2/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past.

Immediately on having his suspicions confirmed that Lee’s life is in danger Billy takes Lee to dinner at Monk’s.. LOL.. yep a good plan that one! Go to a safe house? nah.. get some agents protecting Lee? nah.. his boss can do that- and take him out for dinner.. whahaha.. Why go out and then say all the protection is about to start.. Billy.. you are lousy protection!

Lee: Look, are you going to be taking me to 49dinner every night? I mean, what kind of agent can I be when there’s somebody with me all the time?
Billy: A live one.
  (Aha.. Amanda’s logic seems to have gotten through to Billy!! Smile )

Billy: There are going to be guards posted at your apartment and you’re going to have a tail wherever you go.
50Lee: Oh? Starting when?
Billy: Starting now. Wilson’s going to meet you at the Agency and follow you home. Got it?

ROFL.. this is ridiculous! Starting now Billy? you mean right now???

51Billy says with a smirk: your car in the shop again?
Lee: oh come on Billy, it’s a classic
52Billy: oh! he heeee

So basically, Billy goes on and on about the danger Lee is in.. and the protection he will get now right now and then.. he leaves him all alone??!!hahahaha! And to top it all off, Billy insults Lee’s car Winking smile

Come on Billy- you should have known that the only reason Lee’s car is in the shop for an episode is so the baddie could have the room to hide on the back seat and then attack Lee, if it had been the porsche that would have been impossible!!

Sooooo does Lee get stabbed or not? It’s hard to see, and we don’t get to see the knife go in but it sounds like it once the baddie gets Lee on the ground right before the blonde comes along. what do you all think?

Have no fear though –  Lee will be ok.. he got stabbed with a bendy crooked knife! roflmao this just keeps getting better and better!

Yes, that wonky thing in the bottom right corner is the oohhh so dangerous bendy knife! teee heeeee..

Lee fends him off and tries to get out of the car, only to have the baddie do an Amanda and take Lee down with his car door..( I think we are suppose to think Lee got stabbed in the car here and that’s why he is so slow to move out of the way..) It’s all a bit confusing and all over the place where Lee clutches etc. I give up.. that bendy knife is just too funny for me to take this moment seriously!

Whoever that blonde is.. Bless her! she has a great set of lungs… ( I bet Lee knows who she is.. he knows everyone Winking smile )

Interesting to see who turns up for Lee’s funeral…  Ok.. the guy initially speaking at the funeral- is that chinese? the subtitles say chinese.. but he looks Japanese to me?! help?

57Hey that white haired bloke with the moustache was at 02Monk’s that first night.. what did they do film this on the same day?

Oh my.. Alec Beaumont’s speech is awful! Remember him from If thoughts could kill? Internal affairs.. gave Lee a flower?! what a lousy speech.. how depressing.. and how pointless and uninspiring!

I half expected Lee to be hiding behind a tree.. wait.. is that Lee in disguise next to Amanda? nah.. but it would have been cool! I wonder what Lee would have thought had he heard that speech?!

Alec: If nothing else, Lee Stetson was a realist. And as such, he knew that all of us in this 60business were just fighting the odds. Knowing the odds could beat us all, we know full well that tomorrow, we may meet once more at each other’s throats. But we continue to do what we do in the only way we know. Lee, que sera sera.

There goes that word again- business.. and Lee used it earlier when he said people in this business can’t take threats to heart – remember last week with Rudolph and Dimitri? They discussed this.. this theme seems to be carried over into a few episodes.. A business of being friend one day and adversary the next.. It’s so sad.. and Francine leaves Lee a bottle of Dom Perignon..

Where is Lee’s uncle? and why didn’t Billy give the speech. I am sure he would have done a much better job.. Lester the duck would have done a better job..

After the funeral Billy approaches Amanda and tries to offer her some comfort. Amanda is finding this really hard, and says she never thought this would happen.

I find it very interesting that she asks Billy ‘ 61What happens now?’ – I think Amanda is all confused because she is mourning her friend, but also maybe because her work at the agency is now up in the air no?

62Billy tries to reassure Amanda: Amanda trust me. Go home.. tomorrow will be better.”

63Amanda gives Billy a kiss on the cheek and heads off.. it’s a very sweet moment between the two of them.. awh..

The next thing we hear?
Grandma, I won’t leave town without my Mr T sun visor!! LOL.. what a change of mood! ( I
65guess that was a commercial break there!)  why so passionate about it Phillip??!!! hehehe.. It’s funny how dated that is! Virginia’s forgotten diners? hmmm maybe they are forgotten for a reason..

