1/2 SMK Stats – There Goes the Neighborhood

Here we go again!  Who doesn’t love this episode?  This is one of my favorites from season 1, despite the lack of tuxedos.  There is however, plenty of touching and some really good dimple shots.  And don’t forget the scene before bedtime….

Enjoy – and as always, let me know if I’ve missed anything!



None this episode….sigh.


None this episode….hooray!!


Remember this guy (Warren Davenport of Honeycut Typewriters)???  Hooray for Lee for saving Amanda from this potentially sexually harassing boss!  Actually, I prefer to think that Amanda would not have stood for that kind of treatment for very long!

warren davenport

WD:  Is blue your favorite color? AK:  I beg your pardon? WD:  Because it really should be, you know, and you would look delicious in it.  (Eeeew!)

Jumping toward the end….

lee kick

Look at that kick!   I’m impressed with how high BB can get his leg up!

holding the door 2

Here we have Lee holding the door closed despite being shot at while Amanda got the pipe to keep it shut.


And the biggest save of all – the crane!  Yet another fabulous KJ face!



AK:  I don’t even like this stuff!  BB:  Ahhhhhhh!


Amanda was very well behaved this week….

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

We didn’t have any of these either.

LEEEEE! (always said to save our Scarecrow)

Or these.  (AK does yell Lee’s name twice in the kitchen after she finds Frank Bodine and the ski-masked baddie pops his head in, but she is calling him for help and so I decided not to count that.)


First, Lee almost gets run over by the white van at the Bodine’s house.  run over

Then he ends up in a sword fight with a what?  A pink flamingo?  Can’t you just hear him saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”


During the sword fight, Lee does all the punishing….that’s our Scarecrow!  Unfortunately after totally creaming the baddie in the flamingo fight, he has to jump out of the way of the van yet again to avoid being run over.

run over 2


Love KJ’s faces in these first few shots!  Lee is doing an awful lot of touching here….

touch 1

1.  LS:  I thought it was agreed, Babycakes?  No job until the triplets are in nursery school?  (Babycakes???)

touch 2

2.  LS:  You know, the little woman is so gosh darn eager to earn a little pin money…

touch 3

3.  LS:  But I told her the first four years of a child’s life are more important than a new roof.

touch 4

4.  LS:  C’mon Cookie face, it’s two o’clock feeding time!  (Cookie face?  Where does he get these??  Is this what they teach at spy school?)

touch 5

5.  LS:  Timmy, Tammy and Tommy are very hungry!  (Amanda really looks great for having triplets at home under 4!)

touch 6

6.  LS:  We’re getting married.  AK:  That’s asking too much.  LS:  Ah, ah, ah, ah!  (He is touching her right arm to stop her from walking away.  See the tiny bit of his finger?)

touch 7

7.  LS:  I’ve got an assignment to last the next three days.  You’re going to pose as my wife.  (Sounds good to me? Winking smile)

touch 8

8.  Well, find someone else!  (Ok, I’ll do it!  Where do I sign up? In love)

touch 9

9.  LS:  My exact thought!  Believe me it’s not my idea.  AK:  Oh well, thank you, that makes me feel so much better! (Is it just me or does Lee touch Amanda a lot even when they’re sort of arguing?  I guess Lee just can’t help himself…Rolling on the floor laughing)

Now on to their ‘house’ in the Betsy Ross estates….we’re on Amanda’s turf now!

touch 10

10.  Is anyone telling these guys where to put things?  (She just brushes his right hand.)

touch 11

11.  You hoo!  Excuse me!  (Here, you deal with this gigantic buffalo head that my mother donated to my fake rummage sale….)

touch 12

12.  Thanks.  (She just had to get one last touch in!   See her hand on his left bicep?  She’s really just checking out his muscles…you know, because he has to lift that big buffalo head….Winking smile)

Later that night at the Bodine’s house….

