1/5 Season Four:Episode Sixteen- Do You Take this Spy?–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi Everyone! All set to walk through another SMK episode together?! I’m so happy to be here with you all – Here we go!!!!
Thanks so so soooo much to LeeLovesAmanda for transcribing this episode – for JWWM, but also for Operation Sandstorm. We salute you!!!
LeeLovesAmanda I’m going to refer to you as LLA I hope that’s okay?! If not let me know and I can update it- but it’s a little confusing for me to refer to your handle throughout the episode.
Formatting reminder as we get started:
LeeLovesAmanda’s descriptions are in this format- {xxx}.
LeeLovesAmanda’s comments are in this format – [LLA: xxx]
My descriptions are in this format- xxx or (xxx).
My comments are in this format- [xxx]

I did notice that this episode first aired on 13 February, 1987. The day before Valentine’s Day. I wonder if that explains some of the episode order rejigging around that we seem to have noticed over the last 4 or 5 episodes? Let me know your thoughts as we continue.

I’m not going to wait till February to publish the walk through this episode, I figure we can walk through this episode as a Christmas/Holiday gift to us all!!!
Soooooo here goes!!

{Mysterious Music, with twinkling bells and haunting strings… It was a dark and foggy night. Camera pans across some brick buildings at Polatli Prison in Ankara, Turkey.}
[Oh rofl LLA- your description here is hilarious!!! You were drawing inspiration from Amanda in SAAB right?!]

(So we see a dude break out of prison.. He beats up two guards with great charm and showmanship.
Bringing attention to himself by blowing out the guard’s match.)
[His code name is the joker. No, not really at least I don’t think so!]
(The prison pyjamas guy sneaks around, avoids detection… and makes a clean getaway over the barbed wire fence.

On to Washington DC. IFF, and the Q bureau… we hear little chimes and the door opens to Lee focusing on a flower he’s holding.)
Or as LLA puts it: {A very handsome and dapper Lee enters the Film Library with a single pink rose. }
[I’ve gotta say – reading LLA’s descriptions are a joy- loads of fun, and I’d encourage you to check out the full transcript on Petra’s website via Operation Sandstorm! Sorry I’m not including them all, but I’m summarising the descriptions where I can.]

Amanda: (Approaching Lee, holding some folders, and taking the rose) Well, that’s pretty.
[LOL too bad if it wasn’t for Amanda haaaa]Lee: (Big grin) Oh, hi.
Amanda:Hi. {They kiss.} [Mwwwwaaaahhhhh!!!][Is it just me or did Lee maybe lean in for a bit more??]
Lee:I didn’t expect you to come back from lunch so soon.
Amanda: (indicating the folders) I came back to clear up a few things.
Amanda:What have you been up to?
Lee:Oh, plenty. I checked on the blood tests……They won’t be done till Wednesday. Uh, I confirmed our reservations at the Crystal Springs Inn for Mr. and Mrs. Stetson…{leaning in for a kiss – the last part of “Stetson” is said within the kiss} (we switch to a close up)
[How adorable does Lee look here. I think this image above should be in the dictionary under the word ‘smitten’!]
and the Justice of the Peace in Marion will not perform our ceremony until he meets us first, so we are going to have to squeeze that in someplace.
Lee:One other thing…
Amanda:What?{Lee holds up a pair of gold wedding bands in a velvet box.}
Amanda: {happy sigh} They’re beautiful.[oh hoorahhhh we finally see some kind of joy from Amanda about this upcoming wedding/marriage!!]
Lee: {turns the rings towards him so he can admire them too. He chuckles.}Yes, they are, heh, heh…
Lee suddenly sobers when he notices something on the top folder Amanda is holding, beneath the rings.} …Amanda, what’s this? (He takes the folder from her and opens it.)
Amanda: Uh, P-22 on Nick Grant.
Lee:Nick Grant?
[Is that the lips tie Lee is wearing?]
Lee: Well, H-He’s buried somewhere in a Turkish prison, isn’t he?
Amanda:No, not anymore. He came through Dulles on Saturday. Security wanted a P-22 background update on anybody who worked with him. Lee: {starts turning away from her, reading the file.} Oh, no. Nick Grant is nothing but bad news, Amanda.
Amanda:I sent a copy down to surveillance. Let them worry about it.
Lee:Yeah, but you don’t know Nick Grant. I mean, he’s like flypaper. When he gets next to you, he sticks to you! [LOL Nick grant/ Mr Prison pyjamas seems to trigger Lee! Okay, now I’m curious about who is this guy who gets under Lee’s skin like this!! ]
Amanda:Well, we won’t get next to him.

