Hiya Jenbo!!] have mentioned..

        Now I’m thinking about it more.. I’m thinking this moment was when the floodgates opened – is that a better way to describe it? Lol.. but finally he let out what he had been beginning to see more and more – I think it is a bit like his love for her..well maybe because this is connected.. Lee’s character has been slowly realising more and more how Brave Amanda is – and finally.. he hit the moment where he finally felt it was time to tell her 🙂 it’s a bit of a foretaste of what’s to come.. when he finally reaches the moment when his love for her has to finally be let out also 🙂 swoony! I hope that makes sense! It’s pretty late here.. ha!

        Yeah Jenbo..sounds good.. you know for years I struggled with this ending and why did Lee suddenly realise?? He’s a blockhead! but.. I now see it a lot like you- His helplessness, the very real and imminent danger (knife!) and Amanda’s following them, and choosing to walk straight into danger.. For me ( and I realise others may still not see any logic in it) I’m happy with this making sense nowadays! 🙂

        Awhhhh happy camper that sounds wonderful!! I am really looking forward to rediscovering Odds on a dead pigeon with you!!! I know exactly what you mean about those flash memories. I posted my story and childhood flash memories of smk over on Nedlindger’s [I won’t get into it here] but just wanted to say now I’m even more excited!!! byeee!

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        • Lee really does respond in those flood gate opening ways. I like the way you are thinking about episode order because it really shows this. The way it looks like you are ordering season 2 you have 1 or 2 episodes between Brunettes and SOS. For me that really illustrates how Lee tries to hold his emotional responses to Amanda in. And I think he does this because he knows that once he opens those doors the flood waters will come rushing through. In Brunettes he opens those doors of partnership and letting Amanda become officially connected to him and bam right after that comes SOS and he is touched at an even deeper level. That wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t let her in (I think) in Brunettes. It is part of that true tender heartedness that we all and Amanda see in him from the beginning. And I think Lee knows this about himself (at some level) and that is why he worked so hard to protect himself. But now it is so beautiful to watch him lay down all his self protective mechanisms and let that tender heart start to come out.

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        • The proverb “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” comes to mind here. As though Lee’s heart has been slowly filling up and now (finally!) overflows into words.

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  14. Awwhhhhh… swoon… thud! 😀 Yep–Lee acknowledging Amanda is totally awesome, and a big step for him. Yep–I think at this point he’s most definitely falling hard, but totally in denial/oblivious to the fact that she could be anything other than friend and partner. And I really like Valerie’s observation of the fact that some distance between them promotes Lee to become more aware of Amanda’s talents in more than one episode…

    I think it’s actually good that they have Vic here in between them as a foil so that Lee can get out what he needs to say without getting embarrassed/side-tracked/what-have-you; if they were hugging instead, he probably would have become even more tongue-tied and not have managed to get all the words out… LOL.

    Psssttt… Iwsod–the s4 comment is “the best, the bravest, …” 😀

    Ha! I’m digging finally seeing Lee’s magic taped shirt. Woot!

    As far as the tag–it never occurred to me that Amanda was disappointed at all… but maybe I was just thinking of Amanda being sweet Amanda who never expects anything of anyone, or maybe I was expecting it to be something else (like what it was) so I glossed over Amanda’s reaction… I really need to watch things more closely. 🙂 Hah! I love that they can have a giggle together at Francine’s expense–it makes me think of the chocolate tag in FFFT.


    • KC, I was thinking the same thing about Vic’s body being between them. It was probably easier for Lee to say something with him there.


      • Hiya!!! I think the script version has no vic between them.. check it out!!! 🙂 or someone like to transcribe it?

        Lovin hearing all your thoughts everyone!

        Valerie I also enjoyed your observation that Lee takes a step back and realises how far Amanda has come.. so true!

        LOL KC, I knew there was more to the Nightcrawler quote (at least on that one I did.. the bring on the rice quote? I had that wrong.. but I was happy to find out- that means bring on the confetti is authored by me! 😉 haa!)

        Mongoose is spot on – get off my arm.. ugh.. but it was all worth it for Amanda to hang in there with Lee wasn’t it?? here- he is so lovely!!!


        • I checked out the script (first I had to remember my login info for Petra’s site, that took a while). I has Lee putting his arm around Amanda as they walk out. I think I like the filmed version better. KJ and BB know their characters so well, they always make it better. Why didn’t they just write it all?


          • Hi Morley! Sorry to make you have to hunt down your password! I had to email Petra when my computer died as I’d always had the password saved… eek! Petra was very helpful [What a brilliant job Petra does with that site!! thanks Petra!!]