Oh no.. speaking of dated.. the headband’s back.. (sorry if you like it but to me it’s dated!she still looks gorgeous though of course!) Amanda confides in Dotty how she is struggling to be professional and objective in her work.. Over plants and dogs!! (It’s an interesting insight into Amanda’s thoughts on her work too)
66“I just don’t think I have what it takes..”

1.11 REMEMBERANCE_0001Dotty: What does it take?
67Amanda: Objectivity. You have to be professional in this work and. . . . Well, what I do is I . . . I get
68sort of attached to a plant and then when it’s gone, I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

no wonder Dotty thinks she is needing to talk! Lee the plant.. poor Amanda though, it is sad to see her suffer, but thank goodness it will be over soon!

Off Dotty and the boys go for the weekend..( with Reverend Milton?? random.. )  and Amanda is left alone.. or so she thinks!
Amanda: The hardest part about this work is the feelings. Lee said not to get involved. He was right about that.

Lee wastes no time in making his existence known.. gee what a nice treat for Lee.. seeing Amanda say Lee was right. (well I think there is such a thing as too detached.. but will leave that thought..)

70We hear Lee’s voice say “gee I never thought I would live to hear that.” – ha haaa Sad smile not funny Lee.. get over there and 71give her a hug. the look on Amanda’s face when she hears his voice is 72great.Amanda turns to face him and Lee continues “actually I didn’t live to see it, not officially of course. “- Lee enough of the wisecracks.. he finally is just 73quiet and let’s it sink in for Amanda.. who is very still and quiet!!

Lee walks slowly into the room…(ohhh I am tempted to just post 1000 pics of this scene and leave it at that.. could you just watch this scene over and over and over??!! I think this is a key moment between the two of them..) I love what Amanda says here…

74Amanda: you’re alive? you’re alive and standing in right here in my family room? argghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of hugs.. and lots of really huge smiles!!!!
Then.. Amanda’s anger kicks in!
82Amanda: I’m really angry with you!

83Lee: what, because I’m alive? (derr Lee, surely you would have considered Amanda’s possible reactions before going in there and doing this.. you big loveable dill..)

84Amanda: Noooo for whatever it is your pulling, whatever secret mission it is that causes this kind of deceit.
(Lee has no idea what to do with this- yep fall back on a joke Lee.. bad decision!)

85Lee: Look, was it a nice funeral? Not too fancy? (yuck.. really bad joke and bad fake smile.. come on Lee get real!)

86Amanda moves away from Lee: argh! how dare you make jokes! I have been really upset about this
87(finally Lee begins to grasp what he had done!)
88Amanda: I thought I’d lost a friend, and that hurts. and I was 89frightened too and uh… Look I know you don’t like tears, I know they frighten you more than bullets so I’m sorry 90about this little scene but you brought it all on yourself because it would have been totally unnecessary if you hadn’t been killed, which you haven’t been and 91I cared that you were dead! and I don’t care 92that you don’t care that I care. (Amanda is so touching and funny here!!! Well done KJ!!!)

93Lee: I do care.


95Lee: Really. thank you.

96Amanda: you’re welcome.

Another long silent pause just staring at each other.. oh swoon!

Amanda breaks the silence: would you like a sandwich? (tee hee how random!!)

Well!! what to say about this scene huh?? I think Lee must have been nervous about revealing his fake death to Amanda.. not being sure of how she would react. She could have declared her undying love.. or worse.. she could have gone hey, oh you’re alive? ok.. want a sandwich?  Lee being slightly immature when it comes to emotions didn’t have a clue how Amanda was going to react.. I think Lee was thoroughly enjoying her joy at having him back.. and he thought it would end there.. but here goes Amanda teaching Lee a thing or two- expressing her emotions, being honest, and being dignified about it.

In the end, he listens to her, and he says thankyou, which is just a lovely thing for him to say I think.. not to mention that he does care… hurray!  – the long silent stare at each other at the end of this moment is very touching… and.. Lee isn’t running away from it.. I think he finds this emotional place is not such a bad place to be with Amanda.. He must have gone through the ringer having someone try and kill him and seeing how someone responds to his death- that has got to be difficult.. and Lee is not as emotionally detached as he likes to make out.. He feels the emotions most of the time.. he just doesn’t show it. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this!