(smiles faintly, closes the folder, walks back towards Amanda) Yeah. I know I’m probably overreacting. I AM overreacting, okay?.. [Whoooo that is the lips tie indeed!!! They are going all out with the romance this episode!!!]
…I just don’t want anything to interfere with our wedding plans. I-
Amanda: {interrupting, reassuring him, smiling} -Nothing’s going to, okay? C’me here.(They kiss. And again.)
The scene ends here.
{LLA:I’m not sure I can handle the swooniness of this episode!}

[Managing to transcribe all this swooniness LLA, you are stronger than you thought you would be! haaa!!!  After all the crying ugly tears and angst in the previous episode I’m eating up all of Amanda’s big smiles, the kisses and romance romance romance! Kisses!!! lots of kisses!!! Gah!!!! Okay, got my smelling salts handy. Come on we can get through all this swooniness together!!

Since they are going all out for the romance in this Valentine’s day episode.. the lips tie makes an appearance, Lee gives Amanda a flower..
Hey! Was it a rose? I think it was.. what do you think?
Why don’t we do an SMK bingo card? and no cheating if you remember this episode well!
What’s on your smk romance bingo card?!
I’m going to guess.. ummm a wedding?! whahahaa. Okay okay even I remember that is in this episode so that doesn’t count!
Umm I’m going to guess:
music with harps
candles somewhere!!
Champagne? or maybe Beaujolais?!
What do you guess? Do tell!!!!]

Back to the King home, and Amanda and Dotty are sitting at the table, going over some kind of to do list.
Dotty seems.. preoccupied?
Amanda:Monday, Jamie has his haircut. Mother, he has a picture from a motorcycle magazine in his jacket pocket so you’d better go with him, all right?
Dotty: {snacking, looking off into space, one hand on her hip, grunts.} All right.
Amanda: (Continues) Tuesday, Mr. Petrie will be here to fix the doorbell so it doesn’t sounds like a strangled chicken. You remember what happened the last time Mr. Petrie was here, so – Dotty: {rolling her eyes} I know, I’ll hide the sherry. [Oh rofl. the delivery here is so dry it’s hilarious!!]
Amanda:Wednesday, Mr. Yamamoto –
Dotty: {agitated, impatient, interrupts} –MrYamamoto is coming and he’s going to be spreading the grass seed, and I’m supposed to keep the Shepherd’s cat away so she doesn’t chase her tail. Amanda –
Amanda:uh huh?
Dotty: {firmly} That is enough of that. Amanda:Well, I just –
Dotty:Amanda. {Amanda looks up.} I’d like you to tell me about your trip. [Ohhh so this is some kind of to do list for Dotty while Amanda is away on her trip.. what has she told Dotty?! I do not remember this at all!] Amanda:My itinerary is right there. I have the flight numbers, the phone numbers-
[They start talking over the top of each other]
Dotty:I read it. I mean, you have “leaving blah-blah-blah” and “arrive blah-blah-blah”, and then you’re going to go to “blah-blah-blah”. I mean, come on, Amanda. Details, facts – I mean, it’s boring. Amanda:Oh Mother, it’s boring to you, but it sounds pretty good to me, I need the R and R.
[Amanda seems to have trouble keeping eye contact with Dotty here. Okay, so she’s told Dotty it’s not business, it’s rest and recreation..]
Dotty:Oh, I know you do. I mean, you and Mr. Stetson have been working night and day, seven days a week. You must be exhausted.
[rofl. they are always working! whahahahahaa..]
Amanda: (looks down, shyly) Well…
Probably sick of each other by this time. Probably be wonderful for you to get away. It might even be very good for your relationship.

Amanda:Yeah, I think you’re right, Mother. Dotty:Mm-hmm.Where did you say Mr. Stetson was going? Amanda:Um, well I don’t think I said where he is going.He’s probably gonna go fishing or something. {She looks down at her writing.}
{LLA: That’s what Dotty is doing – fishing for information! Reel her in!}

Amanda: {trying to be casual} Yeah, probably, you know, fishing. I don’t know. Dotty: {suspicious} Ah. I wonder if he’ll catch something? Amanda: {nodding} Fish. [I’m reminded of Amanda saying in Ship of Spies that Lee was pretty firmly hooked!]{Dotty folds her hands, watching Amanda. She doesn’t believe her.}
[Dotty is unconvinced. After Amanda trying to pass off her wine and chateaubriand for one in the previous episode, I can’t blame Dotty for being unimpressed with Amanda’s secrecy.