            I agree with you Morley.. this way, rather than the script way, is perfect – and once again smk manages to leave a just a little to look forward to in future- while still giving us progress
            i.e. a small step- everything is so beautifully incremental- I think they are genius.. and yes I agree! I think credit goes to KJ and BB for this..

            I might sound nuts but the moment was perfect the way it was and didn’t need a hug- Irealised while having a quick look at Odds on a Dead Pigeon last night that this moment comes in the next episode!! I think this is very clever of the show! 🙂 small little rewards for us Lee and Amanda shippers.. 🙂

            Sorry no time to transcribe the different script ending but if someone else would like to feel free!
            The next episode is Odds on a Dead Pigeon yes?? I actually have very few memories of this episode.. it’s not one I’ve watched over and over..
            I think this next episode will be lots of small posts- apologies-maybe more than 14! LOL!! but I have no transcript to work with 😦 and I am really enjoying covering so much of the dialogue- I find I discover things I hadn’t noticed before this way! 🙂 I hope this is okay with everyone!

            I think I’ve actually worked out where the title comes from too.. I’m excited!
            Sad to be leaving ‘Life of the Party’ but then these days I seem to fall in love with each episode I am exploring – and feel wistful to move on.. LOL.. I just keep reminding myself: I’m not moving on- I’m adding it to the repertoire!! 🙂 I am a little silly I know!

            Oh you guys will laugh.. I just got my long hair cut short! 😉 LOL.. just not as short as Amanda’s! and I promise no huge matchy matchy earrings for me!! byeeeeee!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yes, beautifully incremental is right. I also like the way it is the baddie that Amanda knocked out that they are both working together to lift. They are working like partners to finish the job and he is complimenting her on her part in it. It is very appropriate after the focus of this episode to have it be that way, don’t you think?

              Liked by 1 person

            • Take as many posts as you need, ISWOD — I love the attention you give to our favourite ‘little’ show. 🙂
              Beautifully done ending — I agree it was much better with Vic between them. Sometimes you can be more vulnerable and open when there is a physical barrier between you — for some reason, I think of the great advice I got to talk to your kids about important things when you are in the car (and not just because they are a captive audience – Ha!) . Because you are not looking at each other it is easier for the kids to open up about what they are feeling and thinking. I wonder if there may be a little of that going on here.
              As to the tag, I think Amanda is a little disappointed at first that Francine is getting the recognition and gift (I love the comment of her channelling her advice to her boys about being happy for someone else) and that make the reveal so much sweeter.


              • Thanks Cindy and Jenbo for letting me know.. too many posts is not possible 🙂 reassuring!

                yes I have heard that works with kids (especially boys) beautifully.. shooting hoops is another great way.. I wonder if that tactic would work with Francine? 😉

                Ahhh I wasn’t sure about Amanda’s reaction in the Tag.. cool I wasn’t reading into it what I wanted.. sounds like lots of you also thought Amanda was disappointed but trying to not show it .. 🙂 Oh yeah!!!! the reveal made it so much sweeter- very true Cindy! 🙂


          • Yeah, I’m glad they saved that moment for stemwinder


            • LOL Grey I’ll look forward to hearing about that when we get to Stemwinder! 🙂

              I’m so glad you found your way here 🙂

              So things aren’t confusing here for you- I’ll just explain: this blog aims to not jump ahead in any great detail with the story (i.e. discussing future happenings is kept to a minimum)

              We try and stay with where the story is at- So please be sure to let us know your thoughts on Stemwinder when we get there 🙂

              I hope that makes sense 🙂 This has added a really interesting, unique point of view to things and I’m finding this perspective very rewarding – I hope others are also – inspite of the frustrations!!

              I keep a document with all my random thoughts in it for me to share when we get there! I’m weird I know! but if I don’t I’ll forget!

              byeeee.. must get on with my work here- ugh! Real life! 😉


  15. I loved this episode for the scene at the beginning and the scene at the end, both with Lee and Amanda together. Sometimes I think Lee makes his greatest transitions about Amanda when he has sort of taken a step back from her and is sort of looking at her from a different viewpoint than when they are so partnered up. In SAAB Billy had Lee try to view Amanda from Delano’s perspective. Once he realized just how beautiful she really is, he continued to have those jealous looks and reactions when someone else paid her attention like the Tegernsee tag. The looks and reactions become increasingly obvious as time goes on.

    In this Party episode Amanda has been partnered with someone else and Lee is seeing Amanda do things without him at her side, especially this last scene. He can truly begin to see her worth. I think it happens again in S3 in a couple of episodes where he finally sees that Amanda is nothing like the person he first pegged her to be. He is able to see her from several different perspectives.