I’ve gone really overboard with the pics I know.. but I couldn’t help myself.. Smile

So.. Lee fills in the blanks.. a tiny bit.. It was 3 days ago the attempt was made on his life.. and he is ok now “except for a bent in my left shoulder.” – my goodness Lee.. your poor shoulders! Your right shoulder got shot last week.. knees, shoulders.. Is there anywhere else a tough guy can get injured where it doesn’t do him in and he can recover super quick??!!! (oh yeah. head injuries.. there are a few of those in lee’s future.. oh wait.. and Amanda gets one in a few weeks.. !!!)

Hey once again I am confused with the timing here.. The first night at Monk’s Amanda said she had to help the boys pack.. then the next night was the attempt on Lee’s life, if the funeral was the next day – Billy told Amanda at the funeral tomorrow things would be better – so this is 3 days after the attack? There must be another day before the funeral or it isn’t 3 days since Lee was attacked.. which means it is 5 days after Amanda said she had to get home to help the boys pack for williamsburg? and the boys only left that day?? Amanda must be a very organised packer! Or.. maybe they delayed the trip since Amanda had a funeral to go to? Ohhh I don’t know.

Anyway, Lee figures he can fake his own death, investigate his own murder while the killer moves on to the next victim..

Lee: You and Billy are the only two people who know the plan. YIPPPEEEEE!!!! I am so excited that Francine doesn’t know.. yep.. Francine is no longer in the game with Lee at all! 

Amanda:  How are you going to investigate it if you’re supposed to be dead? You can’t even show your face. Who’s going to do your legwork? I mean, if Billy and I are the only two who know that you —


Amanda: Oh.
Lee: Amanda, I’m not crazy about the idea, either. But the killer is obviously very plugged into the intelligence community and Billy wanted someone the guy wouldn’t know.
Amanda: If I volunteer, what would be our gameplan? Where would we rendezvous, where would our, um, headquarters be?
101Lee: See, now this part is either incredibly convenient, or incredibly awkward depending on your answer.
Amanda: to what question?

102Lee: …. can I stay here?
103Amanda with no hesitation: No

He heeee.. she certainly doesn’t just comply with his every whim does she!!

Lee: Look, Amanda, no one I know would ever look for me here and everyone you know is out 104of town. So if you could just get past the psychological barrier of having me around, everything would be great! So where do you want me to put my things? Hmm?
105Amanda: Guatemala.

‘Psychological barrier’ huh.. is that what sexual tension is called these days? Winking smile 

So Lee and Amanda are on the killer’s trail together secretly..

Looks like the baddie is visiting the drive in. and watching this really lame movie.. ahhhh love it!! although.. it looks like everyone else is laughing and he isn’t laughing.. he is squeezing popcorn and trying to make a diamond.. I think the baddie has come to the drive in to maintain the rage- whoooooo what does it all mean???!!!!

Onscreen Detective: This case is devilish. Whoever our killer is, he’s very cagey. Last night, he attacked Blade with a knife in the back of his Jaguar. This morning, Joe was found hanging in his office, by his temp secretary, too.

Whooo notice.. Lee was attacked with a knife( well ok a bendy fake knife) in the back of his car… the next victim will be hanged in his office? LOL that it was his temp secretary!

I love this lame movie.. wish I got to see more of it.. tee hee..

On the big screen the woman says : oh dear, I hope you don’t think I’m just a silly woman.

106man: I never met a woman I thought was silly. Dangerous yes, Deadly yes, poison yes, but not silly.

ROFL!!!!! I love the wink and the little supposedly suave and cheeky tap on the chin he gives with this delivery.. this guy did a great job at being really awful!!!

Thanks for reading!! Back with more later!!

please share your thoughts!! Smile 

18 responses to “2/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past.

  1. Multiple head injuries for Lee? I only recall The Eyes Have It.

    As far as his injuries — I checked the script and confirmed Lee.was.slashed in the chest while in the car and then stabbed while lying on the ground

    I love the laugh Lee gives when Amanda is hugging him. I could watch that over and over


    • peacockdancer

      Last night, my boys and I began another re-watch through the series, starting with The First Time. Lee gets bashed in the head and knocked unconscious in that episode, and it made me immediately think of this post! I can’t remember other head injuries offhand (besides The Eyes Have It), but I didn’t remember this one from The First Time either. So now I’m watching for more!


      • Lee got knocked out on Times They Are A Changing and was dazed pretty badly on Reach For The Sky now that I think about it. Oh and Paul Barnes knocks him out on the Oz ep.