touch 13

13.  Lee tells Amanda to keep her flashlight down.  Takes about one second, right?  Well, Mr. Lee keeps his hand on her hand for 4 whole seconds!  That’s right – I timed him!  His hand on her hand must just feel right. Laughing out loud

touch 14

14.  Awww…they made up…after their first fight as man and wife right in their cheery kitchen!  This handshake lasts 4 seconds too!  Hmmmmm…..they must likey!  Thinking smile

touch 15

15.  Let’s go!  C’mon!

touch 16

16.  LS:  Hair spray – not bad!  AK:  Mace training!  (Just what exactly does Mace training involve?  You push this here little button and aim it at the bad guy’s face….it does work well though – or so I’ve heard!)

touch 17

17.  Hurry!

touch 18

18. They’re holding hands again!

touch 19

19.   LS:  Hold it!  (They’ve switched back and are now holding the other hand!  Boy, you must really be able to run faster when holding hands Sarcastic smile)

touch 20

20.  Not sure what this touch is about – doesn’t look like Lee does either.  But hey, the bad guys are coming, so when in doubt touch the hero!

touch 21

21.  They’re at it again!

touch 22

22.  Ok, now what…Lee’s thinking…da crane, da crane!!

touch 23

23.  Now that’s touching!

touch 24

24.  Yay!  The good guys are here.  Our job is done!

touch 25

25.  Are you alright?  (Awww, how sweet!)

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 0

Lee saves Amanda – 4

Amanda saves Lee – 1

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 0

Amaaanda! – 0

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 3

Touches – 25 (Lee 19, Amanda 5, mutual 1)  That was for you IWSOD Smile

Stay tuned…part 2/2 will be coming….I haven’t forgotten that scene before bedtime.…  It’s just that there was no touching!

There goes the neighbourhood episode recap can be found HERE!

8 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats – There Goes the Neighborhood

  1. I’m glad to see we are all enjoying this episode!!

    Iwsod – I think that really is BB’s leg that we see! I went back and watched the scene and I don’t see a place where they cut from him kicking the bad guy to where he and Amanda leave the room.

    Oh my gosh, totally forgot about the Artful Dodger being there to take the photo!  Thank you for reminding us!
    Yes, Amanda really does say ‘mace training’! Good catch on the self defense class in ITCK – forgot about that. I’ve been distracted by looking for Lee in plaid this episode…wait for my next post – you’ll understand why 😉

    Onerous? Don’t know how anyone could consider this line of ‘work’ onerous!!! LOL! It is too much fun! And a little addictive!

    Raffie5 – I’m with you – I love the goofy sense of humor we see in SMK! Ahh, the ladder scene in Utopia Now. I almost with they would have had Lee notice and make a smiley face or something that Amanda couldn’t see, but that we the viewers could. I think he would have smiled…

    Debilyn – Good point about them working together to get away – much better than him shoving her or looking back. He is really taking care of her!

    Jenbo – Going the extra mile is very important! And if I must, I’ll do it for SMK…  Now I’ve got that “And I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door!” song in my head. That was by The Proclaimers, I think. Sung in a scottish accent?

    I don’t have categories for Smug Lee and Grumpy Lee. I could add, but perhaps that is a post in and of itself? All the Lees we see throughout the season/series? He changes a lot more than Amanda, I think. I bet you’d do a great job writing it! Iwsod is a great coach!


    • Ooh like the idea of the many faces of Lee but eek not sure I could do it justice. I’ve only been watching SMK second time round in the last 2 months and I am waiting (impatiently) for my series 4 to arrive from good old Germany any day now!
      Yep The Proclaimers were indeed Scottish hence the accent. It’s a great song 🙂


      • Eeeek! You’d be perfect! Fresh eyes!!!! As King Eddie might say, “You’ve got to start somewhere!”

        I hope you enjoy season 4 once it finally arrives. It just may be my favorite season. I didn’t always feel that way, but the more I watch the series and get into it, I really do enjoy so many things about S4. Don’t want to say anything since you’ve not seen it yet! We can discuss it after you’ve seen it! Hope it comes soon!