I’m pretty sure we are supposed to find this funny. I don’t. I just feel irritated that Amanda is lying to her mother. Why not say they are going on a holiday together? I guess maybe that would imply too much commitment and be more dangerous for them? Than just hey we are dating?
Aie. my head hurts whenever I think too much on this stuff. What do you all think? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
Best part of this scene? Hiding the Sherry!
Okay, so now I’ve said that? Where’s the Sherry!!!!]

Moving on back to IFF..
Lee is antsy, Billy wants Lee to do a bit of work on that PD-22 for Nick Grant. [Hey does anyone else keep thinking PD-2 when they hear that?! quick!!! Where’s the antidote?!!]
Lee doesn’t want to do it because he’s about to go on vacation, but Billy thinks it will only be an afternoon of work and he can get it done since he knows him so well.

Lee:Nick Grant is never an afternoon’s work! I mean, Billy, he is a fast-talking pain in the butt (Lee sits.) who will wine, dine and bed your wife while he is stealing you blind! [He sounds lovely. Delightful. Actually call me crazy but early in smk, this description could describe Lee me thinks – except he was just doing it on behalf of the government. but err I don’t know if that’s what they are going for her so I’ll sit with that thought for a while!] Billy: {still reading the file} He used to go for diamonds, paintings, whatever he could sell. Lately, he’s been dabbling in state papers, top secrets, which is why we’ve been tracking him. He didn’t come here to see the Lincoln Memorial.
Lee tries to nip this in the bud – easy, just watch Nick Grant’s women and that will solve it. No need for Lee to work on this.. but.. Billy isn’t convinced.
Billy: I prefer a casual contact, though. One old friend bumping into another, talking about the good old days. Lee:Oh, come on, Billy…
The last time I bumped into Nick Grant, I ate a 30,000 franc hotel bill, was roughed up by a team of gendarmes, and – and –and charged with grand theft!
[Lol Lee seems to have a personal dislike for Nick Grant because he managed to pull one over on Lee in the past!]
{LLA:I looked it up. Gendarme is an armed police officer in France and other French-speaking countries.}

Billy’s not worried… and wishes Lee luck, and the scene ends there.
[lol. I’m surprised Billy doesn’t notice how agitated Lee is here, about what looks to be a pretty easy case. Billy doesn’t really seem to be paying attention..
Oh well. Then again, maybe Billy notices but doesn’t let on lol.]

Okay all – you’ve been invited to Lee and Amanda’s wedding (walk through!) Who’s walking with us??
As usual (of late) I’ll publish a new post each saturday, culminating in the wedding scene the last weekend right before Valentine’s day.. awhhhhhh..

Can’t wait to hear what you all think!!

30 responses to “1/5 Season Four:Episode Sixteen- Do You Take this Spy?–Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. I like your idea of a Lee and Amanda romance bingo for this episode, but I don’t qualify to play because I just re-watched the episode! However, my boys and I have, over a number of viewings, come up with a number of recurrent things on this series that we invariably point out to each other. They are our own version of SMK bingo. Some of the things on our list:

    ● Pink tablecloth
    ● Reference to Lee having “dated” someone who meets two or more of the following criteria: (1) circus performer (2) sister, (3) twin, and/or (4) Russian or Eastern European
    ● Yellow flowers
    ● Amanda’s car is damaged
    ● Someone drinks milk
    ● Francine or Billy wears a costume
    ● Amanda wears an Amandaband (the black sequin one counts)
    ● Francine speaks a foreign language
    ● A car explodes (bonus points if it falls over a cliff first)
    ● Lee or Amanda speaks with a fake accent
    ● Francine wears yellow

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  3. Also:

    Thanks for looking up gendarmes. That was helpful.

    I didn’t catch the P-22 & PD-2. Both eps had the same writer. What could it mean?

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  4. Q-Bureau scene: I agree that seeing Lee and Amanda so happy is a breath of fresh air! I will admit, though, that whenever I watch this scene, a sense of dread creeps over me. They are really going through with this secret marriage, and it seems like such a terrible idea – one that I just cannot reconcile with Amanda’s character. So I am left with a happy-sad feeling.

    Conversation with Dotty: Agree with everyone that Amanda’s lying here is ridiculous. I don’t have any more to say other than what’s already been written by others. Dotty is terrific in this scene though. It is perfectly clear that she is not buying a word of Amanda’s nonsense. I wish she would just come out and say, “Amanda, I am not an idiot. Why aren’t you telling me the truth?” That could have been very interesting.