  2. I got the impression Lee was slashed in the chest in the car from the way he cried out as well as the way he kind of falls out of the car and seems to have trouble getting away. And that he was definitely stabbed just before that woman screamed from the sound and look of it.

    I think I would have fallen for it except I got burned big-time with a faked death storyline on another series (And when I say bigtime, I mean as in I was crying to where my mom came home, she thought I’d gotten a phonecall someone in our family died) . Since then I’ve been much more skeptical. Plus I remembered seeing later eps in the season and I had the DVDs:) (And I was watching with my aunt who was quick to say “Don’t panic, they’v faked it” — not that she’d seen it, but this has become standard warning since that other episode!)


  3. Re the packing — I remember when I was growing up my mom would have us pack for vacation a few days ahead. (Now I usually do at the last minute) Then if there was something I needed for the trip that needed the laundry she could quickly throw it in.

    It also reduces the risk of forgetting something at the last minute.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “… which means it is 5 days after Amanda said she had to get home to help the boys pack for williamsburg? and the boys only left that day??”

    Being a busy mom, Amanda laundered everything over the weekend and wanted to get the boys packed early so they don’t use those “Williamsburg” clothes during the 5 days of school before they leave on their trip.

    “He heeee.. she certainly doesn’t just comply with his every whim does she!!”

    I wonder, what if Lee used the “please” approach instead of steamrolling her? Amanda is different on so many levels from the girls Lee dates, who eagerly welcome him into their home, etc. Amanda expects respect from Lee and, though he’s not used to giving that because most girls don’t ask, deep down he does respect her. Probably admires her for holding to her values, too. She’s no empty-headed pushover!


  5. ScarecrowsAngel

    The Asian guy at the funeral speaks Chinese, as far as I can tell. It’s neither Japanese nor Corean, that much I know for sure. Since I first watched this eppy (at age 15, gosh!), I’ve dabbled a bit in Japanese, that’s how I know. Definitely Chinese, but don’t ask me if it was Mandarin, Cantonese or something else.


    • Welcome to JWWM Scarecrow’s angel! 🙂 so glad you found us and stopped by to join in!

      Thanks for clearing that up! I wonder.. does that mean Lee speaks Mandarin or Cantonese?
      I did a super quick google.. I see Cantonese is the more widely spoken, and the language used in political discourse.. soo maybe it is more probable that it’s Cantonese?

      What were the languages Lee said he spoke again? lol. random. all I remember is ‘ little Urdu’ because it sounds funny! 🙂


  6. Pingback: 7/ Season Three, Episode 02: We’re Off to See the Wizard- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 04) | "Just walk with me.."

  7. Hi iwsod,
    I think my post went to blog heaven so I will try again. I was saying that the pleasure is mine! 🙂 I don’t remember that blooper in Robin Hood, so will be forced to watch it again. Such torture, hee hee! I know, Alan Rickman in anything is just brilliant!
    Oh dear, my husband sees me on the SMK blog and now automatically thinks I am writing about him. He saw the SAAB Tux post about his babbling about Porsches while I was admiring BB in a tux and now is SURE I’m talking about him anytime I get on the computer. Sigh, he’s a good one though, so I will keep him!
    Have a lovely day!


    • LOL Jule! No blog heaven 🙂 Your comments went into moderation because of the link you included. [This protects the blog from spammers]
      [but something went wrong with your smiley you tried to include I’m afraid 😦 ] try these wordpress ones maybe.. http://en.support.wordpress.com/smilies/
      Sorry it’s a bit of a drag I know! . but not to worry I have approved this comment and I’ll delete the duplicate 🙂

      LOL.. now hubby thinks it’s all about him eh! haaaa.. quick talk about something else! so it’s not about him! 🙂 haaaa let me know if you find the blooper of the surprise crew member!! If you need a clue let me know 🙂


  8. Billy nothing screams “spy” like a trench coat and that hat!
    Can someone call the Health and Safety Executive and report this bendy knife? Could have someone’s eye out with that!
    Funny but I kinda expected a few more people at Lee’s funeral. Billy is really sweet with Amanda here “tomorrow will be better”. Of course it will since you’ve given that knowing look.
    Awwww Amanda is attached to Le……a plant. Poor Dotty is very patient here, she’s making no sense at all and is clearly upset.