    • Awwwwww! I really love this episode but forget how much I love it until someone reminds me (does that even make any sense?). Thanks for the stats summary, I can’t wait for part two. 😉


  2. Do we have categories for. Smug Lee and Grumpy Lee 😉 I think Smug Lee would be the bit where she’s discussing why she’s so messy and he’s so clean. Grumpy Lee would be when he’s moaning about the assignment and wanting a divorce (I love that line).

    As always I am sniggering reading this. Adore Lees face when he realises he’s fighting with a pink flamingo. What Lee not manly enough for you? 😉

    BJo I love the fact that you’re willing to put yourself out and time the length of touching, that is going the extra mile 😉


  3. lol, KJ’s face when she sprays the hair spray. She’s so great at facial expressions. This show gave her plenty of chances to do that, didn’t it?

    Yes, those two just can’t help touching each other. I like that Lee holds her hand to be sure she’s with him as they run. He could have just kept looking back or shoved her in front. This way, they are in this flight together, working together to get away. Sure seems like partners to me. 😉

    Looking forward to part 2.


  4. Nice job, BJo! Got a smile because I’m watching Utopia Now this morning and happened to be on that wonderful ladder scene just as I got to the “Amanda Touches Lee” portion of your blog. Looking forward to your posts on that one 😉 (Oh, now he’s holding her hand rubbing his thumb over it, comforting her in her moment of fear. Yep, definitely look forward to this one!)

    That flamingo flight is such classic SMK! The buffalo head too — cracks me up every time. (I think that gag appeals to the same goofy sense of humor that the car on blocks does.) I really do think BB has a knack for comedy. Such a nice flinch as he ponders a flamingo sword fight, and such a great display of barely-controlled restraint over that ridiculous buffalo head. Yes, this episode is a favorite of mine because of all its quirky comedy. Throw in the,um, toothbrushing scene and I totally don’t even notice that there is no tux in this episode.

    As always, looking forward to the dimple scenes … I do believe that is my favorite category!


  5. There goes BJo! 😉 I love this episode!!! the early episodes are so fun!!!
    Yes.. it’s amazing the episode could be so good – but lack the presence of a tuxedo BJo! 😉 then again.. we do get a lovely buffalo head 😉 tee heee.. okay okay – we did get Lee asking Amanda to come up to bed 😉 and… telling her to get her mind out of the gutter- so there are ample compensations! 🙂

    Warren Davenport.. rofl ! oh yes.. he is a lesson in Sexual Harassment 101 – I suspect that early Amanda would have put up with that behaviour: at least for a little while.. she needed a job! This whole issue comes up again (IMHO ) in Murder between friends- which I am very much looking forward to!

    ROFL I think that is stunt Lee ‘getting his leg up!’

    I love the pic of Amanda and Lee getting on the wrecking ball- it looks like Amanda is screaming fair into Lee’s right ear! 🙂

    I love how Amanda calls Lee’s name in the dark the tone she uses is hilarious!

    Lee realising he is fighting with a pink flamingo? genius!!! and utterly hilarious!!

    man.. it looks like Lee can’t stop touching Amanda! I always laugh when I see this scene on the street where Lee is telling Amanda she needs to pose as his wife – as this is the moment where the evil artful dodger is standing right! there! and taking Amanda’s photo! 😉

    You timed Lee’s pushing down Amanda’s hand and the torch?? and.. their handshake BJo?? you are a girl after my own heart!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Mace training? is that what she says? I guess that is from her self defence class we hear about in If thoughts could kill!

    19 Lee touches?? and 5 Amanda? teee heeeeee!!!! Thanks so much for being specific BJo!!

    Love it! thanks so much for sharing Bjo – this is so fun!!!! Keep up the great work!!

    Anyone else want to have a go posting something about smk??? No pressure, but if you are interested email me: iwsod@optusnet.com.au

    I’m pretty sure BJo has found it is not too onerous – right Bjo?? you been having fun?? Hope so!!!!


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