    I agree with Melissa about the arm and the Mongoose episode. I also think that if Vic hadn’t been between them there would have been a hug similar to the one at the end of Playing Possum…”it’s the blue one.” I think Amanda it probably a tad disappointed initially about the gift but is waiting to see just what it is. She and Lee don’t yet have that connection where she would be able to anticipate what he’s doing, but it’s getting there.


  16. Did anyone wonder what that last scene before the tag would have been like if Vic hadn’t been between them?


  17. Yes, Lee is quite incredulous! He really can’t believe it! Why is he so surprised? I can see why Francine is surprised, but Lee? This is ep 16 of S2, come on Lee! How many times has she saved your butt by now? I guess he never really thought she was capable of very much. I’m so glad his opinion of and attitude toward her about this finally starts to change with this episode!

    How does Lee know Amanda ‘got Francine’? He was already in the Frankie’s car on the way to the meat factory.

    LOVE Lee’s little stammer there at the end…awwww…swoon! Get off his arm…hmmm…argh, I should know this! It’s on the tip of my tongue!

    I also LOVE the stare these two share here. I haven’t timed it, but it sure seems to be a veeery long one. Just what is going through Lee’s mind here? I think Amanda’s knees buckle at the intensity of his gaze. It never occurred to me it was because Vic was getting too heavy!!! ROFL – guess my knees, I mean my brain, go weak from Lee’s stare at her! He looks like he is really seeing her for the first time! Love that there are so many parallels to TFT in this ep! Is that on purpose? You could never have enough pics of this scene, iwsod!

    Ok – just read your last little bit about Lee not knowing how Amanda could know…but I’m too lazy to go delete what I wrote.

    I think Amanda looks a little disappointed that Francine got a present from Lee and not her – especially after he was so complimentary about her and her performance at the meant plant. And I think she’s used to getting little mementos from their cases – panda, football, what else?

    That is just way too much Pepto-Bismol pink on Francine! More candy earrings again, Francine? She was totally expecting flowers, I think! Lee you are one funny guy here! Love that he has that playful side – and at Francine’s expense!

    I like this episode, it is in the top 44 if you ask me. Maybe even a little higher. We definitely see a big step in Lee’s view of Amanda!! We are finally getting close to a little romance!!!

    Argh – have to go get ready for church – I may come back to comment more later.


  18. Melissa Robertson

    Oh, my favorite part where Lee finally points out Amanda’s worth. He actually admits that she saved his life. Out loud! And he’s oh so proud of her here!!!!

    The tag: The first look on Amanda’s face IMHO is one of disappointment that Francine gets a gift from Lee and not her. Her second look is almost like she practicing what she would have told her boys, which is be happy when someone else is getting a present. Then I think she actual does get happy to see that Lee is all happy with giving a gift. Then I think she is really happy to be able to laugh with Lee at Francine’s expense.

    I almost forgot, Wasn’t it in To Catch A Mongoose that Lee told her to get off his arm.


    • That was kinda my thinking on the subject of the present. Then i think for a split second she is torn by wanting to laugh out loud or not until she sees lee’s face


    • The last time I watched it was the first time it ever occurred to me that Amanda might have been jealous at first about the gift for Francine. Add to that that what usually comes in boxes like that is a dozen long stem roses, I wouldn’t be surprised that after that stunning moment between Lee and Amanda that she wouldn’t be at least a bit confused. But then it becomes another one of those special moments that brings Lee and Amanda more into the feeling of a team or a single unit. It was almost like that gift for Francine was a gift for Amanda too, in terms of how Lee viewed both of their work on the case.


    • Melissa R’s back!!!! 🙂 great to hear from you!! you’ve been busy?

      Out Loud! – exactly!!!
      and… to Amanda – not someone else!!! 🙂

      I like your idea that Amanda is practicing what she’s taught the boys Melissa R.. good one!


  19. I love this episode and your comments. But i do have one question. We had Frankie being led away, frankie’s second hand man was in the roll away cart and Vic is between lee and amanda. So who is the guy standing beside Billy who looks like is also being arrested? I don’t remember the gang fighting him. Or am i crazy?


    • Oh my gosh! Grey!!! how are you??? wow I’m so excited you made your way over here!! Hope you are well!

      To answer your question, the guy is the limo driver.. he is seen at the party as they force them into the limo, and he is seen again watching from the side in the meatpacking plant, and he is the guy that Mancine takes down 😉


      • Ah!! Okay now i understand. And i am good, currently busy with school and such. But i am very happy that i figured out how to post a comment on here finally. 😉 oh i have to wonder what Amanda first thoughts were when she saw what francine’s gift was. It looked like she was disappointed at first but afterwards…makes you wonder if Amanda told Lee about Francine’s bribe about the toilet or not…but then the gift might have been a scrub brush then.


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