    Overall Agency-related plot of this episode: I don’t care for it much – primarily because I don’t see what possible relevance it has to intelligence and national security. There is an undercurrent of sexism in this episode that rubs me the wrong way as well. I do like the Nick character – I just wish there was some plausible reason for the Agency to be involved in this matter (other than Dr. Smyth’s political considerations, which don’t come up until later). Perhaps if they had bothered to explain what Nick was doing in a Turkish prison, it would make some sense. I wish they had set it up so that he was a former agent who used to work with Lee.

    Lee’s attitude toward Nick Grant: A little overwrought, in my opinion! It reminds me of his over-the-top reaction to having to deal with Tina Thomerson in Playing for Keeps. Come on Lee – get yourself together and stop complaining!

    Love seeing the lips necktie again. HATE Amanda’s shoulder pads.

    Ultimately, to me this plot is basically a way to kill 50 minutes before we get to the good part. I would rather they had devoted the entire episode to wedding-related stuff. I would have liked to have seen Lee and Amanda talk through and deal with their feelings about embarking on this marriage without telling Amanda’s own mother and children about it – with no Agency assignment at all. That would have been an interesting departure from the rest of the episodes.

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    • Hi there, I would have to agree with you regarding Nick Grant, I never understood what that has to do with Agency business. I too would have liked to see them concentrate more on Lee and Amanda’s nuptials. The whole secret marriage I didn’t get. Overall, still a favorite of mine.


    • Well summed up!

      Why the agency is dealing with Nick Grant: Billy says, “Lately, he’s been dabbling in state papers, top secrets, which is why we’ve been tracking him. He didn’t come here to see the Lincoln Memorial.” My question is: what does ‘lately mean, since Grant has been buried in a Turkish prison.

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      • How did I miss that?? Thank you! I was so confused. We go from international prison escape, to con man/art thief, to “Big Tony” the fence, and it just seemed to stray farther and farther from what I would think would be Agency jurisdiction. Except possibly for the prison situation — but I guess they just didn’t want to take the time to explain it. Oh well!

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      • I”m wondering what you think of this now post 2 is up.. there is more there to follow up..
        I’ve kinda been confused at this whole thing myself!


    • Agreed with your whole comment Peacockdancer. Hate hate hate the stupidity of the secret romance and marriage with a passion. It taints the last season for me so much so that I just want to jump through the screen and shake them both. Be that I had the power…. And the constant lying to Dotty is a tired trope. I do love her reaction though, her expressions are priceless! The whole thing leaves me with the same happy-sad feeling. Lol-it’s been 35 years and I still haven’t let go of my initial disappointment. Can you tell😉?!

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      • I can see how the secret marriage could make a fun storyline and if we get a reveal by the series finale it’s okay. But I don’t understand how they honestly expect it to work with all the times they’ve already been connected: Playing Possum, Stemwinder, Odds On A Dead Pigeon…

        Plus having Lee interacting with the family if they want this a secret makes no sense. Even if you say Man Who Died Twice comes after the Christmas ep and Any Number Can Play, Dotty still considers them an item on this ep, so we know they haven’t faked a break-up. So it’s okay for them to be dating and not married???

        That said, the sneaking around on this ep is so adorable I can’t completely hate the secret. And I do love the opportunities it introduces in fanfic.

        P.S. And when I say that I’m okay if we know by the series finale, that is for the non-spoiler purposes of the walk. I have in fact seen the series finale.

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        • Yep! I struggle with the logic.. I’m hoping once we’ve finished the walk we can discuss season 4 episode order and maybe (grasping at straws!) I can more more sense out of this..

          Ultimately though, I prefer we got season 4 than ended things at the end of Season 3 so I take heart from that!
          We are soooo lucky that we got to see these two actually get married (I’ll just block out the secret part!!!)

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        • I agree! everyone knows they’re together and dating. Heck, Billy even told them their relationship was fine with him. That secret marriage was just too stupid! Soooo they can date, go on vacation together, Amanda can stay at his apartment but they can’t get married? Maybe I’m missing something. Again, season 4 was stupid! I didn’t watch the series finale either, mainly because Kate Jackson’s role had diminished a lot due to she became sick. The other cast members were good, but without Kate Jackson they sucked!