    Ones of my favourite scenes of the entire show marred only slightly by me thinking “What Lee……wasn’t one polo shirt enough you had to wear two? What are you saving in packing or something?!”. But those huge, big, enormous smiles followed by a lovely hug. Genuine affection here 🙂 I love how Amanda veers from sorrow to joy via pissed-ville 😉 But Lee cares *swoon* woo hoo!


  9. Melissa Robertson

    Awww poor Amanda grieving a friends death and can’t share it with anyone. Love how Dotty really does know Amanda and wants to know what is bothering her. Love the big smiles on both Lee and Amanda’s faces when they see each other. Lee looks truely happy 🙂


  10. Your delightful posts, IWSOD and Cindy, inspired me to re-watch Amanda’s departure and Lee’s arrival. (Go ahead, twist my arm—okay, okay; I’ll re-watch!) I was struck by how affectionate Amanda is with the boys and Dotty; saying goodbye to them involves hugs, hair strokes, kisses, and several “I love you’s.” If there’s a subconscious “what about me?” question lurking in Lee’s mind as he listens and perhaps watches Amanda interacting with her family, it gets a resounding answer when she flies to embrace him once he appears in her family room. (I think you may be right that this is the first time that he’s crossed the threshold, Cindy.)

    This is one of the Season One incidents that shows the bond between Lee and Amanda so clearly that even they realize it. (Their dance at the Halloween party and their reunion after Amanda’s kidnapping in “Saved by the Bells” are two others.). In my opinion, they both feel real joy here, Amanda over having this man she unaccountably cares for being returned to the land of the living and to her, and Lee over knowing that this kind, wonderful woman cares deeply for him, just as he is. I also think that the past few days would’ve been very stressful for Lee, and that despite his jokes, he would’ve thought about Amanda grieving and regretted that. And they’re just happy to be together again. The photos you’ve posted above capture their joy very well

    I do love that Amanda expresses the other feelings that she’d been experiencing and lets Lee know that he’s not allowed to do whatever he wants in their relationship. And he respects that! After the intense, silent look that they exchange, Amanda tries to normalize the situation as you note, Cindy, by offering him a sandwich, which he accepts. That little chime sound as they move to the kitchen is a nice touch (harmony restored).

    I wouldn’t have thought of Lee as a fan of peanut butter and jelly, but that’s the kind of sandwich she’s going to make for him. Still, there’s something reassuring about PB & J; it’s the comfort food of childhood for a lot of Americans. And Lee asks for milk to go with it—a childhood beverage, too.

    By the way, I think that Lee is saying, “Except for a little *vent* in my left shoulder.” I can understand why you heard “bent,” though, after the rubber knife incident!


  11. Bendy Knife!!! OHMYHECK! Poor Lee, that must have really hurt (you know, in that “death by spoon” would be much more painful and drawn out than ‘death by gunshot’ or “death by sharp, straight, knife”.

    And beautiful scene when Lee shows up at Amanda’s place. Is this the first time he’s crossed the threshold into her house/world? (Going with the window connecting the two worlds symbolism that was brought up ealier) –Interesting that it happened when he was “dead”. And I love her “would you like a sandwich?” I think it was the perfect way to defuse a really intense emotional moment.


    • Love the “bendy knife” thing! Your spoon comment reminds me of when Alan Rickman, who brilliantly played the Sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood”, says that he’ll cut out Robin Hood’s heart with a spoon. Guy of Gisborne asks, “Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?” And the Sheriff of Nottingham answers, “Because it’s DULL, you twit. It’ll hurt more.” ROFL I love fine acting and witty repertoire. The fact that we get it all in SMK, plus BB in a tux, (pardon me for a moment while I drool, sigh) delights me no end. So glad y’all here love it as much as I do!


      • Oh yeah.. when I found the bendy knife I was in tears – of laughter! 🙂

        Jule that is so true!!! Alan Rickman MADE that movie!!! soooo have you found the scene where the crew member pops into view accidentally? sooo funny!!! sends me into fits of giggles.. see it’s not just smk who does things like that- honest!

        Great reference.. I remember that spoon scene very well.. Gosh I’ll have to look at what I said now, I probably was remembering that Robin Hood scene – without realising it! Ahhh ‘you twit’ he makes that sooo funny!! I agree with you Jule.. love the witty repertoire

        rofl.. true. we get it all plus Lee in a tux.. I love it.. that would be a great by-line for the blog.. haaaa…

        I’m really glad you’ve joined us for this walk through the episodes Jule!!!
        Byeeee 🙂


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