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      • Hey Jule!!! I feel the same way about the secret marriage and season 4.. aie..
        Well put regarding the ‘tired trope’ – in season 1 it was funny, in season 4 it’s no longer funny for me..
        Yeah happy-sad I can see that – I guess together we can bring out the happy, and comiserate about the sad?
        Hey you are in good company with that 35 yrs of disappointment!!!


  5. I love the scene with Billy and Lee—on my top ten in the four seasons. Billy is assigning Lee a job, as is his duty, and he is not putting up with Lee’s whining. Billy is so fun here—rightfully toying with Lee; not in the least flustered by little boy blue. Billy knows Lee (and A) have scheduled time off, so he’s having a wee bit of fun poking into how serious these vacation plans are in a man to man way.

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  6. Firstly, thanks much LeeLovesAmanda (you have a great sense of humor!) and Iwsod! You bring joy to many! Yes, do not wait till Valentine’s Day to start this—-end it there and we’ll all have the best V-Day ever.

    Amanda and Dottie scene: I love both Dottie and Amanda here, but I think it is poorly written. I chalk A’s pithy lying up to pre-wedding shaky knees and doesn’t have the wherewithall to lie well. Why on earth would she have indicated that Lee is taking a vacation at the same time, but not have any idea where he is going. I’ll assume she slipped up earlier. If she’s really going on R&R without Lee, she’d take a girlfriend or go meet Katie Holmes (Ship of Spies). Why not say that she and Lee are going away for a romantic vacation, as Dottie would be thrilled to know that their relationship has moved beyond a clandestine affair…

    I don’t think Dottie is prying, as much as she doesn’t want to accept being lied to. I hope to see growth in their relationship over four years, which includes privacy, but trust as well and that fails. This was okay in S1, but not now…

    The important thing for this scene is what information will Dottie need for the rest of the ep and the next one. Guess we’ll come back to this question.


    • Awh thanks for the thanks! Makes my day 🙂

      Oh gosh. okay hold that thought on Dotty and why you think this scene is here for the next episode. I actually forget right now what it is. Haaa sometimes it’s handy to not have a scattered memory!


  7. I wonder if Amanda’s lying to Dotty about her plans so that if she’s asked about Amanda’s whereabouts she won’t have to lie. Only in Amanda’s world would some bad guy or some government personnel magically appear at her door. 🤔 😄

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  8. Lee seems to have a personal dislike for Nick Grant because he managed to pull one over on Lee in the past!

    Knowing that Nick Grant invites trouble and is more slippery than an eel, Lee doesn’t agree with Billy’s casual contact order. Both Lee and Amanda don’t want anything to interfere with their meticulously-planned wedding.

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  9. So here goes, I have been waiting soooo long for this episode, I love it! it really is my favorite. Omg, they are too cute in the first scene. So, back at Amanda’s in the kitchen and Amanda is writing down the week’s schedule for Dotty. We see Dotty looking like, “Really Amanda?” when she asks Amanda for details, and as usual she vague with her. I was never really “team Dotty”, I still think she’s too nosey. Now, as to why Amanda just don’t tell her she’s going away with Lee? my theory is, maybe Amanda doesn’t think Dotty is all that fond of Lee, as she was about Dean and even Joe (her husband), and Lee doesn’t measure up to Dean or he’s not good enough for her daughter. If that’s Amanda’s thinking, I can understand why she’s so vague to Dotty, especially in this scene. Knowing the way Amanda is, she really value’s her mother’s opinion, and doesn’t want to disappoint her. All in all, I really love Amanda is this episode.


    • Dottie thinks Lee has perfect posture. That’s a win!


    • whooo hooo neckieh – let your love for this episode shine through!!! go for it!! Can’t wait to continue hearing your take on things, and why this is your fave as we continue 🙂

      Dotty isn’t fond of Lee? You know, I’ve never even thought about that so this is a really interesting take.
      Why didn’t I think it? I guess because of all the gushing she does when she actually sees him, and he gives her flowers.. and he’s an 11 out of 10 etc. etc.
      I’m not seeing it myself, but I love to hear ideas I’ve never thought off that lead me to consider why I think what I think – and I enjoy diverse ideas!

      Following on from the last ep, Dotty knew Amanda was lying but was just straight out teasing her about it, I didn’t sense anger though about the lies.. but in this episode I do.. maybe Dotty tires of having patience with Amanda and her keeping secrets??
      I can’t say I blame her. lol. and I don’t like Dotty the busybody either!


  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ep so much! Lee’s reaction to Nick is hilarious.

    I never did understand why the neighbor’s cat chasing her tail was such a bad thing though!

    That first scene!! Oh they’re so cute there — especially Lee!

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